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Personal Data:

Born: 09.10.1940 (Liverpool, GB, as John Winston Lennon)
Died: 08.12.1980 (shot dead by a fan)
LENNON John (photo)


1955-11/59 The Quarrymen
1960 Johnny And The Moondogs
1960 Silver Beatles
1960-71 The Beatles
1969-75 The Plastic Ono Band

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Unfinished Music No.1 - Two Virgins
& Yoko Ono
2.Unfinished Music No.2 - Life With The Lions
& Yoko Ono
3.The Wedding Album
& Yoko Ono
4.The Plastic Ono Band - Live Peace In Toronto 1969
& The Plastic Ono Band
12.12.1969Apple 10
5.The Plastic Ono Band
& The Plastic Ono Band
11.12.1970Apple11 3
& The Plastic Ono Band
02.10.1971Apple1 1
7.Sometime In New York City
& Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band
16.09.1972Apple11 48
8.Mind Games
& Plastic U.F.Ono Band
produced by: John Lennon
10.11.1973Apple13 6
9.Walls And Bridges
produced by: John Lennon
featuring: Elton John (kb,voc), Jim Keltner (ds), Klaus Voorman (bg), Jesse Ed Davis (g), Ken Ascher (kb), Nicky Hopkins (kb), Harry Nilsson (voc), Bobby Keys (sax)
04.10.1974Apple6 1
produced by: John Lennon/Phil Spector
21.02.1975Apple6 6
11.Shaved Fish (Collectable Lennon)
produced by: John Lennon
24.10.1975Apple8 12
12.Double Fantasy
& Yoko Ono, prod. John Lennon/Yoko Ono/Jack Douglas
17.11.1980Geffen1 1
13.John Lennon (Boxed)
(8LP box set)
6/1981 Apple
14.The John Lennon Collection15.11.1982Geffen1 33
15.A Heart Play - Unfinished Dialogue
& Yoko Ono, interview
12/1983 Playboy 94
16.Milk And Honey
& Yoko Ono
27.01.1984Polydor3 8
17.Reflections & Poetry1984
18.Live In New York City10.02.1986Parlophone55 41
19.Menlove Avenue11/1986 Parlophone 127
20.Live Jam8/1987 Parlophone
21.Imagine10/1988 Parlophone64 31
(box set)
23.Lennon Legend - The Very Best Of John Lennon
27.10.1997Parlophone4 65
25.Anthology - John Lennon Box Set
(4CD box set)
03.11.1998Capitol62 99
26.In My Life20.04.1999
27.Legend Box13.07.2004
28.Acoustic02.11.2004Capitol 31
29.Working Class Hero – The Definitive Lennon
03.10.2005Parlophone11 135
30.The U.S. vs. John Lennon26.09.2006Capitol/EMI
31.Very Best of John Lennon19.06.2007Capitol
32.John Lennon13.01.2009Madacy
33.Opus Collection: Remember9/2010 44
34.Year Of Peace
& Yoko Ono
35.Power To The People: The Hits30.09.2010EMI15 24
36.Gimme Some Truth
& Yoko Ono
30.09.2010EMI 196
37.Double Fantasy Stripped Down
& Yoko Ono
38.John Lennon Signature Box
(11CD box set)
09.10.2010EMI 148
39.Give Peace a Chance: Live 197221.08.2012
40.In His Own Words02.07.2013Audiogo
41.I'm Not The Beatles: John & Yoko Interviews 1969-72
& Yoko Ono
15.04.2014The Smith Tapes
43.In Other Words12.02.2016Music Video Distribution
44.I Killed John Lennon12.08.2016Wienerworld
45.Imagine - The Ultimate Collection10/2018 Apple19
46.Gimme Some Truth. The Ultimate Mixes
produced by: Sen Ono Lennon
09.10.2020Apple Corps/Capitol3 40

