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Liverpool, GB
*  1960+  1971

Line-Up (1971):

BEATLES (photo)

Paul McCartney - voc,bg,g
John Lennon - voc,g,bg
George Harrison - g,voc
Ringo Starr - ds,voc

Former Members:

Stuart Sutcliffe (bg,1960-62); Thomas Moore (ds); Pete Best (ds, 1960-62); Jimmy Nicol (ds, 6/64)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Please Please Me05.04.1963Parlophone1 155
2.Introducing ... The Beatles
(in the USA)
7/1963 Vee Jay 2
3.With The Beatles
produced by: George Martin
22.11.1963Parlophone1 179
4.Meet The Beatles!
(in the USA)
20.01.1964Capitol 1
5.The Beatles' Second Album
(in the USA)
10.04.1964Capitol 1
6.The Beatles First
& Tony Sheridan
6/1964 Polydor
7.A Hard Day's Night10.06.1964Parlophone1 1
8.Something New20.07.1964Capitol 2
9.The Beatles Vs The Four Seasons
10/1964 Vee Jay
10.Beatles For Sale27.11.1964Parlophone1
11.The Beatles Story
(in the USA)
12/1964 Capitol 7
12.Beatles '65
(in the USA)
15.12.1964Capitol 1
13.The Early Beatles1965 Capitol 197
14.Beatles VI
(in the USA)
7/1965 Capitol 1
15.Help!01.08.1965Parlophone1 1
16.Rubber Soul03.12.1965Parlophone1 1
17.Yesterday ... And Today
(in the USA)
6/1966 Capitol 1
18.Revolver05.08.1966Parlophone1 1
19.Oldies But Goldies - A Beatles Collection Of Oldies09.12.1966Parlophone7
20.Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
produced by: George Martin
01.06.1967Parlophone1 1
21.Magical Mystery Tour
(in the USA, in the UK 19.11.76, EMI)
27.11.1967Capitol31 1
22.The Beatles
22.11.1968Apple1 1
23.Yellow Submarine13.01.1969Apple3 2
24.In The Beginning1969
25.Abbey Road
produced by: George Martin
26.09.1969Apple1 1
26.Hey Jude3/1970 Apple 2
27.Let It Be
produced by: Phil Spector
08.05.1970Apple1 1
28.Early Years Featuring Tony Sheridan6/1971 Contour
29.The Beatles 1962-1966
05.05.1973Apple3 1
30.The Beatles 1967-1970
05.05.1973Apple1 1
31.Rock'n'Roll Music
produced by: George Martin
07.06.1976Parlophone11 2
32.The Beatles Tapes
(2LP, interviews)
33.The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl
produced by: George Martin
13.05.1977EMI1 2
34.The Beatles - Live! At The Star Club In Hamburg, Germany 1962
(2LP, v BRD 08.04.1977, Bellaphon)
35.Love Songs
produced by: George Martin
04.11.1977Parlophone7 23
36.Beatles Greatest1977
37.The Beatles Collection
(14LP box set)
11/1978 Parlophone
38.The Beatles In Hamburg? Karussell
39.Beatles Rarities10/1979 Parlophone71 21
40.Beatles Talk1979
41.Beatles Collectors Items1979
42.First Live Recordings Vol. 11979
43.First Live Recordings Vol. 21979
44.Recorded Live1979
45.Recorded Live Vol. 21979
46.Recorded Live Vol. 31979
48.The Beatles 1962-19681980
49.The Beatles Ballads11/1980 Parlophone17
50.Dawn Of The Silver Beatles1981
51.Early Music Vol. 17/1981 Phoenix
52.Early Music Vol. 27/1981 Phoenix
53.Historic Beatles
8/1981 A.F.E.
54.The Beatles EP Collection
(14x7" box set)
12/1981 Parlophone
55.Rare Beatles2/1982 Phoenix
56.Reel Music4/1982 Parlophone 18
57.The Savage Young Beatles7/1982 Charly
58.The Complete Silver Beatles9/1982 A.F.E.
59.Like Dreamers Do1982
60.The Collection1982 3LP
61.20 Greatest Hits
10/1982 Parlophone10 50
62.Comets9/1983 A.F.E.
63.Audition Tapes11/1983 Berkeley
64.Hamburg Tapes Vol. 112/1983 Breakaway
65.Hamburg Tapes Vol. 212/1983 Breakaway
66.Hamburg Tapes Vol. 312/1983 Breakaway
67.Live Beatles4/1986 Showcase
68.The Decca Sessions (1/1/62)10/1987 Topline
69.Past Masters Vol. 1
2/1988 EMI49 149
70.Past Masters Vol. 2
2/1988 EMI46 121
71.Talk Downunder? Raven
72.The Ultimate Box Set10/1988 Parlophone
73.The Singles8/1991 EMI
74.Compact Disc EP's
(14CD box set)
6/1992 Parlophone
75.Rockin' At The Star-Club6/1992 Columbia
76.Live At The BBC
30.11.1994Apple1 3
77.The Beatles Anthology Volume One
