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London, GB
*  1964

Line-Up (2022):

WHO (photo)

Roger Daltrey - voc,g
Pete Townshend - g
Simon Townshend - g,voc
Jon Button - kb
Zak Starkey - ds
Loren Gold - kb,voc
Emily Marshall - kb
Billy Nicholls - voc
Katie Jacoby - viol
Audrey Snyder - cello

Former Members:

John Entwistle (bg, 11/64-12/83, 1989-?, 4/00-6/02); John Browne (bg); Pino Palladino (bg, 7/02-cca 4/13)
John "Rabbit" Bundrick (kb, cca 5/79 g.a., cca 1981, cca 6/00-cca 6/06); John Corey (kb, cca 4/13); Frank Simes (kb,voc, cca 4/13)
Keith Moon (ds, 1964-9/78); Kenny Jones (ds, 1/79-12/83); Simon Phillips (ds, 1989-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.My Generation03.12.1965Brunswick5
2.A Quick One
(in the USA "Happy Jack")
10.12.1966Reaction4 67
3.Sell Out
21.11.1967Track13 48
4.Magic Bus
(in the USA)
10/1968 Decca 39
5.Direct Hits11/1968 Track
23.05.1969Track2 4
7.Who Live At Leeds
16.05.1970Track3 4
& Jimi Hendrix
5/1970 Track
& Jimi Hendrix
5/1970 Track
10.Who Did It1971 Track
11.Who's Next28.07.1971Track1 4
12.Meaty, Beaty, Big And Bouncy11/1971 Track9 11
13.Greatest Rock Sensation1972
14.The Very Best Of The Who1973
produced by: Pete Townshend
16.11.1973Track2 2
16.Perfect Collection1974
17.Golden Double Album1974 2LP
18.Odds & Sods04.10.1974Track10 8
produced by: Pete Townshend/Ken Russell
14.03.1975Polydor37 2
20.The Who By Numbers
produced by: Glyn Johns
03.10.1975Polydor7 8
21.The Best Of The Last Ten Years11/1975 Polydor
23.The Story Of The Who
24.Who Are You8/1978 Polydor6 2
25.The Kids Are Alright
(Polydor+live 2LP)
22.06.197926 8
14.09.1979Polydor23 46
27.My Generation10/1980 Polydor20
28.Concert For The People Of Kampuchea1981
29.Face Dances23.03.1981Polydor2 3
10/1981 MCA 52
32.The Farewell Tour1982
33.It's Hard03.09.1982Polydor11 7
34.Who's Greatest Hits5/1983 MCA 94
35.Rarities Vol. 1 (1966-68)8/1983 Track
36.Rarities Vol. 2 (1970-73)10/1983 Track
37.Who's Last
05.11.1984MCA48 81
38.The Singles11/1984 Polydor
39.The Best Of The Sixties8/1985 Karusel Gold
40.The Who Collection
10/1985 Impression44
41.Who's Missing12/1985 Polydor 116
42.Greatest Hits4/1986 Arcade
43.Who's Better Who's Best3/1988 Polydor10
44.Join Together
3/1990 Virgin59 188
45.30 Years Maximum R&B
5/1994 Polydor48 170
46.My Generation - The Very Best Of The Who8/1996 Polydor11
47.Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970
29.10.1996Castle Communications56 194
48.20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of The Who06.04.1999MCA
49.Live At The BBC21.09.1999MCA24
50.BBC Sessions2/2000 24 101
51.Live: Tinley Park, Illinois, August 24, 20022002 All The Music
52.The Ultimate Collection
11.06.2002MCA17 31
53.My Generation Deluxe Edition
54.Live At The Royal Albert Hall
55.Then And Now! 1964-2004
(12SP box set)
30.03.2004Geffen5 57
56.Put Downs and Send-Ups Tour13.04.2004Acadia
57.Collection01.06.2004Griffin Music
58.Who's Greatest Hits23.11.2004MCA International
59.Who Sings My Generation26.07.2005Sony International
60.Endless Wire30.10.2006Polydor9 7
61.Special Box Set
(box set)
62.Then And Now! 1964-2007: 20 Greatest Hits11.06.2007Polydor9
63.Greatest Hits22.12.2009Geffen 56
64.The Who: Greatest Hits & More
65.Greatest Hits Live23.03.2010Geffen
66.Live At Leeds12.11.20104CD
68.Quadrophenia: The Director’s Cut
(box set)
69.Pinball Wizards: The Collection05.06.2012Spectrum Music
70.The Ultimate Collection26.06.2012Universal
71.Live at Budokan03.07.2012Universal
72.Live in Texas 197509.10.2012Eagle Rock
73.Live at Hull 197006.11.2012Geffen68
74.Opus Collection11/2012 161
75.Endless Fire29.01.2013Access All Areas
76.Sensation: The Story of Tommy11.03.2014Eagle Rock
77.Live: Noblesville In 8/25/0229.04.2014All The Music
78.Live: Detroit Mi 8/23/0129.04.2014All The Music
79.Live: Toronto On CA 9/28/0229.04.2014All The Music
80.Live: Dallas TX 9/21/0229.04.2014All The Music
81.Live: Irvine CA 9/15/0229.04.2014All The Music
82.Live: New York NY 8/4/0229.04.2014All The Music
83.Live: New York NY 8/3/0229.04.2014All The Music
84.Live: Homdel NJ 8/30/0229.04.2014All The Music
85.Live: Chicago Il 9/23/0229.04.2014All The Music
86.Live: Denver CO 9/19/0229.04.2014All The Music
87.Live: St Paul MN 9/24/0229.04.2014All The Music
88.Live: Los Angeles CA 9/17/0229.04.2014All The Music
89.Live: Hershey Pa 7/29/0229.04.2014All The Music
90.Live: Mansfield Ma 9/27/0229.04.2014All The Music
91.Live: Las Vegas NV 9/14/0229.04.2014All The Music
92.Live: Mt View CA 7/3/0229.04.2014All The Music
93.Live: Wantagh NY 8/31/0229.04.2014All The Music
94.Live: Columbus Oh 8/28/0229.04.2014All The Music
95.Live: Detroit Mi 8/23/0229.04.2014All The Music
96.Live: Camden NJ 7/27/0229.04.2014All The Music
97.Quadrophenia - Live In London10.06.2014UMC28 118
98.DVD Collector's Box08.07.2014Chrome Dreams
99.Quadrophenia: Live & More12.08.2014
100.Be Lucky07.10.2014Geffen
101.The Who Hits 50!27.10.2014Polydor11 93
102.The Brunswick Singles 1965-1966: Volume 1
(8x7" box set)
103.Live at Shea Stadium, 198230.06.2015Eagle Rock
104.The Reaction Singles 1966: Volume 2
(5x7" box set)
105.The Track Singles 1967-1973
(15x7" box set)
106.Live In Hyde Park20.11.2015Eagle
107.Vol. 4: The Polydor Singles 1975-201506.05.2016Polydor
108.Legal Matter08.07.2016
110.Live At Isle Of Wight 2004 Festival6/2017 Eagle Rock
111.Tommy - Live At The Royal Albert Hall10/2017 Eagle
112.Live At The Fillmore East 19684/2018 Polydor15
113.Who06.12.2019Polydor3 2
114.Essential10/2020 Spectrum Music49

