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London, GB
*  4/1981

Line-Up (2013):

ASIA (photo)

John Wetton - bg,voc
Sam Coulson - g
Geoff Downes - kb
Carl Palmer - ds

Former Members:

Steve Howe (g, 4/81-3/84, cca 3/01-1/13); Mandy Meyer (g, 3/84-cca 1985); Allen D'Arby (g, 1989-?); Pat Thrall (g, 1989-91); Al Pitrelli (g, 1991-94); Vinny Burns (g, 1994-?); Elliott Randall (g, cca 6/96); Aziz Ibrahim (g, cca 6/96); Ian Crichton (g, cca 3/01)

John Wetton (bg, 4/81-10/83, 2/84-85, 1989-91); Greg Lake (bg,voc, 10/83-2/84); John Payne (bg,voc, 1991-cca 3/01); Tony Levin (bg, cca 3/01)

Geoff Downes (kb, 4/81-1986); John Young (kb, 1989-?)

Carl Palmer (ds, 1/81-1986, 1989-?); Trevor Thornton (ds, 1994-?); Michael Sturgis (ds, cca 1994-cca 6/96); Chris Slade (ds, cca 3/01)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Asia02.04.1982Geffen11 1
2.Alpha8/1983 Geffen5 5
3.Astra11/1985 Geffen68 67
4.Then & Now8/1990 Geffen 114
5.Asia Live 09-XI-90 MOCKBA1991 Cromwell
6.Aqua6/1992 Revolver FM
7.Aria6/1994 Bullet Proof
8.Arena6/1996 Resurgence
9.Archiva 1+208.07.1996Resurgence
10.Live In Nottingham31.03.1997Resurgence
13.Live Acoustic10.01.2000Resurgence/EFA
14.Heat of the Moment: The Very Best of Asia06.06.2000Interscope
16.Anthologia: 20th Anniversary / Geffen Years Collection 1982-90
17.Dragon Attack12.08.2003United States Dist
18.20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection23.09.2003Geffen
19.Live in Buffalo27.01.2004United States Dist
20.Live in Hyogo09.03.2004United States Dist
21.Silent Nation31.08.2004Inside Out Music
22.Archiva, Vol. 1 / Archiva, Vol. 208.03.2005Recall
24.Anthology28.06.2005Inside Out Music
25.Different Worlds23.08.2005Recall
27.Night of the Rising Sun27.06.2006Renaissance
28.Live in Moscow11.07.2006Laserlight
29.Definitive Collection12.09.2006Geffen
30.Different Worlds Live03.04.2007Recall
31.Fantasia: Live In Tokyo26.06.2007
32.Live in Asia26.06.2007Eagle
33.Live in Japan20.11.2007Acadia
feat. John Payne
35.Acoustic and Electric07.04.2008Fuel 2000
36.Phoenix14.04.2008Frontiers 73
37.Live in the USA08.07.2008Acadia
38.Live in Nottingham25.11.2008Abstract Sounds
39.Progressive Rock Friends25.11.2008Cleopatra
41.Live in Tokyo Japan 12th May 200803.02.2009Store For Music
42.Military Man27.10.2009United States Dist
43.Omega4/2010 Frontiers
44.Live Around the World13.07.2010Rockarolla
45.Live In Moscow 199014.09.2010Store For Music
46.Live On Air12.10.2010Ais
47.Spirit Of The Night15.10.2010Frontiers
48.At High Voltage 201016.11.2010
49.Asia Live30.11.2010Retroworld
50.Spirit of the Night: The Phoenix Tour Live in Cambridge 200908.03.2011
51.Live at the London Forum (The Omega Tour)19.04.2011
52.Under the Bridge: Live in San Francisco10.04.2012Store For Music
54.XXX7/2012 Frontiers69 134
55.Resonance11/2012 2CD
56.Heart of the Moment: The Essential Collection15.06.2013Spectrum Music
57.Gravitas25.03.2014Frontiers92 159
58.Axis XXX: Live San Francisco MMXII23.06.2015Frontiers

