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Personal Data:

Born: 23.02.1944 (Leland, Mississippi, USA, as John Dawson Winter III)
Died: 16.07.2014
WINTER Johnny (photo)


cca 1959 Johnny & The Jammers
ex Black Plague

Line-Up (1992):

Johnny Winter - g
Jeff Ganz - bg
Tom Compton - ds

Former Members:

Rick Derringer (g, 1970-2/71, cca 1973-1974); Floyd Radford (g, 1974-?); Muddy Waters (g, cca 1977); Pat Rush (g, cca 1978)

Tommy Shannon (bg, cca 1969-1970); Randy Jo Hobbs (bg, 1970-74); Charles Calmese (bg, cca 1977); Issac Payton Sweat (bg, cca 1978); John Paris (bg, cca 4/79-cca 1980, cca 1988); Johnny B. Gayden (bg, cca 1984-cca 1985)

Edgar Winter (kb,sax, ?-1969, cca 1978)

John Turner (ds, cca 1969-1970); Randy Zehringer (ds, 1970-?); Bobby Caldwell (ds, cca 2/71); Richard Hughes (ds, cca 1973-74); Willie Smith (ds, cca 1977); Bobby Torello (ds, cca 1978-cca 1980); Casey Jones (ds, cca 1984-cca 1985)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Johnny Winter Band? CBS
2.Raw To The Bone1967
3.Progressive Blues Experiment4/1969 Imperial 49
4.Johnny Winter5/1969 Columbia 24
5.The Johnny Winter Story9/1969 GRT
6.Second Winter11/1969 Columbia59 55
7.First Winter1970 Columbia
8.Johnny Winter And9/1970 Columbia29
9.About Blues1971 Janus
10.Early Times1971 Janus
11.Johnny Winter And ... Live3/1971 Columbia20 40
12.Before The Storm1972
13.Still Alive And Well4/1973 Columbia 22
14.Saints And Sinners22.03.1974Columbia 42
15.John Dawson Winter III11/1974 Blue Sky/CBS 78
16.Captured Live12.03.1976Blue Sky 93
17.Together ... Live
& Edgar Winter
04.06.1976Blue Sky 89
18.Nothin' But The Blues29.07.1977Blue Sky
19.Austin Texas1977
20.White, Hot & Blue8/1978 Blue Sky
21.Raising Cain5/1980 Blue Sky
22.The Johnny Winter Story - Raised On Rock2/1981 Blue Sky
23.Whoopin'3/1984 Alligator
24.Guitar Slinger4/1984 Sonet 183
25.Early Winter7/1984 President
26.Serious Business9/1985 Aligator 156
27.Livin' In The Blues4/1986 Showcase
28.Third Degree10/1986 Alligator
29.Out Of Sight3/1987 Topline
30.The Johnny Winter Collection
1988 Castle
31.Winter Of '8811/1988 MCA
32.Birds Can't Row Boats1/1989 Relix
33.Five After 4 A.M.11/1989 Thunderbolt
34.Back In Beaumont
& Uncle John Turner
4/1990 Thunderbolt
35.Living In The Blues4/1991 M.M.G.
36.Brothers In Rock'n'Roll
& Edgar Winter
7/1991 Elite
37.Live In Houston7/1991 Thunderbolt
38.Let Me In9/1991 Pointblank
39.Hey, Where's Your Brother?7/1992 Pointblank
40.Searchin' Blues8/1992 Sony
41.Live At Liberty Hall, Houston, TX. 1972
& Jimmy Reed
11/1992 Fan Club
42.The Texas Tornado2/1993 Charly
43.The Golden Days Of Rock'n'Roll4/1993 Pulsar
44.White Lightning11/1993 Thunderbolt
45.A Rock N' Roll Collection1994 Talking Elephant
46.Livin' The Blues7/1994 Success
47.The Return Of Johnny Winter04.11.1996Music Club/Bellaphon
48.Live at the Texas Opry House1997 Gonzo
49.White Hot Blues07.10.1997Talking Elephant
50.Live In N.Y.C. '976/1998 Virgin
51.Electric Blues Man11.05.1999
52.Deluxe Edition30.01.2001Alligator
53.Lone Star Shootout06.11.2001Fuel 2000
54.The Best Of Johnny Winter29.01.2002Columbia/Legacy
55.Ultimate Collection24.09.2002Madacy
56.Houston Sessions05.11.2002Catfish
57.Winter Essentials 1960-196717.06.2003Varese
58.Winters Tale05.08.2003Past & Present
59.Johnny Winter18.05.2004Sony
60.I'm a Bluesman15.06.2004Virgin
61.Rock & Roll People12.10.2004Collectables
62.Johnny B. Goode23.08.2005Sumday Entertainment
63.Introduction to Johnny Winter28.02.2006Fuel 2000
64.Rockin' Bluesman08.08.2006Music Avenue
65.Black Cat Bone: Live at the Texas Pop Festival10.10.2006Music Avenue
66.Spoonful of Blues
& Willie Dixon
14.11.2006Music Avenue
67.Blues Guitar Killers
& Albert King
19.06.2007Fuel 2000
68.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 109.10.2007Friday Music
69.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 204.03.2008Friday Music
70.Raised on Blues10.06.2008Blues Boulevard
