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Godaalming, Surrey, GB
*  1966

Line-Up (2020):

GENESIS (photo)

Phil Collins - voc
Mike Rutherford - g,voc
Tony Banks - kb

Former Members:

Peter Gabriel (voc,fl, 1966-8/75); Ray Wilson (voc, cca 7/97)
Anthony Phillips (g, 1966-12/70); Steve Hackett (g, 12/70-9/77); Daryl Stuermer (g,bg, 2/78-?, 11/06-?)
Chris Stewart (ds, 1966-cca 1968); John Silver (ds, cca 1969-7/69); Rob Tyrrell (ds); John Mayhew (ds, 7/69-12/70); Phil Collins (ds,voc, 12/70-3/96); Bill Bruford (ds, 3/76-77 g.a.); Chester Thompson (ds, 11/76-?, 11/06-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.From Genesis To Revelation
produced by: Jonathan King
3/1969 Decca
2.Trespass10/1970 Charisma98
3.Nursery Crime12/1971 Charisma39
4.Foxtrot10/1972 Charisma12
5.Genesis Live
produced by: Genesis/John Burns
6.Selling England By The Pound28.09.1973Charisma3 70
7.In The Beginning
(reissued 1.)
1974 Decca
8.The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
produced by: Genesis/John Burns
29.11.1974Charisma10 41
10.Genesis Collection Vol. 1
(2. a 3. LP)
11.Genesis Collection Vol. 2
(4. a 6. LP)
12.The Best - Genesis1976 Buddah
13.A Trick Of The Tail
produced by: Genesis/David Hentschel
13.02.1976Charisma3 30
14.Rock Roots14.05.1976Decca
15.Wind And Wuthering
produced by: Genesis/David Hentschel
01.01.1977Charisma7 23
16.Seconds Out
produced by: Genesis/David Hentschel
14.10.1977Charisma4 47
17.The Story Of Genesis1978
18.And Then There Were Three
produced by: Genesis/David Hentschel
31.03.1978Charisma3 14
19.Duke28.03.1980Charisma1 11
20.Silent Sun1981
21.Abacab18.09.1981Charisma1 7
22.Three Sides Live
04.06.1982Charisma2 10
23.Genesis03.10.1983Charisma/Virgin1 7
24.Invisible Touch
produced by: Genesis/Hugh Padgham
09.06.1986Virgin1 3
25.And The World Was3/1987 London
26.The Sours Turns To Sweet10/1987 Razor
27.Genesis CD Collectors Edition
(3CD box set, LP 2+3+4)
11/1990 Virgin
28.Rock Theatre07.06.1991
29.We Can't Dance
produced by: Genesis/Nick Davis
28.10.1991Virgin1 4
30.Greatest Hits (Best Of Vertigo Years)02.12.1991
31.Singles Box20.07.1992
32.Invisible Touch Live
(box set)
33.Genesis Live - The Way We Walk (The Shorts)23.11.1992Virgin3 35
34.Live - The Way We Walk Volume 2: The Longs09.02.1993Virgin1 20
35.Turn It On Again 81-8311.07.1994
36.Calling All Stations01.09.1997Virgin2 54
37.Archive 1967-75
(4CD, unreleased tracks)
38.Turn It On Again: The Hits26.10.1999Atlantic4 65
40.Genesis Archive #2 - 1976-1992
41.Inside Genesis 1975-198013.07.2004
42.Platinum Collection
16.11.2004Virgin21 100
43.Critical Review, Vol. 2: Gabriel Years 1970-197501.03.2005Classic Rock Legends
44.Inside Genesis 1970-1980 An Independent Critical Review02.08.2005
45.Turn It on Again: The Hits
(2CD, in the USA 11.9.2007, Rhino)
46.Genesis: 1976-1981
(6CD/6DVD box set)
47.Genesis 1983-1998
(5CD/5DVD box set)
48.Live Over Europe 2007
49.Genesis: 1970-1975
(7CD/6DVD box set)
50.Genesis Live 1973-2007
(10CD box set)
52.Sum of the Parts18.11.2014Eagle Vision

Tony Banks:

1. A Curious Feeling
2. The Wicked Lady
3. The Fugitive
4. Soundtracks
5. Bankstatement
6. Still
7. Tony Banks - Chord Too Far
8. 5

Mike Rutherford:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Smallcreep's Day
produced by: David Hentschel
2.Acting Very Strange9/1982 Atlantic23

