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Personal Data:

Born: 14.10.1946 (Swindon, GB)


11/66-cca 6/74 The Moody Blues
cca 11/75 Bluejays
1977-cca 7/81 The Moody Blues
cca 3/04 The Moody Blues

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
& John Lodge, prod. Tony Clark
14.03.1975Threshold4 7
produced by: Tony Clark
25.02.1977Deram28 37
3.Night Flight
produced by: Jeff Wayne
4.Moving Mountains9/1985 Towerbell78
5.Classic Blue
& Mike Batt & London Philharmonic Orchestra
10/1989 Trax47
6.View From The Hill25.11.1996CMC/BMG
7.Sing Moody Blues Classics
& Friends
8.Spirits of the Western Sky12.02.2013Eagle Rock81 142
9.Spirits... Live at the Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta19.08.2014Eagle Rock
10.Live in Concert at the Capitol Theatre23.09.2016Wienerworld
11.All the Way14.10.2016Eagle Rock

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.London Is Behind Me03.12.1965Pye
2.I Dreamed Last Night / Remember Me My Friend
& John Lodge
18.04.1975Threshold 47
3.Blue Guitar / When You Wake Up
& John Lodge,
produced by: 10cc/Tony Clarke
26.09.1975Threshold6 94
4.Lay It On Me / Songwriter (part 2)
(v USA)
1/1977 Deram
5.One Lovely Room / Songwriter (part 2)
(v GB)
1/1977 Deram
6.Country Girl / Songwriter (part 2)
(v USA)
4/1977 Deram
7.Country Girl / Doin' Time
(v GB)
8.Stage Door / Lay It On Me12.08.1977Deram
9.Forever Autumn / The Fighting Machine
produced by: Jeff Wayne
6/1978 CBS4 47
10.Eve Of The War / The Red Weed8/1978 CBS36
11.Marie / Heart Of Steel4/1979 Decca
12.Nightflight / Suitcase13.06.1980Decca
13.Nearer To You22.08.1980Decca
14.Unexpected Song
& Marti Webb
15.Forever Autumn / The Fighting Machine
10/1984 Old Gold
16.Silverbird / Take Your Chances8/1985 Towerbell
17.The Best Is Yet To Come / Marie11/1985 Towerbell
18.Forever Autumn / The Fighting Machine
1/1987 Old Gold
19.Star Cops (It Won't Be Long) / Outer Space7/1987 BBC83


11/1975 British tour (+ John Lodge, Mel Galley (g), Dave Holland (ds))

appeared on the LP:

Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 (16.5.75, Chrysalis)
Lonnie Donegan: Puttin' On The Style (1977)
Rick Wakeman: Return To The Centre Of The Earth (20.4.99)

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