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Personal Data:

Born: 30.03.1945 (Ripley, GB, as Eric Patrick Clapp)
CLAPTON Eric (photo)


1963 The Roosters
1963 Casey Jones And The Engineers
10/63-13.3.65 Yardbirds
4-7/65 John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
7/65 Gonads
1965-7/66 John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
cca 1966 Powerhouse
7/66-11/68 The Cream
2/69-1/70 Blind Faith
1969-? The Plastic Ono Band
11/69-? Delaney And Bonnie And Friends With Eric Clapton
6/70-5/71 Derek And The Dominos
1/73-? Derek And The Dominos
1/05-cca 5/05 The Cream

Former Members:

Yvonne Elliman (voc,g, 1974-7/77); Marcy Levy (voc, cca 9/75-cca 1/78, cca 1985); John Sambatao (voc, cca 1983); Chuck Kirkpatrick (voc, cca 1983); Shaun Murphy (voc, cca 1985); Michelle John (voc, cca 5/06); Sharon White (voc, cca 5/06)

George Terry (g, 1974-cca 1/78); Albert Lee (g, 1979-cca 1983); Ry Cooder (g, cca 1983); Tim Renwick (g, cca 1985); Hamish Stuart (g,voc, od 1990); Andy Fairweather-Low (g, cca 5/01); Doyle Bramhall II (g, cca 5/06); Derek Trucks (g, cca 5/06)

Carl Radle (bg, 1974-cca 9/78); David Markee (bg, 9/79-cca 1/81); Donald "Duck" Dunn (bg, cca 1983-cca 1985); Nathan East (bg, cca 10/88-cca 1992, cca 5/01); Willie Weeks (bg, cca 5/06)

Dick Sims (kb, 1974-?); Chris Stainton (kb, 9/79-cca 1985, cca 5/06); Gary Brooker (kb, cca 1/81); Greg Phillinganes (kb, 1987-cca 1991, 2001); Alan Clark (kb, cca 10/88); David Sancious (kb, cca 5/01); Billy Preston (kb, 2001); Tim Carmon (kb, cca 5/06)

James Oldaker (ds, 1974-cca 9/78, cca 1985); Henry Spinetti (ds, 9/79-cca 1/81); Steve Ferrone (ds, cca 10/88-cca 1992); Steve Gadd (ds, cca 5/01); Steve Jordan (ds, cca 5/06)

Sergio Parnelli (congas, cca 9/75); Sergio Rodriguez (perc, cca 7/76); Sergio Pastora (perc, cca 3/77); Roger Hawkins (ds, cca 1983); Ray Cooper (perc, cca 1992); Paulinho Da Costa (perc, cca 5/01)

