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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Awards Various Refers
Belfast, Northern Ireland, GB
*  1961+  1971

Line-Up (1979):

Mel Austin - voc
Jim Armstrong - g
Alan Henderson - bg
Brian Scott - kb,fl
Billy Bell - ds

Former Members:

Van Morrison (voc, 1961-66); Kenny McDowell (voc, 1967-71)

Billy Harrison (g, 1961-65, 1979); Jackie McAuley (g, 1964-65); Peter Bardens (g, 1965); Jim Armstrong (g, 9/65-1966, 1967-71); Jerry Cole (g,voc, cca 1970 g.a.)

Eric Wrixen (kb, 1961-64, 1979); Patrick McAuley (kb, 1964-65); Ray Elliott (kb, 9/65-1966, 1967-68)

Ronnie Millings (ds, 1961-64); John Wilson (ds, 9/65-1/66); Terry Noone (ds, 1-4/66); Dave Harvey (ds, 4/66-1966, 1967-71); John Stark (ds, cca 1970 g.a.)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.(The Angry Young) Them
(in the USA "Here Comes The Night")
4/1965 Decca 54
2.Them Again21.01.1966Decca
3.Now And Them1/1968 Capitol
4.Time Out, Time In For Them
(in the USA)
11/1968 Tower
5.The World Of Them1970 Decca
(in the USA)
1970 Happy Tiger
7.Them In Reality
featuring Alan Henderson, v USA
1971 Happy Tiger
8.The Beginning1972
9.Bad Or Good1972
10.Them Featuring Van Morrison
8/1972 Decca
11.Them10/1973 Deram
12.Backtrackin'11/1974 London
14.It's All Over Now1975
15.Here Comes Gloria1976
16.Rock Roots14.05.1976Decca
17.Belfast Gypsies1977
18.Story Of Them1977
19.Shut Your Mouth1979 Decca
20.Them3/1985 See For Miles
21.The Singles9/1987 See For Miles
22.The Collection
8/1986 Castle
24.Mystic Eyes11.12.2012Blueline
25.The Complete Them 1964-196704.12.2015Legacy
26.Sweet Hollow18.11.2016

Billy Harrison:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Billy Who?1980

Jackie McAuley:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Jackie McAuley7/1971 Dawn

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Don't Start Crying Now / One Two Brown Eyes9/1964 Decca
2.Baby Please Don't Go / Gloria12/1964 Decca10 93
3.Them EP
(Don't Start Crying Now / Philosophy / One Two Brown Eyes / Baby Please Don't Go)
2/1965 Decca
4.Here Comes The Night / All For Myself3/1965 Decca2 24
5.Gloria4/1965 Parrot 113
6.One More Time / How Long Baby?6/1965 Decca
7.(It Won't Hurt) Half As Much / I'm Gonna Dress In Black8/1965 Decca
8.Mystic Eyes / If You And I Could Be As Two12.11.1965Decca 33
9.Call My Name / Bring 'Em On Home11.03.1966Decca
10.Gloria / Baby Please Don't Go3/1966 Parrot 71
11.Richard Cory / Don't You Know13.05.1966Decca
12.Gloria / Friday's Child9/1967 Major Minor
13.The Story Of Them / The Story Of Them (Pt. 2)1967 Major Minor
14.Gloria / Here Comes The Night1/1968 Decca
15.Walking In The Queens Garden / Happen To Love You
(v USA)
2/1968 Tower
16.Square Room / But It's Alright
(v USA)
4/1968 Tower
17.Waltz Of The Flies / We All Agreed To Help
(v USA)
11/1968 Tower
18.Dark Are The Shadows / Corina
(v USA)
3/1969 Tower
19.I Am Waiting / Lonely Weekends
(v USA)
1970 Happy Tiger
20.Memphis Lady / Nobody Cares
(v USA)
1970 Happy Tiger
21.Gloria / Baby Please Don't Go
22.Here Comes The Night / All For Myself
23.It's All Over Now Baby Blue1/1974
24.Gloria / Baby Please Don't Go
5/1982 Deram
25.Love Like A Man / Here Comes The Night
& Ten Years After
10/1983 Old Gold
26.Gloria / Baby Please Don't Go
10/1983 Old Gold
27.Here Comes The Night / All For Myself
10/1983 Old Gold
28.Baby Please Don't Go / Gloria
12",CD + Mystic Eyes
1/1991 London65
29.The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More / Here Comes Night
& The Walker Brothers

Jackie McAuley:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rockin' Shoes08.04.1972


1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Gloria", 1965)


disbanded 1966
reunited 1967
disbanded 1971
reunited 1979
disbanded 1979

Compilation Appearances:

"Mystic Eyes" on OST "The Sopranos - Music From The HBO Original Series" (14.12.99, Play-Tone/Columbia)

Press References:

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