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B Stevie

Albums Discography:

B Stevie (photo)
#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.City Jungle1980
2.Party Your Body1988 78
3.In My Eyes2/1989 LMR 75
4.Love & Emotion7/1990 LMR 54
5.D.J. Power Trax 31991
7.Dream About You28.02.1995Essential Media Mod
8.Funky Melody07.08.1995edel
9.Waitin' For Your Love17.06.1996C.M.E./IRS
12.The Best of Megadance Classics02.03.1998
13.Summer Nights25.05.1998Zyx
14.Right Here Right Now16.02.1999
15.Freestyle: Then & Now02.03.1999
16.It's So Good01.05.2000A45 Music/edel
17.The Greatest Hits09.10.2001Empire
18.Greatest Hits03.08.2004V.I. Music
19.Greatest Hits, Vol. 212.10.2004V.I. Music
20.Greatest Hits, Vol. 1-230.11.2004SPG
21.The Hit Collection12.07.2005ZYX Music
22.This Time13.06.2006SPG
23.Freestyle Ballads08.07.2008IMV/Blueline
24.Spring Love: Greatest Hits14.10.2008Cleopatra
26.Best of Stevie B: Mega Dance Classic / Love Songs15.05.2012Thump
27.Remix Collection26.08.2016Essential Media Group
28.Promise to Share26.08.2016Essential Media Mod

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Dreamin' Of Love4/1988 80
2.Spring Love (Come Back To Me)7/1988 LMR 43
3.I Wanna Be The One1/1989 LMR 32
4.In My Eyes5/1989 LMR 37
5.Girl I'm Searching For You9/1989 56
6.Love Me For Life1/1990 LMR 29
7.Love and Emotion6/1990 LMR/RCA 15
8.The Stevie B. Megamix7/1990
9.Because I Love (The Postman Song)9/1990 LMR/RCA4 1
10.I'll Be By Your Side1/1991 LMR/RCA 12
11.Forever More10/1991 96
12.Dream About You / Funky Melody2/1995 Emporia West 29
13.Summer Nights13.04.1998Zyx
14.Megamix Vol. 206.07.1998Zyx
15.Dream Girl
16.If You Leave Me Now16.02.1999
17.You Are The One17.04.2000A45/edel
18.Megafreestylemix / Young Girl31.07.2000A45/edel
19.I Need You Running Back16.10.2000Sony Music
20.The Experience EP
(Be Careful / The Bottom Line)
& Pete Stafford
14.05.2001white label
21.You & Me / Make The Miracle / I Want U / Party Jam
& Project Bass
22.Just One Kiss / The Music's Pumpin / Free Your Mind / Break It Down
& Project Bass
23.I'm Gonna Get Ya21.02.2005Stompin'
24.Dream 2 Me28.03.2005Youth Club
25.Hard Floor / Burn
& Klubfiller
07.08.2006Tuff Traxx
26.Boy Toy29.04.2009Macola Classics
27.The Link Up EP
(Get So Blue / Phoenix Rising / Ohh Baby / When I See You)
& Doug Gomez