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Los Angeles, California, USA
*  28.3.1988

Line-Up (2018):

MR BIG (photo)

Eric Martin - voc
Paul Gilbert - g
Billy Sheehan - bg
Matt Starr - ds

Former Members:

Paul Gilbert (g, 3/88-cca 1996); Richie Kotzen (g, cca 10/99)
Pat Torpey (ds, 3/88-cca 10/99, 2/09-cca 7/14)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Mr. Big
produced by: Kevin Elson
6/1989 Atlantic60 46
2.Lean Into It
produced by: Kevin Elson
4/1991 Atlantic28 15
3.Live! Raw Like Sushi
(mini CD)
1991 Atlantic Japan
4.Raw Like Sushi II
(in Japan)
(in Japan)
1992 Atlantic
6.Bump Ahead
produced by: Kevin Elson
9/1993 Atlantic61 82
(in Japan)
10/1994 Atlantic
8.Hey Man08.03.1996Warner Music
9.At The Hard Rock Live28.10.1996Atlantic/east west
10.Big, Bigger, Biggest! The Best Of Mr. Big18.11.1996Atlantic/east west
11.Get Over It9/1999 Atlantic
12.Deep Cuts: The Best Of Ballads8/2000 Warner Music
13.Mr Big In Japan5/2002
14.Greatest Hits25.05.2004Rhino
15.Actual Size13.06.2006Wounded Bird
16.Extended Versions26.09.2006
17.Live at the Hard Rock Cafe01.05.2007American Beat
18.Live at Budokan14.10.2008Wounded Bird
19.Live 199217.03.2009Wounded Bird
20.Back to Budokan09.03.2010Ais
21.What If21.12.2010Ais
22.Live from Living Room03.05.2011WHD
23.Bitter Streets20.06.2011Angel Air
24....The Stories We Could Tell30.09.2014Frontiers 158
25.25 Shunen Kinen Official Archive23.12.2014
26.Defying Gravity21.07.2017Frontiers
27.Live From Milan7/2018

Eric Martin:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Sucker For A Pretty Face
credited to: Eric Martin Band
2.Eric Martin
produced by: Ritchie Zito
featuring: Neal Schon, Danny Kortchmar, Steve Lukather, Waddy Wachtel, Randy Jackson, Stan Lynch, Billy Payne
1985 Capitol
3.I'm Only Fooling Myself1987 Capitol
4.Soul Sessions: The Capitol Years1997 EMI
5.Somewhere In The Middle24.08.1998Atlantic
6.I'm Goin' Sane26.08.2002Frontiers
7.Destroy All Monsters10.02.2004Frontiers
8.Mr. Vocalist14.04.2009Sony BMG Europe
9.Love Is Alive: Works of 1985-201014.09.2010Sony
10.Mr. Vocalist, Vol. 309.11.2010Sony

Paul Gilbert:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Tribute To Jimi Hendrix1991 MGI/Intercord
2.Rock Guitar12/1995 CD ROM
3.Guitar Masterclass12/1995 CD ROM
4.King Of Clubs06.04.1998Atlantic
5.Girls Who Can Read Your Mind1998
6.Beehive Live12/1999 Shrapnel
7.Flying Dog14.02.2000Shrapnel/Zomba
8.Alligator Farm2/2001 Mascot
9.Raw Blues Power
& Jimi Kidd
10.Burning Organ17.09.2002Shrapnel
11.Spaceship One28.06.2005Shrapnel
12.Get Out of My Yard29.08.2006Shrapnel
13.Silence Followed by A Deafening Roar08.04.2008Shrapnel
14.United States
& Freddie Nelson
15.Fuzz Universe03.08.2010Shrapnel
17.Works, Vol. 108.04.2014
18.Works, Vol. 208.04.2014
19.Stone Pushing Uphill Man05.08.2014Shrapnel
20.I Can Destroy03.06.2016Ear Music
22.PG-30 Live at Zepp Tokyo 201603.03.2017

Billy Sheehan:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Talas Years1985
2.Compression21.08.2001Favored Nations
3.Cosmic Troubadour22.02.2005Favored Nations
4.Prime Cuts01.08.2006Magna Carta
5.Holy Cow07.04.2009Mascot
6.Live in Tokyo
& Mike Portnoy & Tony MacAlpine & Derek Sherinian
10.09.2013Eagle Rock

