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EDDY Duane

Personal Data:

Born: 26.03.1938 (Corning, New York, USA)


1958 The Rebels


Duane Eddy - g
Al Casey - g,p
Larry Knechtel - kb
Jimmy Troxel - ds
Jim Horn - sax

Former Members:

Donnie Owens (g, 1958-?); Corky Casey (g, 1958-?)
Buddy Wheeler (bg, 1958-?)
Mike Bermani (ds, 1958-?)
Pias Johnson (sax, 1958-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel1/1959 Jamie6 5
2.Especially For You8/1959 Jamie6 24
3.The "Twang's" The Thang1/1960 Jamie2 18
4.Songs Of Our Heritage11/1960 Jamie13
5.A Million Dollar's Worth Of Twang12/1960 Jamie5 11
6.Girls Girls Girls7/1961 Jamie 93
7.Twistin' & Twangin'5/1962 RCA8 82
8.A Million Dollar's Worth Of Twang Vol. 26/1962 Jamie18
9.Twangy Guitar Silky Strings
& The Rebellettes
10/1962 RCA13 72
10.Dance With The Guitar Man
& The Rebellettes
1/1963 RCA14 47
11.Twang A Country Song8/1963 RCA
12.Twangin' Up A Storm10/1963 RCA 93
13.Twistin' With Me1964
15.In Person1964
16.16 Greatest Hits1964
17.Pure Gold1964
18.Lonely Guitar4/1964 RCA
19.Water Skiing7/1964 RCA
20.Twangin' The Golden Hits1965 RCA
21.The Best Of Duane Eddy1965
22.Duane A-Go-Go-Go!10/1965 Colpix
23.Twangsville11/1965 RCA
24.The Biggest Twang Of Them All1966 Reprise
25.Duanne Eddy Does Bob Dylan2/1966 Colpix
26.The Roarin' Twangies1967 Reprise
27.Twangy Guitar1970 Camden
28.Movin' & Groovin'5/1970 Jamie
29.Yesterays Pop Scene1975
30.Vintage Years1975
31.Guitar Man25.04.1975GTO
32.Legend Of Rock
33.The Collection8/1978 Pickwick
34.Duane Eddy1/1979 RCA
35.Greatest Hits1979
36.Oldies But Goodies1979
37.20 Terrific Twangies11/1980 RCA
38.The Fabulous Duane Eddy5/1983 Cambra
39.The Best Of Duane Eddy9/1984 Nouveaux
40.Rebel Rousin'02.11.1984Magnum Force
7/1986 RCA
42.Duane Eddy With Guests9/1987 Capitol
43.Compact Command Performance2/1988 Motown
44.Duane Eddy4/1988 Diamond
45.The Guitar Man (20 Classic Tracks)5/1989 Performance
46.Twang Thang1993
47.That Classic Twang5/1994 Bear Family
48.Because They're Young5/1994 B.R. Music
49.20 Twangy Hits6/1994 Ronco
50.Twangin' From Phoenix To L.A.
(7CD box set)
12/1994 Bear Family
51.His Twangy Guitar And The Rebels12/1994 See For Miles
52.Ghostrider - Great Guitar Hits30.09.1996Euro/edel
53.Rock & Roll Revival
& Chubby Checker & Jerry Lee Lewis
54.Detour05.02.2002Columbia River
55.Guitar Man11.10.2005American Legends
56.Greatest Hits17.10.2006Sony BMG
57.The Birth of a Guitar Legend: The Jamie Singles Sessions 1957-196216.11.2010Jamie/Guyden
58.Road Trip16.06.2011EMI
59.Complete UK Hits: 1958-196211.12.2012Peaksoft
60.Shazam! The Essential Collection25.03.2013Music Club Deluxe
61.Complete Colpix Recordings: 30 Cuts28.10.2014
62.The Complete US & UK Singles and EPs As & Bs 1955-6202.12.2014Acrobat Music
63.Dancing With The Boss Guitar
64.The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection29.07.2016Big 3
65.Extended Play05.08.2016High Note

