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Calendar for 05.03.2021

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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Deeper Shades EP
(Hazy Shade Of Love ("Deep Sugar" mix) / Mourning Grooves / Singular / Love Is Here To Stay / As We Shine / Mind Trip / Deep En U)
2.Love Letters / Past Lives09.04.2001Simple Soul
3.Jest 4 Me24.09.2001Afterhours
4.I Gravitate 2 U / Come Back 2 Me / The Mourning After27.12.2001Aroma
5.Feel Me
& Unifunkation
6.Blow Your Mind04.03.2002Aroma
7.Take Me Higher
8.Desire / Inside Of Me22.07.2002Aroma
9.So Hi28.10.2002Planet East
10.United Beats Of Fab G (Noise (Sebastien Leger remix) /Tears (Swirl People remix) / In My Eyes (Kiko remix) / High Again (Felix Da Housecat "Thee Glitz" dub)
& Sinema & RC Groove Starring Lady D & Paul Johnson
04.11.2002Black Jack
11.No More16.12.2002Amenti Music
12.Werx Of Effection / 2 Proud 2 Beg30.12.2002Viva
13.Change Of Mind06.10.2003Planet East
14.Higher Ground
& Jay J
15.Tears08.03.2004Simple Soul
16.Different Sounds EP
(Do Me This Way / Do Me This Way (Eastappella) / Do Me This Way (Eastappella) / Do Me This Way (Saxappella) / Salmon Man / Skizzle 2 Pizzle Tha Bizzle)
& Andrew Spence & Jay Tripwire
17.Art Of Touch21.06.2004Amfibius
18.Stuck In The Middle EP
(Stuck In The Middle / Ready Guitar)
& David Penn
19.Testifi01.11.2004Uniting Souls Music
20.Misuse Of Grace / Free R We / Free (Eddie Richards Free Evil re-edit)06.12.2004Rescue
21.Feel Me13.12.2004Amenti Music
22.99 & A Half (I Cube remix)
& Phonique
23.Hope U See31.01.2005Amfibius
24.Jest 4 Me (Alexander East remake, Jay Tripwire remix, Alexander East original Story mix)14.03.2005Planet East
25.Beginning Weekend / Aqualung 2 Come01.08.2005Raum
26.99 & A Half
& Phonique
28.11.2005GU Music
27.Different Sounds Vol 2
(Living / Alexanderpella / In My Life / Two)
& Jay Tripwire
28.99 & A Half (Henry Saiz remix, I:Cube remix)
& Phonique
12.12.2005GU Music
29.The Pain
& Jake Childs
30.Inside (Jake Childs original mix, Cpen's 94 To The Floor mix, Cpen's Egyptian Be Bop mix)
& Jake Childs
31.Up All Night
& DJ Sulli
32.In The Morning
& Matthew Bandy
20.11.2006Franchise Player
33.All In Me EP
& Vernon & Da Costa
34.Believe En Me / Love U Right (Push Out The Jams mix)19.05.2008Nordic Trax
35.Simply Yes / The House We Built
& Shur I Kan
07.04.2009Lazy Days