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ROTH David Lee

Personal Data:

Born: 10.10.1955 (Bloomington, Indiana, USA)
ROTH David Lee (photo)


? The Red Ball Jets
1973-74 Mammoth
1974-6/85 Van Halen
4/00-? Van Halen
1/07-cca 1/12 Van Halen

Line-Up (1993):

David Lee Roth - voc
Terry Kilgore - g
James Hunting - bg
Ron Wikso - ds

Former Members:

Billy Sheehan (bg, 1985-88); Matt Bissonette (bg, 1988-10/90); Todd Jensen (bg, 10/90-?)

Steve Vai (g, 1986-4/89); Rocket Richette (g, 4/89-1/90); Jason Becker (g, 1990); Steve Hunter (g, 1990); Desi Rexx (g, 10/90-?); Joe Holmes (g, 10/90-?)

Gregg Bissonette (ds, 1985-?); Larry Aberman (ds, cca 1993)

Brett Tuggle (kb, cca 1986)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Crazy From The Heat
(mini LP)
2/1985 WEA91 15
2.Eat 'Em And Smile7/1986 Warner Bros28 4
produced by: David Lee Roth/Steve Vai
1/1988 WEA11 6
4.A Little Ain't Enough1/1991 Warner Bros4 18
5.Your Filthy Little Mouth
produced by: Nile Rodgers
07.03.1994Reprise28 78
6.The Best27.10.1997WEA 199
7.It Couldn't Have Happened, But I Did5/1998
8.Diamond Dave08.07.2003Magna Carta
9.Strummin' With the Devil: The Bluegrass Tribute to14.03.2006CMH
10.Sonrisa Salvaje03.04.2007Friday Music
11.Greatest Hits19.11.2013Friday Music
12.Going Crazy06.11.2015Laser Media

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.California Girls1/1985 Warner Bros68 3
2.Just A Gigolo / Ain't Got Nobody3/1985 Warner Bros 12
3.Yankee Rose / Shyboy
12" + Easy Street
6/1986 Warner Bros 16
4.Goin' Crazy / Ooco Deo Calor9/1986 Warner Bros 66
5.That's Life / Bump And Grind11/1986 Warner Bros 85
6.Just Like Paradise/ The Bottom Line
12" + Yankee Rose
1/1988 Warner Bros27 6
7.Stand Up / Knucklebones4/1988 Warner Bros 64
8.Damn Good / Skyscraper
(v USA)
7/1988 Warner Bros
9.Damn Good / Stand Up7/1988 Warner Bros72
10.California Girls / Just A Gigolo
12" + I Ain't Got Nobody
CD + Yankee Rose
11/1988 Warner Bros81
11.A Lil' Ain't Enough / Baby's On Fire
12",CD + Tell The Truth
01.01.1991Warner Bros32
12.Sensible Shoes / A Lil Ain't Enough
12",CD + California Girls / Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody
3/1991 Warner Bros81
13.She's My Machine / Mississippi Power
CD + Land's Edge / Yo Breathin' It
07.02.1994Warner Bros64
14.Night Life / Jump (live)
CD1 + She's My Machine (live)
CD2 + Panama (live) / Big Train (live) / Experience (live)
15.Slam Dunk12.05.1998
16.Look At All These People Here Tonight11/2000


1. David Lee Roth


David Lee Roth: Crazy From The Heat (1997)

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