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Personal Data:

Born: 05.08.1947 (Colina, Ohio, USA, as Rick Zehringer)
DERRINGER Rick (photo)


1962-70 The McCoys
1965 Rick Z Combo
1970-cca 2/71 Johnny Winter
cca 1971-7/72 Edgar Winter's White Trash
1972 Edgar Winter Group
cca 1973-1974 Johnny Winter
cca 6/74 Edgar Winter Group
2/76-1977 Derringer
cca 1983 DNA
cca 3/11-cca 6/11 Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band


Rick Derringer - voc,g
Donnie Kisselbach - bg
Benji King - kb
Jimmy Wilcox - ds

Former Members:

Mark Cunningham (g, 1978-?)
Kenny Passarelli (bg, 1973-cca 1974); John Siegler (bg, cca 1975); Kenny Aaronson (bg, 1978-?)
Edgar Winter (kb, 1973-?)
Bobby Caldwell (ds, 1973-?); Myron Grombacher (ds, 1978-80)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.All American Boy
produced by: Rick Derringer/Bill Szymczyk
11/1973 Blue Sky 25
2.Outside Stuff
& McCoys
8/1974 Mercury
3.Spring Fever09.05.1975Blue Sky
4.The Edgar Winter Group With Rick Derringer
& Edgar Winter Group
produced by: Rick Derringer
12/1975 Blue Sky
5.Live In Cleveland1978 Blue Sky
6.If You Weren't So Romantic, I'd Shoot You9/1978 Blue Sky
7.Guitars And Women10/1979 Blue Sky
8.Face To Face12/1980 Blue Sky
9.Good Dirty Fun1983 Blue Sky
10.Live In Japan
& Edgar Winter
11/1991 Thunderbolt
11.Back To The Blues8/1993 Roadrunner
12.Electra Blues10/1994 Roadrunner
13.Tend The Fire11.11.1996Code Blue/east west
14.Blues Deluxe13.09.1999Shrapnel
15.Live At The Paradise21.03.2000Phoenix Rising
16.Jackhammer Blues09.05.2000Blues Bureau
& Tim Bogert & Carmine Appice
5/2001 SPV
18.Free Ride17.09.2002Beyond
19.Greatest and Latest12.08.2003Cleopatra
20.Derringer / Sweet Evil13.01.2004Beat Goes On
22.Derringer Live02.11.2004Wounded Bird
23.Extended Versions
& Edgar Winter
24.Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo: The Best of Rick Derringer21.02.2006Big Eye
25.Live at Cheney Hall04.04.2006Fieldstone
26.Collection: The Blues Bureau Years06.06.2006Blues Bureau Int'l
27.Hoochie Koo Once More13.06.2006Music Avenue
28.Free Ride05.12.2006Big3
29.Singles A's and B's01.05.2007Acadia
30.Rick Derringer22.05.2007Direct Source
31.Knighted by the Blues05.05.2009Blues Bureau Int'l
32.Live at the Ritz, New York 1982
credited to: Rick Derringer's Rock Spectacular
33.Sky Is Falling
& Tim Bogert & Carmine Appice
10.11.2009Fuel 2000
34.Three Kings of the Blues25.05.2010Blues Bureau Int'l
35.Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo Spectacular09.11.2010Rockarola
36.Playlist: The Very Best of Rick Derringer27.05.2014Columbia

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Teenage Love Affair / Joy Ride1/1974 Epic
2.Rock'n'Roll Hoochie Coo / Time Warp
(v USA 1/74, Blue Sky)
19.04.1974Epic 23
3.Teenage Love Affair / Slide On Over Slinky4/1974 Blue Sky 80
4.Cheap Tequila / It's Raining7/1974 Blue Sky
5.Hang On Sloopy / Skyscraper Blues
(v GB 23.5.75)
3/1975 Blue Sky 94
6.Don't Ever Say Goodbye / Gimme More29.08.1975Blue Sky
7.Diamond Eyes
& Edgar Winter Group
14.05.1976Blue Eyes
8.Lawyers, Guns And Money / Sleepless9/1978 Blue Sky
9.Midnight Road / Rocka Rolla11/1978 Blue Sky
10.Something Warm / Need A Little Girl (Just Like You)10/1979 Blue Sky
11.Timeless / Don't Ever Say Goodbye4/1980 Blue Sky
12.Runaway / Teenage Love Affair12/1980 Blue Sky
13.Let The Music Play / You'll Get Yours2/1981 Blue Sky


produced by LP:

Madam X: We Reserve The Right To Rock (1984, Jet)

produced by SP:
Edgar Winter Group: Frankenstein (20.4.73, Epic)
Bebe Buell: Covers Girl EP (4/81, Rhino)

appeared on the LP:
Steely Dan: Countdown To Ecstasy (17.8.73, Probe)
Steely Dan: Katy Lied (4.4.75, ABC)
Edgar Winter: Jasmine Night Dreams (6/75, Blue Sky)
Johnny Winter & Edgar Winter: Together ... Live (4.6.76, Blue Sky)
Ellen Shipley: Ellen Shipley (1/80, New York International)
Donald Fagen: The Nightfly (10/82, Warner Bros)
L.A. Blues Authority: Cream Of The Crop (1995, Roadrunner)
Les Paul & Friends: American Made, World Played (30.8.05, Capitol)
Jon Anderson: 1000 Hands (31.3.19)

Compilation Appearances:
"Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo" on compilation "Mullet Rock" (4.3.03, Epic/Legacy)

Press References:

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