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Personal Data:

Born: 07.07.1940 (Liverpool, GB, as Richard Starkey)
STARR Ringo (photo)


1960-62 Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
8/62-71 The Beatles
1998-2/07 The Roundheads
cca 2002-cca 8/19 Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band

Former Members:

Richard Marx (voc, cca 6/06)

Dave Edmunds (g, cca 5/00); Roger Hodgson (g, cca 2001); Ian Hunter (g, cca 2001); Colin Hay (g, cca 7/03, cca 6/18-cca 8/19); Billy Squier (g, cca 6/06); Rick Derringer (g, cca 3/11-cca 6/11); Wally Palmar (g, cca 3/11-cca 6/11); Steve Lukather (g, cca 3/15-cca 8/19); Todd Rundgren (g, cca 3/15); Hamish Stuart (g,bg, cca 8/19)

Jack Bruce (bg, cca 5/00); Greg Lake (bg, cca 2001); John Waite (bg, cca 7/03); Rod Argent (bg,kb, cca 6/06); Richard Page (bg, cca 3/11-cca 3/15); Graham Gouldman (bg, cca 6/18)

Eric Carmen (kb, cca 5/00); Howard Jones (kb, cca 2001); Paul Carrack (kb, cca 7/03); Edgar Winter (kb, cca 6/06-cca 3/11); Gary Wright (kb, cca 3/11-cca 6/11); Greg Rolie (kb, cca 3/15-cca 8/19)

Simon Kirke (ds, cca 5/00); Sheila E (ds, cca 2001-cca 6/06); Gregg Bissonette (ds, cca 3/11-cca 6/18)

Mark Rivera (sax, cca 5/00-cca 7/03); Warren Ham (sax, cca 3/15-cca 6/18)

Mark Hudson (cca 6/06)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.A Sentimental Journey27.03.1970Apple7 22
2.Beaucoups Of Blues25.09.1970Apple 65
produced by: Richard Perry
02.11.1973Apple7 2
4.Goodnight Vienna
produced by: Richard Perry
featuring: John Lennon, Robbie Robertson, Elton John, Dr. John, Billy Preston, Harry Nilsson, Steve Cropper, Nicky Hopkins, Klaus Voorman
15.11.1974Apple30 8
5.Blast From Your Past05.12.1975Apple 30
6.Ringo's Rotogravure
produced by: Arif Mardin
featuring: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Dr John, Danny Kootch, Jesse Ed Davis, John Bonham, Linda McCartney, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Van Dyke Parks, Melissa Manchester, Harry Nilsson, Klaus Voorman, Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker, Jim Keltner, Mac Rebbenack, Sneaky Pete Kleinow
08.10.1976Polydor 28
7.Ringo The 4th09.09.1977Ring O
8.Scouse The Mouse10/1977 Polydor
9.Bad Boy4/1978 Polydor
10.Stop And Smell The Roses20.11.1981RCA 98
11.Old Wave
produced by: Joe Walsh
6/1983 Bellaphon
12.Starstruck: Ringo's Best, 1976-19832/1989 Rhino
13.Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band
featuring: Dr John (kb), Billy Preston (kb), Nils Lofgren (g), Joe Walsh (g), Rick Danko (ds), Jim Keltner (ds), Levon Helm (perc), Clarence Clemmons (sax)
11/1990 Rykodisc
14.Time Takes Time
produced by: Don Was/Jeff Lynne/Peter Asher/Phil Ramone
22.05.1992Private Music
15.Live From Montreux
featuring: Quincy Jones, Joe Walsh, Tim Schmitt, Dave Edmunds, Todd Rundgren, Nils Lofgren, Burton Cummings
10/1993 Rykodisc
16.Vertical Man27.07.1998Mercury 61
17.VH-1 Storytellers02.11.1998Mercury
18.I Wanna Be Santa Claus19.10.1999Mercury
19.The Anthology ... So Far: Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band
20.King Biscuit Presents
& His All Starr Band
06.08.2002King Biscuit
21.Ringo Rama
produced by: Mark Hudson
featuring: Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Willie Nelson, Timothy B. Schmitt, Shawn Colvin, Van Dyke Parks, Charlie Haden, Gary Burr (g), Steve Dudas (g), Jim Cox (kb), Gary Nicholson (g).
25.03.2003Koch 113
22.20th Century Masters - Christmas Collection23.09.2003Mercury
23.Tour 2003
& His All Starr Band
24.Extended Versions
& His All Starr Band
25.Choose Love
produced by: Mark Hudson
featuring: Chrissie Hynde, Robert Randolph, Billy Preston, Mark Hudson, Steve Dudas (g), Gary Burr (g), Jim Cox (kb)
26.Ringo Starr and Friends
& His All Starr Band
27.Photograph: The Very Best Of Ringo Starr27.08.2007Capitol26
28.Live at Soundstage23.10.2007Koch
29.Liverpool 812.01.2008Capitol91 94
30.5.1: The Surround Sound Collection04.03.2008Koch
31.Ringo Starr and the All Starr's 200608.07.2008Koch
32.Time Takes Time21.10.2008BMG
33.Y Not
featuring: Paul McCartney, Joss Stone, Ber Harper, Richard Marx
12.01.2010Hip-O 58
34.Live at the Greek Theatre 2008
& His All-Starr Band
35.With A Little Help From My Friends
& His All-Starr Band
36.Ringo 2012
produced by: Ringo Starr
featuring: Joe Walsh, Benmont Tench, Dave Stewart
30.01.2012UMTV 80
37.Ringo at the Ryman26.03.2013Universal
39.Postcards From Paradise
featuring: Joe Walsh, Benmont Tench, Dave Stewart, Ann Marie Simpson, Richard Marx, Amy Keys, Peter Frampton, Nathan East, Glen Ballard
31.03.2015Universal 99
40.Live on Stage
& His All-Starr Band
41.Give More Love
produced by: Ringo Starr
featuring: Paul McCartney, Edgar Winter, Joe Walsh, Steve Lukather, Peter Frampton, Benmont Tench, Timothy B. Schmit, Richard Page, Nathan East, Steve Dudas, Dave Stewart, Don Was
15.09.2017UMe 128
42.What's My Name25.10.2019UMC99 127

