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Personal Data:

Born: 08.01.1947 (Brixton, London, GB, as David Robert Jones)
Died: 10.01.2016 (liver cancer)
BOWIE David (photo)


1964 The King Bees
? George And The Dragons
1964 Kon-Rads
1965 The Mannish Boys
1965 Davie Jones And The Lower Third
1966 David Bowie And The Lower Third
7/68-2/69 Feathers
1970 The Hype
1971-? The Spiders From Mars
1989-cca 1992 Tin Machine

Former Members:

Mick Ronson (g, 1970-?); Carlos Alomar (g, cca 1974-76, cca 1980-cca 1987, cca 2/96); Earl Slick (g, 1974-76, 4/00-cca 6/04); Stacy Heydon (g, 5/76-cca 2/78); Rick Gardiner (g, 1976-77); Adrian Belew (g,voc, cca 1978, 1990-?); Peter Frampton (g, 1987);
Reeves Gabrels (g, 1989-90, cca 2/96-9/99); Gerry Leonard (g, cca 6/03-cca 6/04)

Tony Visconti (bg, 1970-71); Trevor Bolder (bg, 1971-cca 1973); Herbie Flowers (bg, do 7/74); Willie Weeks (bg, cca 1974-75); George Murray (bg, 1975-cca 1980); Carmine Rojas (bg, cca 1983-cca 1987); Tony Sales (bg, 1989-90);
Erdal Kizilcay (bg, 1990-?); Gail Ann Dorsey (bg, cca 2/96-cca 6/97, cca 7/02-cca 6/04)

John Cambridge (ds, 1970); Mick Woodmansey (ds, 1970-73); Aynsley Dunbar (ds, 1973-74); Tony Newman (ds, do 7/74); Andy Newmark (ds, cca 1974-75); Dennis Davis (ds, 1975-cca 1980); Allen Childs (ds); Neil Conti (ds); Hunt Sales (ds, 1989-90);
Michael Hodges (ds, 1990-?); Zachary Alford (ds, cca 2/96-cca 6/97); Sterling Campbell (ds, cca 6/03-cca 6/04)

Mike Garson (kb, 1974, cca 2/96-cca 6/97, cca 7/02-cca 6/04); Tony Kaye (kb, 5/76); Sean Mayes (p, cca 1978); Roger Powell (kb, cca 2/78); Richard Cottle (kb); Rick Fox (kb, 1990-?); Catherine Russell (kb,voc, cca 6/03-cca 6/04)

Simon House (viol, cca 2/78)