Keith Moon:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Like A Rat In The Works
credited to: nebo ... Up A Pipe?
2.Two Sides Of The Moon
featuring: Ringo Starr, Nilsson, John Sebastian, Joe Walsh, Flo & Eddie, Spencer Davis, Klaus Voorman, Jim Keltner, Bobby Keys, Jo Jo Gunne, Fanny, Jim Gilstrap

John Entwistle:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Ox11/1970 Track
2.Smash Your Head Against The Wall5/1971 Track
3.Whistle Rymes23.12.1972Track
4.Too Late The Hero20.11.1981WEA 71
5.The Rock06.07.1998Repertoire/edel
6.Left For Live12.11.2002Koch International
7.So Who's the Bass Player: The Ox Anthology22.03.2005Sanctuary
8.Mad Dog07.02.2006Sanctuary
9.Edge of the World
& Glenn Tipton & Cozy Powell

Simon Phillips:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.Another Lifetime10/1997 Lipstick
3.Out Of The Blue1999
4.Vantage Point
& Jeff Babko
5/2000 Alex Merck Music
5.Protocol, Vol. 207.10.2014Inakustiks
6.Protocol III30.10.2015Inakustiks

Simon Townshend:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Sweet Sound11/1983 Polydor 169
2.Moving Target1985
3.Looking Out Looking In06.11.2012Eagle

