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Personal Data:

Born: 12.02.1950 (London, GB, as Stephen Richard Hackett)
HACKETT Steve (photo)


?-1970 Quiet World
12/70-9/77 Genesis
1986 GTR
cca 1/12 Squackett

Line-Up (2014):

Steve Hackett - voc,g,kb
Nad Sylvan - voc,g
Nick Beggs - bg
Gary O'Toole - ds
Rob Townsend - fl,sax,clar
Roger King,- kb

Former Members:

Amanda Lehmann (voc,g, cca 2011)
Chas Cronk (bg, cca 3/83)
Nicholas Magnus (kb, cca 3/83)
Ian Mosley (ds, cca 3/83)
John Hackett (fl, cca 3/83)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Voyage Of The Acolyte
produced by: Steve Hackett/John Acock
featuring: John Hackett (synths), Mike Rutherford (bg), Phil Collins (ds, perc, voc), John Acock (kb), Sally Oldfield (voc), Robin Miller (oboe), Nigel Warren-Green (cello)
2.Please Don't Touch
featuring: John Hackett (kb), John Acock (kb), Richie Havens (voc), Randy Crawford (voc), Steve Walsh (voc), Chester Thompson (ds), James Bradley (perc), Phil Ehart (perc), Tom Fowler (bg), Dave Lebolt (kb), Graham Smith (viol)
3.Spectral Mornings
featuring: John Hackett (kb), Peter Hicks (voc), Dick Cadbury (bg), Nicholas Magnus (kb), John Shearer (ds)
6.Highly Strung31.03.1983Charisma16
7.Bay Of Kings11.11.1983Lamborghini70
8.Till We Have Faces
featuring: Nicholas Magnus (kb), Fernando Moura (kb), Ian Mosley (ds), Kim Poor (voc), Ronaldo Diamante (bg)
9.Momentum4/1988 Start
10.The Unauthorised Biography12/1992 Virgin
11.Guitar Noir14.06.1993Permanent
12.Time Lapse6/1994 Permanent
13.Blues With A Feeling10/1994 Virgin
14.There Are Many Sides To The Night1997 Camino
15.A Midsummer Night's Dream01.04.1997EMI Classics
16.Watcher of the Skies: Genesis Revisited22.09.1997Snapper/edel
17.Tokyo Tapes4/1998 Camino
19.Sketches Of Satie
& John Hackett
08.05.2000Camino/Inside Out
20.Feedback '8617.04.2001Century Media
21.Live Archive
(4CD box set)
10/2001 InsideOut
23.To Watch the Storms17.06.2003Inside Out Music
& The Underworld Orchestra
05.04.2005Inside Out Music
25.Guitare Classique25.04.2006Disques XXI
26.Wild Orchids12.09.2006Inside Out Music
(box set)
29.Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth08.06.2010Inside Out Music
30.Live Rails03.05.2011Inside Out Music
31.Beyond The Shrouded Horizon23.09.2011Inside Out Music
32.Genesis Revisited II30.10.2012Inside Out24
34.Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith29.10.2013Inside Out58
35.Genesis Revisited: Live at the Royal Albert Hall08.07.2014Inside Out80
36.Access All Areas24.11.2014Demon
37.Wolflight3/2015 Century Media31
38.The Man, the Music16.10.2015Wienerworld
39.Premonitions23.10.2015Virgin EMI
40.5 Classic Albums5/2016 Spectrum Music
41.The Charisma Years 1975-198303.06.2016Virgin/EMI
42.The Total Experience Live In Liverpool29.07.2016Inside Out77
43.Original Album Collection: Discovering Steve Hackett09.09.2016Inside Out Music
44.Total Experience: Live in Japan 201621.10.2016
45.Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers
& Djabe
46.The Night Siren3/2017 Inside Out28
47.Wuthering Nights - Live In Birmingham1/2018 Inside Out54
48.At The Edge Of Light25.01.2019Century Media28
49.Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live At The Royal Festival Hall10/2019

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.How Can I / Kim19.05.1978Charisma
2.Narnia / Please Don't Touch10/1978 Charisma
3.Every Day / Lost Time In Cordoba6/1979 Charisma
4.Clocks - The Angels Of Mons / Acoustic Set
12" + Tigermoth
5.The Show / Hercules Unchained3/1980 Charisma
6.Sentimental Institution / The Toast15.08.1980Charisma
7.Hope I Don't Wake / Tales Of The Riverbank14.08.1981Charisma
8.Picture Postcard / Theme From Second Chance02.10.1981Charisma
9.Hope I Don't Wake / A Cradle Of Swans
(v USA)
11/1981 Epic
10.Cell 151 / Time Lapse At Milton Keynes
12"(1) + Air Conditioned Nightmare
12"(2) + Clocks - The Angels Of Mons / Acoustic Set / Tigermoth
11.A Doll That's Made In Japan
12" + Just The Boss
8/1984 Lamborghini
12.The Wheel's Turning3/2015


appeared on the LP:

Peter Banks: Peter Banks (5.10.73, Sovereign/EMI)
Max Bacon: The Higher You Climb (1996, Point)
Ian McDonald: Drivers Eyes (10/99, Camino)
John Wetton: Raised In Captivity (1.7.11, Frontiers)

produced by LP:
Nightwing: My Kingdom Come (1984, Gull)

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