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Calendar for 30.11.2021

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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Combat Skill Vol 2
(Natural Spirit / Riot Club / Kids / Issues)
& Patrik Skoog & Frank Kvitta & Seema
05.04.2004Combat Skill
2.More Than Just Hate / You Will Die In Hell / Deathwatch / Insignificant Work
& Hardtrax & Jackhamma & DJ Greg Notill & Weichentechnikk
10.05.2004Dark Force
3.I Was Made For Loving You / Samurai Pizza Cats
& Weichentechnikk & Bazz Dee
4.Beware Of Those Hamsters EP
(Hamster Butcher /Decline /Beware Of Those Hamsters With The Green Hats)
vs Weichentechnikk
5.Hard Signal #3
(Mother / Cyclus / Time Behind The Line)
& Carl Max & DJ Preach
21.03.2005Hard Signal
6.Aesthetics Of The Bomb EP
(Anathema / Snpwy World / Tryptophan / Camus)
13.06.2005Tool Terror
7.Decadent & Depraved EP
(Elire Gleichheit Kotzt Mich An / Horace / The Darkness / Who Are You)
8.What We Love / Let Me Lick Your
& Chris Highhat
15.05.2006Friendly Fire
9.Fifth Direction EP
(Burlesque / Wintertemperaturen / Bitch Clan / Love To Hate)
& Teknicity & Tomash Gee & Steve Pain
10.Bum Fight EP
(A Story About Force & Pain /Stray Dog /The Most Consequent Independance /Blingah Long)
& Weichentechnikk
26.06.2006Skull Tunes
11.Hell Bangers EP
(Unleash Hell / Beasty Boy / Creatures From Hell / Always Ultra)
& P Styles & DJ Minu Pren & Jane Ephex & Stormtrooper
02.04.2007Hell Bangers
12.Fifth Eye Open EP
(Alea Lacta Est / Deadly Combination / Only Enticer Survive / Excessive)
& Matt M Maddox & Teknicity & Salva Trucha & Aspartam & Steve
13.Superior Firepower EP
(Peace Trough / Scene Darwinism / Pedes / Werden Uniform)
& X Tension
14.04.2008Combat Skill
14.Rotten From Within EP
(Abolish Authorities / Assault 2008 / Ick Komme Auf Die Party Und Mach Stress Ohne Grund / I Hate People)
15.For A Dream EP
(Requiem For A Scene / Logical Disk / Back From Rave / Last Darkness)
& Weichentechnikk & Tyrone Love & Leo Laker & Greg Nothill
16.The Waldhaus Doctrine EP
(A Journey Through Time / Requiem For A Lifestyle / Ad Vesperum Mmix / Erz & Ich)
16.02.2009Industrial Strength
17.Darkness Apocalipse EP
(Detrimental Delusion / Burning Souls / Get With This / Hard One For You / Atila Want Smoke)
& Rob Stalker & Michael Random & Necro Dur & Zheta
10.06.2009Kill Factory
18.Wake Up / Fuck You / Get Up / Memories
& FL X
23.06.2010Cannibal Society
19.The Future Disease EP
(Fuck The System / Blood On Fire (Waldhaus Vinyl remix) / Absolute Power / Phuture Destroyer)
& Satronica & Unexist
16.07.2010Industrial Strength
20.Jason's Mask Vol 12 EP
(Freedom / Twilight / Triggerman / Triggerman (SML remix))
& Jason Little
08.06.2011Jason's Mask