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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Videos Awards Various Refers
Birmingham, GB
*  5/1964

Line-Up (2004):


Justin Hayward - voc,g
John Lodge - bg,voc
Graeme Edge - ds

Former Members:

Denny Laine (voc,g, 5/64-10/66)
Clint Warwick (bg,voc, 5/64-6/66); Rod Clark (bg, 7-11/66)
Michael Pinder (kb, 5/64-1974, 1977-9/78); Patrick Moraz (kb, 9/78-cca 7/81)
Ray Thomas (fl,voc,hca, 5/64-cca 6/74, 1977-cca 7/81)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Magnificent Moodies
(in the USA "Go Now - The Moody Blues")
produced by: Tony Clark
7/1965 Decca
2.Days Of Future Passed
produced by: Tony Clark
10.11.1967Deram27 3
3.In Search Of A Lost Chord
produced by: Tony Clark
26.07.1968Deram5 23
4.On The Threshold Of A Dream
produced by: Tony Clark
25.04.1969Deram1 20
5.To Our Children's Children's Children
produced by: Tony Clark
21.11.1969Threshold2 14
6.A Question Of A Balance
produced by: Tony Clark
8/1970 Threshold1 3
7.Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
produced by: Tony Clark
8/1971 Threshold1 2
8.Seventh Sojourn
produced by: Tony Clark
11/1972 Threshold5 1
9.This Is The Moody Blues
produced by: Mike Curb
15.10.1974Threshold14 5
10.In The Beginning1975
4/1976 Nova
12.Caught Live + Five
29.04.1977Threshold 25
13.Octave02.06.1978Decca6 13
14.Out Of This World11/1979 K-Tel15
15.Moody Blues1980
16.Long Distance Voyager15.05.1981Threshold7 1
17.The Great1981
18.Boulevard Dela Madeleine1982
19.The Present02.09.1983Threshold15 26
20.Go Now9/1983 A.K.A.
21.Greatest Hits15.11.1984Decca
22.Voices In The Sky - The Best Of The Moody Blues11/1984 Threshold 132
23.The Moody Blues Collection9/1985 Castle
24.From The Bottom Of Their Hearts1986
25.The Other Side Of Life5/1986 Threshold/Polydor24 9
26.Prelude9/1987 London
27.Sur La Mer6/1988 Polydor21 38
28.The Greatest Hits11/1989 Polydor71 113
29.Keys Of The Kingdom8/1991 Polydor54 94
30.A Night At Red Rocks With The Colorado Orchestra3/1993 Polydor 93
31.The Traveller
(5CD box set)
9/1994 Polydor
32.True Story1996 Classic Music Company
33.Time Is on My Side1996 Classic Music Vault
34.The Very Best Of The Moody Blues9/1996 PolyGram TV13
35.Strange Times30.08.1999Threshold19 93
36.20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection07.03.2000Chronicles
37.Hall Of Fame09.10.2000Threshold 185
38.The Very Best Of The Moody Blues4/2002 UMTV27
41.Live at Montreux 199131.05.2005Eagle Rock
43.Collection04.10.2005Universal International
44.Lovely to See You: Live from the Greek15.11.2005Image
45.Introduction to the Moody Blues12.09.2006Fuel 2000
48.Live at the BBC: 1967-197017.04.2007UMVD
49.Playlist Plus29.04.2008Polydor
50.Live at the Isle of Wight 197026.08.2008Eagle
51.Christmas & Hits Duos21.10.2008Polydor
52.Moody Blues13.01.2009Madacy
54.Icon 219.07.2011Polydor
55.The Best Of The Moody Blues10/2011 UMTV58
56.The Universal Masters Collection26.06.2012Universal
57.Collected5/2013 Universal
58.Timeless Flight11.06.2013Universal
59.Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 197007.08.2015Let Them Eat Vinyl
60.Nights In White Satin - The Essential5/2017 Spectrum Music63