Simon Clarke (brass, cca 5/06); Roddy Lorimer (brass, cca 5/06); Tim Sanders (brass, cca 5/06)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.What's Shakin'
credited to: Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse
6/1966 Electra
2.John Mayall's Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton
produced by: Mike Vernon
3.Delaney And Bonnie On Tour With Eric Clapton4/1970 Atco39 29
4.Eric Clapton14.08.1970Polydor14 13
5.The History Of Eric Clapton4/1972 Atco20 6
featuring: Steve Winwood, Wynton Marsalis, Sheryl Crow, Allen Toussaint, Derek Trucks
2/1973 Atco 67
7.Eric Clapton At His Best4/1973 RSO 87
8.Clapton, Beck And Page
& Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page
9.Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert
produced by: Bob Pridden
featuring: Pete Townshend (g), Steve Winwood (g,voc), Rick Grech (bg), Ron Wood (g), Jim Capaldi (ds), Jimmy Karstein (perc), Rebop (perc)
05.10.1973RSO19 18
10.461 Ocean Boulevard
produced by: Tom Dowd
featuring: George Terry (g), Yvonne Elliman (voc), Dick Sims (kb), Carl Radle (bg), James Oldaker (ds)
7/1974 RSO3 1
11.There's One In Every Crowd
produced by: Tom Dowd
featuring: Yvonne Elliman (voc), Marcy Levy (voc), Dick Sims (kb), Carl Radle (bg), James Oldaker (ds)
15.03.1975RSO15 20
12.Blues World Of Eric Clapton4/1975 Decca
13.E.C. Was Here
produced by: Tom Dowd
21.08.1975RSO14 18
14.No Reason To Cry13.09.1976RSO8 15
15.Greatest Hits1976
produced by: Glyn Johns
04.11.1977Polydor23 2
17.Backless11/1978 RSO18 6
18.Just One Night
produced by: Jon Astley
5/1980 RSO3 2
19.Eric Clapton1981 3LP
20.Another Ticket
produced by: Tom Dowd
26.02.1981RSO18 7
21.Steppin' Out6/1981 Decca
22.Time Pieces Vol. I - Best Of Eric Clapton
4/1982 RSO20
23.Money And Cigarettes11.02.1983Duck/Warner Bros13 16
25.Time Pieces Vol. II - Live In The Seventies5/1983 RSO
26.After Midnight1984
27.Backtrackin'5/1984 Starblend29
28.Too Much Monkey Business11/1984 Astan
29.Behind The Sun3/1985 Duck8 34
30.The Survivor3/1986 Thunderbolt
31.Greatest Hits4/1986 Arcade
32.August11/1986 Duck3 37
33.The Clapton Collection
1987 Castle Communication
34.The Cream Of Eric Clapton
& Cream
9/1987 Polydor3 80
4/1988 Polydor 34
36.Archives To Eighties
& John Mayall & Mick Taylor
1988 Deram
37.Five Long Years5/1988 Big Time
38.The Magic Of Eric Clapton2/1989 Venus
40.Journeyman11/1989 Reprise/WEA2 16
41.Eric Clapton Live At The Royal Albert Hall
1990 Reprise/WB
43.24 Nights
featuring: Allan Clarke (kb), Nathan East (bg), Steve Ferrone (ds), Phil Palmer (g), Ray Cooper (g), Richard Tee (kb), Greg Phillinganes (kb)
08.10.1991WEA17 38
44.The Best Of Eric Clapton
11/1991 Polydor
