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Personal Data:

Born: 02.10.1951 (Wallsend-on-Tyne, GB, as Gordon Matthew Sumner)
STING (photo)


1974-12/76 Last Exit
1976-77 Strontium 90
12/76-83 The Police
2/07-cca 3/08 The Police

Line-Up (2012):

Sting - voc,bg
Dominic Miller - g
David Sancious - kb
Vinnie Colaiuta - ds
Peter Tickell - viol
Jo Lawry - voc

Former Members:

Lyle Workman (g, 4/06); Rufus Miller (g, cca 10/11)

Darryl Jones (bg, 1985-?)

Kenny Kirkland (kb, 1985-cca 1990, cca 5/96); David Sancious (kb, 1990-cca 1993); Mark Eldridge (kb, cca 6/01); Jason Robello (kb, cca 6/01-cca 9/03); Kipper (kb, cca 9/03)

Omar Hakim (ds, 1985); Manu Katché (ds, 1987-cca 1990, cca 6/01); Mino Cinelu (ds, 1987-cca 2/88); Andy Newmark (ds, 1987); Vinnie Colaiuta (ds, cca 1993-cca 6/96, cca 9/03); Josh Freese (ds, 4/05); Abe Laboriel Jr (ds, 4/06)

Branford Marsalis (sax, 1985-cca 1990)

Chris Botti (tr, cca 6/01)

Jonathan Scott (cca 6/96); Philip Veacock (cca 6/96)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Brimstone And Treacle9/1982 A&M
2.The Dream Of The Blue Turtles6/1985 A&M3 2
3.Bring On The Night
4....Nothing Like The Sun
produced by: Neil Dorfsmann
13.10.1987A&M1 9
5.The Soul Cages21.01.1991A&M1 2
6.Acoustic Live In Newcastle
(boxed set)
11/1991 A&M
7.The Last Session
& Gil Evans Orchestra
1992 BMI
8.Ten Summoner's Tales
featuring: Vinnie Colaiuta (ds), David Sanborn (kb)
01.03.1993A&M2 2
9.Fields Of Gold - The Best Of Sting 1984-199407.11.1994A&M2 7
10.Mercury Falling
produced by: Hugh Padgham
26.02.1996A&M4 5
11.The Very Best Of Sting12/1997 A&M 100
12.Brand New Day
produced by: Kipper/Sting
27.09.1999Universal5 9
13.... All This Time20.11.2001Interscope/A&M3 32
14.Sacred Love
produced by: Kipper/Sting
23.09.2003A&M/Interscope3 3
15.Together as One
& Gregg Kofi Brown
07.06.2005Nicolosi Prod
16.My Funny Valentine: Sting at the Movies12.07.2005Universal
17.Strange Fruit11.07.2006ITM
18.Songs From The Labyrinth
& Edin Karamazov
10.10.2006Deutsche Grammophon24 25
19.The Journey And The Labyrinth: The Music Of John Dowland
& Edin Karamazov
20.02.2007Deutsche Grammophone
20.If On A Winter's Night...02.11.2009Deutsche Grammophon15 6
21.Symphonicities12.07.2010Deutsche Grammophon30 6
22.Live In Berlin
feat. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra
23.Sting 25 Years
24.Sting: The Best Of 25 Years17.10.2011A&M27 104
25.Demolition Man25.09.2012A&M
26.Live in Japan 199406.11.2012Immortal
27.And Yet13.08.2013A&M
28.The Last Ship24.09.2013Cherrytree14 13
29.The Last Ship: Live at the Public Theater23.09.2014Interscope
31.The Studio Collection23.09.2016A&M
32.57th & 9th18.11.2016Interscope15 9
& Shaggy
20.04.2018Interscope9 40
34.My Songs24.05.2019Interscope27 145
35.My Songs: Live08.11.2019
36.Duets3/2021 Polydor17
37.The Bridge11/2021 Polydor27 101

