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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Copy Cult13.02.2006Rushhour
2.Cult Copy05.06.2006Rushhour
(mini LP)
05.05.2008Kindred Spirits
4.Choice07.09.2010EAT Concrete
5.Anti Concept13.09.2011EAT Concrete
6.Plus Det29.04.2014Skudge
7.Co In Ci11.11.2015Skudge

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Non Spoken EP13.03.2000Delsin
2.Spoken EP
(Soft Focus (Sonar Lodge mix) / Guess / Plood / Smut)
3.Ludiek EP
(Doeda / Sig / Brul / Kabunkel / Thatco / Ambi Pur)
4.Spoken (Nubian Mindz remixes 1 & 2)16.04.2001Rushour
5.Emsees EP
(Talk 1 / Saw Once / Talk 2 / Fruit / Talk 3 / Two Tone / Talk 4 / Dweep / Talk 5 / One Note / Talk 6 / Bass Player / Talk 7)
09.07.2001Music For Speakers
7.Gensin EP
(Getsum / Gimmie Five / Gib / Gag)
8.Cult Copy Part 201.11.2004Rushour
9.Cult Copy Part 313.06.2005Rushhour
10.Cult Copy
(Komt Goed / Aardbij / Buuv)
11.Cinnaman & Jay Scarlet Present Beat Dimension Vol 1
(Green Tea Power / Figz / Push Up / Acid /Nosee)
& Flyamsam & Pusuit Grooves & Hearin Aid & Uphygh
12.Cult Copy Remixes Part 2/2 (Aardbij (Quince's Inspiration mix) /Aardbij (Quince's Brocken Back mix))19.02.2007Rushhour
13.Bloom 224.11.2008Bloom
14.Bloom 121.01.2009Bloom
15.Bloom 311.09.2009Bloom
16.Bloom 423.10.2009Bloom
17.Choice On 1213.05.2010EAT Concrete
18.Bloom 5
& Kubus
19.Nosestep EP
(Nosestep (Cosmin TRG remix) / Nosestep / Re-Spoken (Nubian Mindz Demo mix))
24.11.2010Rush Hour
20.Gloom EP
(Wall E Synth / Spees / Prince Would / Tekk Toek / In Principe /Zonder Baan /Schweinenblut)
& Kubus
26.01.2011EAT Concrete
21.Locked In Studio EP Part II
(I Love Hugh / Tape (mix) / Good Old Days)
& Awanto 3
11.05.2011Studio Soulrock
22.Anti Concept EP
(Stayput / O'Malley / Gubby / Dik Over Chord / Bosche Bol / Sandor vs Pig Talk Beat / Stay Stupid / Beukeboom / Bliebert)
31.08.2011EAT Concrete
23.Tracks From The Vault Vol 1 EP
((My Back Is) Against Wall / (Just Washed) That Pig)
& Duster Valentine
21.09.2011Rush Hour
24.Indo EP
(Yogwa / Brawa / Tengenan)
25.1990 / OK O29.05.2013Rush Hour
26.Plus Det / Do Whop / KO / Dom12.06.2014Skudge
27.Thanxxx Joch / Hump15.01.2015Voyage Direct