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Calendar for 04.12.2022

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Personal Data:

Born: 05.11.1959 (Kingston, Ontario, Canada, as Bryan Guy Adams)
ADAMS Bryan (photo)

Line-Up (2017):

Bryan Adams - voc,g
Keith Scott - g
Norm Fisher - bg
Gary Breit - kb
Micky Curry - ds

Former Members:

Brian Stanley (bg, 1981-82); Dave Taylor (bg, 1982-?)
Tommy Mandel (kb, 1981-?); Johnny Blitz (kb)
Jim Vallance (ds, 1979-81)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Bryan Adams
produced by: Bob Clearmountain
3/1981 A&M
2.You Want It, You Got It
produced by: Bob Clearmountain
4/1982 A&M78
3.Cuts Like A Knife
produced by: Bob Clearmountain
4/1983 A&M21 8
produced by: Bryan Adams/Bob Clearmountain
11/1984 A&M7 1
5.Wreckless1985 A&M
6.Into The Fire
produced by: Bob Clearmountain
5/1987 A&M10 7
7.Live Live Live
(in Japan, in the UK 7/94)
1989 A&M17
8.Waking Up The Neighbours23.09.1991A&M1 6
9.Sweeny Todd: Early Recordings15.11.1991
10.Bryan Adams1992 Merlin
11.So Far, So Good08.11.1993A&M2 6
12.Live! Live! Live!7/1994 17
13.So Far So Live01.08.1994
14.18 'Til I Die27.05.1996A&M1 31
15.Give Me Your Love12.07.1996
16.MTV Unplugged02.12.1997A&M18 88
17.On A Day Like Today19.10.1998A&M11 103
18.Greatest Hits14.09.1999
19.The Best Of Me25.09.1999Mercury12
21.Spirit - Stallion Of The Cimarron7/2002 A&M8
22.Live at the Budokan17.06.2003A&M
23.Bryan Adams09.08.2004Universal International
24.Early Years24.08.2004United States Dist
25.Room Service20.09.2004Polydor4
27.Anthology18.10.2005A&M29 65
28.1117.03.2008Badman/Polydor6 80
29.At the Movies02.03.2010Universal
31.Bare Bones01.11.2010Polydor35
32.5 Classic Albums05.11.2013A&M
33.The Bare Bones Tour: Live At The Sydney Opera House27.11.2013Polydor
34.Tracks Of My Years30.09.2014Verve11 89
35.Get Up!
produced by: Jeff Lynne
30.10.2015Polydor2 99
36.Live at the Palladium, L.A. 198512.02.2016Zip City
37.Interview 19 5 9606.05.2016Music Video Distribution
38.Wembley Live 199621.10.2016Eagle Rock
39.Ultimate11/2017 Polydor11
40.Shine A Light01.03.2019Polydor2
41.So Happy It Hurts3/2022 BMG3

