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Hereford, GB
*  3/1978

Line-Up (2008):


Chrissie Hynde - voc,g
James Walbourne - g
Eric Heywood - g
Nick Wilkinson - bg
Martin Chambers - ds

Former Members:

James Honeyman-Scott (g, 3/78-6/82); Billy Bremner (g, 9/82-2/83, 1989-?); Robbie McIntosh (g, 4/83-1987); Johnny Marr (g, 1987-89); Dominic Miller (g, 1989-?); Adam Seymour (g, 1994-cca 10/02)

Pete Farndon (bg, 3/78-6/82); Tony Butler (bg, 9/82-2/83); Malcolm Foster (bg, 4/83-cca 11/83); T.M. Stevens (bg, 1986-89); Andy Hobson (bg); John McKenzie (bg, 1989-?); Andy Hobson (1994-cca 10/02)

Gerry Mackleduff (ds, 3/78-1979); Martin Chambers (ds, 1979-86, 1994-cca 10/02); Blair Cunningham (ds, 1986-?); Mark Brzezicki (ds, 2/90-?); Jim Keltner (ds, cca 7/08)

Paul Carrack (kb, 1984); Bernie Worrell (kb, 10/86-87); Rupert Black (kb, do 1989); Mitchell Froom (kb, 1989-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Chris Thomas
04.01.1980Real1 9
2.Pretenders II
produced by: Chris Thomas
07.08.1981Real7 10
3.Learning To Crawl
produced by: Chris Thomas
featuring: Billy Bremner (g), Tony Butler (bg), Andrew Bodnar (bg), Paul Carrack (kb)
13.01.1984Real11 4
4.Get Close01.11.1986WEA6 25
5.The Singles10/1987 WEA6 69
6.Packed!22.05.1990WEA19 48
7.Last Of The Independents
produced by: Bob Clearmountain
10.05.1994WEA8 41
8.Don't Get Me Wrong7/1994 Warner Bros
9.The Isle Of View24.10.1995WEA23 100
10.The Singles1/1998 WEA47
11.Viva El Amor
produced by: Steve Hague
22.06.1999WEA32 158
12.Greatest Hits9/2000 Warner Bros21
13.Loose Screw
produced by: Jonathan Quarmby/Kevin Bacon
19.11.2002Artemis55 179
15.Pirate Radio
(4CD+DVD box set)
16.Break Up The Concrete23.09.2008Shangri-La Music 32
17.The Best Of / Break Up The Concrete
18.Original Album Series
(5CD box set)
19.Pretenders: Live In London10.05.2010Strobosonic
20.Pretenders The Vinyl Collection 1979-1999
(9LP box set)
produced by: Dan Auerbach
21.10.2016BMG40 150
22.Hate For Sale
produced by: Stephen Street

Billy Bremner:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.A Good Week's Work14.09.1998Hypertension/BMG

Mitchell Froom:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.Thousand Days02.08.2005Inner Knot

T.M. Stevens:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
credited to: T.M. Stevens Out Of Control
1996 USG
2.Shocka Zooloo: T.M. Stevens Live16.07.2002United One

Chrissie Hynde:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Bjorn Yttling
09.06.2014Will Travel22 36
2.Valve Bone Woe
& Valve Bone Woe
9/2019 BMG32
3.Standing In The Doorway: Chrissie Hynde Sings Bob Dylan8/2021 BMG47