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Can't Explain / Bald Headed Woman
produced by: Shel Talmy
15.01.1965Brunswick8 93
2.Anyway Anyhow Anywhere / Daddy Rolling Stone21.05.1965Brunswick10
3.Anyway Anyhow Anywhere / Anytime You Want Me
(v USA)
6/1965 Decca
4.My Generation / Short And Skinny29.10.1965Brunswick2
5.My Generation / Out In The Street11/1965 Decca 74
6.Substitute / Instant Party04.03.1966Reaction5
7.A Legal Matter / Instant Party07.03.1966Brunswick32
8.Substitute / Waltz For A Pig14.03.1966Reaction
9.The Kids Are Alright / The Ox19.08.1966Brunswick41
10.The Kids Are Alright / A Legal Matter8/1966 Decca 106
11.I'm A Boy / In The City
produced by: Kit Lambert
12.The Good's Gone / La-La-La Lies11/1966 Brunswick
13.Ready Steady Who EP
(Circles / Disguises / Batman / Bucket "T" / Barbara Ann)
11/1966 Reaction
14.Happy Jack / I've Been Away03.12.1966Reaction3
15.Happy Jack / Whiskey Man3/1967 Decca 24
16.Pictures Of Lily / Doctor Doctor
produced by: Kit Lambert
22.04.1967Track3 51
17.The Last Time / Under My Thumb7/1967 Track44
18.I Can See For Miles / Mary Ann With The Shaky Hands9/1967 Decca 9
19.I Can See For Miles / Someone's Coming14.10.1967Track9
20.Call Me Lightning / Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide3/1968 Decca 40
21.Dogs / Call Me Lightning7/1968 Track25
22.Magic Bus / Someone's Coming7/1968 Decca 25
23.Magic Bus / Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide10/1968 Track26
24.Pinball Wizard / Dogs (part 2)07.03.1969Track4 5
25.I'm Free / We're Not Gonna Take It7/1969 Decca 37
26.The Seeker / Here For More21.03.1970Track19 44
27.Summertime Blues (live) / Here For More6/1970 Decca 27
28.Summertime Blues (live) / Heaven And Hell7/1970 Track38
29.See Me, Feel Me / We're Not Gonna Take It / Overture From Tommy9/1970 Track 12
30.Tommy EP
(See Me, Feel Me / I'm Free / Christmas / Overture From Tommy)
11/1970 Track
31.Won't Get Fooled Again / I Don't Even Know Myself25.06.1971Track9 10
32.Let's See Action / When I Was A Boy10/1971 Track16
33.Behind Blue Eyes / My Wife10/1971 Decca 34
34.Join Together / Baby Don't You Do It17.06.1972Track9 17
35.Relay / Waspman16.12.1972Track19 39
36.5.15 / Water28.09.1973Track20
37.5.15 / Love Reign O'er Me10/1973 Track 76
38.Love Reign O'er Me / Water11/1973 MCA
39.The Real Me / I'm One1/1974 MCA 92
40.Postcard / Put The Money Down11/1974 Track
41.Squeeze Box / Success Story
produced by: Glyn Johns
09.01.1976Polydor8 10
42.Slip Kid / Dreaming From The Waist
(v USA)
8/1976 MCA
43.Substitute / Pictures Of Lily / I'm A Boy
produced by: Who
44.Who Are You / Had Enough14.07.1978Polydor14 9
45.Trick Of The Light / 50912/1978 MCA 107
46.Long Live Rock / I'm The Face / My Wife4/1979 Polydor48 54
47.I'm One / 5:1505.10.1979Polydor 45
48.You Better You Bet / The Quiet One27.02.1981Polydor6 10
49.Don't Let Go The Coat / You01.05.1981Polydor16 84
50.Athena / It's Your Turn8/1982 Warner Bros 28
51.Athena / A Man Is A Man
12" + Won't Get Fooled Again
52.Eminence Front / One At A Time12/1982 Warner Bros 68
53.It's Hard / Dangerous
(v USA)
2/1983 Warner Bros
54.Ready Steady Who EP
(Circles / Disguises / Batman / Bucket "T" / Barbara Ann)
11/1983 Reaction/Polydor58
55.Twist And Shout / I Can't Explain05.11.1984MCA87
56.My Generation / Substitute
12",CD + Baba O'Riley / Behind Blue Eyes
2/1988 Polydor68
57.Won't Get Fooled Again / Boney Moronie (live)
12",CD + Dancing In The Street (live) / Mary Ann With The Shaky Hand
6/1988 Polydor91
58.Join Together (live) / I Can See For Miles
12",CD + Behind Blue Eyes / Christmas
3/1990 Virgin100
59.My Generation08.07.1996Polydor31
60.Wire & Glass: Six Songs From A Mini-Opera EP
(Sound Round / Pick Up The Peace / Endless Wire / We Got A Hit / They Made My Dreams Come True / Mirror Door)
61.Baba O'Riley / Saxtrax
62.Disco Exotique Vol 1
(Emminence Front (extended mix) / Spies (edit) / Dirty Talk (1983 Warehouse edit) / Bad Times (instrumental edit) / Diamond Girl (edit))
& Roni Griffiths & MBO & Captain Rapp & NNW
27.11.2006Disco Exotique
63.Baba O'Riley8/2012 Polydor55
64.Be Lucky21.08.2015
65.You Gonna Dream
feat. Byron Stingily
66.I Can't Explain21.10.2016Geffen
67.Anyway Anyhow Anywhere04.11.2016Geffen
68.All This Music Must Fade2019
69.Ball And Chain9/2019
70.I Don't Wanna Get Wise22.11.2019
71.A Quick Live One: Live At The Monterey International Pop Festival EP10/2020 181