David Sanborn (sax, 1974)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Love You Till Tuesday
(= "The World Of David Bowie", 1967, Decca)
6/1967 Deram
2.David Bowie
(in the USA "Man Of Words, Man Of Music", Mercury)
produced by: Tony Visconti
3.The Man Who Sold The World
produced by: Tony Visconti
4/1971 RCA21
4.Hunky Dory
produced by: David Bowie/Ken Scott
17.12.1971RCA3 57
5.The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
produced by: David Bowie/Ken Scott
5/1972 RCA5 21
6.Space Oddity
(= "David Bowie" reissue)
produced by: Tony Visconti
11/1972 RCA17 20
7.Images 1966-67
3/1973 Decca
8.Aladdin Sane
produced by: David Bowie/Ken Scott
13.04.1973RCA1 17
produced by: David Bowie/Ken Scott
19.10.1973RCA1 21
10.Diamond Dogs
produced by: David Bowie
24.05.1974RCA1 9
11.David Live
(2LP, at the Tower Theatre Philadelphia '74)
produced by: David Bowie
01.11.1974RCA2 8
12.Young Americans
produced by: David Bowie/Tony Visconti
featuring: John Lennon (g), Carlos Alomar (g), David Sanborn (sax), Luther Vandross (voc)
21.03.1975RCA2 8
13.Station To Station
produced by: David Bowie/Harry Maslin
23.01.1976RCA5 3
produced by: David Bowie
21.05.1976RCA2 10
produced by: David Bowie/Tony Visconti
14.01.1977RCA2 11
16.New Music: Day And Night21.01.1977RCA
17.Starting Point1977
produced by: Tony Visconti
featuring: Robert Fripp (g)
07.10.1977RCA3 35
19.Peter And The Wolf21.04.1978RCA
produced by: David Bowie/Tony Visconti
9/1978 RCA5 44
produced by: Tony Visconti
featuring: Adrian Belew (g)
25.05.1979RCA4 20
22.Just A Giggolo1979
23.Scary Monsters ... (And Super Creeps)
produced by: Tony Visconti
12.09.1980RCA1 12
24.The Very Best Of David Bowie12/1980 K-Tel3
25.Another Face4/1981 Decca
26.Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo4/1981 RCA
27.Don't Be Fooled By The Name
(mini LP)
6/1981 P.R.T.
28.ChangesTwoBowie19.11.1981RCA17 68
29.Fashions12/1982 RCA
30.Bowie Rare1/1983 RCA34
31.Let's Dance
produced by: Nile Rodgers
featuring: Stevie Ray Vaughan (g), Nile Rodgers (g), Bernard Edwards (bg), Carmine Rojas (bg), Omar Hakim (ds), Tony Thompson (ds), Sammy Figueroa (perc)
15.04.1983EMI1 4
32.Golden Years12.08.1983RCA33 99
33.Ziggy Stardust The Motion Picture
10.10.1983RCA17 89
34.Fame And Fashion (All Time Greatest Hits)27.04.1984RCA40 147
35.Love You Till Tuesday5/1984 Deram53
produced by: David Bowie/Derek Bramble/Hugh Padgham
featuring: Carlos Alomar (g), Carmine Rojas (bg), Omar Hakim (ds), Sammy Figueroa (perc), Derek Bramble (bg,synths), Guy St.Onge (perc), Robin Clark (voc), George Simms (voc), Curtis King (voc), Arif Mardin (kb), Borneo Horns
24.09.1984EMI1 6
37.A Tribute To David Bowie1984
38.The Collection
1985 Castle
39.Rare Tracks4/1986 Krazy Kat
& Trevor Jones
6/1986 38
41.Never Let Me Down
featuring: Peter Frampton (g), Carlos Alomar (g), Carmine Rojas (bg), Erdal Kizilcay (kb), Philippe Saisse (kb)
4/1987 EMI6 34
42.1966: David Bowie
(mini LP)
10/1987 P.R.T.
43.Chameleon1/1989 Deram
44.Sound & Vision9/1989 EMI63 97
45.Greatest Hits1990
46.Changes Bowie
3/1990 EMI1 39
47.When You're A Boy1991
48.Early On (1964-66)4/1991 Rhino
(reissued z 1978 + Alabama Song)
50.Black Tie, White Noise
produced by: Nile Rogers
05.04.1993Arista/BMG1 39
51.The Gospel According To David Bowie5/1993 Spectrum
52.The Buddha Of Suburbia01.11.1993Arista k BBC dramatizaci
53.The Singles Collection08.11.1993EMI9
54.Santa Monica '7225.04.1994Trident61
55.Rarest One Bowie6/1995 Trident
56.1. Outside: The Nathan Adler Diariss: A Hyper Cycle
produced by: Brian Eno
26.09.1995Virgin8 21
57.Earthling03.02.1997RCA6 39
58.Heroes Symphony
& Philip Glass & Brian Eno
24.02.1997Point Music
59.The Best Of David Bowie 1969-197410/1997 EMI11
60.The Best Of David Bowie 1974-197920.04.1998EMI39
61.I'm Afraid Of Americans
(in Japan)
62.I Dig Everything: The Pye Singles21.06.1999Essential!
63.Ziggy Stardust & Spiders From Mars Live13.09.1999
64.hours ...05.10.1999Virgin5 47
65.Bowie Live At The Beeb 1968-1972
26.09.2000Virgin7 181
66.All Saints, Collected Instrumentals 1977-1999
67.Christiane F11.09.2001EMD
68.I Dig Everything: The 1966 Pye Singles23.10.2001Sanctuary
produced by: Tony Visconti
11.06.2002Columbia5 14
70.Best Of Bowie22.10.2002EMI1 4
