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Albums Singles
*  1999

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Inside The Machine22.05.2000Bad Company
2.Digital Nation20.11.2000BC
3.Book Of The Bad12.11.2001Bad Company
4.Bad Taste29.11.2005System
5.Nomad / Equilibrium16.12.2016Ram

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Nine / Bridge21.01.1999Bad Company
2.The Pulse / China Cup12.07.1999Prototype
3.4 Days / Refuse / The Fear / Jellyfish (Matrix remix)26.07.1999Bad Company
4.Virus 006 EP
(Twisted / Ghostbuster / Seizure / Skin Tag)
& Optical & Ryme Tyme
5.The Fear EP
(4 Days / Refuse / The Fear / Jellyfish (Matrix remix))
25.10.1999Bad Company
6.Digital Nation Album Sampler
(Flashback / Spacewalk)
14.08.2000Bad Company
7.Coma / Spraycan02.10.2000DSCI4
8.The Fear EP
(4 Days / Refuse / The Fear / Jellyfish (Matrix remix))
23.10.2000Bad Company
9.The Nine / Dogfight30.04.2001Bad Company
10.Planet Dust / Speedball07.05.2001Prototype
11.The Pulse / China Cup
12.Book Of The Bad Volume One EP
(The Voice / Numbers / Spider / Believe)
11.06.2001Bad Company
13.Inside The Machine Album Sampler (4 Days (Moving Fusion remix) / Hunted)
30.07.2001Bad Company
14.Book Of The Bad Volume Two
(Dogs On The Moon / Grunge 2 (Britneey Speers edit) / Ladies Of Spain / The Running Man)
06.08.2001Bad Company
15.Drum & Bass Arena Sampler10.09.2001React
16.Book Of The Bad Volume Three EP
(Mindgames/Rodeo/Miami Flashback/Story Teller)
05.11.2001Bad Company
17.Spacehopper / Tonight25.02.2002Ram56
18.Rush Hour / Rush Hour Special / Blind (Tinted edit)22.04.2002Bad Company59
19.Mutated For 200X (Mutated (version X) / Sandstorm (Sunrise) / U-Boat / Chain Of Thought)
& Fresh & Trace & Vegas
24.06.2002Breakbeat Punk
20.Planet Dust / Speedball
21.The Pulse / China Cup
22.The Nine / Dogfight
28.10.2002Bad Company
23.The Edge Of Human EP
(Cargo / Tempest / Nectarine / Savannah)
& Skynet & DJ Red
24.Mo' Fire
& Rawhill Cru
25.Grunge 3 / Mass Hysteria (Hive remix)16.06.2003Human
26.Planet Dust / Speedball
27.The Pulse / China Cup
28.Bullet Time / Womb / Street Walker / Stay Tuned24.11.2003BC
29.Tuning Beats 2003 / 4 (Sampler) (Militarik / There Is No Back / Title Unknown / Cactus Rhythm (Stunned Guys remix))
& Plexus & Zygomatik & Stereophonia
08.12.2003DB Sounds
30.Half Life / Passin' Dreams
& Verse