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Manchester, GB
*  11/1982+  19.5.19

Line-Up (1987):

SMITHS (photo)

Morrissey - voc
Johnny Marr - g
Andy Rourke - bg
Mike Joyce - ds

Former Members:

Craig Gannon (g, 1986)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Smiths24.02.1984Rough Trade2 150
2.Hatful Of Hollow02.11.1984Rough Trade7
3.Meat Is Murder2/1985 Rough Trade1 110
4.Louder Than Bombs
(2LP, in the UK 5/1987, Rough Trade)
4/1986 Sire38 62
5.The Queen Is Dead16.06.1986Rough Trade2 70
6.The World Won't Listen2/1987 Rough Trade2
7.The Smiths: Interview
5/1987 Baktabak
8.Strangeways, Here We Come28.09.1987Rough Trade2 55
9.Music & Media Interview
2/1988 Music & Media
10.Rank05.09.1988Rough Trade2 77
11.Interview CD
11/1989 Baktabak
12.Interview Collection
(7" set, interview)
6/1990 Baktabak
6/1990 Baktabak
14.Best Of The Smiths Volume 117.08.1992WEA1 139
15.Best Of The Smiths Volume 209.11.1992WEA29
17.The Very Best Of The Smiths6/2001 WEA30
18.Maximum Morrissey & the Smiths
& Morrissey
19.Hang the DJ: The Very Best of the Smiths
20.The Sound Of The Smiths
10.11.2008Rhino21 98
21.Singles Box
(12x7" CD box set)
22.The Smiths Complete -- Deluxe Collectors Box Set
(8CD box set)
23.30 Years of the Queen Is Dead12.08.2016The Collector's Forum

Johnny Marr:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Messenger
produced by: Johnny Marr
25.02.2013New Voodoo/Warner Bros10 86
produced by: Johnny Marr/James Doviak
06.10.2014New Voodoo/Warner Music9 153
3.Adrenalin Baby09.10.2015New Voodoo/Warner Bros96
4.Call The Comet15.06.2018New Voodoo7
5.Single Life06.12.2019
6.Fever Dreams Pts 1-4

