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Personal Data:

Born: 04.02.1948 (Detroit, Michigan, USA, as Vincent Damon Furnier)
COOPER Alice (photo)


1965 Earwigs
1966-68 The Spiders
1968-69 Nazz
since 1969 Alice Cooper
cca 8/15-cca 4/19 Hollywood Vampires

Line-Up (2008):

Alice Cooper - voc
Keri Kelli - g
Jason Hook - g
Chuck Garric - bg
Eric Singer - ds

Former Members:

Mike Bruce (g, 1969-cca 1973); Glen Buxton (g, 1969-74); Mick Mashbir (g, 3/73); Steve Hunter (g, 1974-cca 9/75); Dick Wagner (g, 1974-cca 9/75, 1983-?); Devil 7 (g); Danny Johnson (g); Mike Pinera (g, 1979-82); Davey Johnstone (g, 1981-82);
Kane Roberts (g,bg,kb,ds, cca 1986); Pete Friesen (g, cca 3/90, cca 12/02); Al Pitrelli (g, cca 3/90); Stef Burns (g, cca 1994-cca 10/95); Reb Beach (g, cca 8/96-cca 6/97); Ryan Roxie (g, cca 8/96-cca 6/97, cca 2003); Eric Dover (g, 2001-cca 2003)

Dennis Dunaway (bg, 1969-cca 1973); Tony Levin (bg, 1974); Prakash John (bg, 1974-cca 9/75, 1983-?); John "Cooker" LoPresti (bg, cca 1978); Eric Scott (bg, 1981-82); Donnie Kisselbach (bg,voc, cca 1986-1987); Kip Winger (bg, cca 1986);
Tommy Caradonna (bg, 11/89-cca 3/90); Greg Smith (bg, cca 1994-cca 10/95, cca 6/00); Todd Jensen (bg, cca 8/96-cca 6/97)

Jozef Chirowsky (kb, 1974-77); Fred Mandel (kb, 1977-?); Duane Hitchings (kb, 1981-82); Bob Ezrin (kb, 1983-?); Graham Shaw (kb, 1983-?); Paul Delph (kb,voc, cca 1986-1987); Paul Horowitz (kb, 1987-?);
Derek Sherinian (kb, cca 3/90, cca 1994-cca 10/95); Paul Taylor (kb, cca 10/95-cca 6/97)