45.The Early Collection1992 Castle Communication
46.Rush1/1992 Duck 24
47.Live In Japan
& George Harrison
10.07.1992Dark Horse45
produced by: Russ Titelman
featuring: Ray Cooper (perc), Nathan East (bg,voc), Steve Ferrone (ds), Chuck Leavell (kb), Andy Fairweather Low (g), Katie Kissoon (voc), Tessa Miles (voc)
18.08.1992Duck2 1
49.Mister Slowhand4/1993 Pulsar
50.The Best Of Eric Clapton6/1993 Duck23
51.The Early Years12/1993 Immediate
52.Beginnings8/1994 Charly
53.From The Cradle20.09.1994Duck/Reprise1 1
54.Motherless Children17.10.1994Reprise
55.Crossroads 2 (Live In The Seventies)
(box set)
25.03.1996Polydor 137
& Friends
08.09.1997Going For A Song/Bellaphon
57.The Pilgrim
produced by: Eric Clapton/Simon Climie
featuring: Simon Climie (voc,kb), Andy Fairweather Low (g), Chris Stainton (kb), Paul Carrack (kb), Joe Sample (kb), Greg Phillinganes (kb), Nathan East (bg), Pino Palladino (bg), Dave Bronze (bg), Steve Gadd (ds), Babyface (voc)
09.03.1998Reprise6 4
59.14 Blues Standards
& Yardbirds
60.Blues Power22.06.1999Universal 52
61.Clapton Chronicles: The Best Of Eric Clapton12.10.1999Reprise6 20
62.The Story of Us
& Marc Shaiman
63.Riding With The King
& B.B. King
64.Time Pieces6/2000 73
produced by: Eric Clapton/Simon Climie
featuring: Andy Fairweather Low (g), Paul Carrack (kb), Joe Sample (kb), Nathan East (bg), Billy Preston (kb), Doyle Bramhall II (g), Paulinho Da Costa (perc), Steve Gadd (ds), The Impressions
13.03.2001Duck/Reprise7 5
66.The Blues Years6/2001 Castle Select
67.The Yardbird Years12.06.2001Fuel 2000
68.Masters Of The Blues16.07.2002Delta
69.One More Car, One More Rider: Live On Tour 2001
05.11.2002Duck/Reprise69 43
70.Hall of Fame08.07.2003Delta
71.Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Eric Clapton09.09.2003Polydor
72.Me And Mr. Johnson
featuring: Andy Fairweather Low (g), Nathan East (bg), Billy Preston (kb), Doyle Bramhall II (g), Steve Gadd (ds), Jerry Portnoy (hca)
23.03.2004Duck/Reprise10 6
73.Early Years
& The Yardbirds
74.20th Century Masters - Millennium Collection: The Best Of Eric Clapton15.06.2004Polydor 66
75.She's So Respectable12.10.2004Rajon
76.Sessions For Robert J.07.12.2004Duck/Reprise 172
& Rod Stewart
07.12.2004Fuel 2000
79.Back Home
produced by: Eric Clapton/Simon Climie
featuring: Simon Climie (kb), Steve Winwood (synths), John Mayer (g), Stephen Marley (perc), Robert Randolph (dobro), Steve Gadd (ds), Nathan East (bg), Pino Palladino (bg), Doyle Bramhall II (g), Andy Fairweather Low (g), Billy Preston (kb), Chris Stainton (g), Abe Laboriel Jr. (perc), Toby Baker (kb)
30.08.2005Duck/Reprise19 13
80.Guitar Legend: The Very Best of the Early Years25.04.2006Metro
