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Personal Data:

Born: 03.02.1970 (Reading, USA, as Mike Varney)
KOTZEN Richie (photo)


? Arthur's Museum
6/92-7/93 Poison
1993-? Mother Hen & The Family Reunion
cca 1999 Vertú
cca 10/99 Mr Big
2012-cca 12/15 The Winery Dogs
cca 12/20 Smith/Kotzen

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Richie Kotzen5/1989 Shrapnel/Roadrunner
2.Fever Dream
produced by: Mike Varney/Steve Fontano
1990 Shrapnel/Roadrunner
3.Electric Joy1991 Shrapnel/Roadrunner
4.Mother Head's Family Reunion
produced by: Richie Zito
11/1994 MCA
& Greg Howe
8/1995 Roadrunner
6.The Inner Galactic Fusion Experience1995 Shrapnel
7.Wave Of Emotion
produced by: Glenn Hughes
1996 Polystar
8.Something To Say1997 Polystar
9.Bi-Polar Blues18.05.1999
10.Slow3/2002 Lion Music
11.Change8/2003 Frontiers
12.Get Up9/2004 Frontiers
13.Acoustic Cuts08.02.2005Frontiers
14.Instrumental Collection: The Shrapnel Years27.06.2006Shrapnel
15.Into The Black26.12.2006Frontiers
16.Return of Mother Head's Family Reunion2008
17.I'm Comin' Out12.07.2011Mausoleum
18.The Essential02.09.2014Loud & Proud
19.Live18.09.2015Audio & Video Labs Inc.
20.50 For 50
03.02.2020Headroom Inc.


appeared on the LP:

L.A. Blues Authority: L.A. Blues Authority (1992, Sgamepnel)
Glenn Hughes: Blues (1993, Roadrunner)
L.A. Blues Authority: Cream Of The Crop (1995, Roadrunner)
War & Peace: Light At The End Of The World (7/01, Mascot)
Gene Simmons: Asshole (20.4.04, Simmons)
Jason Becker: Triumphant Hearts (7.12.18)

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