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Personal Data:

Born: 24.02.1943 (Liverpool, GB)
Died: 29.11.2001 (throat cancer)
HARRISON George (photo)


1956-58 Rebels
1958-11/59 The Quarrymen
1960 Johnny And The Moondogs
1960 Silver Beatles
1960-71 The Beatles
1988-90 Traveling Wilburys

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Wonderwall Music02.12.1968Apple 49
2.Electronic Sounds02.05.1969Apple
3.All Things Must Pass
produced by: Phil Spector
01.01.1971Apple4 1
4.The Concert For Bangladesh
produced by: George Harrison/Phil Spector
1/1972 Apple1 2
5.Living In The Material World
produced by: George Harrison
30.05.1973Apple2 1
6.Dark Horse
produced by: George Harrison
featuring: Eric Clapton (g), Ringo Starr (ds), Alvin Lee (g), Ron Wood (g), Billy Preston (kb), Andy Newmark (ds), Willy Weeks (bg), Tom Scott (tr), Jim Keltner (ds), Klaus Voorman (bg), Gary Wright (p), Nicky Hopkins (p)
08.12.1974Apple 4
7.Extra Texture (Read All About It)
produced by: George Harrison
03.10.1975Apple16 8
8.Thirty-Three & 1/3rd
produced by: George Harrison
19.11.1976Dark Horse35 11
9.The Best Of George Harrison26.11.1976Parlophone 31
10.George Harrison
featuring: Eric Clapton (g), Andy Newmark (ds), Willie Weeks (bg), Neil Larsen (kb), Ray Cooper (perc), Steve Winwood (moog)
14.02.1979Dark Horse39 12
11.Somewhere In England12.06.1981Dark Horse13 11
12.Gone Troppo05.11.1982Dark Horse
13.Cloud Nine
produced by: Jeff Lynne & George Harrison
featuring: Jeff Lynne, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Gary Wright, Ringo Starr
9/1987 Dark Horse10 8
14.The Best Of Dark Horse 1976-8910/1989 Dark Horse 132
15.Live In Japan
& Eric Clapton
10.07.1992Dark Horse45 126
produced by: George Harrison/Dhani Harrison/Jeff Lynne
19.11.2002Dark Horse29 18
17.Dark Horse Years 1976-1992
(boxed set)
18.A Beatle in Benton, Il29.03.2005Wienerworld
19.Let It Roll: Songs By George Harrison16.06.2009Dark Horse/Apple4 24
& Ravi Shankar
21.The Lowdown10.04.2012Sexy Intellectual
22.Early Takes Volume 130.04.2012UMC66 20
23.The Smith Tapes
& Eric Clapton
01.10.2013The Smith Tapes
24.The Apple Years 1968-7523.09.2014Apple 167
25.With the Beatles and Without09.06.2015
26.The Vinyl Collection24.02.2017Capitol

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Hare Krishna1969
2.My Sweet Lord / Isn't It A Pity11/1970 Apple 1
3.My Sweet Lord / What Is Life15.01.1971Apple1
4.What Is Life / Apple Scruffs1/1971 Apple 10
5.Bangla Desh / Deep Blue8/1971 Apple10 23
6.Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) / Miss O'Dell
produced by: George Harrison
25.05.1973Apple7 1
7.Ding Dong / I Don't Care Anymore06.12.1974Apple38 36
8.Dark Horse / Hari's On Tour (Express)
(v USA 11/74)
28.02.1975Apple 15
9.You / World Of Stone
produced by: George Harrison
12.09.1975Apple29 20
10.This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying) / Maya Love13.02.1976Apple
11.This Song / Learning How To Love You19.11.1976Dark Horse 25
12.My Sweet Lord / What Is Life
13.Crackerbox Palace / Learning How To Love You1/1977 Dark Horse 17
14.True Love / Pure Smokey25.02.1977Dark Horse
15.It's What You Value / Woman Don't Cry10.06.1977Dark Horse/A&M
16.Blow Away / Soft-Hearted Hana2/1979 Dark Horse 12
17.Blow Away / Soft Touch23.02.1979Dark Horse51
18.Love Comes To Everyone / Soft-Hearted Hana
(v GB)
4/1979 Dark Horse
19.Love Comes To Everyone / Soft Touch
(v USA)
4/1979 Dark Horse
20.Faster / Your Love Is Forever7/1979 Dark Horse
21.All Those Years Ago / Writing's On The Wall22.05.1981Dark Horse7 2
22.Teardrops / Save The World31.07.1981Dark Horse 102
23.Wake Up My Love / Greece10/1982 Dark Horse 53
24.I Really Love You / Circles1/1983 Dark Horse
25.Got My Mind Set On You / Lay His Head10/1987 Dark Horse2 1
26.When We Were Fab / Zigzag
12",CD + That's The Way It Goes (remix)
1/1988 Dark Horse25 23
27.This Is Love / Breath Away From Heaven
12" + All Those Wasted Years Ago
CD + Hong Kong Blues
5/1988 Dark Horse55
28.Cheer Down / Poor Little Girl
12",CD + Crackerbox Palace
11/1989 Dark Horse
29.My Sweet Lord / Let It Down14.01.2002Parlophone1 94
30.Any Road5/2003 Parlophone37
31.My Sweet Lord10/2007 98