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Spread A Little Happiness / Only You06.08.1982A&M16
2.(If You Love Somebody) Set Them Free / Another Day
12" + Set Them Free (dance mix) / Set Them Free (Jellybean dance mix) / Set Them Free (torch mix)
5/1984 A&M22 3
3.Love Is The Seventh Wave / Consider Me Gone (live)8/1985 A&M41
4.Fortress Around Your Heart / Consider Me Gone8/1985 A&M 8
5.Fortress Around Your Heart / Shadows In The Rain10/1985 A&M49
6.Love Is The Seventh Wave / Dream Of The Blue Turtles10/1985 A&M 17
7.Russians / Gabriel's Message
12" + I Burn For You (live)
12/1985 A&M9 16
8.Moon Over Bourbon Street / Mack The Knife
12" + Fortress Around Your Heart
2/1986 A&M44
9.We'll Be Together / Conversation With A Dog10/1987 A&M41 7
10.Be Still My Beating Heart / Ghost In The Strand1/1988 A&M 15
11.An Englishman In New York / Ghost In The Strand (instrumental)
CD + Bring On The Night-When The World is Running Down (live)
1/1988 A&M51
12.An Englishman In New York / If You're There3/1988 A&M 84
13.Fragile / Fragil (Portuguese mix)
12",CD + Fragilidad (Spanish mix) / Mariposa Libre
3/1988 A&M70
14.Compact Hits EP
(Someone To Watch Over Me / Englishman In New York / If You Love Somebody Set Them Free / Spread A Little Happiness)
7/1988 A&M
15.They Dance Alone / Ellas Danzan Solas
10",12",CD + We'll Be Together / Si Estamos juntos
9/1988 A&M93
16.An Englishman In New York (Ben Liebrand mix) / If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
12",CD + An Englishman In New York (Jellybean dance mix)
7/1990 A&M11
17.All This Time / I Miss You Kate (instrumental)
12",CD + King Of Pain (live)
31.12.1990A&M18 5
18.Mad About You (remix) / Tempted (live)
12",CD + If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (live)
2/1991 A&M56
19.The Soul Cages / Walking In Your Footsteps (live)
12"(1) + The Lazarus Heart / Too Much Information (live)
12"(2),CD + Don't Stand So Close To Me / Oo La La Hugh (both live)
4/1991 A&M57
20.It's Probably Me / It's Probably Me (long version)
& Eric Clapton,
(z Lethal Weapon 3)
7/1992 A&M30
21.If I Ever Loose My Faith In You / All This Time (live)
CD1 + Mad About You / Every Breath You Take
CD2 + Message In A Bottle / Tea In The Sahara / Walking On The Moon (all live)
01.02.1993A&M11 17
22.Seven Days / January Stars
CD1 + Mad About You / Ain't No Sunshine (all live)
CD2 + Island Of Souls / The Wild Wild Sea / The Soul Cages (all live)
23.Fields Of Gold / We Work The Black Seam
CD1 + King Of Pain / Fragile / Purple Haze (all live)
CD2 + Message In A Bottle / Fortress Around Your Heart / Roxanne (all live)
07.06.1993A&M13 23
24.Shape Of My Heart / Walking On The Moon
CD + The Soul Cages / The Wild Wild Sea / All This Time
8/1993 A&M57
25.Love Is Stronger Than Justice04.10.1993A&M
26.Demolition Man / Demolition Man (mix)
CD1 + King Of Pain / Shape Of My Heart (all live)
CD2 + It's Probably Me / A Day In The Life (all live)
08.11.1993A&M21 162
27.All For Love
& Rod Stewart & Bryan Adams
11/1993 A&M2 1
28.Nothing 'Bout Me / If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
CD + Demolition Man (Soul Power mix)
(v USA 9/93)
14.02.1994A&M29 57
& Julio Iglesias
10/1994 53
30.When We Dance / Fortress Around Your Heart
CD + If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (remix)
17.10.1994A&M10 38
31.This Cowboy Song / If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Brothers In Rhythm mix)
12" + If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (extended)
CD1 + Demolition Man (Soul Power mix)
CD2 + When We Dance (classic) / Take Me To The Sunshine
& Pato Banton
32.Nuclear Waste
& The Radioactive
33.Spirits In The Material World
& Pato Banton
1/1996 36
34.Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot2/1996 A&M15 86
35.You Still Touch Me29.04.1996A&M27 60
36.Live At TFI Friday EP6/1996 53
37.I Was Brought To My Senses19.08.1996A&M31
38.I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying18.11.1996A&M54 94
39.I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying
& Toby Keith
11/1997 84
40.Roxanne '97 (Puff Daddy Remix)
& The Police
08.12.1997A&M17 65
41.Invisible Sun
& Aswad
42.Terre D'oru
& I Muvrini
43.Brand New Day13.09.199913
44.Desert Rose
feat. Cheb Mami
17.01.2000A&M15 17
Desert Rose (remixes)31.01.2000Universal
45.After The Rain Has Fallen4/2000 A&M31
46.Rise & Fall (MJ Cole remix)
& Craig David
47.Send Your Love6/2003 A&M30
48.Whenever I Say Your Name
& Mary J Blige
12/2003 A&M60
49.Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) (remixes)10.05.2004A&M60
50.Send Your Love (Epod remix)09.08.2004Fall Out
51.It's Probably Me / Shape Of My Heart (Shelter remixes)15.08.2005Restricted Access
52.Always On Your Side
& Sheryl Crow
3/2006 Interscope/A&M 33
53.Fragile (Signum remix)27.08.2007PVE
54.Double Pak Vol 2
(It's Probably Me (Q &T's Shelter vocal) / It's Probably Me (Q &T's Shelter dub) / Shape Of My Heart (Q &T's Shelter mix) / Send Your Love (vocal) / Send Your Love (dub))
11.09.2010Double Pak
55.Stolen Car
& Mylene Farmer
56.I Can't Stop Thinking About You02.09.2016Polydor
57.Petrol Head04.11.2016A&M
59.Don't Make Me Wait
& Shaggy
60.Gotta Get Back My Baby
& Shaggy & Maitre Gims
10/2018 Interscope
& Maitre Gims
9/2019 B1/Sony
62.Little Something
& Melody Gardot
9/2020 Decca


