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Personal Data:

Born: 22.04.1951 (Sheffield, GB)
CARRACK Paul (photo)


? Warm Dust
3/73-7/77 Ace
cca 8/77 Frankie Miller
cca 10/77 Full House
1979-cca 6/80 Roxy Music
1981-8/81 Squeeze
cca 9/81 Carlene Carter & The C.C. Riders
cca 2/82 Nick Lowe And His Noise To Go
cca 6/84 Nick Lowe And His Cowboy Outfit
1984 The Pretenders
? Bleeding Heart Band (voc)
1985-cca 6/99 Mike And The Mechanics
cca 6/94 Squeeze
cca 7/03 Ringo Starr

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Nightbirds1980
2.Suburban Voodoo12/1982 Epic
3.One Good Reason
produced by: Christopher Neal
11/1987 Chrysalis 67
4.Groove Approved11/1989 120
5.Blue Views22.01.1996IRS55
6.Beautiful World06.10.1997Ark21/BMG
7.Eyes Of Blue1998
8.Satisfy My Soul6/2000 Carrack63
9.Still Groovin'03.06.2003Carrack
10.It Ain't Over01.07.2003Denon
& Mike And The Mechanics
6/2004 Virgin61
12.I Know That Name10/2008 Go
13.I Know That Name: In Concert15.05.2009Carrack
14.Spin One Two
& Tony Levin & Rupert Hine & Phil Palmer
15.A Different Hat10/2010 Carrack UK
17.Good Feeling24.09.2012Carrack UK46
18.From Now On20.11.2012Carrack UK
19.This Christmas / Thinking About You (This Christmas)04.12.2012Carrack
20.Rain Or Shine03.12.2013Carrack UK76
21.The Best Of Paul Carrack09.09.2014Carrack UK35
22.Live At The London Palladium30.06.2015Carrack
23.Soul Shadows15.01.2016Carrack UK25
24.The Living Years
& The London Hospices Choir
23.12.2016James Hawkins
25.Original Album Collection, Vol. 120.01.2017Proper
26.These Days9/2018 Carrack UK33
27.One On One9/2021

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Oh How Happy
& Carlene Carter
2.I Need You8/1982 Epic 37
3.When You Walk In The Room
& Linda Taylor,
(v USA 6/88)
4/1987 37 90
4.Don't Shed A Tear11/1987 Chrysalis60 9
5.One Good Reason2/1988 Chrysalis 28
6.Button Off My Shirt9/1988 91
7.I Live By The Groove10/1989 Chrysalis 31
8.Loveless8/1990 Chrysalis
10.Eyes Of Blue12/1995 40
11.How Long03.06.1996IRS32
12.The Way I'm Feeling Tonight9/1997
13.Beautiful World10.11.1997EMI
14.Satisfy My Soul4/2001
15.Better Than Nothing12/2001
16.Where Did I Go Wrong2/2003
17.She Lived Down The Street4/2003 Carrack UK90
18.I Don't Want To Hear Any More
feat. The Eagles
19.When My Little Girl Is Smiling25.09.2012Carrack UK
20.This Christmas (Hang Up The Mistletoe)10.12.2012
21.I'm Losing You4/2014
22.(Say It In) The Living Years
& London Hospices Choir
12/2016 James Hawkins Music81


appeared on the LP:

Dr Feelgood: Be Seeing You (16.9.77, United Artists)
Frankie Miller: Double Trouble (4/78, Chrysalis)
The Pretenders: Learning To Crawl (13.1.84, Real)
John Hiatt: Riding With The King (4/84, Geffen)
Nick Lowe: Party Of One (4/90, Reprise)
Roger Waters: The Wall (Live In Berlin) (9/90, EMI)
Eric Clapton: The Pilgrim (9.3.98, Reprise)
Eric Clapton: Reptile (13.3.01, Reprise)
Jools Holland: Small World Big Band (19.11.01, WSM)

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