Pat Torpey:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Addicted To That Rush / Blame It On My Youth8/1989 Atlantic
2.Wind Me Up / Merciless1/1990 Atlantic
3.The Drill Song (Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy) / Road To Ruin
12",CD + Addicted To That Rush (live) / Strike Like Lightning
3/1991 Atlantic
4.Green Tinted Sixties Mind / Shadows
12" + Take A Walk (live)
CD + Drilled And Confused
5/1991 Atlantic
5.To Be With You / Green Tinted Sixties Mind12/1991 Atlantic 1
6.To Be With You / The Drill Song (Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy) (live)
12" + Lean Into It / A Little Too Loose / Alive And Kickin' (all live)
CD + Shy Boy / Woman From Tokyo (all live)
1/1992 Atlantic1
7.Just Take My Heart / Green Tinted Sixties Mind
CD1 + To Be With You (live) / Lucky This Time (live)
CD2 + Shadow / Strike Like Lightning
4/1992 Atlantic22 16
8.Green Tinted Sixties Mind / Love Makes You Strong
12",CD + Just Take My Heart (acoustic) / Big Love / Dirty Days In The Hole
7/1992 Atlantic72
9.Wild World / Temperamental
12" + Long Way Down
CD + Rock And Roll Over / Let Yourself Go / Voodoo Kiss (live)
10/1993 Atlantic59 27
10.Nothing But Love / Ain't Seen Love Like That21.02.1994Atlantic 83
11.Dancin' Right Into The Flame22.04.1996Atlantic
12.Mr Big vs Kasabian
& Kasabian

Paul Gilbert:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Vinyl EP
(v Japonsku)
2.Individually Twisted EP
(v Japonsku)

Eric Martin:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Information8/1985 87


1. Lean Into It - 1991-2

Paul Gilbert:

1. Eleven Thousand Notes - 2000, in Japan


disbanded 2/2002
reunited 2/2009

Pat Torpey:

appeared on the LP:

David Lee Roth: Skyscraper (1987, Warner Bros)
Ted Nugent: If You Can't Lick 'Em, Lick 'Em (1987, Atlantic)
Chris Impelliteri: Stand In Line (1988, Relativity/MFN)
Marc Ferrari & Friends: Guest List (1996, Seagull)

Billy Sheehan:

appeared on the LP:

MSG: Michael Schenker Group (8/80, Chrysalis)
Tgamesher: Burning At The Speed Of Light (1985, MFN)
Kuni: Masque (1986, Polydor)
Tony MacAlpine: Edge Of Sanity (4/86, Roadrunner)
Greg Howe: Greg Howe (1988, Roadrunner)
L.A. Blues Authority: L.A. Blues Authority (1992, Sgamepnel)
Cozy Powell: The Drums Are Back (1992, Electrola)
Glenn Tipton: Baptism Of Fire (3.2.97, Atlantic)
Munetaka Higuchi: Free World (1997, Ariola)
Explorers Club: Age Of Impact (29.6.98, Mascot/Rough Trade)
Jordan Rudess: Feeding The Wheel (23.10.01, Magna Carta)
Planet X: Moon Babies (6/02)

Paul Gilbert:

appeared on the LP:

Joey Tafolla: Out Of The Sun (1987, Sgamepnel/Roadrunner)
L.A. Blues Authority: L.A. Blues Authority (1992, Sgamepnel)
Carmine Appice: Guitar Zeus (12/95)
Pat Thorpey: Y2K (1/00)
Guitar Zeus: Channel Mind Radio (4/01, Locomotive Music)
War & Peace: Light At The End Of The World (7/01, Mascot)
HTP: Hughes Turner Project (9/02, MTM Music)
Jason Becker: Triumphant Hearts (7.12.18)

produced by LP:
Racer X: Technical Difficulties (10.4.00, Mascot)

Eric Martin:

appeared on the LP:

Sammy Hagar: Unboxed (1994, Geffen)
Sinner: Bottom Line (14.7.95, No Bull)
Hess: Just Another Day (4/03, Frontiers)

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