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Personal Data:

Born: 15.04.1944 (Cardiff, Wales, GB)
EDMUNDS Dave (photo)


? 99'ers
? The Raiders
1966-67 Image
1967-68 Human Beans
1968-70 Love Sculpture
12/70-? Rockpile
1976-2/81 Rockpile
cca 5/00 Ringo Starr

Line-Up (1984):

Dave Edmunds - voc,g
John David - bg
Richard Tandy - kb
Terry Williams - ds

Former Members:

Mickey Gee (g, cca 2/82)
Jeff Lenny (bg,synths, cca 1983)
Dave Charles (ds, cca 2/82)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Rockpile6/1972 Regal Zonophone
2.Stardust1974 2LP
3.Subtle As A Flying Mallet18.04.1975Rockfield
4.Get It08.04.1977Swan Song
5.Tracks On Wax Four08.09.1978Swan Song
6.Early Works 1968-7211/1978 EMI
7.Repeat When Necessary08.06.1979Swan Song39 54
8.Twangin'4/1981 Swan Song37 48
9.The Best Of Dave Edmunds18.12.1981Swan Song
10.D.E. 7th3/1982 Arista60 46
11.Information4/1983 Arista92 51
12.Riff Raff
produced by: Jeff Lynne
17.08.1984Arista 140
13.College Radio Presents1985
14.I Hear You Rockin' - Live: Dave Edmunds Band
credited to: Dave Edmunds Band
1/1987 Arista 106
15.Closer To The Flame4/1990 Capitol 146
16.The Early Years
7/1991 EMI
17.Plugged In8/1994 Columbia
18.Chronicles12/1994 Connoisseur
19.Live On King Biscuit Flower Hour07.06.1999
20.A Pile Of Rock11.09.2001Sanctuary
21.Sabre Dance04.02.2003Go
22.From Small Things: The Best Of Dave Edmunds27.04.2004Sony Music/Legacy
23.The Many Sides Of Dave Edmunds - The Greatest Hits30.09.2008Rhino/UMTV38
25.On Guitar...Dave Edmunds: Rags & Classics19.05.2015RPM

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Hear You Knocking / Black Bill9/1970 MAM1 4
2.I'm Coming Home / Country Roll3/1971 Regal Zonophone 75
3.Blue Monday / I'll Get Along09.07.1971Regal Zonophone
4.Down Down Down / It Ain't Easy7/1972 Regal Zonophone
5.Baby I Love You / Maybe
produced by: Dave Edmunds
1/1973 Rockfield7
6.Born To Be With You / Pick Axe Rag
produced by: Dave Edmunds
7.Need A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues / Let It Be Me20.09.1974Rockfield
8.I Ain't Never / Some Other Guy07.03.1975Rockfield
9.Here Comes The Weekend / As Lovers Do
produced by: Dave Edmunds
23.07.1976Swan Song
10.Where Or When / New York's A Lonely Town29.10.1976Swan Song
11.Ju Ju Man / What Did I Do Last Night?15.04.1977Swan Song
12.I Knew The Bride / Back To Schooldays
produced by: Dave Edmunds
7/1977 Swan Song26
13.Debora / What Looks Best On You8/1978 Swan Song
14.Television / Never Been In Love10/1978 Swan Song
15.A-1 On The Jukebox / It's My Own Business23.02.1979Swan Song
16.Girls Talk / Bad Is Bad18.05.1979Swan Song3 65
17.Queen Of Hearts / Creatures From The Black Lagoon07.09.1979Swan Song9
18.Crawling From The Wreckage / As Lovers Do16.11.1979Swan Song59
19.Singin' The Blues / Boys Talk01.02.1980Swan Song27
20.Baby I Love You EP5/1980 RCA
21.Baby Ride Easy / Too Bad About Sandy
& Carlene Carter
8/1980 F-Beat
22.Almost Saturday Night / You'll Never Get Me Up06.03.1981Swan Song58 54
23.The Race Is On / (I'm Gonna Start) Living Again If It Kills Me
& The Stray Cats
12.06.1981Swan Song30
24.Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love) / Louisiana Man
produced by: Dave Edmunds
25.Me And The Boys / Queen Of Hearts (live)4/1982 Arista
26.Baby I Love You / Born To Be With You5/1982 RCA
27.From Small Things Big Things Come / Your True Love (live)23.07.1982Arista
28.From Small Things Big Things Come / Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)7/1982 Columbia
29.Slipping Away / Don't Call Me Tonight
produced by: Jeff Lynne
11.03.1983Arista60 39
30.Information / What Have I Got To Do To Win5/1983 Arista 107
31.Something About You / Can't Get Enough
12" + Slipping Away / Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love) / From Small Things Big Things Come
7/1984 Arista
32.Breaking Out / How Could I Be So Wrong9/1984 Columbia
33.Steel Claw / How Could I Be So Wrong9/1984 Arista
34.High School Nights / Porky's Revenge4/1985 Columbia 91
35.Do You Want To Dance / Don't Call Me Tonight8/1985 Arista
36.Here Comes The Weekend / Paralyzed1/1987 Columbia
37.The Wanderer (live) / Information (live)4/1987 Columbia
38.I Hear You Knockin' / She's About A Mover / Sabre Dance8/1987 Old Gold
39.King Of Love / Stay With Me Tonight
10",12",CD + Everytime I See Her
3/1990 Capitol68
40.Closer To The Flame7/1990


1. Stardust (1974, starring)


produced by SP:

Max Wall: England's Glory (1.4.77, Stiff)
Polecats: John, I'm Only Dancing (6.3.81, Mercury)
King Kurt: Destination Zulu Land (7.10.83, Stiff)

produced by LP:
Brewer's Droop: Boozie Brothers (1973)
Duck DeLuxe: Taxi To The Terminal Zone (2/75, RCA)
The Flamin' Groovies: Shake Some Action (28.5.76, Sire)
Stray Cats: Stray Cats (2/81, Arista)
King Kurt: Ooh Wallah Wallah (2.12.83, Stiff)
Dion: Yo Frankie! (6/89, Arista)

appeared on the LP:
Nick Lowe: The Jesus Of Cool (2/78, Radar)
Nick Lowe: Labour Of Lust (8.6.79, Radar)
Chas & Dave: Don't Give A Monkey's (3.8.79, EMI)
Dion: Yo Frankie! (6/89, Arista)
Nick Lowe: Party Of One (4/90, Reprise)
Ringo Starr: Live From Montreux (10/93, Rykodisc)

Compilation Appearances:
"I Hear You Knockin'" on OST "Moonlight Mile" (10.9.02, Hollywood)

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