1. Bring On The Night - 1986, Karl-Lorimar Home Video
2. Ten Summoner's Tales - 1993, A&M
3. Brand New Day Tour: Live from the Universal Ampitheater - 26.9.2000, Interscope, live DVD
4. All This Time - 12/2001, Polydor
5. The Journey And The Labyrinth: The Music Of John Dowland - 20.02.2007, Deutsche Grammophone
6. Live In Berlin - 26.11.2010, Universal Music, live
7. Live in Japan 1994 - 06.11.2012, Immortal, live


1. Quadrophenia (1978, directed by Franc Roddam)
2. Radio On (1978, directed by Christopher Petit)
3. The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle (1980, directed by Julian Temple)
4. Brimstone And Treacle (1982, directed by Richard Loncrein)
5. Dune (1984, directed by Dino Di Laurentis)
6. The Bride (1984, directed by Frank Roddam)
7. Bring On The Night (1985, directed by Michael Apted)
8. Plenty (1985, directed by Fred Schepisi)
9. Julie a Julie (directed by Peter Del Monte)
10. Stormy Monday (1988, directed by Mike Friggis)
11. The Adventures Of Baron Münchhausen (1988, directed by Terry Gilliam)
12. Demolition Man (1993, track "Demolition Man")
13. Grotesque (1995, directed by J.P. Davidson)
14. Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1999, starring, directed by Guy Ritchie)
15. The Emperor's New Groove (2001, music by)


Robert Sellers: Žihadlo menom Sting (1991)


1981 Ivor Novello Awards - Songwriter of the Year
1983 Grammy Awards

- Song Of The Year ("Every Breath You Take")
- Best Rock Instrumental Performance (track "Brimstone & Treacle")
1986 Grammy Awards - Best Music Video, Long Form ("Bring On The Night")
1987 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male (LP "Bring On The Night")
1988 Brit Awards - Best British Album ("Nothing Like The Sun")
1991 Grammy Awards - Best Rock Song ("Soul Cages")
1993 Grammy Awards
- Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male ("If I Ever Lose My Faith In You")
- Best Music Video - Long Form ("Ten Summoner's Tales")
- Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical) ("Ten Summoner's Tales")
1994 Brit Awards - Best British Male Solo Artist
1999 Grammy Awards - Male Pop Vocal Performance (track "Brand New Day")
1999 Grammy Awards - Pop Album ("Brand New Day")
2000 My VH1 Music Awards - Legend In Action Award
2001 Gabriela Mistral medal (Chile)
2001 Songwriters Hall Of Fame
2000 Grammy Awards - Best Male Pop Vocal Performance (track "She Walks This Earth")
2002 Golden Globe - Best Original Song ("Until ..." from "Kate & Leopold")
2002 Brit Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award
2002 Ivor Novello Awards - International Achievement
2003 Billboard Music Awards - Century Award
2003 MusiCares Person of the Year
2003 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals (track "Whenever I Say Your Name", & Mary J. Blige)
2018 Grammy Awards - Best Reggae Album ("44/876", & Shaggy)