produced by: David Bowie/Tony Visconti
16.09.2003ISO/Columbia3 29
72.Heroes & Low Symphonies
& Brian Eno meet Philip Glass
73.Bowie at the Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions16.11.2004Virgin
74.Critical Review, Vol. 2 - 1972-197401.03.2005Classic Rock Legends
76.Serious Moonlight: Live04.10.2005Rajon
77.The Platinum Collection
07.11.2005Virgin55 65
78.Tonight Japanese LP05.03.2007
79.The Best Of 1980 / 198719.03.2007EMI34
80.Best of Sight and Sound05.06.2007Virgin
81.David Bowie Box
(box set)
83.VH1 Storytellers14.07.2009Virgin
84.David Bowie: 40th Anniversary
85.Glass Spider: Live
08.01.2010Vinyl Passion
86.A Reality Tour
87.Live Nassau Coliseum '7620.09.2010Parlophone
88.Birthday Celebration - Live In NYC 1997
featuring: Frank Black, Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, Robert Smith, Sonic Youth, Gail Ann Dorsey, Lou Reed, Billy Corgan
26.04.2011Vinyl Passion
89.Sister Midnight - Live at the Agora '7614.06.2011Store For Music
90.Excerpts From Outside27.03.2012Music From Vinyl
91.The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars: 40th Anniversary Edit31.05.2012EMI72
92.The Next Day
produced by: Tony Visconti
11.03.2013RCA1 2
93.Zeit! 77-79
94.The Lowdown02.07.2013Sexy Intellectual
95.Hello Cleveland: Live!
& Iggy Pop
96.The Thin White Duke Vs. The King of New York
& Lou Reed
09.07.2014E1 Entertainment
97.Becoming Bowie09.09.2014Pride
98.Nothing Has Changed: The Very Best Of Bowie
17.11.2014Parlophone5 57
99.Day In, Day Out: Radio Broadcast10.07.2015Laser Media
100.Five Years 1969-1973
(12CD box set)
101.Blackstar08.01.2016Columbia1 1
102.In His Own Words12.02.2016I.V. Media
103.In Memory Of David Bowie19.02.2016Laser Media
104.Bowie At The Beeb
(box set)
105.David Bowie: On Reflection26.02.2016Encore Books
106.Back in Anger
& Nine Inch Nails
26.02.2016Sonic Boom89
107.Mantra Studios Broadcast 1977
& Iggy Pop
108.The Broadcast Interviews 1977-197825.03.2016Broadcast Interviews
109.The Berlin Briefings08.04.2016I.V. Media
110.David Bowie Iconic06.05.2016Time Zone
111.Pushing Ahead of the Dames13.05.2016Smokin'
112.The Story20.05.2016Laser Media
113.The Broadcast Archive
& Iggy Pop
12.08.2016Broadcast Archive
114.Who Can I Be Now? (1974-1976)
(box set)
23.09.2016Parlophone21 192
115.197723.09.2016The Collector's Forum
116.Live Radio Broadcast Australia 198717.10.2016Laser Media
117.Lazarus Cast Album21.10.2016ISO/RCA 129
118.Bowie Legacy11.11.2016Parlophone5 78
119.Back in Anger: The 1995 Radio Transmissions, St. Louis, MO, Vol. 1
& Nine Inch Nails
120.The Ohio Shuffle
& Iggy Pop
121.Sound + Vision09.12.2016Broadcast Interviews
122.London 198309.12.2016X Rock Entertainment
123.Roots of David Bowie10.03.2017Laser Media
124.Cracked Actor (Live In Los Angeles 1974)22.04.2017Parlophone20
126.A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)
(11CD box set)
29.09.2017Parlophone19 151
127.Welcome To The Blackout (Live London '78)
128.Now4/2018 Parlophone43
129.Isolar II Tour 19787/2018
130.Montreal 19838/2018
131.David Bowie Loving The Alien (1983-1988)
(11CD box set)
132.The Lost Sessions11/2018
133.David Bowie Glastonbury 2000
134.Small Club Broadcast1/2019
135.Serious Moonlight (Live '83)2/2019 Parlophone
136.Spying Through A Keyhole (Demos And Unreleased Songs)
(box set)
4/2019 Parlophone55
137.David Bowie Conversation Piece
(5CD box set)
138.Is It Any Wonder3/2020 Parlophone10
140.Ouvrez Le Chien (Live Dallas 95)03.07.2020Parlophone
141.Something In The Air (Live Paris 99)14.08.2020Parlophone16
142.I'm Only Dancing (The Soul Tour '74)8/2020 Parlophone18 104
143.Changesnowbowie8/2020 Parlophone17 88
144.Ouvrez Le Chien (Live Dallas '95)30.10.2020Parlophone32
145.Metrobolist (Aka The Man Who Sold The Earth)11/2020 Parlophone72
146.Brilliant Live Adventures Part 2: No Trendy Réchauffé (Live Birmingham 95)20.11.2020Parlophone86
147.Look At The Moon - Live Phoenix Festival2/2021 Parlophone16
148.At The Kit Kat Klub - Live New York 994/2021 Parlophone20
149.The Width Of A Circle
150.Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001)11/2021 Parlophone24
151.Toy (Toy Box)
produced by: Mark Plati
1/2022 Parlophone5
152.Moonage Daydream16.09.2022Parlophone20