Keith Moon:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Don't Worry Baby / Together02.05.1975Polydor
2.Don't Worry Baby / Teenage Idol
(v USA)
5/1975 MCA
3.Move Over Ms. L. / Solid Gold
(v USA)
7/1975 MCA
4.Crazy Like A Fox / In My Life9/1975 MCA

John Entwistle:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Believe In Everything / My Size02.04.1971Track
2.Too Late The Hero / Comin' Back9/1981 Atco 101
3.Talk Dirty
(v USA)
12/1981 Atco

Kenny Jones:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Ready Or Not27.09.1974GM

Simon Townshend:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Turn It On05.03.1976Warner Bros


1. The Who Rocks America
2. The Kids Are Alright - ?, directed by Jeff Stein
3. Who's Better, Who's Best
4. 30 Years Of Maximum R&B Live - 8/1994, PolyGram, live, 153 min
5. The Who Live At The Isle Of White - 6/1996, Warner Vision, live
6. The Who & Special Guests, Live at the Royal Albert Hall - 25.09.2001, Direct Video, live
7. Live In Boston - 17.08.2004, Rhino/Warner Vision, live, 120 min
8. Tommy And Quadrophenia Live With Special Guests - 12/2005, Warner Music, 3DVD, 420 min
9. Live from Toronto - 11.07.2006, Immortal, live
10. Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who - 06.11.2007, Universal Studios Home Entertainment
11. Amazing Journey: Six Quick Ones - 06.11.2007, Universal Studios Home Entertainment
12. The Who: At Kilburn 1977 - 18.11.2008, Sony Music, live 2DVD


1. 200 Motels (4/1972, starring Keith Moon, directed by Tony Palmer & Frank Zappa)
2. That'll Be The Day (3/1973, starring Keith Moon, directed by Claude Whatham)
3. Stardust (9/1974, starring Keith Moon)
4. Roadies
5. Tommy (26.3.1975, directed by Ken Russell)
6. Sextette (1977, starring Keith Moon)
7. The Kids Are Alright (6/1979)
8. Quadrophenia (8/1979)


Chris Charlesworth: The Who: The Illustrated Biography (7/1982, Omnibus Press)
Jioí Eerný: Hvězdy tehdejších hitparád (1989)
Richard Barnes: The Who - Maximum R'n'B (1991)
Pete Townshend: The Age Of Anxiety (5.11.2019, Hachette Books)


1969 Melody Maker Album Of The Year ("Tommy")
1990 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
1998 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Tommy", 1969)
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("My Generation", 1966)
2000 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
2005 O2 Silver Clef Awards - Robertson Taylor 30th Anniversary Award
2005 UK Music Hall Of Fame
2007 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Who's Next", 1971)
2008 Kennedy Center Honour

WWW Links:


1962-2/64 The Detours
2/64-11/64 The High Numbers
od 11/64 The Who

17.8.1969 Woodstock
31.8.1969 Isle Of Wight
29.8.1970 Isle Of Wight
13.7.1985 Live Aid
2.7.2005 appeared at Live 8 (Hyde Park, London, tracks Who Are You / Won't Get Fooled Again)

disbanded 12/1983
reunited 1989
reunited 11/1999
reunited 4/2000

"Tommy" released also as 2LP set performed by The London Symphony Orchestra & The English Chamber Choir, conducted by David Measham, (21.12.1973, Ode/A&M) with soloists: Pete Townshend, Sandy Denny, Graham Bell, Steve Winwood, Maggie Bell, Richie Havens, Merry Clayton, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, Richard Harris
"Tommy" - 3rd version, 14. 3.1975, Polydor (OST)