Justin Hayward:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
& John Lodge, prod. Tony Clark
14.03.1975Threshold4 7
produced by: Tony Clark
25.02.1977Deram28 37
3.Night Flight
produced by: Jeff Wayne
4.Moving Mountains9/1985 Towerbell78
5.Classic Blue
& Mike Batt & London Philharmonic Orchestra
10/1989 Trax47
6.View From The Hill25.11.1996CMC/BMG
7.Sing Moody Blues Classics
& Friends
8.Spirits of the Western Sky12.02.2013Eagle Rock81 142
9.Spirits... Live at the Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta19.08.2014Eagle Rock
10.Live in Concert at the Capitol Theatre23.09.2016Wienerworld
11.All the Way14.10.2016Eagle Rock

John Lodge:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
& Justin Hayward, prod. Tony Clark
14.03.1975Threshold4 7
2.Natural Avenue
produced by: Tony Clark
2/1977 Decca38
3.Paradise Ballroom1977
4.10,000 Light Years Ago30.04.2015Esoteric
5.Isn’t Life Strange: Unplugged26.08.2016Keeping The Faith

Ray Thomas:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.From Mighty Oaks
produced by: Tony Clark
featuring: Mike Silver (g), B.J.Cole (g), Mike Moran (p), Nicky James (voc), Trev Jones (bg), John Jones (g), Dave Potts (ds)
2.Hopes, Wishes And Dreams04.06.1976Threshold

Mike Pinder:

1. The Promise
2. Isla
3. Forever

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Lose Your Money (But Don't Lose Your Mind) / Steal Your Heart Away8/1964 Decca
2.Go Now / It's Easy Child12/1964 Decca1
3.I Don't Want To Go On Without You / Time Is On My Side2/1965 Decca33
4.Go Now / Lose Your Money (But Don't Lose Your Mind)2/1965 London 10
5.From The Bottom Of My Heart (I Love You) / And My Baby's Gone5/1965 Decca22 93
6.The Moody Blues EP
(Go Now / Lose Your Money (But Don't Lose Your Mind) / Steal Your Heart Away / I Don't Want To Go On Without You)
5/1965 Decca
7.Everyday / You Don't (All The Time)10/1965 Decca44
8.Stop! / Bye Bye Bird2/1966 London 98
9.This Is My House (But Nobody Calls)6/1966 London 119
10.Boulevard De La Madelaine / This Is My House (But Nobody Calls)21.10.1966Decca
11.Life's Not Life / He Can Win1/1967 Decca
12.Fly Me High / Really Haven't Got The Time5/1967 Decca
13.Love And Beauty / Leave This Man Alone8/1967 Decca
14.Nights In White Satin / Cities10.11.1967Deram19 103
15.Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon) / Another Morning6/1968 Deram 24
16.Voices In The Sky / Dr. Livingstone, I Pressume7/1968 Deram23
17.Ride My See-Saw / Voices In The Sky9/1968 Deram 61
18.Ride My See-Saw / A Simple Game11/1968 Deram42
19.Never Comes The Day / So Deep Within You4/1969 Deram 91
20.Watching And Waiting / Out And In10/1969 Threshold
21.Question / Candle Of Life24.04.1970Threshold1 21
22.The Story In Your Eyes / Melancholy Man7/1971 Threshold 23
23.Isn't Life Strange / After You Came4/1972 Threshold13 29
24.Nights In White Satin / Cities
05.08.1972Deram9 2
25.I'm Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band / For My Lady19.01.1973Threshold36 8
26.Nights In White Satin / Cities
3/1976 Deram
27.Steppin' In A Slide Zone / I'll Be Level With You14.07.1978Decca 39
28.Had To Fall In Love
(v Holandsku)
29.Driftwood / I'm Your Man13.10.1978Decca 59
30.Nights In White Satin / Cities
31.Gemini Dream / Painted Smile29.05.1981Threshold 12
32.The Voice / 22,000 Days24.07.1981Threshold 15
33.Talking Out Of Turn / Veteran Cosmic Rocker10/1981 Threshold 65
34.Blue World / Going Nowhere12.08.1983Threshold18
35.Sitting At The Wheel / Going Nowhere8/1983 Threshold 27
36.Sitting At The Wheel / Sorry
12" + Gemini Dream
37.Nights In White Satin / Cities
10/1983 Old Gold
38.Question / Candle Of Life
10/1983 Old Gold
39.Blue World / Sorry11/1983 Threshold 62
40.Under My Feet / Running Water2/1984 Threshold
41.The Voice / Gemini Dream
12" + Nights In White Satin
11/1984 Threshold
42.Go Now / I Don't Want To Go On Without You9/1985 Old Gold
43.Your Wildest Dream / Talkin' Talkin'3/1986 Polydor 9
44.The Other Side Of Life / Nights In White Satin (live)
12" + The Spirit
8/1986 Polydor 58
45.I Know You're Out There Somewhere / Miracle
CD + Rock'n'Roll Over You (live)
5/1988 Polydor52 30
46.Nights In White Satin / Cities
6/1988 Old Gold
47.No More Lies / Rivers Of Endless Love
12" + The Other Side Of Life
12/1988 Polydor
48.Say It With Love / Lean On Me (Tonight)
12",CD + Highway
6/1991 Polydor
49.King Of The Funky Zulu's2/1993 UWL
50.Nights In White Satin11/2010 Decca51