21.11.1995Apple2 1
78.Anthology II18.03.1996Apple1 1
79.Anthology III28.10.1996Apple4 1
80.Interview CD02.06.1997AM/SPV
81.CD Singles Collection
(22CD box set)
82.EP Boxset
(15CD box set)
83.Legend Begins
& Tony Sheridan
84.This Is Savage Young Beatles
& Tony Sheridan
85.Yellow Submarine Songtrack15.09.1999Parlophone8 15
86.In The Beginning
& Tony Sheridan
07.11.2000Chronicles 1
88.As It Happened: Classics Interviews21.11.2000Enlightenment
89.Let It Be ... Naked17.11.2003Apple7 5
90.Audio Book18.11.2003Sanctuary
91.Maximum Beatles13.04.2004Orchard
92.The Capitol Albums Volume 1
(box set, LP 4+5+8+12)
16.11.2004Capitol 35
93.Beatles '64: Goin' to Kansas City09.08.2005
94.Beatles: The Biography15.11.2005Simon & Schuster
95.The Capitol Albums Volume 2
(box set, LP 13+14+15+16)
11.04.2006Capitol 46
96.Love21.11.2006Apple Corps Ltd/Capitol3 4
97.Past Masters9/2009 2CD 154
98.The Beatles In Stereo15.09.2009Apple/EMI24 15
99.The Beatles In Mono15.09.2009Apple/EMI57
100.The Beatles Christmas Pack
(4CD, "Rubber Soul" + "Revolver" + "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" + "Abbey Road")
101.The Beatles Stereo USB
(13LP box set)
102.Love - iTunes Deluxe Version2/2011 Apple
103.1: 27 Classic No 1 Singles Remastered01.09.2011EMI
104.The Beatles With Tony Sheridan: First Recordings
08.11.2011Time Life
105.Singles In A Red Box
(4x7" box)
106.Tomorrow Never Knows24.07.2012iTunes44 24
108.Their Golden Age24.07.2012
109.Larry Kane's Ticket To Ride04.10.2012Vinyl Legacy
110.Maestros from the Vault15.01.2013E1 Entertainment
111.Love Me Do26.02.2013Magic
112.Decca Tapes12.03.2013Doxy
114.Single Box
& Tony Sheridan, kompilace
115.Beatles Beginnings, Vol. 4: The Cavern Club 1961-6206.08.2013History Of RnB
116.Beatles Beginnings, Vol. 5: The Star Club 1962-303.09.2013History Of RnB
117.For the Record with Pete Best22.10.2013Ais
118.All Our Yesterday's: A Magical History22.10.2013
119.I Saw Her Standing There
06.11.2013Rock Melon Music
120.Talkin' In Stereo
07.11.2013By Popular Demand
121.On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2
11.11.2013Apple Corps12 7
122.On Air - Live At The BBC - Collection11.11.2013Apple Corps86
123.The Beatles Bootleg Recordings 196312/2013 172
124.The Early Tapes of The Beatles31.12.2013Universal
125.The U.S. Albums
(13CD box set)
21.01.2014Capitol 48
126.Thirty Weeks In 196321.01.2014Doxy
127.Anytime At All10.06.2014Rockumentary
128.It's OK: Interview at the London Hilton Hotel17.06.2014
129.In Their Own Write08.07.2014E1 Entertainment
130.The Japan Box22.07.2014Capitol
131.In Mono Box Set
(14LP box set)
132.Mono Masters
133.Work In Progress: Outtakes 196321.11.2014Rock Melon Music
134.Live In Stockholm, Sweden 24/10/196331.07.2015Mr. Suit
135.The Way They Were: Live At The Star Club Hamburg Germany 196208.09.2015Mr. Suit
136.Work In Progress: Live At The Star Club Hamburg Germany 196208.09.2015Mr. Suit
137.The Decca Tapes25.09.2015DOL
138.Radio Vaults: Best of The Beatles Broadcasting Live06.11.2015Anglo Atlantic
139.Live On Air 1963: Vol. 113.11.2015Reel To Reel
141.Live Atlantic City, 196405.02.2016Livewire
142.Live On Air 1963: Vol. 212.02.2016Reel To Reel
143.Solid Gold: The Greatest Hits, 1962-196518.03.2016The Store For Music
144.Take Good Care of My Baby29.04.2016Blueline
145.Twist and Shout24.06.2016
147.Live at the Hollywood Bowl09.09.2016Universal
148.American Interviews18.11.2016Wienerworld
149.Birth of a Legend: Live in Hamburg, 196218.11.2016Bad Joker
150.Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years18.11.2016Apple Corps
151.Early and Rare: Live at the Star Club, 196218.11.2016Bad Joker
152.Happy Christmas, Beatle People!
(box set)
153.Christmas Records12/2017 199
154.The Singles Collection
(box set)