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.You've Got A Habit Of Leaving / Baby Loves That Way
credited to: Davie Jones & The Lower Third
8/1965 Parlophone
2.Can't Help Thinking About Me / And I Said To Myself
credited to: David Bowie with The Lower Third
3.Do Anything You Do / Good Morning Girl01.04.1966Pye
4.I Dig Everything / I'm Not Losing Sleep19.08.1966Pye
5.Rubber Band / The London Boys03.12.1966Deram
6.The Laughing Gnome / The Gospel According To Tony Day14.04.1967Deram
7.Love You Till Tuesday / Did You Ever Have A Dream7/1967 Deram
8.Let Me Sleep Beside You
produced by: Tony Visconti
1967 Decca
9.Space Oddity / The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
produced by: Gus Dudgeon
11.07.1969Philips5 18
10.The Prettiest Star / Conversation Piece3/1970 Mercury
11.Memory Of A Free Festival Pt. 1 / Pt. 26/1970 Mercury
12.Holy Holy / Black Country Rock1/1971 Mercury
13.Changes / Andy Warhol12/1971 RCA 66
14.Starman / Suffragette City4/1972 RCA10 65
15.John I'm Only Dancing / Hang On To Yourself01.09.1972RCA11
16.Do Anything You Say / Can't Help Thinking About Me / I Dig Everything / I'm Not Losing Sleep10/1972 Pye
17.The Jean Genie / Ziggy Stardust04.11.1972RCA1
18.The Jean Genie / Hang On To Yourself11/1972 RCA 71
19.Space Oddity / The Man Who Sold The World1/1973 RCA 15
20.Time / The Prettiest Star
(v USA)
1973 RCA
21.Let's Spend The Night Together / Lady Grinning Soul
(v USA)
1973 RCA
22.Drive-In Saturday / Around And Around
produced by: David Bowie/Ken Scott
23.Life On Mars / The Man Who Sold The World
produced by: David Bowie/Ken Scott
6/1973 RCA3
24.The Laughing Gnome07.09.1973Deram4
25.Sorrow / Amsterdam28.09.1973RCA2
26.Rebel Rebel / Queen Bitch
produced by: David Bowie/Ken Scott
01.02.1974RCA3 64
27.Rock'n'Roll Suicide / Quicksand12.04.1974RCA21
28.Diamond Dogs / Holy, Holy
produced by: David Bowie/Mainman
29.Knock On The Wood (live) / Panic In Detroit (live)
produced by: David Bowie/Tony Visconti
30.Changes11/1974 RCA 41
31.Young Americans / Suffragette City
produced by: Tony Visconti
21.02.1975RCA9 20
32.The London Boys / Love You Till Tuesday02.05.1975Decca
33.Fame / Right
produced by: David Bowie
25.07.1975RCA17 1
34.Space Oddity / Changes / Velvet Goldmine
produced by: Gus Dudgeon
35.Golden Years / Can You Hear Me
produced by: David Bowie
21.11.1975RCA4 10
36.TVC 15 / We Are The Dead
produced by: David Bowie/Maslin
30.04.1976RCA33 64
37.Suffragette City / Stay09.07.1976RCA
38.Sound And Vision / A New Career In A New Town
produced by: David Bowie/Tony Visconti
25.02.1977RCA3 69
39.Be My Wife / Speed Of Life24.06.1977RCA
40.Heroes / V2-Schneider
produced by: David Bowie/Tony Visconti
41.The Beauty And The Beast / Sense Of Doubt13.01.1978RCA39
42.Breaking Glass / Ziggy Stardust / Art Decade (all live)10/1978 RCA54
43.Boys Keep Swinging / Fantastic Voyage4/1979 RCA7
44.D.J. / Repetition06.07.1979RCA23 106
45.John I'm Only Dancing (Again) / John I'm Only Dancing (1972)07.12.1979RCA10
46.The Alabama Song / Space Oddity2/1980 RCA17
47.Ashes To Ashes / Move On01.08.1980RCA1 101
48.Fashion / Scream Like A Baby10/1980 RCA5 70
49.Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) / Because You're Young16.01.1981RCA11
50.Up The Hill Backwards / Crystal Japan3/1981 RCA23
51.London Boys
52.Under Pressure / Soul Brother
& Queen
10/1981 EMI1 29
53.Wild Is The Wind / Golden Years19.11.1981RCA19
54.Baal's Hymn EP
(Baal's Hymn / The Drowned Girl / Ballad Of The Adventurers / The Dirty Song / Remembering Marie)
55.Cat People (Putting Out Fire) / Paul's Theme02.04.1982MCA19 67
56.Paul's Theme / Cat People (Putting Out Fire)25.06.1982MCA
57.Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth
& Bing Crosby
11/1982 RCA3
58.Let's Dance / Cat People (Putting Out Fire)14.03.1983EMI1 1
59.China Girl / Shake It03.06.1983EMI1 9
60.The Jean Genie6/1983 98
61.Space Oddity6/1983 85
62.Life On Mars6/1983 97
63.Modern Love / Modern Love (Part 2)12.09.1983EMI2 14
64.White Light White Heat (live) / Cracked Actor (live)28.10.1983RCA46
65.Cat People
12/1983 MCA
66.1984 / TVC 15
(v USA)
1/1984 RCA
67.Without You / Criminal World2/1984 EMI 73
68.Blue Jean / Dancing With The Big Boys10.09.1984EMI4 5
69.Tonight / Tumble And Twirl
& Tina Turner
12/1984 EMI45 53
70.This Is Not America
& The Pat Metheny Group
1/1985 EMI12 32
71.Loving The Alien / Don't Look Down5/1985 EMI14
72.Hang On To Yourself / Looking For A Friend / Man In The Middle5/1985 Krazy Kat
73.Dancing In The Streets
& Mick Jagger
8/1985 EMI1 7
74.Absolute Beginners3/1986 Virgin2 53
75.Underground5/1986 EMI11
76.Archive 4 EP
(London Boys / Love You Till Tuesday / Laughing Gnome / Maid Of Bond Street)
8/1986 Archive 4
77.When The Wind Blows10/1986 Virgin20
78.Day-In, Day-Out / Julie3/1987 EMI12 21
79.Time Will Crawl / Girls6/1987 EMI23
80.Never Let Me Down / '87 And Cry
