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Personal Data:

Born: 04.04.1952 (Belfast, Northern Ireland, as Robert William Gary Moore)
Died: 06.02.2010 (heart attack)
MOORE Gary (photo)


? Granny's Intentions
1968-71 Skid Row
? Dr. Strangely Strange (g.a.)
1972-cca 7/73 Gary Moore Band
1-4/74 Thin Lizzy
1-7/75 Jon Hiseman
7/75-7/78 Colosseum II
7/78-17.7.79 Thin Lizzy
1979-80 G-Force
1980-81 Greg Lake Band
cca 4/94 BBM
cca 2002 Scars

Line-Up (1997):

Gary Moore - voc,g
Guy Pratt - bg
Magnus Fiennes - kb
Gary Husband - ds

Former Members:

David King; Charlie Huhn (voc, 1981-82); John Sloman (voc, 1982-4/83); Glenn Hughes (voc, 1983-6/85); Carol Kenyon (voc, cca 1992); Linda Taylor (voc, cca 1992)

Frank Boyland (bg, do 5/73); Jimmy Bain (bg, 1981); Neil Murray (bg, 5/82-12/83); Craig Gruber (bg, 1/84-?); Bob Daisley (bg, 1989-90); Andy Pyle (bg, 1990-?); Will Lee (bg, cca 1992); Johnny B. Gayden (bg, cca 1992)

Tommy Eyre (kb, 1982, cca 1992); Don Airey (kb, 11/82-83, 1990-?); Neil Carter (kb,g,voc, 1983-90)

Tommy Aldridge (ds, 1981); Ian Paice (ds, 5/82-84); Bobby Chouinard (ds, 1984-?); Gary Ferguson (ds); Eric Singer (ds, 5/87-88); Cozy Powell (ds, 1988-89); Chris Slade (ds, 1989-90); Graham Walker (ds, 1990-?); Brian Downey (ds); Anton Fig (ds, cca 1992)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.White Knuckles1975 CBS
2.Back On The Streets
produced by: Gary Moore/Chris Tsangarides
featuring: Don Airey (kb), John Mole (bg), Simon Phillips (ds), Phil Lynott, Brian Downey
3.Corridors Of Power08.10.1982Virgin30
4.Live At The Marquee1983 Jet
5.The Law Of The Jungle1983
6.Victims Of The Future30.01.1984Ten/Virgin12 172
7.Dirty Fingers6/1984 Jet
8.We Want Moore
9.Run For Cover9/1985 Ten/Virgin12 146
10.White Knuckles10/1985 Raw Power
11.Emerald Aisles: Live In Ireland1986
12.Rockin' Every Night - Live In Japan6/1986 Virgin99
9/1986 Raw Power
14.Wild Frontier
produced by: Peter Collins
3/1987 Ten/Virgin8 139
15.Parisienne Walkways11/1987 MCA
16.After The War
produced by: Peter Collins
2/1989 Ten/Virgin23 114
17.Still Got The Blues
produced by: Gary Moore/Ian Taylor
3/1990 Ten/Virgin13 83
18.Golden Decade Of Gary Moore6/1990 Nightriding
19.The Collection10/1990 Castle
20.Live At The Marquee3/1991 Castle
21.Early Years1/1992
22.After Hours10.03.1992Ten/Virgin4 145
23.Blues And Moore1993 edel
24.Gary Moore & Greg Lake
& Greg Lake
25.Blues Alive10.05.1993Virgin8
26.Collection1994 Gopaco
28.Ballads & Blues 82-9411/1994 Virgin33
29.Blues For Greeny
(Peter Green covers)
5/1995 Virgin14
31.Streets And Walkways11.11.1996Music Club/Bellaphon
33.Dark Days In Paradise
produced by: Chris Tsangarides/Andy Bradfield
34.Looking At You01.11.1997
36.Out In The Fields (The Very Best Of)19.10.1998Virgin54
38.A Different Beat27.09.1999Raw Power
39.Back To The Blues20.03.2001Sanctuary53
40.The Best Of The Blues19.02.2002Virgin
43.Live at Monsters of Rock30.09.2003Sanctuary
45.Back On The Streets: The Rock Collection24.02.2004
46.Blues Collection24.02.2004
47.Power of the Blues22.06.2004Sanctuary
48.Old New Ballads Blues02.05.2006Eagle
49.Platinum Collection19.09.2006EMI
50.Close As You Get29.05.2007Eagle
51.Bad For You Baby07.10.2008Eagle Rock Entertainmnent
52.Essential Montreux
(box set)
53.Live At Montreux 201020.09.2011Eagle
54.The Essential08.11.2011EMI
55.Blues For Jimi - Live In London25.09.2012Eagle80
56.Best Of Gary Moore06.11.2012
57.Ballads & Blues 1982-199415.07.2014UMC
58.Live at Bush Hall 200723.09.2014Eagle
59.Blues And Beyond
(4CD box set)
60.Live From London31.01.2020Provogue70
61.How Blue Can You Get4/2021 Provogue54