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Let Me Take You Dancing / Don't Turn Me Away7/1979 A&M
2.Hidin' From Love / Wait And See4/1980 A&M
3.Give Me Your Love / Wait And See
(v USA)
4/1981 A&M
4.Lonely Nights / Don't Look Now3/1982 A&M 84
5.Coming Home / Fits Ya Good
(v USA)
1982 A&M
6.Cuts Like The Knife / One Good Reason
(v USA)
2/1983 A&M
7.Straight From The Heart / One Good Reason3/1983 A&M 10
8.Straight From The Heart / Lonely Nights4/1983 A&M
9.Cuts Like A Knife / Lonely Nights6/1983 A&M 15
10.Cuts Like A Knife / Fits Ya Good
12" + Hidin' From Love
7/1983 A&M
11.This Time / Fits Ya Good8/1983 A&M 24
12.The Best Has Yet To Come / I'm Ready
(v USA)
11/1983 A&M
13.Run To You / I'm Ready
7" + Lonely Nights
12" + Cuts Like A Knife
10/1984 A&M11 6
14.Somebody / Long Gone1/1985 A&M35 11
15.Heaven / Diana
7" Straight From The Heart / You Want It, You Got It
12" + Fits Ya Good
4/1985 A&M38 1
16.Summer Of '69 / The Best Has Yet To Come6/1985 A&M 5
17.Summer Of '69 / Kids Wanna Rock (live)7/1985 A&M42
18.One Night Love Affair9/1985 A&M 13
19.It's Only Love / The Best Has Yet To Come
7" Somebody / Long Gone
& Tina Turner
10/1985 A&M29
20.It's Only Love / The Only One
& Tina Turner
11/1985 A&M 15
21.Christmas Time / Reggae Christmas12/1985 A&M55
22.This Time / I'm Ready
12" + Lonely Nights
2/1986 A&M41
23.Straight From The Heart / Fits Ya Good7/1986 A&M51
24.Heat Of The Night / Another Day3/1987 A&M34 6
25.Hearts On Fire / The Best Has Yet To Come5/1987 A&M 26
26.Hearts On Fire / Run To You
12" + Native Sun
5/1987 A&M57
27.Victim Of Love / Into The Fire8/1987 A&M 32
28.Victim Of Love / Heat Of The Night (live)10/1987 A&M68
29.Cuts Like A Knife / Reckless6/1989 A&M
30.(Everything I Do) I Do It For You / She's Only Happy When She's Dancing (live)
12",CD + Cuts Like A Knife
6/1991 A&M1 1
31.Run To You18.07.1991
32.Can't Stop This Thing We Started / It's Only Love
12",CD + Hearts On Fire
8/1991 A&M12 2
33.There Will Never Be Another Tonight / Into The Fire
12",CD + One Night Love Affair (live)
10.11.1991A&M32 31
34.I Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven / Somebody
12" + Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
CD + Heart Of The Night (live)
25.01.1992A&M7 13
35.All I Want Is You / Run To You
12",CD + Long Gone
7/1992 A&M19
36.Do I Have To Say The Words? / Summer Of '69
12",CD + Kids Wanna Rock / Can't Stop This Thing We Started
(v GB 9/92)
28.07.1992A&M18 11
37.Please Forgive Me / C'mon Everybody
CD + Can't Stop This Thing We Started / There Will Never Be Another Tonight
18.10.1993A&M2 7
38.All For Love
CD + Straight From The Heart / If Only / Love Is Stronger Than Justice
& Rod Stewart & Sting
16.11.1993A&M2 1
39.Run To You (live)21.03.1994
40.Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? / Low Life10.04.1995A&M3 1
41.Rock Steady / Come To Me / Feeling Of Falling (all live)
CD + Thing Called Love (live)
& Bonnie Raitt
30.10.1995Capitol50 73
42.Cuts Like A Knife05.03.1996
43.The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You13.05.1996A&M6 52
44.Let's Make A Night To Remember19.07.1996A&M10 24
45.I Finally Found Someone
& Barbra Streisand
12.11.1996A&M10 6
47.18 Til I Die21.04.1997A&M22
48.Back To You12/1997 A&M18
49.I'm Ready3/1998 A&M20
50.On A Day Like Today21.09.1998A&M13
51.When You're Gone / I Love Ya Too
& Mel C
52.Cloud Number 903.05.1999Mercury6
53.Best Of Me14.12.199947
54.Don't Give Up
& Chicane
55.Inside Out26.06.2000A&M
56.Io Vivo18.09.2001
57.New York, New York01.01.2002
58.Here I Am20.08.2002A&M5
59.Don't Give Up 2004
& Chicane
60.Open Road9/2004 21
61.Now That You're Gone / If I'm A Stranger11/2004
62.Flying11/2004 39
63.Room Service12.07.2005
64.Run To You
& Pascal
18.07.2005All Around The World
65.I Thought I'd Seen Everything3/2008
66.Summer Of '698/2008 88
67.Don't Give Up
& Chicane
7/2009 Xtravaganza
68.One World, One Flame2/2010
69.Christmas Time12/2010
70.Merry Christmas05.12.2011
71.Tonight In Babylon
& Loverush! UK
72.Summer Of '697/2012 A&M47
73.Shine A Light1/2019 Polydor
74.So Happy It Hurts3/2022


