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Personal Data:

Born: 19.09.1958 (London, GB, as Lita Rosanna Ford)
FORD Lita (photo)


1975-79 The Runaways
1981 Stepmothers
since 1983 Lita Ford
since 1/97 Rumble Culture


Lita Ford - voc,g
Bobby Darati - g
Gordon Copley - bg
Eric Singer - ds

Former Members:

Steve Fister (g, 1983-cca 1988)

Randy Rand (bg, 10/83-1983); Neil Merryweather (bg, 1983-84); Donnie Nossov (bg, 1987); Tommy Caradonna (bg, 1987-cca 1988)

Dusty Watson (ds, 1983, 1985-86); Randy Castillo (ds, 10/83-84); Myron Grombacher (ds, 1987); Charlie Dalba (ds, 1987-cca 1988)

Martin Gerschwitz (kb, cca 1988)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Out For Blood
featuring: Neil Merryweather (bg), Dusty Watson (ds)
7/1983 Mercury
2.Dancing On The Edge
produced by: Lance Quinn
featuring: Randy Castillo (ds), Hugh McDonald (bg), Aldo Nova (g,kb), Robbie Kondor (kb)
18.05.1984Mercury96 66
produced by: Mike Chapman
featuring: Donnie Nossov (bg), Myron Grombacher (ds), Bob Ezrin (kb), Nikki Sixx, Lemmy Kilmister, Ozzy Osbourne
2/1988 RCA 29
4.Stiletto6/1990 RCA66 52
5.Dangerous Curves
produced by: Tom Werman
featuring: Myron Grombacher (ds), Joe Taylor (g), Matt Bissonette (bg), Bob Ezrin (kb), Joe Lynn Turner, Jeff Scott Soto, Howard Leese
11/1991 RCA51 132
6.The Best Of Lita Ford10.08.1992RCA
produced by: The Robb Brothers
8.Greatest Hits30.03.1999BMG
9.Greatest Hits Live09.05.2000Cleopatra
10.Kiss Me Deadly2001 BMG
11.In Concert13.07.2004Cleopatra
12.Platinum & Gold Collection: The Best Of Lita Ford13.07.2004RCA
13.Best of Lita Ford: Kiss Me Deadly13.06.2006Collectables
14.Wicked Wonderland05.10.2009
15.Living Like a Runaway19.06.2012SPV
16.Playlist: The Very Best of Lita Ford15.10.2013Dreamland
17.Bitch Is Back22.10.2013SPV
18.Live & Deadly05.08.2014Cleopatra
19.Time Capsule15.04.2016SPV
20.Live in San Juan '9220.01.2017Air Cuts

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Gotta Let Go / Run With The Money4/1984 Vertigo94
2.Kiss Me Deadly / Broken Dreams3/1988 RCA95 12
3.Kiss Me Deadly / Broken Dreams
11/1988 RCA75
4.Back To The Cave (remix) / Under The Gun
(v USA)
11/1988 RCA
5.Close My Eyes Forever / Under The Gun
12",CD + Blueberry
& Ozzy Osbourne
2/1989 RCA47 8
6.Hungry / Big Gun
12",CD + Aces And Eights
6/1990 RCA76 98
7.Shot Of Poison / Larger Than Life10/1991 RCA63 45
8.Larger Than Life1992
9.A Future To His Life
& Joe Walsh
4/1995 Pyramid


1. Lita Live
2. A Midnight Snack - 9/1990
3. Lita Ford: The Queen Of Heavy Metal - 5/1994
4. Complete Video Collection - 2003


6/1989 married Chrisem Holmesem (W.A.S.P.)
13.5.1994 married Jimem Gillettem (Nitro)

appeared on the LP:

Twisted Sister: A Twisted Christmas (17.10.06, Razor & Tie)

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