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Ramrod / Caravan
credited to: The Rebels
1/1958 Ford
2.Movin'n'Groovin' / Up And Down4/1958 Jamie 72
3.Rebel Rouser / Stalkin'
& The Rebels,
produced by: Lee Hazlewood
6/1958 Jamie19 6
4.Ramrod / Walker8/1958 Jamie 27
5.Rebel Rouser EP1958 London
6.Cannonball / Mason-Dixon Line
& The Rebels,
produced by: Lee Hazlewood
10/1958 Jamie22 15
7.The Lonely One / Detour1/1959 Jamie 23
8.The Lonely One EP1959 London
9.Yep! EP1959 London
10.Yep! / Three-30 Blues3/1959 Jamie17 30
11.Forty Miles Of Bad Road / The Quiet Three6/1959 Jamie11 9
12.Peter Gunn Theme / Yep!6/1959 London6
13.Some Kind-A Earthquake / First Love, First Tears9/1959 Jamie12 37
14.Bonnie Come Back / Lost Island12/1959 Jamie 26
15.Because They're Young EP1960 London
16.Twangy EP1960 London
17.Bonnie Come Back / Movin' & Groovin'2/1960 London12
18.Shazam / Secret Seven3/1960 Jamie4 45
19.Because They're Young / Rebel Walk5/1960 Jamie2 4
20.Kommotion / Theme For Moon Children8/1960 Jamie13 78
21.(Why Must I Die) The Girl On Death Row / Words Mean Nothing9/1960 Jamie
22.Peter Gunn / Along The Navajo Trail9/1960 Jamie 27
23.Pepe / Lost Friend12/1960 Jamie2 18
24.Pepe EP1961 London
25.Duane Eddy Plays Movie Themes EP1961 London
26.Because They're Young EP2/1961
27.Theme From Dixie / Battle3/1961 London5
28.Theme From Dixie / Gidget Goes Hawaiian3/1961 Jamie 39
29.Ring Of Fire / Bobby5/1961 Jamie 84
30.Ring Of Fire / Gidget Goes Hawaiian6/1961 London17
31.Pepe EP6/1961
32.Drivin' Home / Tammy7/1961 Jamie 87
33.Drivin' Home / My Blue Heaven8/1961 London30
34.My Blue Heaven / Along Came Linda8/1961 Jamie 50
35.Caravan / Caravaan (part 2)9/1961 Gregmark42
36.The Avenger / Londonderry Air
& The Rebels
12/1961 Jamie 101
37.Twangy No. 2 EP1962 London
38.The Battle / Trombone
& The Rebels
2/1962 Jamie 114
39.Runaway Pony / Just Because4/1962 Jamie
40.Deep In The Heart Of Texas / Saints And Sinners4/1962 RCA19 78
41.The Ballad Of Paladin / The Wild Westerner6/1962 RCA10 33
42.(Dance With The) Guitar Man / Stretchin' Out
& The Rebelettes
9/1962 RCA4 12
43.A Country Twang EP1963 RCA
44.Mr. Twang EP1963 RCA
45.Twangin' Up A Storm EP1963 RCA
46.Boss Guitar / The Desert Rat
& The Rebelettes
2/1963 RCA27 28
47.Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar / Joshin'
& The Rebelettes
5/1963 RCA35 82
48.Your Baby's Gone Surfin' / Shuckin'
& The Rebelettes
7/1963 RCA49 93
49.My Baby Plays The Same Old Song On His Guitar All Night / Guitar'd And Feathered10/1963 RCA
50.The Son Of A Rebel Rouser / The Story Of Three Lovers11/1963 RCA 97
51.Guitar Child / Jerky Jalopy12/1963 RCA
52.Theme From A Summer Place / Water Skiing1/1964 RCA
53.Guitar Star / The Iguana10/1964 RCA
54.Moonshot / Roughneck1/1965 RCA
55.Cottonmouth EP1965 Colpix
56.Trash / South Phoenix8/1965 Colpix
57.The House Of The Rising Sun / Don't Think Twice It's Alright03.12.1965Colpix
58.El Rancho Grande / Poppa's Movin' On (I'm Movin' On)1966 Colpix
59.Guitar On My Mind / Wicked Woman From Wickenburg1966 Colpix
60.Daydream / This Guitar Was Made For Twangin'1966 Reprise
61.Monsoon / Roarin'1966 Reprise
62.Guitar On My Mind / Wicked Woman From Wickenburg1966 Reprise
63.Niki Hoeky / Velvet Nights1967 Reprise
64.This Town / There Is A Mountain1967 Reprise
65.Peter Gunn / Rebel Rouser5/1968 Jamie
66.Break My Mind1969 Columbia
67.Put A Little Love In Your Heart / Freight Train12/1969 Congress 110
68.The Five-Seventeen / Something1970 Uni
69.Renegade / Nightly News1970 Big Tree
70.Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar / Blue Montana Sky
& The Rebellettes
produced by: Tony Macaulay
71.The Man With The Gold Guitar / Mark Of Zorro13.06.1975GTO
72.Love Confusion / Love Is A Warm Emotion17.10.1975Target/EMI
73.You Are My Sunshine / 7 To 81978 Elektra
74.Because They're Young8/1980
75.Rebel Rouser10/1980 Creole
76.Forty Miles Of Bad Road10/1980 Creole
77.Peter Gunn / Something Always Happens
& The Art Of Noise
3/1986 China7 50
78.Rockestra Theme / Blue City9/1987 Capitol
79.Spies / Rockabilly Holiday11/1987 Capitol


1. Because They're Young (1960, starring)
2. The Savage Seven (starring)
3. Kona (starring)


1986 Grammy Awards - Best Rock Instrumental Performance (Orchestra, Group Or Soloist) (track "Peter Gunn", & Art Of Noise)
2010 Mojo Honours List - Mojo Icon Award


1958 The Rebels
1958-? Duane Eddy And The Rebels
1962-63 Duane Eddy And The Rebellettes

produced by LP:

Phil Everly: Star Spangled Springer (28.9.73, RCA)

appeared on the LP:
Hank Marvin: Into The Light (10/92, PolyGram TV)
Kenny Rogers: There You Go Again (3.10.00)
Dan Auerbach: Waiting On A Song (2.6.17, Easy Eye Sound)

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