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Richmond, GB
*  1963



Andy Mitchell - voc,hca
Gypie Mayo - g
Chris Dreja - g
David Small - bg
Jim McCarty - ds

Former Members:

Keith Relf (voc, 1963-7/68); John Fiddler (voc, 7/83-1983); Mark Felton (voc, 7/83-1983); Alan Glen (voc,hca, cca 12/98-cca 1/03)
Tony Topham (g, 1963-10/63); Eric Clapton (g, 10/63-13.3.65); Jeff Beck (g, 3/65-12/66); Jimmy Page (g, 6/66-7/68); John Knightsbridge (7/83-1983)
Paul Samwell-Smith (bg, 1963-6/66, 7/83); John Idan (bg, 1994-cca 1/03)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Five Live Yardbirds
produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky
2/1965 Columbia
2.For Your Love
(in the USA)
7/1965 Epic 96
3.Having A Rave Up With The Yardbirds
(in the USA)
produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky
12/1965 Epic 53
4.Sonny Boy Williamson With The Yardbirds
& Sonny Boy Williamson
12/1965 Fontana
5.The Yardbirds
(in the USA "Over Under Sideways Down")
08.07.1966Columbia20 52
6.The Yardbirds Greatest Hits
produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky
4/1967 Epic 28
7.Little Games
(in the USA)
8/1967 Epic 80
8.Blow Up
& Herbie Hancock
5/1967 MGM
9.Live Yardbirds1968 Epic
10.Performance By Clapton, Beck & Page1970
11.Rock Generation1970
12.Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page1971 Timeless
13.Remember The Yardbirds
produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky
6/1971 Starline
14.Favourites1972 Epic
15.Hits Of The Yardbirds1972
16.More Golden Eggs1973
17.Eric Clapton & Yardbirds1973
19.The Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton8/1977 Charly
20.The Yardbirds Featuring Jeff Beck8/1977 Charly
21.Shapes Of Things: A Collection Of Classic Yardbirds Recordings 1964-66
1/1978 Charly
23.Reflections / Early Yardbirds1978
24.20 Greatest Hits1978
25.Slow Hanclap1980
26.Legend Of Yardbirds Vol 11980
27.Legend Of Yardbirds Vol 21980
28.Legend Of Yardbirds Vol 31981
29.The Single Hits29.01.1982Charly
30.Some Yardbirds1982
31.Jeff Beck With The Yardbirds1983
32.Our Own Song6/1983 Charly
33.For Your Love11/1984 Topline
34.Greatest Hits1986 Charly
35.Collection: Yardbirds
1986 Castle
36.Got Live If You Want It1986 Showcase
37.Classic Cuts4/1987 Charly
38.Hits And More1989 Instant
39.First Recordings, London 19638/1989 Decal
40.The Studio Sessions 1964-1967
10/1989 Charly
41.One Air4/1991 Band Of Joy
42.The Very Best Of The Yardbirds5/1991 Music Club
43.Shape Of Things1991 Decal
44.Rarities1992 Prestige
45.25 Greatest Hits7/1992 Repertoire
46.Yardbirds' Reunion Concert9/1992 Promised Land
47.Little Games, Sessions & More10/1992 EMI
48.Greatest Hits4/1993 Pulsar
49.Train Kept A-Rollin'7/1993 Charly
50.Heart Full Of Soul9/1993 Laserlight
51.Eric Clapton & The Yardbirds4/1995 Top Masters
52.Live at the BBC07.10.1997Repertoire
53.Where The Action Is16.02.1999Cleopatra
54.For Your Love
(in Germany)
55.Having a Rave Up
(in Germany)
56.Ultimate Collection17.05.1999
57.14 Blues Standards
& Eric Clapton
59.Best Of Gomelsky Years20.08.2002Fruit Tree
featuring: Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Brian May, Slash, Joe Satriani, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Johnny Rzeznik, Steve Lukather
22.04.2003Favored Nations
61.Masteworks 1963-196526.08.2003Varese
62.Live! Blueswailing July '6404.11.2003Sanctuary
63.Early Years
& Eric Clapton
64.Very Best Of The Yardbirds18.01.2005Snapper Music Group
65.Rumble in London
& The Animals
26.04.2005Fuel 2000
66.Our Own Sound05.07.2005Magic
67.Very Best of the Yardbirds27.09.2005Metro
68.Introduction to the Yardbirds21.11.2006Fuel 2000
69.Yardbirds Family Tree: Birds of a Feather16.01.2007Mooreland Street
70.Yardbirds Story: 1963-6624.04.2007Snapper
71.Live at B.B. King's Blues Club28.08.2007Favored Nations
72.Best of the Yardbirds08.04.2008Repertoire
73.Happenings Ten Years' Time Ago, 1964-196813.05.2008Raven
74.Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: 1964-196629.07.2008Rhino
75.Shapes of Things: The Best of the Yardbirds31.08.2010Music Club Deluxe
76.The Jeff Beck Years12.07.2011
77.Glimpses 1963-196810.01.2012
78.Recorded Live In Stockholm 196716.08.2012B 13
79.Paris 1966-1968: The Lost Tapes25.09.2012Blueline
80.Making Tracks11.12.2012MVD Visual
81.Sounds I Heard15.04.2014Easy Action
82.Live11.03.2016Blue Line Music

