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Personal Data:

Born: 21.06.1951 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
LOFGREN Nils (photo)


1969 Paul Dowell & The Dolphin
1969-6/74 Grin
1970-71 Neil Young & Crazy Horse
8/73-3/74 Neil Young & Crazy Horse
1983-85 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
cca 3/99-cca 2/12 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
4/18-cca 8/19 Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Line-Up (2019):

Nils Lofgren - voc,g
Tom Lofgren - g,kb
Kevin McCormick - bg,kb,perc
Andy Newmark - ds
Cindy Mizelle - voc

Former Members:

Tom Lofgren (g, cca 11/75-cca 9/79, cca 1986)

Wornell Jones (bg, cca 1975-cca 9/79, 1985-cca 1986)

Rev Patrick Henderson (kb, cca 3/77); Tommy Thomas (kb, cca 9/79); Tommy Mandel (kb, 1985-?); T Lavitz (synths, 1985-?); Scott Thurston (kb, 1991-?)

Aynsley Dunbar (ds, cca 1975); Andy Newmark (ds, cca 3/77, 1985-?); Dave Platschon (ds, 4/77-?); Michael Zach (ds, cca 9/79); John Badanjek (ds, cca 1986)

Stewart Smith (cca 1986); Levon Helm (hca,voc, 1991-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Nils Lofgren
featuring: Wornell Jones (bg), Aynsley Dunbar (ds)
2.Back It Up
1/1976 A&M
3.Cry Tough
produced by: Al Kooper/David Briggs
26.03.1976A&M8 32
4.I Came To Dance
produced by: Andy Newmark/Nils Lofgren
04.03.1977A&M30 36
5.Night After Night
produced by: David Briggs/Nils Lofgren
07.10.1977A&M38 44
6.Nils6/1979 A&M 54
7.Night Fades Away9/1981 Backstreet/MCA50 99
8.A Rhythm Romance09.04.1982A&M100
10.The Best of Nils Lofgren1985 A&M
11.Flip6/1985 Towerbell36 150
12.Code Of The Road
3/1986 Columbia86
13.The Best Of Nils Lofgren - Don't Walk ... Rock
6/1990 Connoiseur
14.Silver Lining3/1991 Rykodisc61 153
15.Crooked Line11/1992 Rykodisc
16.Live On The Test6/1994 Windsong
17.Every Breath
10/1994 Rykodisc
18.Shine Silently5/1995 Spectrum
19.Soft Fun, Tough Tears 1971-797/1995 Raven
20.Damaged Goods10/1995 Rykodisc
21.Steal Your Heart
22.Acoustic Live15.09.1997Demon
23.New Lives16.11.1998
24.The Ultimate Collection09.11.1999Hip-O
25.Bear Away Angel11/2001 Columbia
26.Tuff Stuff: The Best of the All-Madden Team Band05.02.2002
27.Live18.03.2003Vision Music
29.Sacred Weapon04.04.2006Vision Music
30.The Loner - Nils Sings Neil6/2008 Hypertension
31.Loner: Nils Sings Neil24.03.2009Vision Music
32.Old School06.12.2011Vision Music
33.Keith Don't Go: Live at the T&C05.02.2013Floating World
34.Hanging Tough27.05.2014Rock Classics
35.Face the Music
(10CD box set)
36.Back It Up: Live 198518.09.2015Echoes
37.Hanging Tough Live, 197718.09.2015Chrome Dreams
38.Face the Music Tour13.11.2015Wienerworld
39.Blue With Lou4/2019

Wornell Jones:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Wornell Jones1979

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Back It Up / If I Say It, It's So6/1975 A&M
2.I Don't Want To Know / One More Saturday Night17.10.1975A&M
3.Cry Tough / Share A Little07.05.1976A&M
4.It's Not A Crime / Share A Little27.08.1976A&M
5.I Came To Dance / Code Of The Road5/1977 A&M
6.No Mercy / Kool Skool
(v USA)
6/1979 A&M
7.Shine Silently / Kool Skool
(v GB)
6/1979 A&M
8.Shine Silently / Baltimore
(v USA)
9/1979 A&M
9.No Mercy / A Fool Like Me
(v GB)
10.Night Fades Away / Ancient History9/1981 Backstreet/MCA 109
11.Night Fades Away / Anytime At All
(v GB)
9/1981 Backstreet/MCA
12.I Go To Pieces / Ancient History04.12.1981Backstreet/MCA
13.Shine Silently / Keith Don't Go (Ode To The Glimmer Twin)4/1982 A&M
14.Across The Tracks / Daddy Dream09.09.1983Backstreet/MCA
15.Secrets In The Street / From The Heart
7" (2) + Message / Little Bit Of Time
5/1985 Columbia53
16.Shine Silently / I Came To Dance
12" + No Mercy
6/1985 A&M
17.Flip Ya Flip / New Holes In Old Shoes
12" + Message
(v GB)
8/1985 Towerbell
18.Flip Ya Flip / Delivery Night
(v USA)
8/1985 Columbia
19.Delivery Night / Dreams Die Hard
12" + Keith Go On (live)
11/1985 Columbia
20.Anytime At All (live) / New Holes In Old Shoes (live)3/1986 Columbia
22.Whatever Happened to Muscatel?2007


1. Nils Lofgren and Friends Live Acoustic - 2007, live


Compilation Appearances:

"Black Books" on OST "The Sopranos - Music From The HBO Original Series - Peppers & Eggs" (8.5.01, Columbia)
"Valentine" on compilation "Twentieth Anniversary" (3.2.04, Rykodisc)

appeared on the LP:
Neil Young: After The Goldrush (8/70, Reprise, piano)
Neil Young: Tonight's The Night (20.6.75, Reprise)
Neil Young: Trans (1/83, Geffen)
Ringo Starr: Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band (11/90, Rykodisc)
Patti Scialfa: Rumble Doll (19.7.93)
Ringo Starr: Live From Montreux (10/93, Rykodisc)
Patti Scialfa: 23rd Street Lullaby (15.6.04, Columbia)
Willie Nelson & Friends: Outlaws And Angels (21.9.04, Lost Highway)
Patti Scialfa: Play It As It Lays (4.9.07, Columbia)

Wornell Jones:

appeared on the LP:

Nils Lofgren: Nils Lofgren (25.4.75, A&M)

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