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ABER Shlomi

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.State Of No One08.10.2007Renaissance
2.Chicago Days Detroit Nights24.09.2010Ovum
3.Live From Sankeys Ibiza
09.07.2013Be as One
4.Slack Tide26.11.2013Ovum
& Guti
04.02.2014Be As One Imprint
6.Zipperwork / Clones in My Backroom14.04.2015Be As One Imprint
7.15 Years Nordstern21.08.2015Be as One

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Inspiration / Something New11.09.2006Alternative Route
2.Sea Of Sand / After Love
& Guy Gerber
3.Tel Aviv Garden27.11.2006Audio Therapy
4.Crop Duster
presents Bao
feat Lemon
& Itamar Sagi
17.09.2007Toolroom Trax
8.Diosa EP
(Diosa / Sekur)
05.11.2007Be As One
9.Tokyo Shanghai / Quivery21.04.2008Ovum
10.In Theory Yes / Efrat02.06.2008Be As One
11.State Of No One (Shlomi Aber remix, Shlomi's Chunky dub)20.10.2008Renaissance
12.Namgo / Black Title21.01.2009Be As One
13.Sketches EP
& Kenny Larkin
17.06.2009Be As One
14.Create Balance / The Drunk'd Programmer06.02.2010R&S
15.Slow Dancer / Groove Mechanism04.03.2010Ovum
16.Chicago Days / Detroit Nights EP
(Basic Roots / Taped & Gorgeous / Tap Order / Black Funk Hi)
17.The Majestic / Glooming04.01.2011Objektivity
18.After Touch
& DJ Sneak
23.03.2011Be As One
19.Double Pak Vol 77 EP
(Tokyo Shanghai / Quivery / Femme Fatale / Femme Fatale (Ripperton remix))
& Steve Lawler
05.08.2011Double Pak
20.Coconuts / Who Said That24.08.2011Be As One
21.In Dancetrippin / Faced U15.02.2012Be As One
22.Rough Steps / Golly Moses / Overture / Greys27.06.2012Desolat
23.Foolish Games / Lines In The Sand05.12.2012Be As One
24.The Doppler / Limited By You27.03.2013Be As One
25.Slack Tide EP
(Slack Tide / Warehouse)
26.Blossom EP
(Blossom / Outlaws)
& Guti
15.01.2014Be As One
27.OD / Helter Skelter EP
(Od / Helter Skelter)
29.10.2014Be As One
28.John Digweed Live In Toronto Vinyl 2/4 EP
(Tel Aviv Garden (Nic Fanciulli remix) / Faith (Einmusik remix) / Donna)
& Miss Melera & Odessa
29.Zipperwork / Clones In My Backroom11.03.2015Be As One
30.Takeover / Street Works23.09.2015Nonplus
31.48V / Shaded in Mars30.10.2015Be as One
32.Warfare / Conexion / Thrived Under24.06.2016Be as One
33.Paradox / Monday Paranoia14.10.2016Be As One