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Back On The Streets / Track Nine12/1978 MCA
2.Parisienne Walkways / Fanatical Fascists13.04.1979MCA8
3.Spanish Guitar / Spanish Guitar (instrumental)26.10.1979MCA
4.Nuclear Attack25.09.1981
5.Always Gonna Love You / Cold Hearted9/1982 Virgin
6.Falling In Love With You / (instrumental)
12" + Wishing Well
18.02.1983Virgin 110
7.Always Gonna Love You5/1983 Mirage 103
8.Hold On To Love / Devil In Her Heart
12" + Law Of The Jungle
1/1984 Ten/Virgin65
9.Shape Of Things To Come / Blinder19.03.1984Ten/Virgin77
10.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / She's Got You (live)6/1984 Jet
11.Empty Rooms / Nuclear Attack (live)
12" + Rockin' Every Night (live) / Empty Rooms (live)
12.Empty Rooms / Murder In The Skies
(v USA)
8/1984 Mirage
13.Out In The Fields / Military Man
7"(2) + Stop Messin' Around (live)
12" + Still In Love With You
& Phil Lynnot
5/1985 Ten/Virgin3
14.Empty Rooms / Out Of My System
7"(2) Parisienne Walkways (live) / Murder In The Skies (live)
12" + Parisienne Walkways (live)
7/1985 Ten/Virgin16
15.Over The Hills And Far Away / Crying In The Shadows
7"(2) + All Messed Up (live) / Out In The Fields (live)
12/1986 Ten/Virgin9
16.Wild Frontier / Run For Cover (live)
7"(2) Murder In The Skies (live) / Wild Frontier (live)
CD + Over The Hills And Far Away / Empty Rooms / Out In The Fields / Shapes Of Things
2/1987 Ten/Virgin29
17.Friday On My Mind / Reach For The Sky (live)
CD + Parisian Walkways (live)
5/1987 Ten/Virgin17
18.The Loner / Johnny Boy8/1987 Ten/Virgin53
19.Take A Little Time / Out In The Fields
7"(2) All Messed Up (live) / Thunder Rising (live)
11/1987 Ten/Virgin75
20.After The War / This Thing Called Love
12" + Over The Hills And Far Away
CD + Emerald / Thunder Rising
21.Ready For Love / Wild Frontier
12",CD + The Loner (live)
3/1989 Virgin56
22.Speak For Yourself / Led Clones
(v USA)
4/1989 Virgin
23.Livin' On Dreams / The Messiah Will Come Again10/1989 Virgin
24.Oh, Pretty Woman / King Of Blues
12",CD + The Stumble
3/1990 Virgin48
25.Still Got The Blues (For You) / Let Me With The Blues
12" + The Sky Is Crying
CD + Further On Up The Road / Mean Cruel Woman
5/1990 Virgin31 97
26.Walking By Myself / Still Got The Blues (For You) (live)8/1990 Virgin48
27.Too Tired / Texas Strut
CD + All Your Love (live) / The Stumble
& Albert Collins
28.Cold Day In Hell / All Time Low
CD + Stormy Monday (live) / Woke Up This Morning
29.Story Of The Blues / Movin' On Down The Road
CD + King Of The Blues / Midnight Blues (live)
30.Since I Met You Baby / The Hurt Inside
CD1 + Moving On (live) / Texas Strut (live)
CD2 + Don't Start Me Talking / Once In A Blue Moon
& B. B. King
31.Separate Ways / Only Fool In Town
12",CD + Farther On Up The Road / Caledonia
CD + You Don't Love Me / Stumble
9/1992 Virgin59
32.Parisienne Walkways / Still Got The Blues
CD1 + Since I Met You Baby (live) / Key To Love
CD2 + Stop Messin' Around / You Don't Love Me
33.Need Your Love So Bad / The Same Way (acoustic) / The World Keeps On Turnin' (acoustic) / Stop Messin' Around (acoustic)05.06.1995Virgin48
34.I Have My Love In You / One Good Reason5/1997 Virgin


1. Emerald Aisles - 1987
2. Live At Isstadion
3. The Video Singles - 1987
4. Wild Frontier / Live At Stockholm - 1987, Virgin, 61 min, live
5. Live In Ireland - 1989, live
6. Gary Moore And The Midnight Blues Band - An Evening Of The Blues - 1991, live
7. Live Blues - 5/1993, live
8. Blues For Greeny - 5/1996, live

WWW Links:


1992 tour as Gary Moore And The Midnight Blues Band

appeared on the LP:

Dr. Strangely Strange: Heavy Pettin' (1970)
Peter And The Wolf (11/1975, RSO, rock adaptation of Sergei Prokofiev)
Andrew Lloyd Webber: Variations (27.1.78, MCA)
Rod Argent: Moving Home (10/78, MCA)
Cozy Powell: Over The Top (11/79, Ariola)
Phil Lynott: Solo In Soho (1980, Vertigo)
Cozy Powell: Tilt (11.9.81, Polydor)
Greg Lake: Greg Lake (25.9.81)
Cozy Powell: Octopus (1983, Polydor)
Paul Rodgers: Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute To Muddy Waters (4/1993, Victory)
Jack Bruce: Cities Of The Heart (3/94, CMP)
Evita (10/96, MCA)
John Mayall & Friends: Along For The Ride (26.3.01, Eagle)

appeared on the SP:
Travelling Wilburys: She's My Baby (10/90, Wilbury)

Andy Pyle:

appeared on the LP:

Rod Stewart: Every Picture Tells A Story (9.7.71, Mercury)
Alvin Lee: Pump Iron (12. 9.1975, Chrysalis)
The Kinks: Sleepwalker (2/77, Arista)
Sutherland Brothers And Quiver: Down To Earth (2.9.77, CBS)

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