1. The Reckless Videos - 1984, A&M
2. Waking Up The Neighbours - 12/1992
3. So Far So Good - 1/1994
4. Unplugged - 10/1998, Polygram, 57 min
5. Intimate Evening With Anne Murray - 27.4.1999, DVD, & Celine Dion & Anne Murray
6. Live At Slane Castle - 2/2002, Island, live
7. Live At The Budokan - 6/2003, Universal Music, live
8. Live In Lisbon - 28.11.2005, Universal, live
9. The Bare Bones Tour: Live At The Sydney Opera House - 27.11.2013, Polydor, live


Pink Cadillac


1991 Grammy Awards - Best Song Written Specifically For A Motion Picture Or For Television (SP "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You")
1994 MTV European Music Awards - Best Male ("Please Forgive Me")
1995 Kerrang! Awards - Best Composer
2000 Juno Awards - Best Male Artist
2020 Juno Awards - Adult Contemporary Album Of The Year ("Shine A Light")


1985 appeared at gigu Live Aid (Philadelphia)
1988 appeared at Tribute to Nelson Mandela (London, Wembley)
21.7.1990 appeared at gigu Roger Waters: The Wall (Berlin)
2.7.2005 appeared at Live 8 (Toronto, Kanada)

appeared on the LP:

Glass Tiger: The Thin Red Line (1986, EMI)
Tina Turner: Break Every Rule (1986, Capitol)
Andy Taylor: Thunder (1986, WEA)
Mötley Crüe: Dr. Feelgood (1989, Elektra/WEA)
Cindy Bullens: Cindy Bullens (1989, MCA)
Joe Cocker: One Night Of Sin (1989, Island)
Roger Waters: The Wall (Live In Berlin) (9/90, EMI)
David Foster: River Of Love (1990, Atlantic)
Stevie Vann: Stevie Vann (18.9.95)
Tina Turner: Twenty Four Seven (1.11.99)
Elton John: One Night Only (13.11.00, Mercury)
Barbra Streisand: Duets (26.11.02, Columbia)
Twiggy: Romantically Yours (21.11.11)
Robbie Williams: The Christmas Present (11/19, Columbia)

produced by LP:
Tina Turner: Break Every Rule (9/86, Capitol)
Carly Simon: Coming Around Again (1987, Arista)
Dion: Yo Frankie! (1989, Arista)
Helen Hoffner: Wild About Nothing (1993, Atlantic)
The Three Musketeers OST (1993, Hollywood)

Compilation Appearances:
"All For Love" on OST "The Three Musketeers" (1993, Hollywood, & Rod Stewart & Sting)
"Don't Give Up" on compilation "Platinum Hits 2000" (5.9.00, Columbia)
"Run To You" on benefit CD "Farm Aid: Volume One" (12.9.00, Columbia)
"Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" on live Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee LP "Party At The Palace" (24.6.02, EMI)

Dave Taylor:

appeared on the LP:

Tina Turner: Break Every Rule (1986, Capitol)
Carly Simon: Coming Around Again (1987, Arista)
Dion: Yo Frankie! (1989, Arista)

Micky Curry:

appeared on the LP:

Tina Turner: Break Every Rule (1986, Capitol)
Elvis Costello: King Of America (2/86, WEA)
Richard Thompson: Daring Adventures (10/86, Polydor)
Carly Simon: Coming Around Again (1987, Arista)
Dion: Yo Frankie! (1989, Arista)
Paul Laine: Stick It In Your Ear (1990, WEA)
Mitch Malloy: Mitch Malloy (1992, RCA)
Mitch Malloy: Shine (25.6.01, Frontiers)

Jim Vallance:

appeared on the LP:

Tina Turner: Break Every Rule (1986, Capitol)
38 Special: Strenght In Numbers (1986, A&M)

Keith Scott:

appeared on the LP:

Tina Turner: Break Every Rule (1986, Capitol)
Carly Simon: Coming Around Again (1987, Arista)
Dion: Yo Frankie! (1989, Arista)

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