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Personal Data:

Born: 22.04.1950 (Beckenham, Kent, GB, as Peter Kenneth Frampton)
FRAMPTON Peter (photo)


1960 The Little Ravens
? George And The Dragons
1961 The Trubeats
? The Preachers
1966-2/69 The Herd
1969-9/71 Humble Pie
7/72-1974 Peter Frampton's Camel
1987 David Bowie
1988 Karla Bonoff

Line-Up (1999):

Peter Frampton - voc,g
Bob Mayo - kb,g
John Regan - bg
Chad Cromwell - ds

Former Members:

Bob Mayo (g,voc,kb, cca 9/75-cca 10/76);

Rick Wills (bg,voc, 1972-74); Andy Bown (kb,bg, 1974-cca 1975); Stanley Sheldon (bg,voc, cca 9/75-cca 10/76); Tony Levin (bg, cca 1985-cca 1986)

Richard Cottle (kb, cca 1985-cca 1986); Pete Solley (p, cca 1985-cca 1986)

Mike Kellie (ds, 1970-12/72); John Siomos (ds, 1974-cca 10/76); Steve Ferrone (ds, cca 1985-cca 1986); Omar Hakim (ds, cca 1985-cca 1986)

Richie Puente (perc, cca 1985-cca 1986)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Wind Of Change
featuring: Billy Preston (kb); Ringo Starr (ds); Andy Bown (kb); Klaus Voorman (kb)
5/1972 A&M
2.Something's Happening4/1974 A&M 25
3.Frampton04.04.1975A&M 30
4.Frampton Comes Alive
16.01.1976A&M6 1
5.I'm In You
produced by: Peter Frampton
03.06.1977A&M19 2
6.Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
& Bee Gees
7.Where I Should Be6/1979 A&M 14
8.The Super Disc Of Peter Frampton6/1979 Flyover
9.Breaking All The Rules6/1981 A&M 43
10.The Art Of Control9/1982 A&M
11.Premonition1/1986 Virgin 80
12.Peter Frampton's Greatest Hits1987 A&M
13.When All The Pieces Fit10/1989 Atlantic 152
14.Shine On - A Collection
12/1992 A&M
15.Show Me The Way1/1993 A&M
16.Peter Frampton3/1994 Relativity/Sony
17.Peter Frampton Shows The Way3/1994 Spectrum
18.Acoustic Classics05.10.1994Relativity Entertainment
19.Frampton Comes Alive II23.10.1995IRS/EMI121
20.Love Taker12/1995 Javelin
21.The Very Best Of Peter Frampton1998 A&M
22.Greatest Hits05.10.1998
23.Day In The Sun
(in Germany)
24.Live In Detroit16.05.2000CMC Int'l
25.Frampton Comes Alive: 25th Anniversary Special Edition
26.Peter Frampton12.12.2000Legacy
27.Universal Masters Collection08.05.2001Universal
28.Anthology: The History Of Peter Frampton
(16CD box set)
29.20th Century Masters - Millennium Collection15.07.2003A&M
produced by: Peter Frampton
26.08.2003Framptone/33rd Street
31.Live in San Francisco - March 24, 197511/2004 Hip-O Select
33.Peter Frampton24.05.2005Falcon Music
featuring: Mike McCready (g), Matt Cameron (ds), Warren Haynes (g), Hank Marvin, Brian Bennett, Bill Wyman (bg), Charlie Watts (ds), Chris Stainton (kb)
12.09.2006New Door/A&M
35.Colour Collection24.10.2006UMVD
36.Best of Peter Frampton: Green Series29.04.2008Universal
37.Thank You Mr Churchill14.04.2010Universal 154
39.FCA! 35 Tour: An Evening with Peter Frampton13.11.2012Eagle Rock
40.Show Me the Way: Collection19.03.2013Spectrum Music
41.Hummingbird In a Box: Songs For a Ballet24.06.2014Phenix Phonograph
42.All Blues
credited to: Peter Frampton Band
07.06.2019 183
43.Frampton Forgets The Words
credited to: Peter Frampton Band

