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Personal Data:

Born: 06.06.1946


cca 1/72 John Taylor (ds)
cca 3/73 Nucleus (ds)
1974 Alice Cooper
11/75 Lee Konitz (ds)
cca 12/75 Paul Simon
cca 3/77-cca 9/77 Peter Gabriel
cca 2/80-cca 7/83 Peter Gabriel
cca 1980 Paul Simon
4/81-? Discipline
6/81-84 King Crimson
cca 1985-cca 1986 Peter Frampton
cca 1986 Peter Gabriel
cca 3/88 Robbie Robertson
cca 1994 Peter Gabriel
cca 6/94-cca 6/96 King Crimson
cca 3/98-cca 4/99 Liquid Tension Experiment
cca 2000 California Guitar Trio
cca 3/01 Asia
cca 11/02 Peter Gabriel
cca 12/09-cca 1/16 King Crimson

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.World Diary1995 DGM
2.From The Caves Of The Iron Mountain
& Steve Gorn & Jerry Marotta
29.09.1997Discipline/Rough Trade
3.Black Light Syndrome
& Terry Bozzio & Steve Stevens
26.01.1998Mascot/Rough Trade
4.Upper Extremities (BLUE)
& Bill Bruford
06.07.1998Discipline Global/Indigo
5.Waters Of Eden11.04.2000Narada
6.Situation Dangerous
& Terry Bozzio & Steve Stevens
08.08.2000Magna Carta
7.Pieces Of The Sun12.02.2002Narada
8.Double Espresso05.11.2002Narada
9.Prime Cuts05.04.2005Magna Carta
11.Spin One Two
& Paul Carrack & Rupert Hine & Phil Palmer
& Susan Aquila & Svjetlana Bukvich-Nichols & Cornelius Dufallo & Mordy Ferber
29.04.2014Big Round

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appeared on the LP:

Alice Cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare (28.2.75, Anchor)
Paul Simon: Still Crazy After All These Years (10.10.75, CBS)
Phoebe Snow: Second Childhood (2/76, CBS)
Andy Pratt: Resolution (6/76, Nemperor)
Alice Cooper: Alice Cooper Goes To Hell (2.7.76, Warner Bros)
Judy Collins: Bread And Roses (27.8.76, Elektra)
Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (2/77, Charisma)
Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (6/78, Charisma)
Robert Fripp: Exposure (4/79, E.G.)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy (17.11.80, Geffen)
Bryan Ferry: Boys And Girls (1986)
Robbie Robertson: Robbie Robertson (1987, Geffen)
Carly Simon: Coming Around Again (1987, Arista)
Julia Fordham: Julia Fordham (6/88)
Laurie Anderson: Strange Angels (1989, Warner Bros)
Richie Sambora: Stranger In This Town (9/91, Mercury)
Tracy Chapman: Matters Of The Heart (27.4.92, WEA)
Sometimes God Smiles: The Young Person's Guide To Discipline, Volume II (4/99, Discipline Global Mobile)
Guster: Lost and Gone Forever (28.9.99, Sire)
Robbie Dupree: All Night Long (26.10.99, Miramar)
Peter Gabriel: Up (24.9.02, Geffen)
Brian Welch: Save Me From Myself (9.9.08, Driven Music Group)
Čechomor: Místečko (23.5.11)

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