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Personal Data:

Born: 17.01.1964 (Manchester, GB, as Andrew Michael Rourke)
Died: 19.05.2023 (pancreatic cancer)


cca 1982 Freak Party
1982-5/87 The Smiths
1989 Morrissey
1990 Morrissey
? Killing Joke
? Adult Net
? Sinead O'Connor
cca 1/97 Delicious
cca 4/99-cca 4/00 Aziz
cca 5/01 Specter
11/05-8/10 Freebass
cca 3/16 D.A.R.K.
cca 11/22 Blitz Vega


appeared on the LP:

Sinead O'Connor: The Lion And The Cobra (6/87, Ensign)
Sinead O'Connor: I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (24.3.90, Ensign)
Daddy: Let Me Get What I Want (2016)

appeared on the SP:
Morrissey: The Last Of The International Playboys (1/89, HMV)
Morrissey: Interesting Drug (4/89, HMV)

Press References:

Melody Maker
19931220.03.199338True Stories - Biting Tongues
19971329.03.199736My First Giginterview