John Wetton:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Caught In The Crossfire
produced by: John Punter
2.Three Of A Perfect Pair1984
3.Wetton Manzanera
& Phil Manzanera
1987 Geffen
4.Akustika - Live In Amerika29.07.1996Resurgence
5.Battle Lines28.10.1996Resurgence/EFA
7.Chasing The Dear13.04.1998Blueprint/EFA
8.Live In Tokyo 199730.11.1998Blueprint/EFA
9.Monkey Business
& Robert Palmer
10.Live In New York 199708.03.1999Blueprint/EFA
11.Sinister6/2001 SPV
12.Anthology7/2001 NMC
13.Rock Of Faith2/2003
14.Sub Rosa: Live in Milan 199825.02.2003United States Dist
15.Live in Argentina10.06.2003United States Dist
16.Live in Osaka22.07.2003United States Dist
17.Amata6/2004 Metal Mind
18.Agenda11/2004 Metal Mind Productions
19.Heat of the Moment
& Geoffrey Downes
02.08.2005Melodic Symphony
& Geoffrey Downes
02.08.2005Melodic Symphony
21.Icon: Acoustic TV Broadcast
& Geoffrey Downes
01.08.2006Locomotive Music
22.Never in a Million Years: Icon Live
& Geoffrey Downes
23.Icon, Vol. 2: Rubicon II
& Geoffrey Downes
& Geoffrey Downes
25.No Mans Land: Live in Poland18.11.2008Universal
26.Wetton and Downes
& Geoffrey Downes
27.Chasing the Dragon21.12.2010Boundee
28.Raised In Captivity
featuring: Steve Morse, Robert Fripp, Steve Hackett, Alex Machacek, Tony Kaye, Geoff Downes, Eddie Jobson, Mick Box, Anneke Van Giersbergen
29.Heat of the Rising Sun13.03.2012Store For Music
30.Jack-Knife / Monkey Business: 1972-1977
& Richard Palmer-James
01.04.2014Primary Purpose
31.Armed To the Teeth03.02.2015Acid Nightmare
32.One More Red Night: Live in Chicago
& District 97
07.10.2014Primary Purpose
33.New York Minute
& Les Paul Trio
03.03.2015Primary Purpose
34.Studio Recordings Anthology10.03.2015Primary Purpose
35.Access All Areas02.06.2015edsel
36.Live Via Satellite16.10.2015Primary Purpose
37.Live in Moscow: Access All Areas06.11.2015Demon
38.Limited Edition Vinyl Set08.04.2016Rock Classics
39.British Live Performance Series24.06.2016Rainman
40.Official Bootleg Archive, Vol.111.11.2016Primary Purpose
41.Symfonia: Live in Bulgaria 201324.02.2017Frontiers

Geoff Downes:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Light Programme9/1987 Geffen
2.The Work Tapes
& Glenn Hughes
15.06.1999Blue Print
3.The World Service
& The New Dance Orchestra
4.Shadows and Reflections10.06.2003United States Dist
5.Collection27.01.2004United States Dist
6.Heat of the Moment
& John Wetton
02.08.2005Melodic Symphony
& John Wetton
02.08.2005Melodic Symphony
9.Icon: Acoustic TV Broadcast
& John Wetton
01.08.2006Locomotive Music
10.Never in a Million Years: Icon Live
& John Wetton
11.Icon, Vol. 2: Rubicon II
& John Wetton
& John Wetton
14.Vox Humana24.06.2008Universal
15.Wetton and Downes
& John Wetton
16.Ride the Tiger
& Greg Lake

John Payne:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
& Asia

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Only Time Will Tell / Ride Easy02.04.1982Geffen54 16
2.Heat Of The Moment / Time Again4/1982 Geffen46 4
3.Sole Survivor / Here Comes The Feeling10/1982 Geffen
4.Don't Cry / True Colours05.08.1983Geffen33 9
5.The Smile Has Left Your Eyes / Lying To Yourself10/1983 Geffen81 34
6.Go / After The War11/1985 Geffen 46
7.Wishing / Too Late
(jen v USA)
1/1986 Geffen
8.Days Like These / Voice Of America9/1990 Geffen 64
9.Who Will Stop The Rain / Aqua / Heart Of Gold
CD + Obsessing
8/1992 Musidisc


1. Asia In Asia
2. Live In Moscow
3. Classic Rock Legends - 10/2001, DVD
4. Spirit Of The Night - 15.10.2010, Frontiers
5. Resonance - 11/2012, live

John Wetton:

1. Amorata - 6/2004, Metal Mind, live, 90 min


disbanded 1986
reunited 1989
gig 2.7.1992 Town & Country Club, host Steve Howe

John Wetton:

appeared on the LP:

Peter Banks: Peter Banks (5.10.73, Sovereign/EMI)
Phil Manzanera: Diamond Head (28.3.75, Island, voc)
David Byron: Take No Prisoners (23.1.76, Bronze)
Roxy Music: Viva! Roxy Music (2.7.76, Island)
Bryan Ferry: In Your Mind (2/77, Polydor)
Phenomena: Phenomena II (1987, Ariola)
Liesegang: No Strings Attached (10.6.96, Manifest)
Ian McDonald: Drivers Eyes (10/99, Camino)

produced by LP:
Andy MacKay: Score (2/77, EMI)
Vow Wow: V (1987, Arista)

Elliott Randall:

appeared on the LP:

Pavlov's Dog: At The Sound Of The Bell (4/76, CBS)
Pavlov's Dog: The St. Louis Hounds (1977, Hounds)

Geoff Downes:

produced by LP:

GTR: GTR (7/86, Arista)

appeared on the LP:
Max Bacon: The Higher You Climb (1996, Point)
John Wetton: Raised In Captivity (1.7.11, Frontiers)

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