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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various Refers
*  1974+  1986

Line-Up (2018):

UTOPIA (photo)

Todd Rundgren - voc,g
Kasim Sulton - bg
Gil Assayas - kb
John "Willie" Wilcox - ds

Former Members:

Ralph Shuckett (bg, 1974-?); John Siegler (bg, 1974-cca 10/75)
Moody Klingman (kb, 1974-?); M. Frog Labat (synths, 1974-?); Roger Powell (kb,voc, cca 10/75-1986); Ralph Schuckett (kb, ?-3/18)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
credited to: Todd Rundgren's Utopia
11/1974 Bearsville 34
2.Another Live
credited to: Todd Rundgren's Utopia
10/1975 Bearsville 66
produced by: Todd Rundgren
14.01.1977Bearsville27 79
4.Oops, Wrong Planet09.09.1977Bearsville59 73
5.Adventures In Utopia
produced by: Utopia
08.02.1980Bearsville57 32
6.Deface The Music10/1980 Bearsville 65
7.Swing To The Right26.03.1982Bearsville
8.Utopia11/1982 Network 84
(in the UK 18.5.84)
2/1984 Utopia/Passport 74
10.P.O.V.5/1985 Passport
11.Trivia11/1987 Passport
12.The Utopia Collection
6/1988 Castle
13.Redux '92: Live In Japan6/1993 Warner Bros
14.Anthology5/1995 Rhino
15.Live Ksan 7922.10.2002Sanctuary
16.Last of the New Wave Riders04.11.2003Sanctuary
17.Live at Hammersmith Odeon '7510.04.2012Shout! Factory
18.Live At the Electric Ballroom: Milwaukee 23rd October 197803.06.2014Esoteric
19.Warped17.07.2015Great American Broadcast Company
20.Black & White: Live 1977
& Todd Rundgren
21.Live at the Old Waldorf: San Francisco, August 1978
& Todd Rundgren
11.12.2015Esoteric Antenna
22.Todd Rundgren's Utopia Live at the Chicago Theatre05.04.2019

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Saw The Light
produced by: Todd Rundgren
2.We Gotta Get You A Woman28.09.1973Bearsville
3.Hello It's Me10/1973 Bearsville 2
4.Wolfman Jack14.02.1975Bearsville
5.Real Man12.09.1975Bearsville
6.Good Vibrations / Love Of The Common Man
(v GB)
7.Good Vibrations / When I Pray
6/1976 Bearsville
9.Love Of The Common Man / Black And White11/1976 Bearsville
10.Communion With The Sun / Sunburst Finish25.02.1977Bearsville
11.Love Is The Answer / The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell21.10.1977Bearsville
12.Set Me Free / The Umbrella Man14.03.1980Bearsville 27
13.The Very Last Time / Love Alone5/1980 Bearsville 76
14.Second Nature / You Make Me Crazy10/1980 Bearsville
15.I Just Want To Touch You / Silly Boy / Life Goes On / All Smiles
(v GB)
16.I Just Want To Touch You / Always Late
(v USA)
12/1980 Bearsville
17.One World / Special Interest
(v USA)
4/1982 Bearsville
18.One World / Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)
(v GB)
19.Lysistrata / Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)6/1982 Bearsville
20.Time Heals / Tiny Demons / I Saw The Light / Why Can't We Be Friends
(v GB)
11/1982 Avatar
21.Feet Don't Fail Me Now / Forgotten But Not Gone11/1982 Network 82
22.Hammer In My Heart / I'm Looking At You But I'm Talking To Myself1/1983 Network
23.Crybaby / Winston Smith Takes It On The Jaw5/1984 Passport
24.Love With A Thinker / Welcome To My Revolution7/1984 WEA
25.Mated / Man Of Action
(v GB)
6/1985 Food For Thought
26.Mated / Stand For Something
(v USA)
6/1985 Passport


reunited 3/2018

Roger Powell:

appeared on the LP:

Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell (11.11.77, Epic)

Kasim Sultan:

appeared on the LP:

Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell (11.11.77, Epic)
Indigo Girls: Indigo Girls (4/89, Epic)

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