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PAGE Jimmy

Personal Data:

Born: 09.01.1944 (Heston, GB, as James Patrick Page)
PAGE Jimmy (photo)


? Neil Christian And The Crusaders
? Mickey Finn And The Blue Men
? Carter-Lewis And The Southerners
? Pat Wayne And The Beachcombers
? Lancastrians
? Lulu And The Luvvers
? The Golden Apples Of The Sun
? Screaming Lord Sutch And The Savages
6/66-7/68 Yardbirds (bg)
cca 1968 Maureeny Wishfull
7-10/1968 New Yardbirds
10/68-11/80 Led Zeppelin
1984-85 The Honeydrippers
7/84-88 The Firm
1986 Willie and the Poor Boys
1989 Led Zeppelin
1992 The Legends
1994-9/99 Page & Plant

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Don't Send Me No Flowers (Jam Session)1969
2.Clapton, Beck And Page
& Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck
3.Jam Session
& Sonny Boy Williamson & Joe Harriott & Brian Auger
2/1976 Charley
4.Faces And Places1977
5.Death Wish II
featuring: Chris Farlowe (voc), Dave Lawson (kb), Dave Sinclair (kb), Gordon Edwards (bg), David Paton (bg), Dave Mattack (ds)
01.03.1982Swan Song40 50
6.No Introduction Necessary
featuring: John Paul Jones (bg), Albert Lee (g), Nicky Hopkins (kb), Clem Cattini (ds)
9/1984 Thunderbolt
7.Whatever Happend To Jugula
& Roy Harper
2/1985 Beggar's Banquet44
8.Smoke And Fire
featuring: John Bonham (ds), Jeff Beck (g), Nicky Hopkins (kb)
5/1985 Thunderbolt
featuring: John Miles (voc), Chris Farlowe (voc), Robert Plant (voc), Jason Bonham (ds), Barriemore Barlow (ds), Tony Franklin (bg), Durban Laverde (bg), Felix Krish (bg)
20.06.1988Geffen27 26
10.James Patrick Page Session Man Volume 11/1990 Archive
11.James Patrick Page Session Man Volume 27/1990 Archive
12.Jimmy's Back Pages: The Early Years8/1992 Sony
13.Coverdale Page
& David Coverdale, prod. David Coverdale/Jimmy Page/Mike Fraser
15.03.1993EMI4 5
14.Voodoo Blues
featuring: Albert Lee (g), John Paul Jones (bg), Nicky Hopkins (kb)
3/1997 Institute Of Art
15.The Masters12/1999
16.Live At The Greek
& The Black Crowes
10.07.2000Steamhammer39 64
17.The Masters - No Introduction Required
& John Paul Jones
18.This Guitar for Hire - The '60s Sessions07.08.2001Fuel 2000
19.Bury The Axe23.07.2002Dressed To Kill
20.Have Guitar, Will Travel08.04.2003Varese
21.Burn Up21.04.2009Cleopatra
22.Playin' Up A Storm14.06.2011Store For Music
23.Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks20.03.2012
24.Jimmy Page Vs. Albert Lee
vs Albert Lee
25.Sound Tracks20.11.2015
26.The 80's Revisited09.12.2016X Rock Entertainment

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.She Just Satisfies / Keep Movin'3/1965 Fontana
2.Elizabeth / Advertisement / I Hate The White Man (live)
& Roy Harper
3/1985 Beggar's Banquet
3.Wasting My Time / Writers Of Winter6/1988 Geffen
4.Take Me For A Little While / Easy Does It
CD + Shake My Tree (the crunch mix)
credited to: Coverdale Page
6/1993 EMI29
5.Take A Look At Yourself / Waiting On You
CD + Take A Look At Yourself (acoustic) / Take A Look At Yourself (girls version)
credited to: Coverdale Page
9/1993 EMI43
6.Come With Me
& Puff Daddy
22.06.1998Epic2 4


11/76 role v stage performance "Lucifer Rising" ("Scapegoat")
1/1992 jam session in Waldorf Hotel, NY (+ Keith Richards, Neil Young, The Edge)
6-9/2000 tour s Black Crowes

appeared on the LP:

Them: (The Angry Young) Them (4/65, Decca)
The Who: My Generation (12/65, Brunswick)
Al Stewart: Love Chronicles (1/69)
P.J. Proby: Three Week Hero (1969, Liberty)
Screamin' Lord Sutch: Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends (4/70, Atlantic)
Roy Harper: Stormcock (4/71, Harvest)
Roy Harper: Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion (10/74, Harvest)
Maggie Bell: Suicide Sal (1/75, Polydor)
Del Shannon: And The Music Plays On (24.2.78, Sunset)
Scream For Help OST (1985)
Robert Plant: Now And Zen (2/88, Es Paranza)
Jerry Lee Lewis: Last Man Standing (26.9.06, Artists First)
Foo Fighters: Foo Fighters: Live At Wembley Stadium (23.8.08)

appeared on the SP:
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes: Candy Man (2/64, Decca)
P.J. Proby: Together (8/64, Decca)
Billy Fury: Nuthin's Shakin' But The Leaves On A Tree
The Brooks Brothers: Once In A While
Them: Gloria
Them: Baby, Please Don't Go (1/65, Decca)
Tom Jones: It's Not Unusual (1/65, Decca)
The Who: I Can't Explain / Bald Headed Woman (1965)
Nico: I'm Not Saying (10/65, Immediate)
Jeff Beck: Beck's Bolero (4/67)
Joe Cocker: Whith A Little Help From My Friends (9/68,Regal Z.)

produced by SP:
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers: Telephone Blues / I'm Your Witchdoctor (1966, Immediate)
Fleur De Lys: Moondreams / Wait For Me

on the LP "Coverdale/Page" (1993) appeared:
Denny Carmassi (ds), Jorge Casas (bg), Ricky Phillips (bg), John Harris (hca), Lester Mendez (kb), Tommy Funderburk (voc), John Sambataro (voc)

Press References:

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