Neal Smith (ds, 1969-74); John Badanjek (ds, 1974); Pentii Glan (ds, 1974-cca 9/75); Dennis Conway (ds, cca 1978); Craig Krampf (ds, 1981-82); John Anderson (ds, 1983-?); Richard Kolinga (ds, 1983-?); Jan Uvena (ds);
David Rosenberg (ds, cca 1986-1987); Ken Mary (ds, 1987-?); Jonathan Mover (ds, cca 3/90); David Uosikkinen (ds, cca 1994); Jimmy DelGrasso (ds, cca 10/95-cca 6/97, cca 8/08)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Pretties For You
produced by: Alice Cooper
7/1969 Straight
2.Easy Action
produced by: David Briggs
6/1970 Straight
3.Love It To Death
produced by: Jack Richardson/Bob Ezrin
3/1971 Warner Bros28 35
produced by: Bob Ezrin
12/1971 Warner Bros27 13
5.School's Out
produced by: Bob Ezrin
6/1972 Warner Bros4 2
6.Billion Dollar Babies
produced by: Bob Ezrin
09.03.1973Warner Bros1 1
(LP 1+2)
produced by: David Briggs
8/1973 Warner Bros13
8.Muscle Of Love
produced by: Jack Richardson/Jack Douglas
15.11.1973Warner Bros34 10
9.Greatest Hits9/1974 Warner Bros 8
10.Welcome To My Nightmare
produced by: Bob Ezrin
28.02.1975Anchor19 5
11.Alice Cooper Goes To Hell
produced by: Bob Ezrin
02.07.1976Warner Bros23 27
12.Lace And Whiskey
produced by: Bob Ezrin
1977 Warner Bros33 42
13.The Alice Cooper Show (The Monster Who Spits The Blood)
produced by: Brian Christian/Bob Ezrin
02.12.1977Warner Bros
14.From The Inside
produced by: David Foster
12/1978 Warner Bros68 60
15.Nothing's Wrong1980 Warner Bros
16.Flush The Fashion5/1980 Warner Bros56 44
17.Special Forces9/1981 Warner Bros96
18.Zipper Catches Skin10/1982 Warner Bros
19.Collection1982 WEA
20.Dada04.11.1983Warner Bros93
21.Toronto Rock'n'Roll Revival 1969, Vol. IV4/1984 Accord
produced by: Michael Wagener/Beau Hill
10/1986 MCA41 59
23.Ladies Man
(mini LP)
4/1987 Thunderbolt
24.Raise Your Fist And Yell10/1987 MCA48 73
25.Prince Of Darkness1989 MCA
produced by: Desmond Child
featuring: Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton, Kip Winger, Stiv Bators
8/1989 Epic/CBS2 20
27.The Beast Of Alice Cooper12/1989 Warner Bros
28.Live At Electric Ladyland1991
29.Hey Stoopid
produced by: Peter Collins
featuring: Slash, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Nikki Sixx, Ozzy Osbourne, Vinnie Moore, Mick Mars
02.07.1991Epic4 47
30.Live At The Whiskey A-Go-Go, 1969
produced by: Herb Cohen
31.Nobody Likes Me4/1993 Pulsar
32.The Last Temptation
produced by: Don Fleming/Andy Wallace/Duane Baron/John Purdell
06.06.1994Epic6 68
33.Classicks10/1995 Sony
34.Greatest Hits9/1996 Hollywood
35.A Fistful Of Alice16.06.1997Angel/EMI
36.Nobody Likes ... Live08.09.1997Going For A Song/Bellaphon
37.Freedom For Frankenstein (Hits & Pieces 1984-91)7/1998 Raven
38.The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper
2/1999 Rhino
39.Snorting Anthrax23.02.1999
40.Super Hits04.05.1999Legacy/Epic
41.Brutal Planet
produced by: Bob Ezrin/Bob Marlette
05.06.2000Eagle38 193
42.Greatest Hits18.07.2000Rhino
43.Mascara & Monsters: The Best Of Alice Cooper16.01.2001Rhino
44.The Definitive Alice Cooper2/2001 Rhino33
produced by: Bob Ezrin/Bob Marlette
08.10.2001Eagle87 197
47.Rare & Early Recordings7/2002 ACD/The Merlin Group
48.The Eyes of Alice Cooper
produced by: Mudrock
30.09.2003Eagle 184
49.Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits08.06.2004Warner Brothers
50.School's Out and Other Hits14.09.2004Rhino Flashback
51.Dirty Diamonds02.08.2005New West 169
52.Live at Cabo Wabo 9630.08.2005EMI
53.Beast of Alice Cooper11.07.2006WEA International
54.Live at Montreux 200507.08.2006Rock Classics
55.Live at Toronto27.03.2007Kala
56.Along Came A Spider
produced by: Danny Saber/Greg Hampton
28.07.2008Steamhammer/SPV31 53
57.Early Years: Live11.08.2009IMV/Blueline
58.Best of Alice Cooper17.11.2009Sony BMG Europe
59.Triple Feature17.11.2009Sony BMG
60.Nice Nightmare01.06.2010Collectables
61.Theatre of Death: Live at Hammersmith 200928.09.2010
62.Shock Rock: The Early Days12.07.2011
63.Welcome 2 My Nightmare
produced by: Bob Ezrin
13.09.2011Universal Music Enterprises 22
64.Original Album Classics04.10.2011Sony
65.The Eyes of Alice Cooper08.11.2011
66.No More Mr Nice Guy Live10.04.20124Worlds Media
67.Playlist: The Very Best of Alice Cooper29.05.2012Playlist
68.Old School (1964-1974)06.11.2012UMe
69.Alone In His Nightmare23.03.2013Rock Classics
70.Welcome to His Nightmare: Super Duper Alice Cooper26.05.2014Eagle Rock
71.Nobody Likes Us09.09.2014Applebush
72.Raise the Dead: Live from Wacken02.12.2014UDR
73.The Studio Albums 1969-198331.07.2015Rhino
74.Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Symphonic
& Dave Fowler & Stephen McElroy & Rick Wakeman & London Orion Orchestra
75.The Very Best Of: Radio Waves 1975-197922.07.2016Anglo Atlantic
76.El Paso County Coliseum, 198002.09.2016Zip City
77.Devil's Food07.10.2016Laser Media
produced by: Bob Ezrin
28.07.2017Ear Music6 32
79.A Paranormal Evening With Alice Cooper At The Olympia Paris31.08.2018Ear Music64
80.The Breadcrumbs9/2019 Ear Music80
81.Detroit Stories
produced by: Bob Ezrin
26.02.2021earMUSIC4 47