81.After Midnight: Live22.08.2006Immortal
82.The Road To Escondido
& J.J. Cale
07.11.2006Duck/Reprise50 23
83.Early in the Morning02.10.2007
84.Complete Clapton
09.10.2007Duck/Reprise2 14
85.Slowhand11/2008 World Legends
86.Live From Madison Square Garden
& Steve Winwood
19.05.2009Wincraft/Duck/Reprise40 14
87.461 Ocean Boulevard: Rarities Edition27.04.2010Polydor
produced by: Doyle Bramhall II
28.09.2010Reprise7 6
89.Play the Blues: Live from Jazz at Lincoln Center
& Wynton Marsalis
13.09.2011Rhino40 31
90.The Master Plays the Blues08.05.2012IMV/Blueline
91.Old Sock
produced by: Eric Clapton/Doyle Bramhall II/Simon Climie/Justin Stanley
featuring: Steve Winwood, Steve Gadd, Willie Weeks, Chris Stainton, J.J. Cale, Chaka Khan, Paul McCartney, Jim Keltner
11.03.2013Bushbranch13 7
92.Rare & Unseen Live Performances30.04.2013
93.The Early Days: Ultimate Collection07.05.2013IMV Blueline
94.Every Little Thing16.07.2013ADA
95.Live in Montreux30.07.2013Eagle Rock
96.The Eric Clapton Years06.08.2013Blueline
97.The Smith Tapes
& George Harrison
01.10.2013The Smith Tapes
98.Unplugged Remaster & Expanded08.10.2013WEA
99.Crossroads - Guitar Festival 201319.11.2013Rhino 25
100.Give Me Strength: The 1974/1975 Studio Recordings25.11.2013Polydor
101.Live in Birmingham / Live at Montreux04.02.2014
102.The 1970s Review11.03.2014Sexy Intellectual
103.The Story of: A Musical Documentary11.03.2014Music Video Distribution
104.Time Pieces: The Best Of Eric Clapton11.07.2014UMC
105.Eric Clapton & Friends: The Breeze, An Appreciation of JJ Cale29.07.2014Polydor3 2
106.Icon: Eric Clapton8/2014 114
107.Best, the Rest, the Rare02.12.2014Blueline
108.Planes, Trains and Eric: The Music, The Stories, The People – Mid and Far East Tour 201404.11.2014Eagle Rock
109.The Early Days17.02.2015Ascot Elite
110.Masters of the Blues
& Bo Diddley & Rod Stewart
111.Forever Man28.04.2015Reprise8 48
112.Slowhand at 70: Live at the Royal Albert Hall13.11.2015Eagle Rock
113.The Studio Album Collection 1970-198129.01.2016Polydor
114.The Live Album Collection
& Derek And The Dominos
115.Stones in My Passway15.04.2016Bushbranch
116.Catch the Blues13.05.2016Bushbranch
117.I Still Do
produced by: Glyn Jones
20.05.2016Bushbranch6 6
118.The Glory Years27.05.2016The Collector's Forum
119.Crossroads Revisited - Selections From The Crossroads Guitar Festivals
& Guests
120.Live In San Diego
with JJ Cale
30.09.2016Reprise60 47
121.Life In 12 Bars6/2018 UMC
122.Happy Xmas12.10.2018Polydor97 84
123.Eric Clapton's Crossroads - Guitar Festival 201911/2020 Rhino
124.Eric Clapton8/2021
125.The Lady In The Balcony: Lockdown Sessions11/2021 Eagle
126.Nothing But The Blues6/2022 WEA44