Anthony Phillips:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Geese And The Ghost04.03.1977Hit & Run
2.Wise After The Event7/1978 Arista
3.Private Parts And Pieces1978
5.Private Parts 21980
7.Antiques1982 PVC
8.Invisible Man1984
9.Harvest of the Heart1985 Esoteric
10.Slow Dance1991
12.Dragonfly Dreams18.11.1996Resurgence/EFA
13.The Meadows Of Englewood
& Guillermo Cazenave
14.The Live Radio Sessions
& Guillermo Cazenave
16.Private Parts And Pieces X: Soiree20.03.2000Blueprint/EFA
17.Radio Clyde04.11.2003United States Dist
18.Private Parts and Pieces, Vol. 2 and 318.11.2003Voiceprint 10
19.Battle of the Birds18.11.2003Blueprint
20.Archive Collection, Vol. 213.07.2004Blueprint
21.Field Day16.05.2006Blueprint
23.Private Parts & Pieces, Vols. 5 & 611.05.2010Voiceprint
24.Private Parts & Pieces, Vols. 7 & 808.06.2010Voiceprint
25.Ahead of the Field22.06.2010Voiceprint
26.Sail the World29.06.2010Voiceprint
27.Celtic Tale19.10.2010Floating World
28.Private Parts & Pieces 9 & 1001.02.2011Floatind World
29.Missing Links, Vol. 1-301.02.2011Floatind World
30.Private Parts of Pieces XI: City Of Dreams04.12.2012Floating World
31.Private Parts & Pieces I-IV04.09.2015Esoteric

Daryl Stuermer:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Go!24.04.2007Inside Out Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Silent Sun / That's Me22.02.1968Decca
2.A Winter's Tale / One-Eyed Hound5/1968 Decca
3.Where The Sour Turns To Sweet / In Hiding6/1969 Decca
4.The Knife / The Knife, Part Two6/1971 Charisma
5.Happy The Man / Seven Stones5/1972 Charisma
6.Watcher Of The Skies / Willow Farm
(v USA)
2/1973 Charisma
7.I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) / Twilight Alehouse08.02.1974Charisma18
8.The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / Counting Out Time
(v USA)
1974 Charisma
9.Counting Out Time / Riding The Scree01.11.1974Charisma
10.The Carpet Crawlers / The Waiting Room (Evil Jam) (live)18.04.1975Charisma
11.A Trick Of The Tail / Ripples12.03.1976Charisma
12.Ripples / Entangled
(v USA)
3/1976 Charisma
13.Your Own Special Way / It's Yourself2/1977 Charisma43
14.Your Own Special Way / ... In That Quiet Earth2/1977 Atco 62
15.Spot The Pigeon EP
(Match Of The Day / Pigeons / Inside And Out)
produced by: Genesis
16.Follow You, Follow Me / Ballad Of Big
produced by: David Hentschel/Genesis
24.02.1978Charisma5 7
17.Follow You, Follow Me / Inside And Out3/1978 Atlantic 23
18.Many Too Many / The Day The Light Went Out In Vancouver6/1978 Charisma43
19.Scene From A Night's Dream / Deep In The Motherload
(v USA)
7/1978 Atlantic
20.Turn It On Again / Behind The Lines (part 2)03.03.1980Charisma4
21.Duchess / Open Door5/1980 Charisma24
22.Misunderstanding / Behind The Lines5/1980 Atlantic 14
23.Turn It On Again / Evidence Of Autumn8/1980 Atlantic 58
24.Misunderstanding / Evidence Of Autumn
produced by: David Hentschel/Genesis
25.Abacab / Another Record14.08.1981Charisma7 71
26.No Reply At All / Heaven Love My Life9/1981 Atlantic 29
27.Keep It Dark / Naminanu
12" + Abacab (long version)
28.Abacab / Who Dunnit?1/1982 Atlantic 26
29.Man In The Corner / Submarine26.02.1982Charisma41 40
30.Paperlate / You Might Recall / Me And Virgil14.05.1982Charisma9 32
31.Mama / It's Gonna Get Better22.08.1983Charisma/Virgin2 73
32.That's All / Taking It All Too Hard
12" + Firth Of Fifth (live)
33.That's All / Second Home By The Sea11/1983 Atco 6
34.Illegal Alien / Turn It On Again (live)03.02.1984Virgin33 44
35.Taking It All Too Hard / Silver Rainbow6/1984 Atco 50
36.Invisible Touch / The Last Domino5/1986 Virgin12 1
37.In Too Deep / Do The Neurotic8/1986 Virgin14
38.Throwing It All Away / Do The Neurotic8/1986 Atco 4
39.Land Of Confusion / Feed Fire With The Fire
12",CD + Do The Neurotic
10/1986 Virgin8 4
40.Home By The Sea10/1986
41.Tonight, Tonight, Tonight / In The Glow Of The Night
12",CD + Paperlate
2/1987 Virgin13 3
42.In Too Deep / I'd Rather Be With You4/1987 Atco 3
43.Throwing It All Away / I'd Rather Be With You
12",MC + Invisible Touch (live)
6/1987 Virgin20
44.Follow You, Follow Me / A Trick Of The Tail6/1988 Old Gold
45.I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) / Counting Out Time6/1988 Old Gold
46.Spot The Pigeon09.08.1991
47.No Son Of Mine / Living Forever
12",CD,MC + Invisible Touch (live)
24.10.1991Virgin2 10
48.I Can't Dance / On The Shoreline
CD + In Too Deep (live) / That's All (live)
06.01.1992Virgin7 7
49.Mama (Long Version)01.03.1992
50.Hold On My Heart / Way Of The World
CD + Your Own Special Way / Home By The Sea
27.04.1992Virgin14 12
51.Jesus He Knows Me / Hearts Of Fire
CD + I Can't Dance (mix) / Land Of Confusion
01.07.1992Virgin15 23
52.Never A Time05.11.1992Atco 21
53.Invisible Touch (Live) / Abacab09.11.1992Virgin7
54.Tell Me Why / Dreaming While You Sleep
CD + Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
55.On The Shoreline10/1995
58.Not About Us16.02.1998Virgin66
59.Land Of Confusion30.06.1998
60.Carpet Crawlers21.12.1999
61.Mama / It's Gonna Get Better (long version)
62.Follow You, Follow Me10/2014
63.Turn It On Again10/2014