Justin Hayward:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.London Is Behind Me03.12.1965Pye
2.I Dreamed Last Night / Remember Me My Friend
& John Lodge
18.04.1975Threshold 47
3.Blue Guitar / When You Wake Up
& John Lodge,
produced by: 10cc/Tony Clarke
26.09.1975Threshold6 94
4.Lay It On Me / Songwriter (part 2)
(v USA)
1/1977 Deram
5.One Lovely Room / Songwriter (part 2)
(v GB)
1/1977 Deram
6.Country Girl / Songwriter (part 2)
(v USA)
4/1977 Deram
7.Country Girl / Doin' Time
(v GB)
8.Stage Door / Lay It On Me12.08.1977Deram
9.Forever Autumn / The Fighting Machine
produced by: Jeff Wayne
6/1978 CBS4 47
10.Eve Of The War / The Red Weed8/1978 CBS36
11.Marie / Heart Of Steel4/1979 Decca
12.Nightflight / Suitcase13.06.1980Decca
13.Nearer To You22.08.1980Decca
14.Unexpected Song
& Marti Webb
15.Forever Autumn / The Fighting Machine
10/1984 Old Gold
16.Silverbird / Take Your Chances8/1985 Towerbell
17.The Best Is Yet To Come / Marie11/1985 Towerbell
18.Forever Autumn / The Fighting Machine
1/1987 Old Gold
19.Star Cops (It Won't Be Long) / Outer Space7/1987 BBC83

Michael Pinder:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Carry On / I Only Want To Love You04.06.1976Threshold

John Lodge:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Dreamed Last Night / Remember Me My Friend
& Justin Hayward
18.04.1975Threshold 47
2.Blue Guitar / When You Wake Up
& Justin Hayward,
produced by: 10cc/Tony Clarke
26.09.1975Threshold6 94
3.Say You Love Me / Natural Avenue1/1977 Decca
4.Children Of Rock'n'Roll / Piece Of My Heart3/1977 Decca
5.Summer Breeze / Rainbow29.07.1977Decca
6.Street Cafe / Threw It All Away03.10.1980Decca

Ray Thomas:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.High Above My Head / Love Is The Key11.07.1975Threshold


1. The Best Of The Moody Blues - 24.2.2004, Polydor


1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Nights In White Satin", 1972)
2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


disbanded 1974
reunited 1977
reunited 1986

Compilation Appearances:

"Go Now" on compilation "The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World" (20.8.07)

Ray Thomas:

appeared on the LP:

Graeme Edge: Kick Off Your Muddy Boots (29.8.75, Threshold)

John Lodge:

11/1975 British tour (+ Justin Hayward, Mel Galley (g), Dave Holland (ds))

Justin Hayward:

11/1975 British tour (+ John Lodge, Mel Galley (g), Dave Holland (ds))

appeared on the LP:

Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 (16.5.75, Chrysalis)
Lonnie Donegan: Puttin' On The Style (1977)
Rick Wakeman: Return To The Centre Of The Earth (20.4.99)


2013 Ivor Novello Awards - PRS for Music Award for Outstanding Achievement

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