12" + Time Will Crawl (extended) / Day-In, Day-Out (Groucho mix)
8/1987 EMI27 27
81.Fame '90 (mix)3/1990 EMI28
82.Sound + Vision1991 Rhino
83.Real Cool World / Real Cool World Remix
(v USA 14.7.92)
84.Jump They Say / Pallas Athena (Don't Stop Praying mix)08.03.1993Arista/BMG5
85.Black Tie White Noise / You've Been Around (Meat Beat Manifesto mix)31.05.1993Arista36
86.Miracle Goodnight / Looking For Lester20.09.1993Arista40
87.The Buddha Of Suburbia / Dead Against It
CD + South Horizon
featuring Lenny Kravitz
88.The Heart's Filthy Lesson / I Am With Name9/1995 RCA35 92
89.Strangers When We Meet / The Man Who Sold The World (live)
CD + Get Real
12" + The Seeker / Hang Ten High
90.Hallo Spaceboy / The Hearts Filthy Lesson
CD + Moonage Daydream / Under Pressure (live)
produced by: Pet Shop Boys
91.Telling Lies
& A Guy Called Gerald
92.Little Wonder13.01.1997RCA14
93.Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix)31.03.1997Arista32
94.Seven Years In Tibet25.08.1997BMG61
95.I'm Afraid Of Americans11/1997 66
96.I Can't Read01.12.1997Velvet/Zyx73
97.I Can't Read / This Is Not America
(v Austrálii)
98.Without You I'm Nothing EP
& Placebo
99.Thursday's Child
produced by: Reeves Gabrels
100.Under Pressure
& Queen
12/1999 Parlophone14
101.Survive1/2000 28
103.Loving The Alien / 8 Days 7 Hours
& Scumfrog
104.Slow Burn / Wood Jackson
CD1 + Shadow Man
CD2 + When the Boys Come Marching Home / You've Got a Habit
105.Everyone Says Hi!9/2002 Columbia20
106.Fashion Victim / Angry Mexican's Electro Revenge
& Angry Mexican DJ's
07.10.2002Skatty Productions
107.Let's Dance (Club Bolly mixes)21.07.2003
108.New Killer Star9/2003
109.Let's Dance (Trifactor vs Deeper Substance remix)22.12.2003Power Productions
110.Magic Dance05.01.2004white label
111.Rebel Never Gets Old / Days (album version)14.06.2004EMI47
112.Club Cuts 258
(Push It (DMC remix) / Check It Out (Bootimix) / Sweet Billie Jean)
& Michael Jackson & Salt'n'Pepa & Beastie Boys vs Black Machine
(vs Ce Ce Rogers)
113.Re Edits Volume 2
(Hot [I Need To Be Loved, Loved, Loved] (re edit) / Golden Years (re edit))
& James Brown
114.Peace On Earth / Little Drummerboy
& Bing Crosby
115.Space Oddity13.02.2006Rhino
116.Life On Mars4/2007 55
117.Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy
& Bing Crosby
12/2007 73
118.Space Oddity20.07.2009
119.Golden Years
120.The Jean Genie15.11.2012EMI
121.Where Are We Now?08.01.2013Iso/Columbia6
122.The Stars (Are Out Tonight)26.02.2013
123.Balearica 12 EP
(Tony's Song / Slow Beat (dance mix) / The Final Thing (instrumental) / This Is Not America (extended instrumental version))
& Pat Metheny & Tony G & Escape From New York & Stevie Bender
124.The Next Day14.06.2013Sony BMG
125.Life On Mars? 40th Anniversary EP
(Life On Mars (2003 Ken Scott mix) / Life On Mars (live))
126.Valentine's Day / Plan15.08.2013RCA
127.The Next Day Extra EP04.11.2013RCA89
128.The Love Is Lost EP
(Love Is Lost (James Murphy For The DFA Hello Steve Reich mix) (mixes) / I'd Rather Be High (Venetian mix) / Love Is Lost (James Murphy For The DFA Hello Steve Reich mix edit))
12.12.2013Sony BMG
129.I’d Rather Be High' (Venetian Mix) / Love Is Lost16.12.2013
130.Rebel Rebel: 40th Anniversary07.03.2014Parlophone
131.Rock 'n' Roll Suicide19.04.2014Parlophone
133.Diamond Dogs: 40th Anniversary EP
(Diamond Dogs / Diamond Dogs (David live - 2005 mix))
134.Knock On Wood / Rock 'N' Roll With Me (David live - 2005 mix)18.09.2014Warner
135.Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) / Tis A Pity She Was A Whore17.11.2014Parlophone81
136.Young Americans / It's Gonna Be Me21.02.2015Parlophone
137.Kingdom Come
& Tom Verlaine
138.Fame / Right (alternate mix)20.07.2015Rhino
139.Golden Years: 40th Anniversary Edition EP
(Golden Years (single version) / Station To Station (single edit))
140.Blackstar19.11.2015Columbia61 78
141.Lazarus18.12.2015Columbia45 40
142.China Girl1/2016 Parlophone97
143.Ziggy Stardust1/2016 Parlophone76
144.Rebel Rebel1/2016 Rhino65
145.Ashes To Ashes1/2016 Parlophone62
146.Changes1/2016 Rhino49
147.Under Pressure
& Queen
1/2016 Virgin43 45
148.Space Oddity1/2016 EMI24 42
149.Let's Dance1/2016 Parlophone23
150.Starman1/2016 EMI18
151.Life On Mars1/2016 EMI16
152.Heroes1/2016 EMI12
153.'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore1/2016 Parlophone
154.Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)1/2016 Parlophone
155.Girl Loves Me1/2016 Columbia
156.Dollar Days1/2016 Columbia
157.Rock 'n' Roll With Me22.07.2016Parlophone
158.Life On Mars? (2016 Mix)07.10.2016Rhino
159.No Plan EP
(Lazarus / No Plan / Killing A Little Time / When I Met You)
08.01.2017Columbia92 131
160.Beat Of Your Drum 2018
produced by: Mario McNulty
161.Space Oddity12.07.2019
162.Cosmic Dancer / That's Entertainment
& Morrissey
163.Mother / Tryin' To Get To Heaven08.01.2021
164.Shadow Man07.01.2022
165.Toy EP4/2022 Parlophone54


1. Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars - 1982, 91 min, live, directed by D. A. Pennebaker
2. Serious Moonlight Tour - 14.5.1984, Videoform Music, 61 min, live
3. David Bowie - Live - 26.9.1984, 60, min, live
4. Jazzin' For Blue Jean - 12.11.1984, 22 min, directed by Julien Temple
5. Black Tie White Noise - 10/1993, BMG
6. Video Collection - 11/1993, PMI
7. Best Of Bowie - 19.11.2002, EMI, 2DVD, compilation
8. David Bowie - A Reality Tour - 19.10.2004, ISO/Columbia, live, 140 min
9. The Man Who Wasn't There - 23.05.2013, Silver & Gold
10. The Lowdown - 06.08.2013, Sexy Intellectual, 2DVD
11. The Final Changes - 11.03.2016, The Collector's Forum


1. The Man Who Fell To Earth (3/1976, starring, directed by Nicholas Roeg)
2. Just A Gigolo (1978, starring, directed by David Hemmings)
3. The Elephant Man (1980, divadlo)
4. Christiane F (1980)
5. Merry Christmas Mdirected by Lawrence (1983, starring, directed by Nagisa Oshima)
6. The Hunger (1983, starring, directed by Tony Scott)
7. Into The Night (1985, directed by John Landis)
8. Absolute Beginners (1986, music by, directed by Julian Temple)
9. Labyrinth (1986, music by, directed by Jim Henson)
10. The Last Temptation Of Christ (1988, directed by Martin Scorsese)
11. Delinquents (1989)
12. The Linguine Incident (1992, starring)
13. Inspirations (5/1998, documentary, directed by Michael Apted)
14. Zoolander (2001, starring, directed by Ben Stiller)
15. Moonage Daydream (16.9.2022, documentary, directed by Brett Morgen)