Tony Banks:

1. For A While / From The Undertow (19.10.79, Charisma)
2. For A While / A Curious Feeling (20.06.80, Charisma)
3. This Is Love / Charm (13.05.83, Charisma)
4. The Wicked Lady (5/83, Atlantic)
5. And The Wheels Keep Turning / K.2. (8/83, Charisma)
12" + Sometime Never
6. Tony Banks EP (9/85, Charisma), & Jim Diamond & Toyah
(Red Wing (instrumental) / You Call This Victory / Line Of Symmetry)
7. Short Cut To Nowhere / Smilin' Jack Casey (10/86, Charisma) [GB 75.] & Fish
12" + K.2.
8. Throwback / Thursday The 12th (7/89, Virgin) (Bankstatement)
12" + This Is Love
9. I'll Be Waiting / Diamonds Aren't So Bad (10/89, Virgin) (Bankstatement)
12",CD + And The Wheels Keep Turning
10. I Wanna Change The Score / Hero For An Hour (5/91, Virgin), & Nik Kershaw
12" + Big Man
CD + The Waters Of Lethe

Mike Rutherford:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Working In Line / Compression08.02.1980Charisma
2.Working In Line / Moonshine
(v USA)
3/1980 Passport
3.Time And Time Again / At The End Of The Day7/1980 Charisma
4.Halfway There / A Day To Remember03.09.1982WEA
5.A Day To Remember / Maxine
(v USA)
8/1982 Atlantic
6.Acting Very Strange / Couldn't Get Arrested10/1982 WEA
7.Hideaway / Calypso21.01.1983WEA
8.Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) / Making A Big Mistake
& Phil Collins
3/1984 Virgin1 1


1. Three Sides Live - 1983
2. Genesis 1 - 1988
3. Genesis 2 - 1988
4. Invisible Touch Tour - 1989, Virgin
5. The Story So Far - 1991
6. The Way We Walk - Live In Concert - 3/1993, live
7. Live - 10/2005, Falcon Neue Medien, live
8. When In Rome 2007 - 26.05.2008, EMI, live
9. Duke - 09.12.2014
10. We Can't Dance - 09.12.2014
11. Abacab - 09.12.2014
12. Invisible Touch - 09.12.2014


Armando Gallo: Genesis: The Evolution Of A Rock Band (1978)
Genesis Lyrics (5/79)
Dave Bowler, Bryan Dray: Genesis - Legenda rockové scény (1995)
Mike Rutherford: The Living Years: The First Genesis Memoir (2014)


1975 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Live Act
1976 Melody Maker Readers' Poll

- Best Live Act
- Best Album ("A Trick Of The Tail")
1977 Melody Maker Readers' Poll
- Best British Band
- Best British Live Act
- Best International Live Act
- Best Arranger
1978 Melody Maker Readers' Poll
- Band Of The Year
- Best Live Act
- Top Arranger
- Top Composer
1980 Melody Maker Readers' Poll
- Band Of The Year
- Live Act
1981 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Band Of The Year
1987 Grammy Awards - Best Concept Music Video ("Land Of Confusion")
2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

WWW Links:


original name Anon
disbanded 12/2000
reunited 11/2006
reunited 3/2020

Mike Rutherford:

appeared on the LP:

Steve Hackett: Voyage Of The Acolyte (10.10.75, Charisma)


1980 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Bass

Anthony Phillips:

appeared on the LP:

Camel: The Single Factor (1982, Decca)
Mike Rutherford: Smallcreep's Day (2/80, Charisma)

Chester Thompson:

appeared on the LP:

Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart: Bongo Fury (17.10.75, Discreet)
Steve Hackett: Please Don't Touch (14.4.78, Charisma)
Tony Banks: A Curious Feeling (12.10.79, Charisma)
Frank Black: Honeycomb (19.7.05, Back Porch)

Daryl Stuermer:

appeared on the LP:

Jean-Luc Ponty: Aurora (27.2.76, Atlantic)
Jean-Luc Ponty: Imaginary Voyage (12.11.76, Atlantic)
Jean-Luc Ponty: Enigmatic Ocean (16.9.77, Atlantic)
Jean-Luc Ponty: Civilized Evil (10/80, Atlantic)
Phil Collins: Face Value (13.2.81, Virgin)

Tony Banks:


1980 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Keyboards

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