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Stop Your Sobbing / The Wait
produced by: Nick Lowe
2.Kid / Tattooed Love Boys
produced by: Chris Thomas
3.Brass In The Pocket / Swinging London
12" + Nervous But Shy
11/1979 Real1 92
4.Brass In The Pocket / Space Invader2/1980 Sire 14
5.Talk Of The Town / Cuban Slide And Slide
produced by: Chris Thomas
6.Stop Your Sobbing / Phone Call5/1980 Sire 65
7.Message Of Love / Porcelain
7"(2) + Talk Of The Town / Cuban Slide And Slide
06.02.1981Real8 27
8.Louie Louie / In The Sticks8/1981 Sire 110
9.Day After Day / In The Sticks
12" + The Adultress
7"(2) + Stop Your Sobbing / Kid
10.I Go To Sleep / The English Rose
12" + Waste Not, Want Not
11/1981 Real7
11.Back On The Chain Gang / (part 2)
12" + My City Was Gone
24.09.1982Real15 5
12.2.000 Miles / The Law Is The Law
12" + Money (live)
13.Middle Of The Road / 2.000 Miles11/1983 Sire 19
14.Middle Of The Road / Watching The Clothes
12" + Thumbelina
15.Show Me / Fast Or Slow (The Law Is The Law)3/1984 Sire 28
16.Thin Line Between Love And Hate / Time The Avenger
12" + Bad Boys Get Spanked
4/1984 Real49 83
17.Don't Get Me Wrong / Dance10/1986 WEA8 10
18.Hymn To Her / Room Full Of Mirrors
12" + Stop Your Sobbing (demo)
12/1986 WEA5
19.My Baby / Room Full Of Mirrors1/1987 Warner Bros 64
20.My Baby / Tradition Of Love (remix)
12" + Thumbelina
7"(2) + Private Life / Middle Of The Road
3/1987 WEA84
21.Hymn To Her / Tradition Of Love
(v USA)
4/1987 Warner Bros
22.If There Was A Man / Where Has Everybody Gone
12" + Into Vienna
8/1987 WEA49
23.Kid (remix) / Stop Your Sobbing
12",CD + What You Gonna Do About It ('87 remix)
10/1987 WEA
24.Windows Of The World / 19694/1989 Polydor
25.Never Do That / Not A Second Time
12" + The Wait
CD + Spirit Of Life
5/1990 WEA81
26.Sense Of Purpose / Spirit Of Life
12" + Brass In Pocket
CD + Not A Second Time
27.I'm Not In Love16.03.1993
28.Don't Get Me Wrong13.07.1993
29.I'll Stand By You / Rebel Rock Me
CD1 + Bold As Love
CD2 + Message Of Love / Brass In Pocket / Don't Get Me Wrong
18.04.1994WEA9 16
30.Night In My Veins / Bad Boys Get Spanked
CD + My City Was Gone / Tattooed Love Boys
27.06.1994WEA25 71
31.977 / I'll Stand By You (live)
CD1 + Hollywood Perfume (live) / Kid (live)
CD2 + Back On The Chain Gang / Night In My Veins / Precious (all live)
32.Kid (acoustic) / The Isle Of View (acoustic)
CD + Creep (acoustic)
33.2000 Miles (acoustic) / Tequila
CD + Happy Christmas / Night In My Veins
11/1995 WEA82
36.Kid 200015.05.2000Distinctive Breaks/Virgin32
37.Complex Person11/2002 Artemis
38.You Know Who Your Friends Are5/2003 Eagle84
39.Time (Junior Vasquez remixes)07.07.2003Artemis
40.Private Life
& Grace Jones
20.02.2006Select Cuts
41.Don't Get Me Wrong
42.A Broken Heart Cries26.03.2007
43.Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / Blue Christmas12/2008
44.2000 Miles12/2015 Rhino62
45.Holy Commotion9/2016
46.Just Be Yourself / It's Everything About You18.11.2016Family Group
47.Let's Get Lost
feat. Neil Tennant
10.02.2017Liberation Music
48.2000 Miles12/2017 Rhino64
49.2000 Miles12/2018 Rhino65
50.2000 Miles12/2019 Rhino61
51.The Buzz3/2020 BMG Rights
52.You Can't Hurt A Fool16.04.2020
53.Turf Accountant Daddy14.05.2020
54.2000 Miles12/2020 Rhino62
55.2000 Miles11/2021 Rhino59
56.2000 Miles12/2022 Rhino51
57.Let The Sun Come In11.05.2023Parlophone

Chrissie Hynde:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Got You Babe
& UB 40
7/1985 Dep Int.1
2.Breakfast In Bed
& UB 40
5/1988 Dep Int.3
3.State Of Independence
& Moodswings
4.Spiritual High (State Of Independence)
& Moodswings
5.Love Can Build A Bridge / Help
CD + Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
& Neneh Cherry & Cher & Eric Clapton & Bananarama & Tom Jones
6.Kid 2000
& Hybrid
7.Aria E. Memoria
& Alessandro Safina
8.Straight Ahead (Geradeaus)
& Tube & Berger
9.Postcard From London
& Ray Davies
10.Dark Sunglasses / Torniquet (Cynthia Ann)19.04.2014Caroline
11.You or No One06.05.2014Caroline
12.Caroline, No
with The Valve Bone Woe Ensemble
5/2019 BMG Rights
13.How Glad I Am
with The Valve Bone Woe Ensemble
8/2019 BMG Rights

Billy Bremner:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Loud Music In Cars16.10.1981Stiff
2.When Laughter Turns To Tears / Tired And Emotional (And Probably Drunk)26.02.1982Stiff
4.Love Goes To Sleep / Loud Music In Cars04.05.1984Arista


1. Greatest Hits - 4/2001, Warner Music, 122 min
2. The Isle Of View - 3/2004, Warner Music, 75 min
3. Pretenders: Live In London - 10.05.2010, Strobosonic, live


1. Indecent Proposal (1993, track "I'm Not In Love")


Chrissie Hynde: Reckless: My Life as a Pretender (8.9.2015, Doubleday)


2005 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
2016 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "The Pretenders", 1980)


Compilation Appearances:

"Bold As Love" on Jimi Hendrix Tribute LP "Stone Free" (1993)
"I'm Not In Love" on OST "Indecent Proposal" (1993, BMG)
"Middle Of The Road" on compilation "The Best Of Hard Rock Live" (24.6.00, Sire)
"Space Invader" on OST "The Sopranos - Music From The HBO Original Series - Peppers & Eggs" (8.5.01, Columbia)
"Something To Believe In" on The Ramones tribute LP "We're a Happy Family - A Tribute to the Ramones" (5.11.02, DV8/Columbia)
"Get Out Of London" on OST "The Wild Thornberrys" (26.11.02, Nick/Jive)
"I'll Stand By You" on compilation "Oh! From The Girls" (11/03, Nettwerk America)
"Complex Person (Novel & Jones remix)" on benefit LP "Genocide In Sudan" (11/04, Waxploitation)
"Brass In Pocket" on compilation "Teenage Kicks" (4.4.05)

appeared on the LP:
Tom Jones: Reload (6.9.99, Gut)