Denis O'Regan: David Bowie's Serious Moonlight (11/1984, Sidgwick & Jackson)
David Bowie, Mick Rock: Moonage Daydream: The Life And Times Of Ziggy Stardust (2002)


1972 Melody Maker Album Of The Year ("Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars")
1977 Melody Maker Album Of The Year ("Heroes")
1981 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Male Singer Of The Year
1983 Melody Maker Chart Album Of The Year No. 2 ("Let's Dance")
1983 Melody Maker Top Album Artist No. 2
1983 British Record Industry Awards - Best Singer
1983 Ivor Novello Awards

- Best Rock Song ("Let's Dance")
- International Hit Of The Year ("Let's Dance")
1984 Brit Awards - Best British Male
1984 Grammy Awards - Best Video, Short Form ("David Bowie")
1989 Grammy Awards - Best Album Package ("Sound + Vision")
1995 Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame
1995 Q Awards - Inspiration Award
1996 Brit Awards - Lifetime Achievent
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars", 1972)
1999 Legion of Honour (France)
1999 Rock&Pop Rock Awards
- Best International Video ("Thursdays")
- Male Personality of the Year
- Best Album Cover ("... hours)
2000 Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards - Best Artist Site ("Bowienet")
2002 New Musical Express Greatest Single Of All Time #5 ("Heroes")
2006 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
2007 Webby Lifetime Achievement Award
2014 Brit Awards - Best British Male Solo Artist
2015 Grammy Awards - Best Arrangement, Instruments And Vocals (track "Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)", Maria Schneider)
2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Best Art Direction ("Blackstar")
2016 Grammy Awards
- Best Rock Performance ("Blackstar")
- Best Rock Song ("Blackstar")
- Best Alternative Music Album ("Blackstar")
- Best Recording Package ("Blackstar")
- Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical ("Blackstar")
2017 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Changes", 1972)
2017 Brit Awards
- British Male Solo Artist
- MasterCard British Album Of The Year ("Blackstar")
2018 Grammy Hall Of Fame (track "Space Oddity", 1969)

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since 14.1.1966 David Bowie
since 1977 managed by Iggy Popa
20.4.1992 appeared at Freddie Mercury Tribute (Wembley, "Under Pressure", & Annie Lennox)
1993 CD-ROM Jump
5.4.2001 launched his own online radio station "BowieRadio"
12/2001 own label ISO

on the LP "Scary Monsters" (1980) appeared:

