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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Alliance05.06.2015The Third Movement

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Ill Skillz EP
(Carnivale / Hold Back / I Like It Loud! / Dude Where's The TV?)
& Autopsy & DJ Tugle & Dolphin
2.Neurotic Waste Sampler EP
(Sakeru / Re-Motional Turbulence / Redemption Reversed / Milk & Children / Shame On You / Dirty Handz Don't Make Melodies)
& Sunjammer & Fracture 4 & Supply Module & Mez & Headache
17.11.2008Neurotic Waste
3.Amplified Music EP
(The Infected pt1 / He Was Born / Deadly Exhumations / The Last Machine /Face It)
& DJ Hektek & The Mastery & Subversa
24.11.2008Cheeze Graterz
4.Electronic Alchemists EP
(Feed Forward Signal / Arcane Alley / Unzipped Syndrome / Pleasure Pain)
& Torsion
22.12.2008Scare Tactics
5.Battle Angel / Wicked Children / Absolute True Force / Take Me Into Your Darkness
& Hidden & Throttler & I Gor
6.Underground Soldier / The Coldest In The Gang / Straight From Coretemark
& X & Trick
7.Pirates Hiding In Sleep EP
(Carnivale / Building Warriors / My Unfortunate Dream / Everything (Jazz remix) / Pirates Hiding In Sleep / Everything (Core remix))
& Helius Zhamiq & Xanopticon & Headache & X & Trick
06.10.2009Neurotic Waste
8.Soul Awaker / Mankind Destroyer / Move Bitch / I Drop The Bomb12.11.2009Pandemonium
9.Countdown 2 Chaos EP
(Chest Painz vs Spiritual Offset / Devine / Swan Song / Ich Habe Die Macht)
& Al Twisted & Lost Origin & The Horrorist & Matt Green
03.12.2009Motormouth Recordz
10.Demonic Possession / Crisis Situation / Fuck God23.11.2011The Third Movement
11.Al Twisted Presents Motormouth XL EP
(Hard Spuitwater / Rectify / Ground Shaker / Victim In Pain)
& Detest & Tripped & Akira & Al Twisted & Sadistic
21.12.2011Motormouth Recordz
12.Great Violence / Ultimate Weapon
vs Lowroller
13.Monster / Whitewalkers / Reloaded
& N-Virtal & AK Industry & Billy S
12.09.2012The Third Movement
14.The Executioner EP
(Rude Mood / Hit The Hood / There Is No Back In The Day Shit / The Illest (Tugie remix))
20.04.2013Motormouth Recordz
15.Never Give Up EP
(Play For Blood / Lily's Theme / Killer / We Are Coming From Darkness)
& The Clamps & Splinter Cell & District7
16.The Roughest / Ruthless05.05.2015PRSPCT