WWW Links:


ownm jménem Gordon Matthew Sumners
1988 - Amnesty International Tour (+ Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Tracy Chapman)
5/1991 - MTV Unplugged
2.7.2005 appeared at Live 8 (Hyde Park, London)

appeared on the LP:

Phil Collins: No Jacket Required (1985, WEA)
Arcadia: So Red The Rose (1985)
Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms (5/85, Vertigo)
Miles Davis: You're Under Arrest (5/85, Columbia)
The Chieftains: The Long Black Veil (1/95, RCA)
Krishna Das: Pilgrim Heart (1998, Triloka)
Andy Summers: Green Chimneys: Music Of Thelonious Monk (18.5.99, RCA)
Youssou N'Dour: Joko, From Village To Town (2/00, Columbia)
Earl Scruggs: Earl Scruggs and Friends (28.8.01, MCA Nashville)
Jools Holland: Small World Big Band (19.11.01, WSM)
The Chieftains: The Wide World Over (4.3.02, RCA Victor)
Chris Botti: Night Sessions: Live in Concert (6.8.02, Columbia)
Bruce Hornsby: Halcyon Days (10.8.04, Columbia)
Jimmy Cliff: Black Magic (24.8.04, Artemis)
Black Eyed Peas: Monkey Business (7.6.05, Interscope)
Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (30.8.05, Vector)
Les Paul & Friends: American Made, World Played (30.8.05, Capitol)
Tatu: Dangerous And Moving (11.10.05, Interscope)
Sam Moore: Overnight Sensational (29.8.06, Rhino)
Tony Bennett: Duets - An American Classic (26.9.06, RPM)
Steve Nieve: ToGetHer (8.10.13, 429)
Ivy Levan: No Good (7.8.15, Cherrytree)
Sheryl Crow: Threads (30.8.19)

Compilation Appearances:
"Tutti Frutti", "Need Your Love So Bad" on OST "Party Party" (12/82, A&M)
"Mack The Knife" on LP "Lost In The Stars" (11/85, A&M)
"Gabriel's Message" on LP "A Very Special Christmas" (12/87, A&M)
"All For Love" on OST "The Three Musketeers" (1993, Hollywood, & Rod Stewart & Bryan Adams)
"Sisters Of Mercy" on Leonard Cohen Tribute "Tower Of Song" (7/95, A&M, & Chieftains)
"Fragile" on compilation "America: A Tribute To Heroes" (4.12.01)
"Don't Walk Away" on OST "The Wild Thornberrys" (26.11.02, Nick/Jive, & Youssou N'Dour)
"Fragile" on compilation "2003 Grammy Nominations" (11.2.03, Warner Music)
"Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot" on compilation "It's Still Okay To Dream" (18.11.03, Atlantic)
"Send Your Love" on compilation "2004 Grammy Nominees CD" (20.1.04, BMG)
"Never Coming Home (remix)" on OST "Queer Eye" (10.2.04, Capitol)
"A Thousand Years" on Athens 2004 Olympics compilation "Unity" (10.8.04, Capitol, & Mariza)
"Fragilidad" on Aung San Suu Kyi benefit LP "For The Lady" (26.10.04, Rhino)
"Blood Red Roses" / "Shallow Brown" on compilation "Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys" (22.8.06, Anti-)
"Fragilidad" on compilation "Rhythms Del Mundo" (13.11.06)

Vinnie Colaiuta:

appeared on the LP:

Philip Aaberg: Upright (Windham Hill)
Frank Zappa: Joe's Garage, Act I (9/79, Zappa)
Joni Mitchell: Night Ride Home (2/91, Geffen)
Helen Hoffner: Wild About Nothing (1993, Atlantic)
Simple Minds: Good News From The Next World (1/95, Virgin)
Frank Cuccurullo: Thanks 2 Frank (1996, Edel Contraire)
Robben Ford: Super Natural (28.6.99, Blue Thumb)
George Benson & Al Jarreau: Givin' It Up (24.10.06, Concord)
Bill Medley: Damn Near Righteous (25.9.07)
LeAnn Rimes: Today Is Christmas (16.10.15)

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