Pete Best:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Pete Best Story1966
2.Back To The Beat
credited to: The Pete Best Band
? PB-Splash
3.Best Of The Beatles
credited to: The Pete Best Combo
? Savage 71
4.Live At the Adelphi Liverpool 198816.02.1999
5.Haymans Green
credited to: The Pete Best Band

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Mein Bonnie
& Tony Sheridan,
(v Německu)
2.My Bonnie / The Saints
& Tony Sheridan
02/1962 Polydor 26
3.Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You05.10.1962Parlophone17 1
4.Please Please Me / Ask Me Why12.01.1963Parlophone2 3
5.From Me To You / Thank You Girl11.04.1963Parlophone1 41
6.My Bonnie
& Tony Sheridan
5/1963 48
7.She Loves You / I'll Get You23.08.1963Parlophone1 1
8.The Beatles Hits EP
(From Me To You / Thank You Girl / Please Please Me / Love Me Do)
9/1963 Parlophone14
9.Twist And Shout EP
(Twist And Shout / A Taste Of Honey / Do You Want To Know A Secret? / There's A Place)
10.The Beatles No.1 EP
(I Saw Her Standing There / Misery / Anna / Chains)
11/1963 Parlophone19
11.I Want To Hold Your Hand / This Boy29.11.1963Parlophone1
12.I Want To Hold Your Hand / I Saw Her Standing There26.12.1963Capitol 1
13.Sweet Georgia Brown / Nobody's Child
& Tony Sheridan
1/1964 Polydor
14.My Bonnie (My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean)
with Tony Sheridan
1/1964 MGM 107
15.All My Loving EP
(All My Loving / Ask Me Why / Money / P.S. I Love You)
07.02.1964Parlophone12 45
(v Německu)
17.Why / Cry For A Shadow
with Tony Sheridan
3/1964 MGM 88
18.Twist And Shout / There's A Place3/1964 Tollie 2
19.Do You Want To Know A Secret / Thank You Girl3/1964 Vee Jay 2
20.Roll Over Beethoven3/1964 Capitol Of Canada 102
21.Komm, gib mir deine Hand
(v Německu)
22.Sie Liebt Dich / I'll Get You
(Die Beatles))
3/1964 Swan 97
23.Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That20.03.1964Parlophone1 1
24.Love Me Do4/1964 Tollie/Capitol Of Canada 81
25.There's A Place4/1964 Tollie 74
26.Ain't She Sweet / If You Love Me Baby5/1964 Polydor29 90
27.Four By The Beatles EP
(All My Loving / This Boy / Roll Over Beethoven / Please Mr. Postman)
5/1964 Capitol 92
28.Sweet Georgia Brown / Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby
& Tony Sheridan
6/1964 Atco
29.Long Tall Sally EP
(I Call Your Name / Slow Down / Long Tall Sally / Matchbox)
6/1964 Parlophone14
30.A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today10.07.1964Parlophone1
31.A Hard Day's Night / I Should Have Known Better7/1964 Capitol 1
32.Ain't She Sweet / Nobody's Child
& Tony Sheridan
7/1964 MGM 19
33.I'll Cry Instead / I'm Happy Just To Dance With You7/1964 Capitol 25
34.And I Love Her / If I Fell7/1964 Capitol 12
35.Matchbox / Slow Down8/1964 Capitol 17
36.A Hard Day's Night No.1 EP
(I Should Have Known Better / If I Fell / Tell Me Why / And I Love Her)
37.A Hard Day's Night No.2 EP
(Any Time At All / I'll Cry Instead / Things We Said Today / When I Get Home)
38.I Feel Fine / She's A Woman27.11.1964Parlophone1 1
39.Eight Days A Week / I Don't Want To Spoil The Party2/1965 Capitol 1
40.4-By The Beatles EP
(Honey Don't / I'm A Loser / Mr. Moonlight / Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby)
2/1965 Capitol 68
41.Beatles For Sale No.1 EP
(No Reply / I'm A Loser / Rock And Roll Music / Eight Days A Week)
42.Ticket To Ride / Yes It Is09.04.1965Parlophone1 1
43.Beatles For Sale No.2 EP
(I'll Follow The Sun / Baby's In Black / Words Of Love / I Don't Want To Spoil The Party)
44.Help! / I'm Down23.07.1965Parlophone1 1
45.Yesterday / Act Naturally13.09.1965Capitol 1
46.Boys10/1965 Capitol 102
47.Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out03.12.1965Parlophone1 1
48.The Beatles Million Sellers EP
(She Loves You / I Want To Hold Your Hand / Can't Buy Me Love / I Feel Fine)