John Idan:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Wish You Would / A Certain Girl6/1964 Columbia
2.A Certain Girl / I Ain't Got You
(v USA)
8/1964 Epic
3.Good Morning Little Schoolgirl / I Ain't Got You10/1964 Columbia44
4.For Your Love / Got To Hurry3/1965 Columbia1
5.For Your Love / I'm Not Talking4/1965 Epic 6
6.Heart Full Of Soul / Steeled Blues6/1965 Columbia2 6
7.Evil Hearted You / Still I'm Sad21.09.1965Columbia3
8.I'm A Man / Still I'm Sad10/1965 Epic 17
9.Five Yardbirds EP
(My Girl Sloopy / I'm Not Talking / I Ain't Done Wrong)
10/1965 Columbia
10.Shapes Of Things / You're A Better Man Than I25.02.1966Columbia3
11.Shapes Of Things / New York City Blues3/1966 Epic 11
12.Over Under Sideways Down / Jeff's Boogie27.05.1966Columbia10 13
13.Roger the Engineer15.07.1966Demon
14.Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / Psycho Daisies14.10.1966Columbia43
15.Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / The Nazz Are Blue11/1966 Epic 30
16.Over Under Sideways Down EP1/1967 Columbia
17.Little Games / Puzzles4/1967 Epic 51
18.Ha Ha Said The Clown / Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor6/1967 Epic 45
19.Ten Little Indians / Drinkin' Muddy Water10/1967 Epic 96
20.Goodnight Sweet Josephine / Think About It3/1968 Columbia 127
21.For Your Love / Got To Hurry
22.For Your Love16.12.1977Charly
23.You're A Better Man Than I10/1979 49
24.Evil Hearted You / Still I'm Sad
7/1982 Old Gold
25.For Your Love / Heartful Of Soul7/1982 Old Gold
26.Over, Under, Sideways, Down / Psycho Daisies2/1983 Edsel
27.6 Track Hits EP3/1984 Scoop
28.Rack My Mind / Jeff's Boogie5/1984 Edsel
29.For Your Love EP1989 Old Gold
30.Roger the Engineer / Over Under Sideways Down08.04.2008Repertoire
31.Ha Ha Said The Clown / Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor27.11.2012Sundazed
32.Ten Little Indians / Drinking Muddy Water27.11.2012Sundazed
33.Roger the Engineer18.03.2016Repertoire

Keith Relf:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Mr. Zero / Knowing13.05.1966Columbia50
2.Shapes In My Mind / Blue Sands03.12.1966Columbia


1. The Yardbirds - 1992


1. Blow Up (1966, starring, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni)


1991 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

WWW Links:


disbanded 7.7.1968
reunited 22.7.1983
reunited 1992

Compilation Appearances:

"For Your Love" on compilation "The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World" (20.8.07)

Paul Samwell-Smith:

produced by LP:

Cat Stevens: Catch Bull At Four (9/72, Island)
Cat Stevens: Buddha And The Chocolate Box (29.3.74, Island)
Cat Stevens: Greatest Hits (27.6.75, Island)
Murray Head: Say It Ain't So (27.2.76, Island)
Jethro Tull: The Broadsword And The Beast (9.4.82, Chrysalis)
Carly Simon: Coming Around Again (1987, Arista)
All About Eve: All About Eve (2/88, Phonogram)
All About Eve: Scarlet And Other Stories (1989, Phonogram)
Beverley Craven: Love Scenes (9/93, Epic)

produced by SP:
Murray Head: Somebody's Rocking My Dreamboat (14.5.76, Island)
Carly Simon: Coming Around Again (1987, Arista)

Keith Relf:

produced by SP:

Smokestack Crumble: Got A Bad Leg (16.7.71, Dawn)

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