Kane Roberts:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Kane Roberts
produced by: Michael Wagener
1987 MCA
2.Saints And Sinners
produced by: Desmond Child/Sir Arthur Payson
1991 Geffen

Neal Smith:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Platinum God1974
2.Live at Smalls
credited to: Neal Smith Quintet

Steve Hunter:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Swept Away29.04.1977Atlantic
2.The Deacon1988 IRS

Dick Wagner:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Richard Wagner7/1978 Atlantic
2.Full Meltdown30.03.2010
3.Captured07.10.2014DeSert Dreams
4.Dick Wagner04.11.2014Real Gone Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Living / Reflected1/1970 Straight
2.Caught In A Dream / Eighteen6/1970 Straight
3.Return Of The Spiders / Shoe Salesman11/1970 Straight
4.I'm Eighteen / Is It My Body2/1971 Warner Bros 21
5.Caught In A Dream / Hallowed Be Thy Name6/1971 Warner Bros 94
6.Under My Wheels / Desperado12/1971 Warner Bros 59
7.Be My Lover / You Drive Me Nervous2/1972 Warner Bros 49
8.School's Out / Gutter Cat5/1972 Warner Bros1 7
9.Elected / Luney Tune9/1972 Warner Bros3 26
10.Hello Hurray / Generation Landslide
produced by: Bob Ezrin
16.02.1973Warner Bros4 35
11.Slick Black Limousine
(pouze s NME)
17.02.1973Warner Bros/NME
12.Be My Lover / Under My Wheels
(v USA)
3/1973 Warner Bros
13.No More, Mr. Nice Guy / Raped And Freezin'
produced by: Bob Ezrin
13.04.1973Warner Bros9 25
14.Billion Dollar Babies / Mary Ann7/1973 Warner Bros 57
15.Halo Of Flies
(v Holandsku)
16.Teenage Lament '74 / Hard Hearted Alice12/1973 Warner Bros12 48
17.Muscle Of Love / Crazy Little Child3/1974 Warner Bros
18.Muscle Of Love / Eighteen6/1974 Warner Bros
19.Under My Wheels / Desperado
30.08.1974Warner Bros
20.School's Out / No More Mr. Nice Guy / Billion Dollar Babies / Elected2/1975 Warner Bros
21.Department Of Youth / Cold Ethyl21.02.1975Anchor 67
22.Only Women Bleed / Cold Ethyl3/1975 Atlantic 12
23.Only Women Bleed / Devil's Food
(v GB)
6/1975 Anchor
24.Department Of Youth / Some Folks8/1975 Atlantic 90
25.Welcome To My Nightmare / Cold Ethyl10/1975 Atlantic 45
26.Welcome To My Nightmare / Black Widow
(v GB)
27.School's Out / Elected2/1976 Warner Bros
28.I Never Cry / Go To Hell09.07.1976Warner Bros 9
29.(No More) Love At Your Convenience / It's Hot Tonight25.03.1977Warner Bros44
30.You And Me / It's Hot Tonight4/1977 Warner Bros 8
31.You And Me / My God
(v GB)
7/1977 Warner Bros
32.Department Of Youth EP
(Department Of Yout / Welcome To My Nightmare / Black Widow / Only Women Bleed)
(v GB)
12/1977 Anchor
33.I'm Eighteen / School's Out
(v USA)
1978 Warner Bros
34.How Are You Gonna See Me Now? / No Tricks10/1978 Warner Bros61 12