49.Nowhere Man / What Goes On2/1966 Capitol 3
50.Yesterday EP
(Act Naturally / You Like Me Too Much / Yesterday / It's Only Love)
51.Paperback Writer / Rain10.06.1966Parlophone1 1
52.Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby05.07.1966Parlophone1 2
53.Nowhere Man EP
(Nowhere Man / Crive My Car / Michelle / You Won't See Me)
54.Bad Boy
(ve Švédsku)
55.Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever17.02.1967Parlophone2 1
56.All You Need Is Love / Baby You're A Rich Man07.07.1967Parlophone1 1
57.Hello Goodbye / I Am The Walrus14.11.1967Parlophone1 1
58.Magical Mystery Tour EP
(Magical Mystery Tour / Your Mother Should Know / I Am The Walrus / The Fool On The Hill / Flying / Blue Jay Way)
59.Lady Madonna / The Inner Light15.03.1968Parlophone1 4
60.Hey Jude / Revolution30.08.1968Apple1 1
61.Get Back / Don't Let Me Down15.04.1969Apple1 1
62.The Ballad Of John And Yoko / Old Brown Shoe30.05.1969Apple1 8
63.Something / Come Together24.10.1969Apple4 1
64.Let It Be / You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)06.03.1970Apple2 1
65.The Long And Winding Road / For You Blue5/1970 Apple 1
66.All Together Now3/1972
67.Yesterday / I Should Have Known Better
produced by: George Martin
68.Hey Jude
produced by: George Martin
3/1976 Apple11
69.Paperback Writer
produced by: George Martin
3/1976 Apple18
70.Get Back
produced by: George Martin
3/1976 Apple27
71.Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane3/1976 32
72.Help3/1976 37
73.Got To Get You Into My Life / Helter Skelter6/1976 Capitol 3
74.Back In The USSR / Twist And Shout
produced by: George Martin
75.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-da / Julia11/1976 Capitol 49
76.Twist And Shout / Falling In Love Again24.06.1977RCA
77.I Want To Hold Your Hand
78.Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - With A Little Help From My Friends / A Day In The Life9/1978 Parlophone63 71
79.The Movie Medley / I'm Happy Just To Dance With You3/1982 Parlophone10 12
80.Love Me Do
9/1982 Parlophone3
81.Please Please Me
82.From Me To You
4/1983 19
83.She Loves You
84.I Want To Hold Your Hand / This Boy
85.Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That
86.A Hard Day's Night7/1984 Parlophone44
87.I Feel Fine11/1984 65
88.Ticket To Ride4/1985 70
89.Help7/1985 86
90.We Can Work It Out / Day Tripper12/1985 79
91.Paperback Writer6/1986 78
92.Twist And Shout7/1986 Capitol 23
93.Yellow Submarine8/1986 63
94.Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever
2/1987 65
95.Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band6/1987
96.All You Need Is Love7/1987 47
97.Hello Goodbye11/1987 63
98.Lady Madonna3/1988 67
99.Hey Jude9/1988 52
100.Get Back4/1989 74
101.The Ballad Of John & Yoko6/1989 84
102.Something / Come Together
11/1989 84
103.Let It Be
3/1990 78
104.Love Me Do
10/1992 Parlophone40
105.Baby It's You / I'll Follow The Sun / Devil In Her Heart / Boys20.03.1995Apple/EMI6 67
106.Free As A Bird / Christmas Time Is Here Again
CD + I Saw Her Standing There / This Boy
04.12.1995Apple2 6
107.Real Love / Baby's In Black
CD + Yellow Submarine / Here, There And Everywhere
04.03.1996Apple4 11
108.Here Comes The Sun11/2010 EMI64
109.Blackbird11/2010 EMI
110.The Fool On The Hill11/2010 EMI
111.Penny Lane11/2010 EMI
112.Help11/2010 EMI99
113.Eleanor Rigby11/2010 EMI94
114.I Saw Her Standing There11/2010 EMI90
115.Yesterday11/2010 EMI86
116.Come Together11/2010 EMI81
117.In My Life11/2010 EMI78
118.Twist And Shout11/2010 EMI48
119.Let It Be11/2010 EMI38
120.Hey Jude11/2010 EMI40
121.Here Comes The Sun2/2012 EMI58
122.Love Me Do / PS I Love You17.01.2014Mischief
123.Long Tall Sally EP11/2014 196
124.She Loves You / Twist & Shout10.12.2014Rock Melon Music
125.A Hard Day's Night26.08.2016

