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Dunfermline, Scotland, GB
*  1981

Line-Up (2013):


Mike Peters - voc,g
Bruce Watson - g
Jamie Watson - g
Derek Forbes - bg
Mark Brzezicki - ds

Former Members:

Stuart Adamson (voc,g, 1981-6/00)
Peter Wishart (bg, 1981-82); Alan Wishart (bg, 1981-82); Tony Butler (bg, 4-9/82, 2/83-6/00, 11/10-10/12)
Colin Berwick (kb, cca 1993)
Clive Parker (ds, 1981-82); Mark Brzezicki (ds, 1982-2/90); Pat Ahern (ds, 2/90-cca 1991); Simon Phillips (ds, cca 1993)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Crossing
produced by: Steve Lillywhite
29.07.1983Mercury3 18
2.Kings Of Emotion1984 Reprise
produced by: Steve Lillywhite
19.10.1984Mercury1 70
4.The Seer
produced by: Robin Millar
23.06.1986Mercury2 59
5.Peace In Our Time
produced by: Big Country/Ina Wolf/Peter Wolf
9/1988 Mercury9 160
6.Through A Big Country - Greatest Hits5/1990 Mercury2
7.No Place Like Home
produced by: Big Country/Pat Moran
9/1991 Vertigo28
8.The Buffalo Skinners
produced by: Big Country
9.The Collection 1982-198826.07.1993Connoisseur Collection
10.The Best Of Big Country22.02.1994Mercury
11.Without The Aid Of A Safety Net6/1994 Compulsion35
13.The Radio 1 Sessions
produced by: John Porter/John Williams
8/1994 Nighttracks
14.Big Country8/1994 Legends In Music
15.Why The Long Face
produced by: Big Country/Chris Sheldon
16.In A Big Country14.08.1995Spectrum
17.BBC Live In Concert10/1995 Windsong
18.A Bunch Of Reissued Shit25.03.1996Mercury
20.King Biscuit Flower Hour25.03.1997Flower Hour
21.Brighton Rock22.09.1997Snapper/edel
22.Restless Natives & Rarities01.06.1998Mercury
23.Kings of Emotion: A Diverse Collection23.06.1998Recall
24.The Greatest Hits Live22.09.1998Disky
25.Driving To Damascus
produced by: Rafe McKenna
26.The Nashville Album2000 Track
27.Going Out Screaming
produced by: Rafe McKenna
28.Come Up Screaming
produced by: Rafe McKenna
29.Classic Big Country2001 Mercury
30.20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Big Country10.04.2001Chronicles
produced by: Big Country/Steve Lillywhite
32.Rarities II15.05.2001Track
33.One In A Million (acoustic)24.07.2001Big Country Country
35.Live In Cologne09.04.2002Cleopatra
36.The Greatest 12" Hits09.04.2002Big Country
37.Bon Apetit / The Web Album30.04.2002Cleopatra
38.The Greatest Hits Of Big Country And The Skids - The Best Of Stuart Adamson
& The Skids
39.John Wayne's Dream24.09.2002Track
40.Singles Collection Vol. 1 - The Mercury Tears '83-'8405.11.2002Track
41.Singles Collection, Vol. 218.03.2003Track
42.Rarities III18.03.2003Track
43.From The Front Row... Live!20.05.2003Silverline
44.Singles, Vol. 3 '88-'9301.07.2003Track
45.Singles Collection, Vol. 4 '91-'0023.09.2003Track
46.Collection28.10.2003Spectrum Music
48.Rarities IV30.03.2004Track
49.Rarities V30.03.2004Track
50.Rarities VI14.09.2004Track
51.Twenty Five Live2007 Track
52.Fields Of Fire - The Ultimate Collection4/2011 Mercury77
53.Dreams Stay with You [Edinburgh Picture House, 21/04/11]29.11.2011
54.Live in New York City 198626.06.2012Immortal
55.In A Broken Promise Land09.04.2013Cherry Red
56.The Journey15.04.2013Cherry Red68
57.At the BBC: The Best of the BBC Recordings29.07.2013Mercury
58.80's Interview Picture Disc18.11.2014JDC
59.Five Classic Albums26.08.2016Spectrum Music

Tony Butler:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Great Unknown8/1997 Great West