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Hand In Glove / Handsome Devil27.05.1983Rough Trade
2.This Charming Man / Wonderful Woman
12" + Accept Yourself / Jeane
28.10.1983Rough Trade22
3.What Difference Does It Make / Back To The Old House
12" + These Things Take Time
20.01.1984Rough Trade7
4.Hand In Glove / I Don't Owe You Anything
12" + Jeane
& Sandie Shaw
16.04.1984Rough Trade21
5.Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now / Suffer Little Children
12" + Girl Afraid
5/1984 Rough Trade4
6.William, It Was Really Nothing / Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
12" + How Soon Is Now
24.08.1984Rough Trade9
7.How Soon Is Now? / Well I Wonder
12" + Oscillate Wildly
1/1985 Rough Trade20
8.How Soon Is Now? / The Headmaster Ritual
(v USA)
2/1985 Sire
9.Shakespeare's Sister / What She Said
12" + Stretch Out And Wait
3/1985 Rough Trade23
10.That Joke Isn't Funny Any More / Meat Is Murder (live
12" + Nowhere Fast / Shakespeare's Sister / Stretch Out And Wait (all live)
6/1985 Rough Trade49
11.The Boy With A Thorn In His Side / Asleep
12" + Rubber Ring
9/1985 Rough Trade19
12.Big Mouth Strikes Again / Money Changes Everything
12" + Unloveable
5/1986 Rough Trade17
13.Panic / Vicar In A Tutu
12" + The Draize Train
7/1986 Rough Trade5
14.Ask / Cemetry Gates
12" + Golden Lights
10/1986 Rough Trade8
15.Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Half A Person
12" + London
1/1987 Rough Trade4
16.Sheila Take A Bow / Is It Really So Strange?
12" + Sweet And Tender Hooligan
4/1987 Rough Trade6
17.Girlfriend In A Coma / Work Is A Four-Letter Word
12" + I Keep Mine Hidden
8/1987 Rough Trade10
18.Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / I Keep Mine Hidden
(v USA)
10/1987 Sire
19.I Started Something I Couldn't Finish / Pretty Girls Make Graves
12" + Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (live)
MC + What's The World (live)
10/1987 Rough Trade18
20.Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me / Nowhere Fast (BBC Version)
12" + Russholme Russians (BBC Version)
CD + William, It Was Really Nothing (BBC Version)
12/1987 Rough Trade30
21.Peel Sessions EP (18.5.83)
(What Difference Does It Make? / Reel Around The Fountain / Miserable Lie / Handsome Devil)
10/1988 Strange Fruit90
22.The Headmaster Ritual / Nowhere Fast (live) / Meat Is Murder (live) / Stretch Out And Wait (live)11/1988 Rough Trade
23.Barbarism Begins At Home / Shakespeare's Sister / Stretch Out And Wait11/1988 Rough Trade
24.This Charming Man / Jean
CD + Wonderful Woman / Accept Yourself
25.How Soon Is Now? / Hand In Glove
CD1 + I Know It's Over / Suffer Little Children / Back To The Old House
CD2 + The Queen is Dead / Handsome Devil / I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
26.There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Handsome Devil (live)
CD1 + Hand In Glove / I Don't Owe You Anything / Jeane
CD2 + Money Changes Everything / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / Hand In Glove (all live)
27.Ask / Cemetry Games06.02.1995WEA62
28.This Charming Man / Jeane17.11.2008Rhino
29.Hand in Glove / Handsome Devil (Live)
30.What Difference Does It Make? / Back To The Old House17.11.2008Rhino
31.How Soon Is Now? / Well I Wonder24.11.2008Rhino
32.Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now / Suffer Little Children01.12.2008Rhino
33.Shakespeare's Sister / What She Said01.12.2008Rhino
34.That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore / Meat Is Murder (Live)01.12.2008Rhino
35.William, It Was Really Nothing / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want01.12.2008Rhino
36.The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Asleep15.12.2008Rhino
37.Bigmouth Strikes Again / Money Changes Everything15.12.2008Rhino
38.The Headmaster Ritual / Oscillate Wildly15.05.2009Sire
39.The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Rubber Ring12/2016 Warner Bros
40.The Queen Is Dead6/2017 Rhino85

Johnny Marr:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Club Cuts Vol 293
(I'm Every Woman (Tomcat remix) / Candymash / Toxic Rhythm)
& Mike Boerman & Whitney Houston
2.Upstarts / Psychic Beginners18.02.2013New Voodoo
3.New Town Velocity / The It-Switch18.07.2013Warner Music
4.The Trap9/2014
5.Easy Money / Use Me Up02.10.2014ADA
6.Dynamo / Struck09.02.2015Warner Bros
7.I Feel You / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want18.04.2015New Voodoo
8.Candidate / Exit Connection29.06.2015New Voodoo
9.The Tracers06.04.2018
10.Hi Hello5/2018
11.If Law Is The Law / Alone On The Rope
& Noel Gallagher
13.The Bright Parade08.08.2019
14.The Divine Chord
& The Avalanches & MGMT
12/2020 Modular
15.Spirit, Power And Soul31.08.2021BMG
16.Fever Dreams Pt 1 EP
(Spirit, Power And Soul / Receiver / All These Days / Ariel)
17.Fever Dreams Pt 2 EP
(Tenement Time / Sensory Street / Lightning People / Hideaway Girl)
18.Night And Day10.01.2022BMG
19.Fever Dreams Pt 3 EP
(Night And Day / The Speed Of Love / Counter-Clock World / Rubicon)


1. The Complete Picture - 11/1992, Warner Music Vision, 50 min
2. Inside The Smiths - 28.1.2008, MVD, interview
3. The Queen Is Dead: A Classic Under Review - 26.5.2008


1. Reel Around The Fountain (The Smiths Live In '84) (3/2001, 52. min)
2. Inside The Smiths (16.7.2007, documentary, directed by Stephen Petricco)


Johnny Rogan: Morrissey & Marr - The Severed Alliance (4/1992)
Simon Goddard: Songs That Saved Your Life (11/2002)
Lawrence Watson: The Smiths (12.8.2013, photos)
Johnny Marr: Set The Boy Free (3.11.2016)