Pete Best:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
credited to: The Pete Best All Stars
? Decca


1. The Beatles Mystery Trip - 11/1992, Vex
2. Behind The Beat - 8/1994, Merlin
3. Anthology Video - 10/1996, EMI
4. The Ed Sullivan Show Featuring the Beatles - 28.10.2003, Sofa Home Entertainment, 2DVD
5. The First U.S. Visit - 2/2004, Apple, 132 min
6. Help! - 30.10.2007, Apple, 2DVD
7. Rare & Unseen: The Beatles - 07.04.2008, Adrenalin
8. All Together Now - 21.10.2008, documentary, 84 min
9. Yellow Submarine - 31.05.2012, EMI
10. Magical Mystery Tour - 09.10.2012, Capitol


1. A Hard Day's Night (7.7.1964, directed by Richard Lester)
2. Help! (7/1965, directed by Richard Lester)
3. Magical Mystery Tour (26.12.1967)
4. Yellow Submarine (17.7.1968, directed by George Dunning)
5. Let It Be (13.5.1970, directed by Michael Lindsay Hogg)
6. A History Of The Beatles
7. Complete Beatles (1983)
8. Backbeat (1994)
9. The Beatles Anthology (12/1995, seriál)
10. The Beatles First US Visit (3.2.2004, Apple Corps, documentary)
11. Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years (9/2016, directed by Ron Howard, documentary)