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Instant Karma (We All Shine On) / Who Has Seen The Wind
& Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band,
produced by: Phil Spector
02/1970 Apple5 3
2.Mother / Why
& Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band
12/1970 Apple 43
3.Power To The People / Open Your Box
& Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band
4.Power To The People / Touch Me
& Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band
03/1971 Apple 11
5.Imagine / It's So Hard
& The Plastic Ono Band
10/1971 Apple 3
6.Happy Christmas (War Is Over)01.12.1971Apple4
7.Woman Is The Nigger Of The World / Sisters, Oh Sisters
& Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band with Elephants Memory and the Invisible Strings
5/1972 Apple 57
8.Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / Listen, The Snow Is Falling
& Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band & The Harlem Community Choir
9.Mind Games / Meat City
produced by: John Lennon
09.11.1973Apple23 11
10.Whatever Gets You Thru The Night / Beef Jerky
& Plastic Ono Nuclear Band featuring Elton John
04.10.1974Apple24 1
11.Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band,
12.No. 9 Dream / What You Got
produced by: John Lennon
24.01.1975Apple23 9
13.Philadelphia Freedom / I Saw Her Standing There (live)
& Elton John,
produced by: Gus Dudgeon
28.02.1975DJM13 1
14.Stand By Me / More Over Ms L
(v USA 10.3.75)
24.04.1975Apple27 20
15.Imagine / Working Class Hero
produced by: John Lennon
16.(Just Like) Starting Over / Kiss Kiss Kiss
& Yoko Ono
17.10.1980Geffen1 1
17.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
12/1980 Apple2
12/1980 Apple1
19.Give Peace A Chance
credited to: Plastic Ono Band
1/1981 33
20.Woman / Beautiful Boys
& Yoko Ono
16.01.1981Geffen1 1
21.28th November 1974 EP (live)
(I Saw Her Standing There / Whatever Gets You Through The Night / Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds)
credited to: Elton John Band featuring John Lennon and The Muscle Shoals Horns
22.Watching The Wheels / I'm Your Angel
& Yoko Ono
27.03.1981Geffen18 7
23.Stand By Me / More Over Ms L
24.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
credited to: John And Yoko And The Plastic Ono Band with The Harlem Community Choir
12/1981 Apple28
25.Love / Give Me Some Truth05.11.1982Parlophone41
26.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
credited to: John And Yoko And The Plastic Ono Band with The Harlem Community Choir
12/1982 Apple56
27.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& The Plastic Ono Band
12/1983 Apple92
28.Nobody Told Me / O Sanity
& Yoko Ono
1/1984 Polydor2 5
29.Borrowed Time / Your Hands
12" + Never Say Goodbye
& Yoko Ono
30.Give Peace A Chance / Cold Turkey3/1984 Old Gold
31.I'm Stepping Out / Sleepless Night
& Yoko Ono
3/1984 Polydor88 55
32.Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him / It's Alright
& Sean Ono Lennon
33.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& The Plastic Ono Band
12/1984 91
34.Serve Yourself1985
35.Jealous Guy / Going Down On Love
12" + Oh Yoko!
11/1985 Parlophone65
36.Two Minutes Silence / Two Minutes Silence (dub)5/1987 Antar
37.Imagine / Jealous Guy
12" + Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
CD + Give Peace A Chance
11/1988 Parlophone45 80
38.Instant Karma
& Plastic Ono Band
39.Love / Stand By Me
(v Japonsku)
41.Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / Imagine / Instant Karma (We All Shine On) / Imagine (Instrumental)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
42.Imagine8/2007 75
43.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
11/2007 Capitol40
44.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Plastic Ono Band
11/2008 67
45.No 9 Dream / What You Got16.10.2009Pathe
46.Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / Listen, The Snow Is Falling
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
47.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
12/2010 Capitol84
48.Imagine8/2012 Parlophone18
49.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
12/2015 Apple Corps69
50.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
12/2016 Apple Corps49
51.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
12/2017 Apple Corps21
52.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
12/2018 Apple Corps18 42
53.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
12/2019 Apple Corps28
54.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
11/2020 Apple Corps19
55.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
& Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band
11/2021 Apple Corps22


1. John Lennon Video Collection - 12/1992
2. Gimme Some Truth - The Making Of John Lennon's Imagine Album - 2000, Capitol
3. John & Yoko's Year of Peace - 17.9.2002, Image Entertainment, documentary, directed by Paul McGrath
4. Lennon Legend - 18.11.2003, Capitol, 100 min
5. Give Peace A Song - 27.08.2007
6. John Lennon Video Album - 04.12.2007, iTunes


1. How I Won The War (1966, starring)
2. Imagine (1971)
3. Imagine (1988, documentary, directed by Andrew Scott, 106 min)


John Lennon: In His Own Write (23.3.1964)
John Lennon: A Spaniard In The Works (24.6.1965)
Anthony Fawcett: John Lennon: One Day At A Time, A Personal Biography (12/1976)
Cynthia Lennon: A Twist Of Lennon (1978)
The Ballad Of John And Yoko (1982)
Albert Goldman: The Lives Of John Lennon (1988)
Susan Doll: His Life And Legend (1991)
Julie Baird & Geoffrey Giuliano: John Lennon - můj bratr (1992)
Imre Molnar: Populárnější než Ježíš Kristus?! (1992)
Fenton Bresler: Kdo zabil Johna Lennona? (1992)
Lennon Remembers, The Complete Rolling Stone Interviews (9.10.2000, Verso, London)
The Last Interview: John Lennon and Yoko Ono (2000, Sidgwick, GB)
John Lennon: Nanebepění (2001, Argo)
Jann S. Wenner: Lennon vzpomíná (2002)
Memories Of John Lennon (1.12.2005)