Compilation Appearances:

"A Quick One While He's Away" on LP "The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus" (14.10.96, Polydor)
"Bell Boy" on OST "Bringing Out The Dead" (19.10.99)
"Sparks" on OST "Almost Famous" (12.9.00, DreamWorks)
"Substitute" on The Who tribute LP "Substitute - The Songs Of The Who" (28.5.01, Edel, & Kelly Jones)
"Who Are You" / "Baba O'Riley" / "Won't Get Fooled Again" (27.11.01, Columbia)
"Substitute" on OST "School Of Rock" (30.9.03, Atlantic)
"My Generation" on compilation "The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World" (20.8.07)

Keith Moon:

appeared on the LP:

Roy Harper: Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion (10/74, Harvest)
Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 (16.5.75, Chrysalis)
Bo Diddley: The 20th Anniversary Of Rock'n'Roll (23.4.76, RCA)

Compilation Appearances:
"When I'm Sixty Four" on OST "All This And World War II" (5.11.76, Riva)

Simon Phillips:

appeared on the LP:

Gordon Giltrap: Visionary (8.10.76, Electric)
David Coverdale: White Snake (6/77, Purple)
Gordon Giltrap: Perilous Journey (1.10.77, Electric)
Roger Glover: Elements (21.4.78, Polydor)
Gary Moore: Back On The Streets (12/78, MCA)
Mike Rutherford: Smallcreep's Day (2/80, Charisma)
Jon Anderson: Song Of Seven (17.10.80, Atlantic)
Bernie Marsden: And About Time Too (22.5.81, EMI)
Jon Lord: Before I Forget (1982, Harvest)
Mike Oldfield: Crises (5/83, Virgin)
10cc: Windows In The Jungle (30.9.83, Mercury)
Mike Oldfield: Discovery And Lake (6/84, Virgin)
Gary Moore: After The War (2/89, Ten)
Ian Gillan: Naked Thunder (6/90, east west)
Mike Oldfield: Heaven's Open (3/91, Virgin)
Midge Ure: Pure (9/91, Arista)
Joe Satriani: The Extremist (1992, Sony)
Jack Bruce: Cities Of The Heart (3/94, CMP)
Derek Sherinian: Inertia (11/01)
Ryo Okumoto: Coming Through (15.10.02, InsideOut)
Steve Hackett: Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (23.9.11)
Derek Sherinian: Oceana (5.10.11, Mascot)
Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock (9/11, In Akustik)
Jake Shimabukuro: Grand Ukulele (2.10.12)

appeared on the SP:
Phil Manzanera: Flight 19 (9.9.77, Polydor)

Kenny Jones:

produced by SP:

Andromeda Strain: Idol (7.11.94)

appeared on the LP:
Jerry Lee Lewis: The Session (9.3.73, Mercury)
Tommy (14.3.75, Polydor)
Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 (16.5.75, Chrysalis)
Ron Wood: Now Look (6/75, WB)
Joan Armatrading: Show Some Emotion (9.9.77, A&M)
Wings: Back To The Egg (8.6.79, Parlophone)

John Entwistle:

appeared on the LP:

Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 (16.5.75, Chrysalis)
Roger Daltrey: One Of The Boys (13.5.77)
Lonnie Donegan: Puttin' On The Style (1977)
The Fabulous Poodles: The Fabulous Poodles (23.9.77, Pye)
Pete Townshend: The Iron Man (6/89, Virgin)
Glenn Tipton: Baptism Of Fire (3.2.97, Atlantic)
Gov't Mule: The Deep End Vol. 1 (23.10.01, ATO)

produced by SP:
The Fabulous Poodles: When The Summer's Thru (26.8.77, Pye)
The Fabulous Poodles: Workshy (1.6.79, Pye)

produced by LP:
The Fabulous Poodles: The Fabulous Poodles (23.9.77, Pye)

Compilation Appearances:
"Here Comes The Sun" on George Harrison tribute LP "Songs From the Material World: A Tribute to George Harrison" (25.2.03, Koch Entertainment)

Press References:

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