P.Brown,S.Gaines: The Love You Make. An Insider's Story Of The Beatles (New York,1984)
B.Adler: Love Letters To The Beatles (London,1964)
A.Aldridge: Beatles v písních a obrazech (1969)
A.Aldridge: The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics 2 (London,1971)
T.Barrow: Meet The Beatles (Manchester,1963)
T.G.Beyl: Bravo. Dassind die Beatles (Munchen,1966)
D.Bow: Die Beatles kommen, Fahrplan einer Sensation (Munchen,1964)
H.Braun: Love Me Do (London,1964)
J.Burke: A Hard Day's Night (New York,1964)
R.Burt,J.Pascall: The Beatles: The Fabulous Story Of John, Paul, George And Ringo (New York,1975)
Roy Carr, Tony Tyler: The Beatles. An Illustrated Record (1975)
H.Castleman,W.J.Podrazik: All Together Now (New York, 1976)
J.Eerný: Hvězdy tehdejších hitparád (1989)
J.Eerný, M.Eerná: Poplach kolem Beatles (1966)
H.Davies: The Beatles (London,1978)
E.E.Davis: The Beatles Book (New York,1968)
J.Didion: The White Album (1981)
J.P.DiFranco: The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night (London, 1978)
R.Dilello: The Longest Coctail Party, A Personal History Of Apple Records (Chicago, 1972)
A.Dister: Les Beatles (Paris, 1972)
C.Ehrhardt: Die Beatles, Fabelwesen unserer Zeit? (1965)
B.Epstein: A Cellarful Of Noise (London, 1964)
M.Evans: In The Footsteps Of The Beatles (Liverpool, 1981)
J.Fast: The Beatles: The Real Story (New York, 1968)
G.Friede,R.Titone,S.Weiner: The Beatles From A To Z (New York, 1980)
A.Hine: Help! (London, 1965)
T.Kraus,L.Sonka: John Ono Lennon (Praha, 1981)
R.Larkin: The Beatles, Yesterday ... Today ... Tomorrow (New York, 1974)
G.Martin,J.Hornsby: All You Need Is Ears (New York, 1980)
A.Matzner: Beatles (1987)
P.McCabe,R.D.Schonfeld: Apple To The Core, The Unmaking Of The Beatles (London, 1972)
W.Mellers: Twilight Of The Gods - The Beatles In Retrospect (London, 1973)
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S.Niedergesass: Die Beatles (Hamburg, 1976)
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Jim O'Donnell: The Day John Met Paul (Den, kdy se John setkal s Paulem, 12/1996 Panglos)
H.Rombeck,W.Neumann: Die Beatles. Ihre Karriere, ihre Musik, ihre Erfolge (1977)
A.Saroyan: The Beatles (San Francisco, 1971)
A.Scaduto: The Beatles (New York, 1968)
B.Shephard: The True Story Of The Beatles (New York, 1964)
N.Schaffner: The Beatles Forever (New York, 1977)
G.Schmied: Die Beatles. Ihr Leben und ihre Lieder (Leipzig, 1983)
T.Schultheiss: A Day In The Life, The Beatles Day By Day (New York, 1981)
G.Stokes: The Beatles (New York, 1980)
D.Taylor: As Time Goes By (London ,1973)
J.Wenner: Lennon Remembers (San Francisco, 1971)
A.Williams,W.Marshall: The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away (New York, 12/76)
L.Zajíček: John Lennon (Praha, 1982)
Ticket to Ride
How They Became The Beatles
Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr: The Beatles Anthology (10/2000)
Alistair Taylor: Beatles - zpověď tajemníka (2002)
Roag Best: The Beatles: The True Beginnings (Spine Books, 9/2002)
The Beatles: Get Back (31.8.2021)


