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Personal Data:

Born: 04.03.1948 (Ely, Wales, GB, as Michael Barratt)

Line-Up (1980):

Shakin' Stevens - voc
Roger McCue - g
BJ Cole - pedal steel
Stuart Colman - bg
Howard Tibble - ds
Geraint Watkins - p

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.I'm No J.D.
& The Sunsets
7/1971 CBS
2.Rockin' And Shakin'
& The Sunsets
2/1972 Contour
3.Shakin' Stevens And The Sunsets
& The Sunsets
9/1974 Emerald Gem
5.Manhattan Melodrama
& The Sunsets
9/1976 Pink Elephant
6.Shakin' Stevens1978 34
7.Sexy Ways1979
8.Shake It Up1979
& The Sunsets
9/1979 EMI
10.Take One!29.02.1980Epic62
11.Marie, Marie1/1981 Epic
12.This Ole House3/1981 Epic2
13.At The Rockhouse
& The Sunsets
4/1981 Magnum Force
14.Shaky9/1981 Epic1
& The Sunsets
19.02.1982Magnum Force
16.Give Me Your Heart Tonight10/1982 Epic3
17.From Memphis To New Orleans1982
19.Light Up The Dynamite
& Nick Lowe
1983 Magnum Force
20.Classics10/1983 Magnum Force
21.The Bop Won't Stop11/1983 Epic21
22.Silver Wings1984
23.Hot Dog1984
24.Greatest Hits11/1984 Epic8
25.Lipstick, Powder & Paint11/1985 37
26.Let's Boogie10/1987 59
27.A Whole Lotta Shaky11/1988 42
28.There's Two Kinds Of Music - Rock 'N' Roll!10/1990 65
29.The Epic Years
credited to: Shaky
30.The Hits Of Shakin' Stevens2/2001 Sony Music
31.Collectable10/2004 Epic
32.The Collection4/2005 Epic4
33.Got A Lot O' Shaking To Do22.08.2005
34.Now Listen26.02.2007
35.Hit Collection Edition06.05.2008Columbia Europe
36.Collectable Shakin' Stevens30.09.2008Sony
37.Epic Masters Box Set
(10CD box set)
38.Rockin' the Blues15.02.2011Sony
39.Country Blues08.11.2011
40.Rockin' with Country08.11.2011
41.Echoes Of Our Times23.09.2016Hec22
42.Singled Out - The Definitive Singles Collection11/2020 BMG10
43.Fire In The Blood: The Definitive Collection12/2020

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
& The Sunsets
1972 Polydor
2.Fun Party
& The Sunsets
3.Frantic EP
& The Sunsets
4.Sexy Ways EP
(Sexy Ways / Rock Around With Ollie Vee / Blue Swinging Mama / Evil Hearted Ada)
& The Sunsets
1976 Dynamite
5.Jungle Rock
& The Sunsets
7.Somebody Touched Me07.10.1977Track
8.Treat Her Right11.08.1978Epic
9.Endless Sleep12.01.1979Epic
10.Hot Dog2/1980 Epic24
11.Marie, Marie7/1980 Epic19
12.This Ole House2/1981 Epic1
13.You Drive Me Crazy4/1981 Epic1
14.Green Door7/1981 Epic1
15.It's Raining10/1981 Epic10
16.Oh, Julie12/1981 Epic1
17.Shirley4/1982 Epic5
18.Give Me Your Heart Tonight7/1982 Epic9
19.I'll Be Satisfied9/1982 Epic10
20.The Shakin' Stevens EP (Blue Christmas)10.12.1982Epic2
21.Justine EP18.02.1983Magnum Force
22.Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night4/1983
23.It's Late15.07.1983Epic11
24.Cry Just A Little Bit28.10.1983Epic3 67
25.A Rockin' Good Way
& Bonnie Tyler
12/1983 Epic5
26.A Love Worth Waiting For3/1984 Epic2
27.A Letter To You8/1984 Epic10
28.Teardrops11/1984 Epic4
29.Breaking Up My Heart2/1985 8
30.Lipstick, Powder & Paints9/1985 8
31.Merry Christmas Everybody11/1985 1
32.Turning Away From Love1/1986 10
33.Because I Love You10/1986 12
34.Merry Christmas Everyone12/1986 58
35.A Little Boogie Woogie (In The Back Of My Mind)6/1987 8
36.Come See About Me9/1987 17
37.What Do You Want To Make With Those Eyes At Me For10/1987 1
38.Feel The Need In Me7/1988 20
39.How Many Tears Can You Hide10/1988 47
40.True Love12/1988 23
produced by: J.J. Jeczalik
2/1989 58
42.Love Attack5/1989 28
43.I Might2/1990 16
44.Yes I Do5/1990 60
45.Pink Champagne
credited to: Shaky
8/1990 59
46.My Cutie Cutie10/1990 75
47.The Best Christmas Of All08.12.1990Epic19
48.I'll Be Home This Christmas11/1991 34
credited to: Shaky featuring Roger Taylor
9/1992 Epic36
50.Rock'n'Roll Hitmix '9915.03.1999Sony
51.Trouble / This Ole House6/2005 Virgin20
52.Now Listen05.02.2007
53.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2007 Sony Music22
54.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2008 Sony Music36
55.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2009 Sony Music47
56.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2010 Sony Music68
57.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2011 Sony Music42
58.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2011 Sony Music38
59.Echoes Of Merry Christmas Everyone12/2015
60.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2015 Sony Music26
61.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2016 RCA17
62.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2017 RCA10
63.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2018 RCA9
64.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2019 RCA6
65.Merry Christmas Everyone11/2020 RCA, 6..


1. The Shakin' Stevens Video Show - 3/1984

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