71.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 329.07.2008Friday Music
72.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 410.02.2009Friday Music
73.Johnny Winter Anthology26.05.2009Shout! Factory
74.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 530.06.2009Friday Music
75.Woodstock Experience30.06.2009Sony Legacy
76.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 612.01.2010Friday Music
77.Beginnings 1960-196721.09.2010Great American Music
78.Original Album Classics01.02.2011Sony
79.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 722.02.2011Friday Music
80.Playlist: The Very Best of Johnny Winter10.05.2011Playlist
81.Captured Live!14.06.2011Sony
82.Raisin' Cain14.06.2011Sony
featuring: Sonny Landreth, Vince Gill, Warren Haynes, John Popper, Jimmy Vivino, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, John Medeski, Edgar Winter
17.09.2011Megaforce 163
84.Setlist: the Very Best of Johnny Winter Live27.12.2011Sony
85.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 805.06.2012Friday Music
86.Live from Japan24.07.2012MVD Visual
87.Johnny Winter11.09.2012Friday Music
88.Live at the Fillmore East 10/3/70
credited to: Johnny Winter And
89.The Essential Johnny Winter30.04.2013Columbia
90.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 928.05.2013Friday Music
91.Roots 208.10.2013Sony
92.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 1003.12.2013Friday Music
93.True to the Blues: The Johnny Winter Story
(4CD box set)
94.Okie Dokie Stomp24.06.2014Friday Music
95.Rock Me Baby24.06.2014Friday Music
96.Live Bootleg Series: 1129.07.2014Friday Music
97.Step Back
produced by: Paul Nelson
02.09.2014Megaforce41 17
98.Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Koo18.11.2014Friday Music
99.Red House18.11.2014Friday Music
100.I'm Good18.11.2014Friday Music
101.Help Me18.11.2014Friday Music
102.Remembrance, Vol. 113.01.2015Friday Music
103.And26.01.2015Music On Vinyl
104.Gangster of Love: The Essential Early Years27.01.2015Fuel
105.Boston Music Hall, February 26, 1977: WBCN-FM
& Muddy Waters & James Cotton
106.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 1205.02.2016Friday Music
107.Johnny Winter: Down & Dirty04.03.2016Megaforce
108.Original Album Classics, Vol. 318.03.2016Legacy
109.Live in Sweden 1987
& Dr John
22.04.2016MVD Visual
110.Woodstock Revival: 10 Year Anniversary Festival 197924.06.2016Klondike
111.Piece of My Heart
& Janis Joplin
01.07.2016Laser Media
112.Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 1307.10.2016Friday Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rollin' And Tumblin'4/1969 Imperial 129
2.Roadrunner / Gangsters Of Love1969 GRT
3.I'm Yours And I'm Hers / I'll Drown In My Tears7/1969 Columbia
4.Johnny B. Goode / I'm Not Sure12/1969 Columbia 89
5.Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo / 21st Century Man11/1970 Columbia
6.Jumpin' Jack Flash (live) / Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (live)4/1971 Columbia 89
7.Silver Train / Rock And Roll06.07.1973Columbia
8.Can You Feel It / Rock And Roll9/1973 Columbia
9.Bony Moronie / Hurtin' So Bad3/1974 Columbia
10.Stone County / Bad Luck Situation4/1974 Columbia
11.Mind Over Matter / Pick Up On My Mojo25.10.1974CBS
12.Raised On Rock / Pick Up On My Mojo12/1974 Blue Sky 108
13.Golden Days Of Rock & Roll / Stranger2/1975 Blue Sky


2014 Grammy Awards - Best Blues Album ("Step Back")

WWW Links:


produced by LP:

Muddy Waters: Hard Again (4.3.77, Blue Sky)
Sonny Terry: Whoopin' (1994, Alligator)

appeared on the LP:
Edgar Winter: Entrance (6/70, Epic)
Edgar Winter: Jasmine Night Dreams (6/75, Blue Sky)
Jimi Hendrix: Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead (12.12.80, Red Lightnin')
Sly Stone: I'm Back! Family & Friends (16.8.11)
Leslie West: Still Climbing (29.10.13)

John Turner:

appeared on the LP:

Johnny Winter: Third Degree (10/86, Alligator)

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