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Beaucoups Of Blues / Coochy-Coochy10/1970 Apple 87
2.It Don't Come Easy / Early 197009.04.1971Apple4 1
3.Back Off Boogaloo / Blindman3/1972 Apple2 9
4.Photograph / Down And Out
produced by: Richard Perry
9/1973 Apple8 1
5.You're Sixteen / Devil Woman
produced by: Richard Perry
12/1973 Apple4 1
6.Oh My My / Step Lightly3/1974 Apple 5
7.Only You / Call Me
produced by: Richard Perry
15.11.1974Apple25 6
8.No No Song / Snookeroo1/1975 Apple 1
9.Snookeroo / Oo-wee21.02.1975Apple
10.It's All Down To Goodnight Vienna / Oo-Wee6/1975 Apple 31
11.Oh My My / No No Song09.01.1976EMI
12.You Don't Know Me At All15.10.1976Polydor
13.A Dose Of Rock'n'Roll / Cryin'15.10.1976Polydor 26
14.Hey Baby / Lady Gaye29.11.1976Polydor 74
15.Drowning In The Sea Of Love / Growing
(v USA)
9/1977 Atlantic
16.Drowning In The Sea Of Love / Just A Dream16.09.1977Polydor
17.Wings / Just A Dream11/1977 Atlantic
18.Tonight / Old Time Relovin'21.07.1978Polydor
19.Old Time Relovin' / Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)1980 Portrait
20.Heart On My Sleeve / Who Needs A Heart1980 Portrait
21.Wrack My Brain / Drumming Is My Madness10/1981 RCA 38
22.Stop And Take Time To Smell The Roses / Private Property2/1982 Boardwalk
23.In My Car / As Far As We Can Go
(v Německu)
6/1983 Bellaphon
24.It Don't Come Easy / Back Off Boogaloo5/1984 EMI Gold
25.Weight Of The World / After All These Years5/1992 Private Music74
26.Liverpool 807.01.200899
27.Children of the Revolution / Tutti Frutti / Born To Boogie
& Elton John & Marc Bolan & T. Rex
28.Here's To The Nights15.12.2020Apple
29.Zoom In EP
(Here's To The Nights / Zoom In Zoom Out / Teach Me To Tango / Waiting For The Tide To Turn / Not Enough Love In The World)
19.03.2021Universal 179
30.Change The World EP24.09.2021


