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Calendar for 06.05.2021

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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Steppin' Out18.05.1998Warner Music
2.Feel The Fire10/2000 Warner Music
3.Wake Up09.01.2006Ariwa Sounds
4.Tony Tuff meets Earl 16 At The Dubfront: Showcase Style
& Tony Tuff
5.Cyber Roots Reggae12.12.2011Merge
6.Occupy the Session
& Noises & Adam Prescott
09.10.2012Reggae Roast
7.Walls Of The City: Showcase Vol 1
& Manasseh
& Ken Parker
22.04.2016Tamoki Wambesi

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The World Has Begun
& Heptones
12/1979 Cha Cha
2.Heads vs. Headbangers
& Drumhead & Dubversive & Spee
3.Stepping Out04.05.1998Polydor
4.Free The World27.11.2000Deep Culture
5.No Turning Back / No Turning Dub / Ing / Dub Ing
vs The Love Grocer
6.Peaceful Rastaman / Malcolm X (original cut) / Version / Original Version
& Harry J & Rockers All Stars & Errol T & The Professionals
16.09.2002Merge Productions
7.Message To All / Message To Come
feat Benjamin Zephaniah
24.05.2004Merge Productions
8.Black Man / Nyabinghi
& The Dub Revolutionaries
28.02.2005Ariwa Sounds
9.Help The Youth / Jah Before Us / Stem The Tide / Prophecy
& Abassi All Stars & Fitta Warri & Junior Kigwa
06.06.2005Deep Root
10.Reggae Ambassador / Hav Fi Mek It
& Anthony B
11.My Father's Eyes13.03.2006Rads
12.Jah Jah Love I / Love I Dub / Dub Defender
& Menelik
14.04.2008Sip A Cup
13.We Got To Make A Move / Don't Give Up
& Yeshua Dan & Brizion & Naffi I
30.06.2008Unique Sounds
14.Love Always Show / Love Is Not A Play Thing (version)
& Louie Lepke
07.07.2008Merge Productions
15.Crazy Woman15.12.2008Wambesi
16.Love Me Baby22.12.2008Wambesi
18.Song For A Reason / Lady With The Star Light12.01.2009Wambesi
19.Wish It Was Me You Love / Jamtone Underground / Dem Fighting
& Inyaki & Kenny Knots
20.International Roots / King Of Kong
& Mungo's Hi Fi
16.11.2009Dub Police
21.Fittest Of The Fittest / Ganja Yard
& Wild Life
26.04.2010Jah Solid Rock
22.Reggae Music EP
& Manasseh & Mungo's Hifi
02.06.2011Reggae Roast
23.Children Of Judah / I Lodica Version / Children Of Dub / Dub Of Judah
& Miniman
14.07.2011Hitch Hiker
24.Do You My Love / Rockers In London Dub
& Rasheda & Rockers All Star
25.All Day Long / All Day Dub / Tek A Puff / Tek A Dub
& Hatman & Ras Zacharri
26.Occupy The Session
& Reggae Roast
23.08.2012Reggae Roast
27.Jah Works EP
(Jah World (Gladiators Jah Works Riddim) / Great Moderator (dub) / Come Yah Natty Dread / Like A Lion (dub))
& Robbie V & Mike Brooks
09.11.2012Sip A Cup
28.Juicey Black / Juicey (version)
& The Producers
29.Natty Farming / Farming (version)
& The Producers
30.Our Music / Skink
& Ben & Lex
31.Love Without Feeling / Dub With Feeling
& Vin Gordon & Praise & Mannaseh
04.07.2014Merge Productions
32.Move The Barriers Riddim EP
(Move The Barrier / Dub The Barrier / Border War)
& Roberto Sanchez & Truthtown Players
16.10.2014Truth Town
& Reggae Roast
18.03.2015Reggae Roast
34.Rise & Fall / Rise (version) / Make Up Your Mind (extended)
& Alton Ellis
35.Red11.05.2015Roots Inspiration
36.Revolution Is Gonna Blow / Cultural Revolution / Mental Revolution / Dub Is Gonna Blow
& Cultural Sound Band
11.05.2015Italian Roots
37.Harvest / Reapers Dub / Crop Circle / On The Way / On The Dub
& Tozer & Mr Zebre
07.07.2015Rootical Attack
38.African Dawn / Dubwise / Back Way / Dubwise
& Rockdis All Stars & Murray Man
08.10.2015Blackboard Jungle
39.Digital Age / Digital (version)
& Dub Creator
16.11.2015Bass Culture
40.Sign of the Times / Hurachi
& Dubble
14.10.2016Dub Tunnel

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