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Calendar for 05.03.2021

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B John

Personal Data:

Born: (as John B. Williams)
B John (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Visions02.03.1998New Identity
3.Catalyst - Reprocessed24.07.2000Beta
4.Future Reference30.07.2001Beta
5.Great Wall
& Solarstone & Patient Saints & John B & Libby Picken & Nugen
6.In Transit21.06.2004Beta
8.Light Speed23.02.2012Beta
9.Lava / Lie to Me15.04.2016Metalheadz

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Fermat's Theorem / Sight Beyond13.01.1997New Identity
2.Slamfunk / Undertow28.04.1997Formation
3.Visions - Album Sampler16.02.1998New Identity
4.Fermat's Theorem / Sight Beyond
30.03.1998New Identity
5.Brazil: Slip Stream / Salsa11.05.1998Formation
6.Hi Band / Crystal Wind
& Vortex
14.09.1998Hard Beats
7.Pressure / Travelogue (remix)21.09.1998Formation
8.Pressure (remix) / Sheep Dip14.06.1999Formation
9.We Like The Music / Heat Seeker14.06.1999Beta
10.Pathfinder / Krisptron13.09.1999Shoebox
11.Catalyst Album Sampler 1: Double J (12" mix v1.2) / Prowler
& MC Justiyc
12.Catalyst Album Sampler 2: Double J (12" mix v1.3) / Live Dangerously)
& MC Justiyc
13.Double J (club mix)03.04.2000Beta
14.War Cry (remix) / Make The Moment24.04.2000Beta
15.Hydrolysis / Xylem12.06.2000New Identity
16.Bonjour Mes Amis / Acid Clamp21.08.2000Shoebox
17.Translocation / Move Your Body21.08.2000Shoebox
18.Hold It Down / The Way I Feel30.10.2000Creative Source
19.The Gate / Music For Lost Cities07.05.2001Beta
20.Up All Night / Take Control25.06.2001Metalheadz82
21.Future Reference Album Sampler EP
(Forever / Run Out Of Time / Show Me The Way)
22.It's So Real / No-One Like You13.08.2001Tangent
23.The Sky's The Limit / Move Your Body (remix)
credited to: JB Williams
24.Pressure / Travelogue
25.Brazil / Sight Beyond
26.Soulful Behaviour (Part 3) (So Liquid / Half Now Half Later)
& Carlito
27.Future References Remixed Version 1 EP
(When I'm Close 2 U (remix) / 5 Times In One Night / Forever ("Hard" 12" mix) / Run Out Of Time ("Epic" mix))
28.Up All Night (remix) / Diversify (remix)10.06.2002Metalheadz58
29.Up All Night / Take Control
30.Mirror Of Thought
& Natalie Warren
31.American Girls / Electronic / Blue Eyeshadow16.12.2002Nu Electro
32.Celebrity / Blue Eyeshadow30.12.2002Subtype
33.DJ SS Presents Jazz & Bass Session IV (Part One) (Funktion / Vintage / Discotech / Summertime)
& DJ SS & Influx Datum & Zen
06.01.2003New Identity
34.Rinse It Out Propa12/2003 white label
35.Blandwagon Poos08.12.2003white label
36.Pressure 2004 / Sight Beyond 200401.03.2004Formation
37.In Transit / Amnesia (Album Sampler)17.05.2004Beta
38.Boom Blast
& Breakfastaz & Freestylers & Million Dan
15.11.2004Against The Grain
39.Boom Blast / Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz remix)
& Breakfastaz & Freestylers & Million Dan
31.01.2005Against The Grain75
40.Broken Language / The Forever Endevour
& Exile
31.01.2005Planet Mu
41.New Shit / Closer (remix)04.04.2005Rock God
42.On A Mission / Watch The Smoke Rise
& Hydra Breaks
05.09.2005Nu Electro
43.Remember Tonight / Falling (John B 2005 Remix)
44.Ass N Titties / Whoomp! (Electropunkdrumnbass remix)17.04.2006
45.I've Been Stalking You On Myspace10.07.2006Beta
46.Mr Freud / Red Sky11.02.2008Beta
47.When The Time Comes / Dancing In The Dark11.08.2008Beta
48.Red Sky (Subsonik & Smooth remix, original DNB mix)
feat Shaz Sparks
49.Up All Night / Take Control07.03.2011Metalheadz
50.Red Sky (John B dubstep mix, Rebel Sonix edit)
feat Shaz Sparks
51.All Night / Elevator Music
& Jack Beats
12.04.2011Cheap Thrills
52.Brostepwagon Poos / Blandwagon Poos (aka Brokebackstep Poos)25.06.2011Beta
53.Robot Lover09.02.2012Beta
54.Light Speed Remixed Part 1 EP
(Heroes (Rido remix) / Robot Lovers (Logistics remix))

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