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Harvest Home / Balcony
12" + Flag Of Nations (Swimming)
2.Fields Of Fire / Angle Park
7" + Harvest Home
18.02.1983Mercury7 52
3.In A Big Country / All Of Us
12" + Heart And Soul
20.05.1983Mercury12 17
4.Chance / Tracks Of My Tears (live)8/1983 Mercury7
5.Wonderland / Giant
7" + Lost Patrol (live)
produced by: Steve Lillywhite
13.01.1984Mercury6 86
6.Wonderland EP
(Wonderland / Angle Park / The Crossing / All Fall Together)
4/1984 Mercury 65
7.East Of Eden / Prairie Rose
produced by: Steve Lillywhite
8.Where The Rose Is Sown? / Belief In The Small Men
7" Wonderland / In A Big Country / Auld Lang Syne (all live)
12" + Bass Dance
9.Just A Shadow / Winter Sky1/1985 Mercury22
10.Look Away / Restless Natives
7" Margo's Theme / Highland Scenery
4/1986 Mercury5
11.The Teacher / Home Come The Angels
12" + Restless Natives (Part 2)
6/1986 Mercury21
12.One Great Thing / Song Of The Youth
7" Wonderland (live) / Chance (live)
12" + Look Away (outlaw mix)
MC + In A Big Country (pure mix) / Fields Of Fire (live)
9/1986 Mercury15
13.Hold The Heart / Honky Tonk Woman (live)11/1986 Mercury55
14.King Of Emotion / The Travellers
12" + Starred & Crossed
MC + On The Shore
CD + Not Waving But Drowning
8/1988 Mercury8
15.King Of Emotion / In A Big Country10/1988 Reprise
16.Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys) / Soapy Soutar Strikes Back
12" + When A Drum Beats / On The Shore
CD1 + When A Drum Beats / Made In Heaven
CD2 + Wonderland
10/1988 Mercury47
17.Peace In Our Time / Promised Land
12" + The Longest Day / Over The Border
12" + In A Big Country (live) / Chance (live)
CD + The Longest Day / Chance
1/1989 Mercury39
18.Save Me / Pass Me By
12" + Wonderland / 1,000 Yard Stare / Dead On Arrival (all live)
CD + World On Fire
4/1990 Mercury41
19.Heart Of The World / Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys
12" + Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys) / Peace In Our Time
CD + Restless Natives
7/1990 Mercury50
20.0. Republican Party Reptile / Comes A Time / You, Me And The Truth
CD + Freedom Song / Kiss The Girl Goodbye / I'm Only Waiting
8/1991 Vertigo37
21.Beautiful People / Return Of The Two Headed King
12" + Fly Like An Eagle
CD + Rockin' In The Free World
10/1991 Vertigo12
22.Alone / Never Take Your Place
12" + Winter Sky / Look Away
CD + Chance / Rockin' In The Free World / Eastworld
23.Ships (Where Were You) / Oh Well
12",CD1 + (Don't Fear) The Reaper / Woodstock
CD2 + The Buffalo Skinners / Cracked Actor / Paranoid
24.One I Love13.09.1993RCA
25.I'm Not Ashamed / One In A Million / Monday Tuesday Girl
I'm Not Ashamed / Crazy Times / In A Big Country / Blue
On A Green Planet22.05.1995Transatlantic
26.You Dreamer / Eighteen / Vicious / On The Road Again
You Dreamer / Ice Cream Smile / Magic In Your Eyes / Bianca
12" + Hardly a Mountain / Golden Boy Loves Golden Girl / Can You Feel The Winter
produced by: Chris Sheldon
7/1995 Castle68
27.Non! (Stop The Tests)
(Post Nuclear Talking Blues / Blue On A Green Planet / God's Great Mistake / All Go Together)
28.Stay Alive In A Big Country
& Mr Blank
29.Fragile Thing / Dust On The Road / Camp Smedley's Theme
& Eddi Reader
30.See You / Perfect World10/1999 Track
31.Somebody Else5/2000
32.Fragile Thing / I Get Hurt / John Wayne Dreams
produced by: Rafe McKenna
33.In A Big Country (Noel Sanger remix)28.04.2003RR 1000
34.Another Country8/2011 Track


1. Through A Big Country - 1990, Channel 5
2. Final Fling - 6/2002, Classic Pictures

WWW Links:


reunited 11/2010

Compilation Appearances:

"All Fall Together" on British Deaf Association charity LP "Sometimes A Great Notion" (29.10.84, Swing The Cat)

Tony Butler:

1997 own label "Great West"

appeared on the LP:

The Pretenders: Learning To Crawl (13.1.84, Real)

Mark Brzezicki:

appeared on the LP:

Joan Armatrading: The Shouting Stage (7/88, A&M)
Fish: Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors (2/90, EMI)
Midge Ure: Pure (9/91, Arista)
Tiffany: Pieces Of Me (10/18)

Pat Ahern:

appeared on the LP:

Howard Devoto: Jerky Versions Of The Dream (8/83, Virgin)

Stuart Adamson:

appeared on the LP:

Frida: Shine (8.10.84, Epic)

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