1. Tour 2003 - Live Concert and Backstage Documentary - 21.9.2004, Warner Strategic Marketing, live


1. Candy (1968, directed by Christian Marquand)
2. The Magic Christian (1969, directed by Joseph McGrath)
3. Blindman (1971, directed by Ferdinando Baldi)
4. 200 Motels (1971, directed by Tony Palmer & Frank Zappa)
5. The Concert For Bangla Desh (5/1972)
6. Born To Boogie (1972, directed by Ringo Starr)
7. That'll Be The Day (4/1973, directed by Claude Whatham)
8. Son Of Dracula (1974, directed by Freddie Francis)
9. Lisztomania (1975, directed by Ken Russell)
10. Sextette (1977, starring)
11. Caveman (1980, directed by Carl Gottlieb)
12. Loch (1982)


Photograph (12.6.2013)
Another Day In The Life (25.10.2019)


2015 Award for Musical Excellence
2015 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
1.1.2018 povýšen do rytířského stavu (titul "Sir")


1.8.1971 Concert For Bangladesh (Madison Square Garden, NY)
since 1975 own label Ring'O
5/2000 All-Starr Band tour - Dave Edmunds (g), Jack Bruce (bg), Eric Carmen (kb), Simon Kirke (ds), Mark Rivera (sax)
2001 All Starr Band tour - Sheila E, Ian Hunter, Greg Lake, Roger Hodgson, Howard Jones
2003 All-Starr Band - John Waite (bg), Paul Carrack (kb), Colin Hay (g), Sheila E (perc), Mark Rivera (sax)
31.12.2007 a charity show under Totally Abandoned name (+ Eric Clapton + Pete Townshend)

appeared on the SP:

George Harrison: Ding Dong (6.12.74, Apple)
Bob Dylan: Heart Of Mine / Let It Be Me (7/81, CBS)
Paul McCartney: Tug Of War (1982)
Artists United Against Apartheid: Sun City (12/85, EMI)

appeared on the LP:
Doris Troy: Doris Troy (9/70, Apple)
George Harrison: All Things Must Pass (12/70, Apple)
Howlin' Wolf: The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (8/71, Rolling Stones)
B.B. King: B.B. King In London (26.11.71, Probe)
Bobby Keyes: Bobby Keyes (1/72, Warner Bros)
Peter Frampton: Wind Of Change (5/72, A&M)
The London Symphony Orchestra: Tommy (21.12.73, Ode)
George Harrison: Dark Horse (11/74, Apple)
Nilsson: Duit On Mon Dei (28.3.75, RCA)
Carly Simon: Playing Possum (4/75, Elektra)
Keith Moon: Two Sides Of The Moon (25.4.75, Polydor)
The Band: The Last Waltz (7.4.78, Warner Bros)
Harry Nilsson: Flash Harry (9/80, Mercury)
Paul McCartney: Tug Of War (4/82, Parlophone)
George Harrison: Cloud Nine (11/87, Dark Horse)
Leon Redbone: Whistling in the Wind (1994, Private Music)
Paul McCartney: Flaming Pie (5.5.97, Parlophone)
Electric Light Orchestra: Zoom (4/01, Epic)
Jools Holland: Jack O The Green O Friends, Vol. 3 (20.7.04, WEA)
Benmont Tench: You Should Be So Lucky (18.2.14)
Jenny Lewis: On The Line (22.3.19, Warner Bros)
Eddie Vedder: Earthling (11.2.22, Seattle Surf)

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