Robert Fripp (g), Pete Townshend (g), Roy Bittan (kb)

on the LP "Black Tie White Noise" (4/93) appeared:
Mick Ronson (g), Mike Garson (kb), Reeves Gabrels (g), Lester Bowie (tr), Al B Sure! (voc), Wild T (Springer) (g)

on the LP "Outside" (1995) appeared:
Brian Eno (synths), Carlos Alomar (g), Reeves Gabrels (g), Erdal Kizilcay (bg,kb), Mike Garson (p), Sterling Campbell (ds)

produced by SP:
Oscar: Over The Wall We Go (1966, Reaction)
Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes (7/72, CBS)
Lou Reed: Walk On The Wild Side (24.11.72, RCA)
Lou Reed: Satellite Of Love (2/73, RCA)
Lulu: The Man Who Sold The World (18.1.74, Polydor)

produced by LP:
Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes (9/72, CBS)
Lou Reed: Transformer (11/72, RCA)
The Stooges: Raw Power (4/73, CBS)
Iggy Pop: The Idiot (4/77, RCA)
Iggy Pop: Lust For Life (1977, RCA)
Iggy Pop: TV Eye Live (1978, RCA)
Iggy Pop: Blah, Blah, Blah (10/86, A&M)
Lou Reed: The Raven (1/03)

appeared on the LP:
Steeleye Span: Now We Are Six (1.3.74, Chrysalis)
Iggy Pop: Lust For Life (1977, RCA)
Iggy Pop: TV Eye, 1977 Live (5/78, RCA)
Iggy Pop: Soldier (1980, Arista)
Iggy Pop: Blah Blah Blah (10/86, A&M)
Reeves Gabrels: Sacred Squall of Now (1995, Upstart)
Rustic Overtones: Viva Nueva (5.6.01, Tommy Boy)
Earl Slick: Zig Zag (9.12.03, Sanctuary)
TV On The Radio: Return To Cookie Mountain (18.7.06, 4AD)

appeared on the SP:
Tina Turner: I Want You Near Me (5/92, Capitol)

Compilation Appearances:
"Hallo Spaceboy" on LP Phoenix The Album (27.1.97)
"I'm Waiting For The Man" on OST "Almost Famous" (12.9.00, DreamWorks)
"Golden Years" on OST "A Knight's Tale" (8.5.01, Columbia)
"Pictures Of Lily" on The Who tribute LP "Substitute - The Songs Of The Who" (28.5.01, Edel)
"This Is Not America" on OST "Training Day" (11.9.01, Warner Bros, & Puff Daddy)
"America" / "Heroes" on compilation "The Concert for New York City" (27.11.01, Columbia)
"Space Oddity" on OST "Mr. Deeds" (11.6.02, RCA)
"Sweet Head" on OST "Moonlight Mile" (10.9.02, Hollywood)
"Rebel Rebel" on OST "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" (24.6.03, Columbia)
"Bring Me The Disco King (Maynard James Keenan/John Frusciante remix)" on OST "Underworld" (19.9.03, Lakeshore)
"Changes" on compilation "Twentieth Anniversary" (3.2.04, Rykodisc)
"All The Madmen" on OST "Mayor of the Sunset Strip" (18.3.04, Shout! Factory)
"Changes" on OST "Shrek 2" (11.5.04, DreamWorks/Geffen, & Butterfly Boucher)
"Life On Mars" on compilation "John Peel - A Tribute" (17.10.05)
"Dancing In The Streets" on AIDS benefit compilation "Between The Covers" (12.9.06, Sony BMG, & Mick Jagger)
"The Man Who Sold The World" on OST "Kurt Cobain - About a Son" (11.9.07, Barsuk)
"Drive-In Saturday" / "Warszawa" on OST "Control" (1.10.07)
"Heroes" on OST "Heroes" (18.3.08, NBC)

Carlos Alomar:

appeared on the LP:

Ben E. King: Supernatural Thing (21.3.75, Atlantic)
Iggy Pop: Lust For Life (1977, RCA)
Iggy Pop: TV Eye Live (1978, RCA)
Jimmy Destri: Heart On A Wheel (18.12.81, Chrysalis)
Julia Fordham: Julia Fordham (6/88)
Cyndi Lauper: Hatful Of Stars (1993, Epic)
David Bowie: Heathen (11.6.02, Columbia)

Erdal Kizilcay:

appeared on the LP:

Iggy Pop: Blah, Blah, Blah (10/86, A&M)

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