35.From The Inside / Nurse Rozetta
(v USA)
1/1979 Warner Bros
36.Clones (We All Are) / Model Citizen5/1980 Warner Bros 40
37.Dance Yourself To Death / Talk Talk
(v USA)
9/1980 Warner Bros
38.School's Out / Elected
12/1980 Warner Bros
39.Who Do You Think We Are / You Want It, You Got It
(v USA)
9/1981 Warner Bros
40.No More Love / Generation Landslide05.02.1982
41.Seven And Seven Is / Generation Landslide '81
2/1982 Warner Bros62
42.For Britain Only / Under My Wheels (live)
12" + Who Do You Think We Are / Model Citizen (all live)
5/1982 Warner Bros66
43.I Like Girls / Zorro's Ascent
(v USA)
10/1982 Warner Bros
44.I Am The Future (remix) / Zorro's Ascent3/1983 Warner Bros
45.I Am The Future / Tag, You're It
(v USA)
3/1983 Warner Bros
46.I Love America / Fresh Blood / Pass The Gun Around25.11.1983Warner Bros
47.School's Out / Elected
9/1985 Old Gold
48.He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) / Billion Dollar Babies
12" + I'm Eighteen
10/1986 MCA61
49.Teenage Frankenstein / School's Out (live)
12" + Only Women Bleed
3/1987 MCA80
50.Freedom / Time To Kill
12" + School's Out (live)
3/1988 MCA50
51.I Got A Line On You / Livin' On The Edge
(v USA)
1988 Epic
52.Poison / Trash
12" + The Ballad Of Dwight Fry / Cold Ethyl (live)
CD + I Got A Line On You (live)
7/1989 Epic2 7
53.Bed Of Nails / I'm Your Gun
12" + Go To Hell (live)
CD + Only Women Bleed (live)
9/1989 Epic38
54.House Of Fire / Poison (live)
7" + This Maniac's In Love With You
12"(1),CD + Billion Dollar Babies / Under My Wheels
12"(2) + Spark In The Dark / Under My Wheels
12"(3) + Poison (all live)
11/1989 Epic65 56
55.Only My Heart's Talking / Under My Wheels3/1990 Epic 89
56.Hey Stoopid / It Rained All Night6/1991 Epic 78
57.Hey Stoopid / Wind-Up Toys
12",CD + It Rained All Night
6/1991 Epic14
58.Love's A Loaded Gun / Fire
12" + Eighteen (live '91)
CD + Love Gun
9/1991 Epic38
59.Feed My Frankenstein / Burning Our Bed
CD1 + Poison / Only My Heart Talkin'
CD2 + Hey Stoopid / Bed Of Nails
60.Lost In America / Hey Stupid (live)
12",CD + Billion Dollar Babies (live) / No More Mr Nice Guy (live)
produced by: Don Fleming
61.It's Me / Bad Place Alone
12",CD + Poison / Sick Things
7/1994 Epic34
62.Nobody Likes You / Mad Sun
& Motorpsycho
06.05.1996Musical Tragedies
63.Blow Me A Kiss / Brutal Planet / Take It Like A Woman6/2000 Warner Bros
64.Poison8/2009 85
65.I'll Bite Your Face Off22.08.2011
67.Breadcrumbs EP
(East Side Story / Sister Anne / Your Mama Won't Like Me / Devil With A Blue Dress On / Detroit City / Go Man Go)
68.Don't Give Up15.05.2020
69.Rock And Roll13.11.2020
70.Our Love Will Change The World11.12.2020
71.Social Debris04.02.2021