1984 Melody Maker Album Of The Year No. 2 ("The Smiths")
1987 New Musical Express Readers' Poll

- Best Group
- Album Of The Year ("Strangeways, Here We Come")
- Best All-Time Record ("Queen Is Dead")
1987 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Group
1989 New Musical Express Readers' Poll
- Most Missed Artist
- Best Band Of 80's
1993 New Musical Express Writers No. 10 Album Of All Time ("The Queen Is Dead")
2002 New Musical Express Greatest Single Of All Time #7 ("This Charming Man")
2003 New Musical Express Writers No. 8 Album Of All Time ("The Queen Is Dead")
2012 NME Awards - Best Reissue ("Complete Reissues")

WWW Links:


first gig 4.10.1982, The Ritz, Manchester
disbanded dle New Musical Express 23.8.87

Compilation Appearances:

"London" on OST "Mayor of the Sunset Strip" (18.3.04, Shout! Factory)
"How Soon Is Now?" on compilation "John Peel - A Tribute" (17.10.05)
"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" on compilation "John Peel - Right Time, Wrong Speed: 1977-1987" (9.10.06)

Johnny Marr:

appeared on the SP:

Bryan Ferry: The Right Stuff
Bryan Ferry: Kiss And Tell (11/87)
Bryan Ferry: Limbo (1988)
Kirsty MacColl: You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby
The Pretenders: Windows Of The World (4/89)
Andrew Berry: Kiss Me I'm Cold (2.9.90, Fontana)
Banderas: This Is Your Life (1/91)
Billy Bragg: Walk Away Renee
Neil Finn: Hole In The Ice (10.09.01)
The The: We Can't Stop What's Coming (22.4.17)
Blitz Vega: Strong Forever (18.11.22)

appeared on the LP:
Billy Bragg: The Taxman About Poetry (1987)
Talking Heads: Naked (1987)
Pet Shop Boys: Behaviour (22.10.90, Parlophone)
Moodswings: Moodfood (25.1.93, Arista)
Beck: Midnight Vultures (16.11.99, Geffen)
Bert Jansch: Crimson Moon (26.6.00)
Neil Finn: 7 Worlds Collide - Live at the St. James (26.2.02, Nettwerk)
Beth Orton: Daybreaker (29.7.02, Heavenly)
Chris Vrenna: 2 a.m. Wakeup Call (20.4.04, Tweaker)
Crowded House: Time On Earth (2.7.07, Parlophone)
John Frusciante: The Empyrean (20.1.09, Record Collection)
Pet Shop Boys: Yes (23.3.09)
Edwyn Collins: Losing Sleep (13.9.10)
Bryan Ferry: Avonmore (17.11.14)
Noel Gallagher & The High Flying Birds: Chasing Yesterday (2.3.15)
Blondie: Pollinator (5.5.17, BMG)
The Charlatans: Different Days (26.5.17)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds: Who Built The Moon? (24.11.17, Sour Mash)
The Avalanches; We Will Always Love You (11.12.20, Astralwerks)

produced by LP:
Haven: Between The Senses (4.2.02, Radiate)
Pet Shop Boys: Release (1.4.02)

Compilation Appearances:
"The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" on compilation "Ruby Tracks The NME's Roaring Forty" (11/92, Forty/NME, & Billy Duffy)


2012 Q Awards - Q Hero

Andy Rourke:

appeared on the LP:

Sinead O'Connor: The Lion And The Cobra (6/87, Ensign)
Sinead O'Connor: I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (24.3.90, Ensign)
Daddy: Let Me Get What I Want (2016)

appeared on the SP:
Morrissey: The Last Of The International Playboys (1/89, HMV)
Morrissey: Interesting Drug (4/89, HMV)

Mike Joyce:

appeared on the SP:

Morrissey: The Last Of The International Playboys (1/89, HMV)
Morrissey: Interesting Drug (4/89, HMV)

Craig Gannon:

appeared on the SP:

Morrissey: The Last Of The International Playboys (1/89, HMV)
Morrissey: Interesting Drug (4/89, HMV)

appeared on the LP:
Terry Hall: Home (12.9.94, Anxious)

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