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Jumping Jack Flash / Oh For Another Day
(v USA)
5/1972 A&M
2.It's A Plain Shame / Oh For Another Day02.09.1972A&M
3.Baby (Something's Happening) / I Wanna Go To The Sun
(v USA)
5/1974 A&M
4.Show Me The Way / The Crying Clown6/1975 A&M
5.(I'll Give You) Money / Nowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)
(v USA)
10/1975 A&M
6.Show Me The Way (live) / Shine On (live)
produced by: Peter Frampton
2/1976 A&M9 4
7.Baby I Love Your Way (live) / It's A Plain Shame (live)6/1976 A&M 12
8.Baby I Love Your Way (live) / (I'll Give You) Money (live)06.08.1976A&M43
9.Do You Feel Like We Do? (live) / Penny For Your Thoughts (live)9/1976 A&M39 10
10.I'm In You / St. Thomas (Don't You Know How I Feel)5/1977 A&M41 1
11.Signed, Sealed And Delivered (I'm Yours) / Rocky's Hot Club09.09.1977A&M 13
12.Tried To Love / You Don't Have To Worry12/1977 A&M 41
13.I Can't Stand It No More / Where Should I Be5/1979 A&M 14
14.I Can't Stand It No More / May I Baby
(v GB)
6/1979 A&M
15.She Don't Reply / St. Thomas (Don't You Know How I Feel)
(v USA)
8/1979 A&M
16.Breaking All The Rules / Night Town8/1981 A&M
17.Wasting The Night Away / You Kill Me
(v USA)
11/1981 A&M
18.Sleepwalk / Theme From Nivram
(v USA)
8/1982 A&M
19.Show Me The Way / Baby I Love Your Way10/1983 Old Gold
20.6 Track Hits EP
(Show Me The Way / Baby I Love Your Way / Penny For Your Thoughts / I'm In You / Wind Of Change / Signed, Sealed And Delivered (I'm Yours))
6/1984 Scoop
21.Lying / Into View11/1985 Atlantic 74
22.Lying / You Know So Well
(v GB)
12/1985 Virgin100
23.All Eyes On You / So Far Away
(v USA)
2/1986 Atlantic
24.All Eyes On You / Into View
(v GB)
8/1986 Virgin
25.Hiding From A Heartache / Into View
(v USA)
5/1986 Atlantic
26.Holding On To You / Give Me A Little Love That's Real
(v USA)
9/1989 Atlantic
27.Day In The Sun4/1994
28.Verge Of A Thing8/2003 Framptone


1. Live in Detroit - 16.5.2000, Eagle Rock


1. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1977, starring)


Peter Frampton: Do You Feel Like I Do? (20.10.2020)


1974 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Brightest International Hope
2006 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Instrumental Album ("Fingerprints")
2014 Musicians Hall Of Fame
2020 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Frampton Comes Alive!", 1976)


appeared on the LP:

John Entwistle: Whistle Rymes (23.12.72, Track)
Jerry Lee Lewis: The Session (9.3.73, Mercury)
Jerry Lee Lewis: Sometimes A Memory Ain't Enough (1973)
Donovan: Essence To Essence (12/73, Epic)
Harry Nilsson: Son Of Dracula (5/74, RCA)
Tony Ashton & Jon Lord: First Of The Big Bands (12.7.74, Purple)
Alexis Korner: Get Off My Cloud (12.9.75, CBS)
Ringo Starr: Ringo's Rotogravure (8.10.76, Polydor)
Steve Morse: Stand Up (1985)
David Bowie: Never Let Me Down (1986)
Julian Lennon: Mr Jordan (2/89, Virgin)
Ian McDonald: Drivers Eyes (10/99, Camino)
Crosby, Stills & Nash: Live It Up (25.6.90, Atlantic)
Bill Wyman: Struttin' Our Stuff (13.10.97, RCA)
Grand Funk Railroad: Bosnia (10.11.97, EMI)
Ringo Starr: Postcards From Paradise (31.3.15)
Ringo Starr: Give More Love (15.9.17, UMe)

Compilation Appearances:
"Mia Rose" on compilation "Sing a Song With Six Strings" (5.10.04, Sony Wonder)

Stanley Sheldon:

appeared on the LP:

Tommy Bolin: Teaser (11/75, Atlantic)
Peter Frampton: Where I Should Be (6/79, A&M)

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