Kane Roberts:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?4/1991 DGC 38


1. Billion Dollar Babies - 1975, 90 min
2. Welcome To My Nightmare - 1978, 90 min
3. Return Of The Nightmare - 1987, 80 min
4. Alice Cooper Thrashes The World - 1990, Sony, 90 min, prod. by Lisa Hollingshead
5. Video Trash - 1990, Sony, 15 min, prod. by Lisa Hollingshead
6. Alice Cooper - Videostory - 1991, 90 min
7. Alice Cooper & Friends Live
8. Prime Cuts - 9/2001, Sanctuary
9. The Brutal Tour - 11/2001, Rhino, live
10. Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper - 11/2005, live


1. Breakfast Of The Champion
2. Don Kirshner Show
3. Diary Of Mad Housewife (1970, starring)
4. All In The Family (1972, starring, TV hra)
5. Sextette (1978, starring)
6. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978, starring)
6. Roadie (1980, music by+starring)
7. Prince Of Darkness (1987, starring, directed by John Carpenter)
8. Freddie's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991, starring)
9. Wayne's World (1992, starring, directed by Penelope Spheeris)
10. Super Duper Alice Cooper (4/2014, documentary)


Bob Greene: Billion Dollar Baby (11/1974, USA)
Keith Zimmerman, Kent Zimmerman, Alice Cooper: Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: A Rock 'n' Roller's 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict (5/2007, Crown)


2008 Stevie Ray Vaughan Award of MusiCares MAP Fund
2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
2014 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "School's Out", 1972)

WWW Links:


7-9/1976 backedná kapela Hollywood Vampire Orchestra

on the LP "Hollywood Vampires" (9/2015) appeared:

Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Johnny Depp, Slash, Brian Johnson, Perry Farrell, Joe Walsh, Robbie Krieger, Zak Starkey, Kip Winger

appeared on the LP:
Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 (16.5.75, Chrysalis)
Twisted Sister: Come Out And Play (11/85, Atlantic)
Icon: Right Between The Eyes (1989, Megaforce)
A*Teens: New Arrival (3/03, Stockholm)
Avantasia: The Scarecrow (25.1.08)
Phil Campbell: Old Lions Still Roar (25.10.19, Nuclear Blast)

Compilation Appearances:
"School's Out" on compilation "Mullet Rock" (4.3.03, Epic/Legacy)
"School's Out" on OST "Mayor of the Sunset Strip" (18.3.04, Shout! Factory)
"Stand" on Athens 2004 Olympics compilation "Unity" (10.8.04, Capitol, & Xzibit)
"Eleanor Rigby" / "Smile Away" on compilation "The Art Of McCartney" (17.11.14)

Steve Hunter:

appeared on the LP:

Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (1976, Charisma)
Night Of The Guitar Live! (1989, IRS)
David Lee Roth: Your Filthy Little Mouth (7.3.94, Reprise)
Fernando Saunders: Plant A Seed (1/11)
Jason Becker: Triumphant Hearts (7.12.18)

Jozef Chirowsky:

appeared on the LP:

Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (2/77, Charisma)

Dick Wagner:

appeared on the LP:

Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (2/77, Charisma)
Mark Farner: Mark Farner (21.10.77, Atlantic)

Denis Dunaway:

appeared on the LP:

Alice Cooper: Welcome 2 My Nightmare (13.9.11, Universal Music Enterprises)
Alice Cooper: Paranormal (28.7.17)

Mike Bruce:

appeared on the LP:

Alice Cooper: Welcome 2 My Nightmare (13.9.11, Universal Music Enterprises)
Alice Cooper: Paranormal (28.7.17)

Neal Smith:

appeared on the LP:

Alice Cooper: Welcome 2 My Nightmare (13.9.11, Universal Music Enterprises)
Alice Cooper: Paranormal (28.7.17)

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