1. Concert For Bangladesh - 1990, Warner Bros
2. Concert For Bangladesh - 25.10.2005, Rhino, DVD


1. The Concert For Bangla Desh (5/1972)
2. Life Of Brian (starring, produced by)
3. The Rutles (1978, starring, directed by Eric Idle/G. Weis)
4. Shanghai Surprise (1986, music by + starring, directed by Jim Goddard)
5. Living in the Material World: George Harrison (2010, documentary, directed by Martin Scorsese)


George Harrison: I Me Mine (15.8.1980, autobiography)
Alan Clayson: George Harrison (2004, Volvox Globator)
Pattie Boyd: Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton And Me (22.8.2007)


1971 Melody Maker Pop Poll

- Britain Single Of The Year ("My Sweet Lord")
- World's Single Of The Year ("My Sweet Lord")
1972 Grammy Awards - Album Of The Year ("Concert For Bangladesh")
1992 The Billboard Century Award
2003 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Instrumental Performance (track "Marwa Blues")
2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
2014 Grammy Hall Of Fame (album "All Things Must Pass", 1970)
2014 Grammy Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award

WWW Links:


7/1971 - tour s Beach Boys
1.8.1971 - Concert For Bangladesh (Madison Square Garden, NY)

(Ringo Starr, Leon Russell, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, Klaus Voorman, Jesse Ed Davis, Ravi Shankar, Bob Dylan, Badfinger)
5/1974 - own label Dark Horse
16.10.92 Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert (Madison Square Garden, NY)

produced by SP:
Ronnie Spector: Try Some, Buy Some (23.4.71, Apple)
Lou & Derek Van Eaton: Sweet Music (3/72, Apple)
Splinter: Costafine Town (4.10.74, Dark Horse)
Splinter: China Light / Drink All Day (21. 2.75, Dark Horse)

produced by LP:
Shankar Family: Friends (9/74, Dark Horse)

appeared on the LP:
Doris Troy: Doris Troy (9/70, Apple)
Bobby Keyes: Bobby Keyes (1/72, Warner Bros)
Nicky Hopkins: The Tin Man Was A Dreamer (7/73, CBS)
Harry Nilsson: Son Of Dracula (5/74, RCA)
Splinter: The Place I Love (27.9.74, Dark Horse)
Ringo Starr: Stop And Smell The Roses (20.11.81, RCA)
Gary Brooker: Lead Me To The Water (5.3.82, Mercury)
Alvin Lee: Detroit Diesel (1986)
Tom Petty: Full Moon Fever (5/89, MCA)
Eric Clapton: Journeyman (11/89, Reprise)
Gary Moore: Still Got The Blues (1990, Ten)
Jeff Healey Band: Hell To Pay (6/90, Arista)
Ringo Starr: Vertical Man (1998)
Electric Light Orchestra: Zoom (4/01, Epic)
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: Double Bill (23.4.01, Ripple)
Jools Holland: Small World Big Band (19.11.01, WSM)
Eric Clapton: I Still Do (20.5.16, Bushbranch)

appeared on the SP:
Jim Capaldi: Anna Julia (13.8.01, Steamhammer)

Compilation Appearances:
"Any Road" on compilation "2004 Grammy Nominees CD" (20.1.04, BMG)

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