1964 Grammy Awards

- Best New Artist Of 1964
- Best Performance By A Vocal Group (" A Hard Day's Night")
1966 Grammy Awards
- Song Of The Year ("Michelle")
- Best Album Cover, Graphic Arts ("Revolver")
1967 Grammy Awards
- Album Of The Year ("Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band")
- Best Contemporary Album ("Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band")
- Best Album Cover, Graphic Arts ("Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band")
1969 Grammy Awards - Best Engineered Recording ("Abbey Road")
1970 Grammy Awards - Best Original Score Written For A Motion Picture Or TV Special ("Let It Be")
1972 Grammy Trustees Award
1977 Brit Awards - Best British Group
1988 Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame
1993 New Musical Express Writers No. 2 Album Of All Time ("Revolver")
1993 New Musical Express Writers No. 8 Album Of All Time ("The Beatles")
1993 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", 1967)
1995 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Abbey Road", 1969)
1995 Czech Gramy Awards
- International Personality of the Year
- Special Award ("Comeback of the Beatles")
1996 Grammy Awards
- Best Pop Vocal Performed By Duo Or Group ("Free As A Bird")
- Best Musical Video, Short Form ("Free As A Bird")
- Best Musical Video, Long Form ("Anthology")
1997 Q Awards - Best Compilation or Reissue ("The Beatles Anthology")
1997 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Yesterday", 1965)
1998 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("I Want To Hold Your Hand", 1964)
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Revolver", 1966)
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Strawberry Fields Forever", 1967)
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "The Beatles", 17 mil. copies)
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "The Beatles 1967-1970", 14 mil. copies)
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "The Beatles 1962-1966", 13 mil. copies)
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "Abbey Road", 11 mil. copies)
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band", 11 mil. copies)
1999 HMV Music Of The Millenium Poll
- Best Band
- Best Album ("Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heatts Club Band")
- Best Album No. 3 ("Revolver")
1999 New Musical Express Readers' Poll - Best Band Ever
2000 American Music Awards - Artist Of the '60s
2000 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "A Hard Day's Night", 1964)
2000 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Rubber Soul", 1965)
2000 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "The Beatles", 1968)
2000 Rolling Stone Pop 100 All-Time #1 ("Yesterday")
2000 Rolling Stone Pop 100 All-Time #6 ("I Want To Hold Your Hand")
2001 Observer All Time Number One Poll #3 ("Hey Jude")
2001 Meteor Irish Music Awards - Best-Selling International Group (Album) ("1")
2001 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Hey Jude")
2001 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Meet The Beatles!")
2001 Billboard Music Awards - Album of the year ("1")
2002 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Eleanor Rigby")
2003 New Musical Express Writers No. 5 Album Of All Time ("Revolver")
2004 Vocal Group Hall of Fame
2004 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Let It Be", 1970)
2004 UK Music Hall Of Fame
2005 Most Successful Act Of All Time No. 3
2007 Grammy Awards
- Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media ("Love")
- Best Surround Sound Album ("Love")
2008 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Help!", 1965)
2008 World Music Awards - Diamond Award
2010 Grammy Awards - Best Historical Album ("The Beatles (The Original Studio Recordings)")
2011 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Penny Lane", 1967)
2013 Grammy Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award
2016 Grammy Awards - Best Music Film ("The Beatles: Eight Days A Week The Touring Years")

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till 1959 The Quarrymen
1959 Johnny and the Moondogs; The Rainbows; The Silver Beatles
since 1960 The Beatles
12.6.1965 Member of the Order of the British Empire
29.8.1966 San Francisco - poslední gig
10.4.1970 Paul McCartney left (4/71 (MM) ?)
5.3.1976 all singles re-released by EMI

4/93 movie A Hard Day's Night - 1st movie ever released on CD-ROM
30.6.2006 opening of musicalu "Love" (Las Vegas, USA)

"I Want To Hold Your Hand" - do r. 1997 best-selling singl britského umělce (13 mil. kusů)

Compilation Appearances:

"Please Please Me" on compilation "The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World" (20.8.07)

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