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Lonely Years / Bernard Jenkins
& John Mayall
1966 Purdah
2.Coming Home / Groupie (Superstar)
& Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
12/1969 Atlantic17 84
3.Teasin' / Soulin'
& King Curtis
10/1970 Atco
4.After Midnight / Easy Now17.10.1970Polydor 18
5.Honeydripper / Man Of Many Words
& Buddy Guy & Dr John
8/1972 Atlantic
6.Let It Rain9/1972 Polydor 48
7.I Shot The Sheriff / Give Me Strength
produced by: Tom Dowd
12.07.1974RSO7 1
8.Willie And The Hand Jive / Mainline Florida11.10.1974RSO 26
9.Swing Low Sweet Chariot / Pretty Blue Eyes
produced by: Tom Dowd
10.Knocking On Heaven's Door / Someone Like You01.08.1975RSO38
11.Sign Language
& Bob Dylan
12.Hello Old Friend / All Out Past Times08.10.1976RSO 24
13.Carnival / Hungry2/1977 RSO
14.Lay Down Sally / Cocaine04.11.1977RSO39 3
15.Wonderful Tonight / Peaches And Diesel10.03.1978RSO 16
16.Promises / Watch Out For Lucy
& His Band
9/1978 RSO37 9
17.If I Don't Get There By Morning / Tulsa Time3/1979 RSO
18.Tulsa Time (live) / Cocaine (live)6/1980 RSO 30
19.Blues Power (live) / early In The Morning (live)
& His Band
10/1980 RSO 76
20.I Can't Stand It / Black Rose
& His Band
13.02.1981RSO 10
21.Another Ticket / Rita Mae
& His Band
17.04.1981RSO 78
22.I Shot The Sheriff / Cocaine
12" + Knockin' On Heaven's Door (live)
23.I Have Got A Rock'n'Roll Heart / Man Overboard21.01.1983Duck83 18
24.The Shape You're In / Crosscut Saw01.04.1983Duck75
25.Slow Down Linda / Crazy Country Hop
12" + The Shape You're In
26.Wonderful Tonight / Cocaine04.05.1984RSO
27.Forever Man / Too Bad
12" (1) + Something's Happening
12" (2) + Heaven Is One Step Away
2/1985 Duck51 26
28.See What Love Can Do / She's Waiting5/1985 Duck 89
29.She's Waiting / Jailbait7/1985 Duck
30.Edge Of Darkness / Shoot Out
12",CD + Escape From North Moor
& Michael Kamen
12/1985 Duck65
31.I Shot The Sheriff / Knockin' On Heaven's Door3/1986 Old Gold
32.Behind The Mask / Grand Illusion
12" + Wanna Make Love To You
7" (2) + White Room (live) / Crossroads (live)
1/1987 Duck12
33.It's In The Way That You Use It / Bad Influence
12" + Old Ways / Pretty Girl
3/1987 Duck77
34.Tearing Us Apart / Hold On
12" + Run
& Tina Turner
6/1987 Duck56
35.Wonderful Tonight / I Shot The Sheriff
12" + Layla (full version)
CD + Swing Low Sweet Chariot
8/1987 Polydor82
36.Holy Mother / Tangled In Love
12" + Behind The Mask / Forever Man
11/1987 Duck95
37.After Midnight / I Can't Stand It
12" + What You Doing Today
CD + Sunshine Of Your Love
7/1988 Polydor99
38.Knockin' On Heaven's Door
& Randy Crawford
39.Pretending / Hard Times
12" + Knock On Wood
CD + Behind The Sun
(v GB 6/90)
11/1989 Duck96 55
40.Bad Love / Before You Accuse Me1/1990 Duck/Reprise25 88
41.No Alibis / Running On Faith
12" + Behind The Mask (live) / Cocaine (live)
CD + No Alibis (live) / Cocaine (live)
3/1990 Duck53
42.Wonderful World
& Zucchero
43.Layla / Bell Bottom Blues7/1991 Polydor
44.Wonderful Tonight (live) / Edge Of Darkness
12",CD + Layla (band version) / Cocaine
11/1991 Duck30
45.Tears In Heaven / White Room (live)
12",CD + Tracks & Lines / Bad Love (live)
produced by: Russ Titelman
1/1992 Reprise5 2
46.Runaway Train / Understanding Women
& Elton John,
(from "Lethal Weapon 3")
47.It's Probably Me
& Sting,
(from "Lethal Weapon 3")
7/1992 A&M30
48.Layla (acoustic) / Tears In Heaven (acoustic)9/1992 Duck45 12
49.Motherless Child / Driftin'
12",CD + County Jail Blues / 32-20 Blues
50.Love Can Build A Bridge
& Cher & Chrissie Hynde & Neneh Cherry & Bananarama & Tom Jones
2/1995 London1
51.Change The World
produced by: Babyface
01.07.1996Reprise18 5
52.My Father's Eyes09.02.1998Duck33
53.Born In Time01.06.1998Reprise
56.Bad Love
(v Japonsku)
57.Blue Eyes Blue9/1999
58.I Get Lost (David Morales & Kevin Yost remixes)22.11.1999Reprise
59.Forever Man (How Many Times)
& Beatchuggers
60.Knocking On Heaven's Door
& Arthur Louis
61.I Ain't Gonna Stand For It4/2001 Reprise99
62.Me And Mr Johnson EP
(When You Got A Good Friend / Come On In My Kitchen / Milkcow Calf Blues / If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day)
63.Tears In Heaven8/2008 95
64.Wonderful Tonight11/2009 81
65.Anyway the Wind Blows05.08.2016Reprise
66.Tell the Truth23.09.2016Reprise
67.White Xmas12/2018 Polydor
68.Stand And Deliver2020
69.Heart Of A Child24.12.2021Bushbranch/Surfdog