Chrissie Hynde:

5.5.1984 married Jimem Kerrem (Simple Minds)
16.10.92 Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert (Madison Square Garden, NY)

appeared on the SP:

Moodswings: Spiritual High (State Of Independence) (11.1.93, Arista)
Inxs: The Gift (11.10.93, Mercury)

appeared on the LP:
Chris Spedding: Hurt (1/78)
Johnny Thunders: So Alone (10/78, Real)
Moodswings: Moodfood (1.2.93, Arista)
Neil Young: Road Rock Vol. 1 (5.12.00, Reprise)
Jools Holland: More Friends - Small World Big Band 2 (11/02, WSM)
Blind Boys Of Alabama: Go Tell It on the Mountain (16.9.03, Real World)
Gloria Estefan: Unwrapped (23.9.03, Sony Music)
Phil Manzanera: 6PM (19.7.04, Expression)
Rod Stewart: One Night Only! Rod Stewart Live at Royal Albert Hall (7.12.04, J)
Ringo Starr: Choose Love (7.6.05, Koch)
Nick Lowe: At My Age (26.6.07, Yep Roc)
Morrissey: Years Of Refusal (23.2.09, Polydor)
Robert Plant: Carry Fire (13.10.17, Nonesuch)
Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders: Get The Money (8.11.19, Shanabelle)

Compilation Appearances:
"Superstar" on OST Wayne's World 2 (1994, & Urge Overkill)
"Everything I Own" on OST "Happy Feat" (31.10.06, Atlantic)
"Let It Be" on compilation "The Art Of McCartney" (17.11.14)

Mitchell Froom:

17.3.1995 marriede Suzanne Vega
1999 rozvod

produced by LP:

Elvis Costello: King Of America (2/86, WEA)
Crowded House: Crowded House (8/86, Capitol)
Paul McCartney: Flowers In The Dirt (6/89)
American Music Club: Mercury (15.3.93, Virgin)
Richard Thompson: Mirror Blue (1/94, Capitol)
Elvis Costello: Brutal Youth (7.3.94, WEA)
Cibo Matto: Viva! La Woman (25.3.96, WEA)
Richard Thompson: you?me?us? (22.4.96, Capitol)
Ron Sexsmith: Other Songs (8/97, Interscope)
Ron Sexsmith: Whereabouts (18.5.99)
Joan Osborne: Righteous Love (12.9.00, Interscope)
Los Lobos: The Ride (4.5.04, Hollywood)
The Finn Brothers: Everyone Is Here (8/04, Nettwerk)
Ron Sexsmith: Time Being (23.5.06, V2)
Indigo Girls: Despite Our Differences (19.9.06, Hollywood)
Randy Newman: Harps And Angels (5.8.08, Nonesuch)
Indigo Girls: Poseidon And The Bitter Bug (24.3.09, IG)

appeared on the LP:
David LaFlamme: White Bird (12/76, Amherst)
David LaFlamme: Inside Out (7.4.78, Amherst)
Richard Thompson: Daring Adventures (10/86, Polydor)
Richard Thompson: Mirror Blue (1/94, Capitol)
Lisa Germano: Slide (12.10.98)
Neil Finn: One Nil (9.4.01, Parlophone)
Laurie Anderson: Life On A String (21.8.01, Atlantic)

T.M. Stevens:

appeared on the LP:

Billy Squier: Enough Is Enough (1986, Capitol)
Joe Cocker: One Night Of Sin (1989, Island)

Billy Bremner:

appeared on the LP:

Dave Edmunds: Get It (8.4.77, Swan Song)
Nick Lowe: The Jesus Of Cool (2/78, Radar)
Dave Edmunds: Repeat When Necessary (8.6.79, Swan Song)
Nick Lowe: Labour Of Lust (8.6.79, Radar)
Kirsty MacColl: Desperate Character (7/81, Polydor)
Nick Lowe: Nick The Knife (12.2.82, F-Beat)
The Pretenders: Learning To Crawl (13.1.84, Real)

John McKenzie:

appeared on the LP:

Jeffrey Lee Pierce: Wildweed (4/85, Statik)

Robbie McIntosh:

appeared on the LP:

Talk Talk: The Colour Of Spring (2/86, EMI)
Talk Talk: Spirit Of Eden (9/88, Parlophone)
Tears For Fears: The Seeds Of Love (7.10.89, Fontana)
Jana Kirschner: Shine (16.4.07, Universal)

James Walbourne:

appeared on the LP:

Edwyn Collins: Understated (25.3.13, AED)

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