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Personal Data:

Born: 26.04.1945 (Englewood, New Jersey, USA)


1967-1/70 Spooky Tooth
1970-? Wonderwheel
9/72-11/74 Spooky Tooth
cca 3/11-cca 6/11 Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Dream Weaver7/1975 Warner Bros 7
2.Light Of Smiles12/1976 Warner Bros 23
3.Touch And Gone18.11.1977Warner Bros
4.Heading Home3/1979 Warner Bros
5.The Right Place6/1981 Warner Bros 79
6.Who I Am1988 Cypress
7.Essentials22.04.2003Warner Strategic
8.First Signs of Life16.05.2006Friday Music
9.Dream Weaver & Other Hits30.01.2007Rhino Flashback
10.Human Love26.06.2007Acadia
11.Best of Gary Wright: The Dream Weaver30.09.2008Rhino
13.My My My (Coming Apart)
& Baby Brown & G&G

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Dream Weaver / Let It Out
(v GB 5.3.76)
12/1975 Warner Bros 1
2.Love Is Alive4/1976 Warner Bros 2
3.Made To Love You / Power Of Love9/1976 Warner Bros 79
4.Love Is Alive / Dream Weaver10/1976 Warner Bros
5.Phantom Writer / Child Of Light2/1977 Warner Bros 43
6.Are You Weeping? / Child Of Light11.03.1977Warner Bros
7.Touch And Gone / Lost In My Emotions1/1978 Warner Bros 73
8.Really Wanna Know You / More Than A Heartache6/1981 Warner Bros 16
9.Heartbeat10/1981 Warner Bros 107
10.Dream Weaver7/1992 Warner Bros
11.Love Is Alive (edit) / I Love Rock'n'Roll
& Joan Jett,
25.08.2003Alpha Omega Rock


appeared on the LP:

B.B. King: B.B. King In London (26.11.71, Probe)
Splinter: The Place I Love (27.9.74, Dark Horse)
George Harrison: Dark Horse (11/74, Apple)
Daevid Allen: Banana Moon (18.7.75, Caroline)
George Harrison: Extra Texture (Read All About It) (3.10.75, Apple)
George Harrison: Thirty-Three & 1/3rd (19.11.76, Dark Horse)
George Harrison: Cloud Nine (11/87, Dark Horse)

Compilation Appearances:
"Dream Weaver" on OST "Wayne's World" (1992, Warner Bros)

Press References:

Melody Maker
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19761006.03.19763Singlessingle review
19764216.10.19763Singlessingle review
19771326.03.197718Singlessingle review
New Musical Express
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