1. On Whistle Test - 7/1984, BBC Video, live
2. Unplugged - 1992
3. The Cream Of Eric Clapton - 1/1993
4. Live In Hyde Park - 8/1997, Warner Music Vision, live, 90 min
5. One More Car, One More Rider - 05.11.2002, Duck/Reprise, live
6. Live At Montreux - 10/2006, Eagle, live, 114 min
7. Crossroads - Guitar Festival 2007 - 4/2008, Warner Bros, live 2DVD, 270 min
8. Live From Madison Square Gardeb - 5/2009, Reprise, live, & Steve Winwood, 197 min


1. The Concert For Bangla Desh (5/1972)
2. Tommy (1974, starring, directed byKen Russell)
3. Circasia (11/76, starring)
4. The Last Waltz (1978, koncert, directed by Martin Scorsese)
5. Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll (1987, documentary o Chucku Berrym)
6. Lethal Weapon (1987, music by, directed by R. Donner)
7. Homeboy (1988, music by)


Steve Turner: Conversations With Eric Clapton (6/76)
Harry Shapiro: Slowhand: The Story Of Eric Clapton (1984, Proteus, London)
Ray Coleman: The Authorized Biography Of Eric Clapton (1986, Sidgwick & Jackson, London)
Marc Roberty: Eric Clapton: The Complete Chronicle (1991, Pyramid Books)
Eric Clapton - The Complete Recording Sessions 1963-1992
Harry Shapiro, Eric Clapton: Lost In The Blues (1992, Guiness)
Pattie Boyd: Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton And Me (22.8.2007)
Eric Clapton: The Autobiography (9.10.2007, Random House)


1970 Guitar Player - Best Guitarist In The World
1971 Melody Maker Pop Poll - Best International Guitarist
1974 Melody Maker Rock Album Of The Year ("461 Sunset Boulevard")
1988 Grammy Awards

- Best Album Notes ("Crossroads")
- Best Historical Album ("Crossroads")
1990 Grammy Awards - Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male (SP "Bad Love")
1992 MTV Video Music Awards - Best Male Video ("Tears In Heaven")
1992 Grammy Awards
- Record Of The Year ("Tears In Heaven")
- Album Of The Year ("Unplugged")
- Song Of The Year ("Tears In Heaven")
- Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male (SP "Tears In Heaven")
- Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male (LP "Unplugged")
- Best Rock Song ("Layla")
1994 Grammy Awards - Best Traditional Blues Album ("From The Cradle")
1994 Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)
1995 Q Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award
1996 Grammy Awards
- Best Male Pop Vocal Performance (track "Change The World")
- Song Of The Year ("Change The World")
- Record Of The Year ("Change The World")
- Best Rock Instrumental Performance (track "SRV Shuffle", & Jimmy Vaughan & Bonnie Raitt & Robert Cray & B.B. King & Buddy Guy & Dr John & Art Neville)
1998 Grammy Awards - Best Male Pop Vocal Performance (track "My Father's Eyes")
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "Unplugged", 10 mil. copies)
2000 Grammy Awards - Best Traditional Blues Album ("Riding With The King", & B.B. King)
2001 W.C. Handy Awards - Contemporary Blues Album ("Riding With The King", & B.B. King)
2001 Songwriters Hall Of Fame
2001 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Instrumental Performance (track "Reptile")
31.12.2003 Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)
2005 Grammy Awards - Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical ("Back Home")
2007 Grammy Awards - Best Contemporary Blues Album ("The Road To Escondido", & JJ Cale)

WWW Links:


13.9.1969 gig Toronto Rock'n'Roll Revival Show (s Plastic Ono Band)
22.9.1970 + Buddy Guy + Junior Wells, Olympia, Paris (support of Rolling Stones)
1.8.1971 Concert For Bangladesh (Madison Square Garden, NY)
9/1981 own label Great
3/1992 - MTV Unplugged
16.10.92 Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert (Madison Square Garden, NY)
31.12.2007 a charity show under Totally Abandoned name (+ Pete Townshend + Ringo Starr)

Compilation Appearances:

"Stone Free" on Jimi Hendrix tribute LP "Stone Free" (1993)
"Yer Blues" on LP "The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus" (14.10.96, Polydor, + John Lennon, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell as Dirty Mac)
"Blue Eyes Blue" on OST "Runaway Bride" (27.7.99, Columbia)
"Further On Up The Road" on OST "A Knight's Tale" (8.5.01, Columbia)
"I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man" (27.11.01, Columbia, & Buddy Guy)
"Wonderful Tonight" on OST "The Osbournes Family Album" (11.6.02, Epic)
"Layla" on live Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee LP "Party At The Palace" (24.6.02, EMI)
"Higher Ground" on Stevie Wonder tribute LP "Conception: An Interpretation of Stevie Wonder's Songs" (18.3.03, Universal/Motown)
"Riding With The King" on John Hiatt tribute LP "It'll Come to You - The Songs of John Hiatt" (13.5.03, Vanguard, & B.B. King)
"Change The World (live)" on compilation "It's Still Okay To Dream" (18.11.03, Atlantic)
"Wonderful Tonight" on Aung San Suu Kyi benefit LP "For The Lady" (26.10.04, Rhino)
"Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" on AIDS benefit compilation "Between The Covers" (12.9.06, Sony BMG)

