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Personal Data:

Born: 12.05.1950 (Wellesley Hills, Mass., USA)
SQUIER Billy (photo)


? Sidewinder
cca 1976-cca 1977 Piper
cca 1979 Lic
cca 6/06 Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band


Billy Squier - voc,g
Jeff Golub - g
T.M. Stevens - bg
Alan St.John - kb
Bobby Chouinard - ds

Former Members:

Bruce Kulick (g, cca 1980); Gary Sharaf (g, 1981-82)
Bucky Ballard (bg, cca 1980); Mark Clarke (bg, 1981-82); Doug Labahn (bg, 1982)
David Sancious (kb, cca 1980)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Tale Of The Tape4/1980 Capitol
2.Don't Say No22.05.1981Capitol 5
3.The Hottest Night Of The Year1982
4.Emotions In Motion8/1982 Capitol 4
5.Live & More1983
6.Signs Of Life
produced by: Jim Steinman
8/1984 Capitol 8
7.Enough Is Enough
produced by: Peter Collins
10/1986 Capitol 61
8.Hear And Now6/1989 Capitol 64
9.Creatures Of Habit4/1991 Capitol 117
10.Tell The Truth
produced by: Mike Chapman
4/1993 Capitol
11.Reach For The Sky - The Anthology
1996 Chronicles
12.The Best of Billy Squier10.04.1998Cema Special Markets
13.Extended Versions15.01.2002BMG
14.Classic Masters26.03.2002Capitol
15.Live!: Extended Versions09.11.2004Collectables
16.Absolute Hits29.03.2005Capitol
17.Best of: 10 Best Series30.08.2005EMI
19.Essential Billy Squier29.03.2011Capitol

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Big Beat / Music's Alright5/1980 Capitol
2.You Should Be High Love / Music's All Right8/1980 Capitol
3.The Stroke / Too Daze Gone5/1981 Capitol 17
4.The Stroke / My Kinda Lover8/1981 Capitol52
5.In The Dark / Whadda You Want From Me8/1981 Capitol 35
6.In The Dark / Lonely Is The Night
(v GB)
10/1981 Capitol
7.My Kinda Lover / Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You11/1981 Capitol 45
8.Too Daze Gone / Whadda You Want From Me29.01.1982Capitol
9.Emotions In Motion / Catch 22
(v GB 17.9.82)
7/1982 Capitol 68
10.Everybody Wants You / Keep Me Satisfied9/1982 Capitol 32
11.She's A Runner1/1983 Capitol 75
12.Rock Me Tonite / Can't Get Next To You
7"(2) + She's A Runner / Listen To The Heart
6/1984 Capitol 10
13.All Night Long / Calley Oh10/1984 Capitol 75
14.Eye On You / Calley Oh11/1984 Capitol 71
15.Love Is The Hero / Learn How To Live9/1986 Capitol 80
16.Shot O'Love / One Good Woman11/1986 Capitol
17.Don't Say You Love Me / Too Much6/1989 Capitol 58
18.Don't Let Me Go8/1989 Capitol
19.The Big Beat / She's About A Mover
& Roy Head
22.07.2002Alpha Omega
20.The Big Beat / Christies Backyard / Nothing Is The Same
& Grand Funk Railroad
17.08.2011Death Breaks


1. Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1983, starring)


Compilation Appearances:

"The Stroke" on compilation "Mullet Rock" (4.3.03, Epic/Legacy)
"Everybody Wants You To Emerge" on OST "Queer Eye" (10.2.04, Capitol, & Fischerspooner)

Press References:

Big Beng!
19982806.08.1998277Hard & Heavy Masters
Melody Maker
19824002.10.198222Albumsalbum review