1971 Melody Maker Album Of The Year ("Imagine")
1981 Ivor Novello Awards - Special Award
1981 Grammy Awards - Album Of The Year ("Double Fantasy", & Yoko Ono)
1991 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
1994 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Imagine", 1971)
1999 HMV Music Of The Millenium Poll

- Most Influential Musician
- Best Songwriter
- Best Song No. 2 ("Imagine")
2001 Observer All Time Number One ("Imagine")
2000 Grammy Awards - Best Long Form Music Video ("Gimme Some Truth - The Making Of John Lennon's Imagine Album")
2012 NME Ultimate Musical Icon of the last 60 years

WWW Links:


20.3.1969 married Yoko Ono
† 8.12.1980 (New York, zastřelen)

appeared on the LP:

Doris Troy: Doris Troy (9/70, Apple)
Ringo Starr: Goodnight Vienna (15.11.74, Apple)
David Bowie: Young Americans (21.3.75, RCA)
Ringo Starr: Ringo's Rotogravure (8.10.76, Polydor)

produced by LP:
Elastic Oz Band: God Save Us (16.7.71, Apple)
Harry Nilsson: Pussy Cats (8/74, RCA)

produced by SP:
Harry Nilsson: Many Rivers To Cross (13.9.74, RCA)

Compilation Appearances:
"Yer Blues" on LP "The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus" (14.10.96, Polydor, + Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell as Dirty Mac)
"Watching The Wheels" on OST "Wonder Boys" (15.2.00, Columbia)
"Imagine" on Red Cross benefit compilation "United We Stand" (6.11.01, Capitol)
"Imagine" on OST "The Osbournes Family Album" (11.6.02, Epic)
"Oh My Love" on OST "Our Little Corner of the World: Music From Gilmore Girls" (24.9.02, Rhino, & The Plastic Ono Band)
"Hard Times Over Now" on AIDS benefit album "Songs For Life" (24.6.03, Capitol, & Yoko Ono)
"Power To The People" on AIDS benefit album "Songs For Life" (24.6.03, Capitol)
"Power To The People" on OST "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde" (1.7.03, Curb)
"Ain't That A Shame" on charity compilation "Goin' Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino" (25.9.07, Vanguard)
"Gimme Some Truth" on CD "Body of War: Songs that Inspired an Iraq War Veteran" (18.3.08, Sire)

LP "Anthology – John Lennon Box Set" (1998):
CD1: „Ascot“: Working Class Hero, God, I Found Out, Hold On, Isolation, Love, Mother, Remember, Imagine, “Fortunately”, Baby Please Don’t Go, Oh My Love Jealous Guy, Maggie Mae, Look At Me, Long Lost John
CD2: “New York City”: New York City, Attica State (Live), Imagine (Live), 4. Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple), Woman Is The Nigger Of The World, Geraldo Rivera - One To One Concert, Woman Is The Niggera Of The World (Live), It’s So Hard (Live), Come Together (Live), Happy Xmass, Luck Of The Irish (Live), John Sinclair (Live), The David Frost Show, Mind Games (I Promise), Mind Games (Make Love, Not War), One Day At A Time, I Know, I’m The Greatest, Goodnight Vienna, Jerry Lewis Telethon, A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Real Love, You Are Here
CD3: “The Lost Weekend”: What You Got, Nobody Loves You When You’re Down And Out, Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Studio), Yesterday (Parody), Be Bop A Lula, Rip It Up / Ready Teddy, Scared, Steel And Glass, Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox), Bless You, Going Down On Love, Move Over Ms. L, Ain’t She Sweet, Slipin’ And Slidin’, Peggy Sue, Bring It On Home To Me / Send Me Some Lovin’, Phil And John 1, Phil And John 2, Phil And John 3, When In Doubt Fuck It “Be My Baby, Stranger’s Room, Old Dirt Road
CD4: “Dakota”: I’m Losing You, Sean’s “Little Help”, Serve Yorself, My Life, Nobody Told Me, Life Begins At 40 , I Don’t Wanna Face It, Woman, Dear Yoko, Watching The Wheels, I’m Steping Out, Borrowed Time, The Rishi Kesh Song, Sean’s “Loud”, Beautiful Boy, Mr. Hyde’s Gone (Don’t Be Afraid), Only You, Grow Old With Me, Dear John
Bonus: The Great Wok, Mucho Mungo, Satire 1, Satire 2, Satire 3, Sean’s “In The Sky”, It’s Real

LP "Wonsaponatime" (1998):
I’m Losing You, Working Class Hero, God, How Do You Sleep?, Imagine (Take 1), Baby Please Don’t Go, Oh My Love, God Save Oz, I Found Out, Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Live), “A Kiss Is Just A Kiss”, Be Bop A Lula, Rip Ir Up / Ready Teddy, What You Got, Nobody Loves You When You’re Down And Out, I Don’t Wanna Face It, Real Love, Only You, Grow Old With Me, Sean’s “In The Sky”, Serve Yourself

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