appeared on the SP:
John Lennon: Cold Turkey / Don't Worry Kyoko (10/69, Apple)
Delaney And Bonnie: Coming Home / Groupie (12/69)
Vivian Stanshall: Labio-Dental Fricative / Paper Round (1970)
Jonathan Kelly: Don't You Believe It (1970)
Arthur Louis: Knocking On Heaven's Door (1975, Plum)
Gary Brooker: Leave The Candle (4.4.80, Chrysalis)
Kate Bush: And So Is Love (31.10.94)
Steve Winwood: Dirty City (28.04.08)

appeared on the LP:
Frank Zappa: Lumpy Gravy (12/67, Verve)
Frank Zappa: We're Only In It For The Money (9/68, Verve)
Aretha Franklin: Lady Soul (1968, Atlantic)
The Beatles: The Beatles (22.11.1968, Apple)
Martha Velez: Friends And Angels (1969)
Billy Preston: That's The Way God Planned It (1969)
The Plastic Ono Band: Live Peace In Toronto (12.12.1969, Apple)
Shawn Phillips: Contribution (1970)
Billy Preston: Encouraging Words (1970)
George Harrison: All Things Must Pass (12/70, Apple)
John Mayall: Back To The Roots (4/71, Polydor)
Jackie Lomax: Is This What You Want (Apple)
Stephen Stills: Stephen Stills 1
Stephen Stills: Stephen Stills 2
Howlin' Wolf: The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (8/71, Rolling Stones)
Dr. John: The Sun, Moon And Herbs (Atlantic)
Buddy Guy And Junior Wells Play The Blues (Atlantic)
Freddie Ling: Burglar (RSO)
George Harrison: The Concert For Bangla Desh (1972, Apple)
John Lennon: Some Time In New York City (16.9.1972, Apple)
Rick Grech: The Last Five Years (24.8.73, RSO)
Delaney & Bonnie: Best Of Delaney & Bonnie (1973, Rhino)
Freddie King: Burglar (1.11.74, RSO)
George Harrison: Dark Horse (11/74, Apple)
Tommy (14.3.75, Polydor)
Joe Cocker: Stingray (4.6.76, A&M)
Ringo Starr: Ringo's Rotogravure (8.10.76, Polydor)
Stephen Bishop: Careless (10/76, ABC)
Roger Daltrey: One Of The Boys (13.5.77)
Freddie King: 1934-76 (19.8.77, RSO)
Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane: Rough Mix (9.9.77, Polydor)
Rick Danko: Rick Danko (12/77, Arista)
The Band: The Last Waltz (7.4.78, Warner Bros)
George Harrison: George Harrison (2/79, Dark Horse)
Chas & Dave: Don't Give A Monkey's (3.8.79, EMI)
Phil Collins: Face Value (13.2.81, Virgin)
John Martyn: Glorious Fool (9/81, WEA)
Gary Brooker: Lead Me To The Water (5.3.82, Mercury)
Christine McVie: Christine McVie (2/84, Warner Bros)
Roger Waters: The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking (8.5.84, Harvest)
Sting: Nothing Like The Sun (10/87, A&M)
George Harrison: Cloud Nine (11/87, Dark Horse)
Bob Dylan: Down In The Groove (1988, CBS)
Gail Ann Dorsey: The Corporate World (1988, WEA)
Carole King: City Streets (4/89, Capitol)
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