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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various Refers
London, GB
*  1968

Line-Up (1989):

Dave Walker - voc
Kim Simmonds - g,voc
Jimmy Dagnesi - bg
Al Macomber - ds

Former Members:

Chris Youlden (voc, 1967-70); Dave Walker (voc, 1/71-9/72); Jackie Lynton (9/72-1/74); Pete Scott (voc); Ralph Morman (voc, 1981-82)

Dave 'Lonesome' Peverett (g, 1967-12/70); Miller Anderson (g, 1/74-cca 5/74); Stan Webb (g,voc, 1-6/74); Barry Paul (g,voc, 1980-82)

Tony Stevens (bg, 1968-12/70); Andy Sylvester (bg, 1/71-72); Andy Pyle (bg, 1972-1/74); Jim Leverton (bg, 1/74-1974); Ian Ellis (bg,voc, 1974-?); Andy Ray (bg, cca 1975-?); John Humphrey (bg,voc, 1981-82)

Bob Hall (kb, 1967-70); Paul Raymond (kb, 1/71-cca 11/75); John Sinclair (kb, 1980-82)

Roger Earl (ds, 1967-12/70); Dave Bidwell (ds, 1/71-9/72); Ron Berg (ds, 9/72-1/74); Eric Dillon (ds, 1/74-74); Tommy Farnell (ds, 1974-cca 1975); Keith Boyce (ds, 1980-82)

Jacky Linton (cca 1972)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Blue Matter4/1969 Decca
2.A Step Further9/1969 Decca 71
3.Raw Sienna5/1970 Decca
4.Looking In10/1970 Decca50 39
5.Street Corner Talking9/1971 Decca 75
6.Hellbound Train3/1972 Decca 34
7.Lion's Share11/1972 Decca
8.Jack The Toad07.09.1973Decca 84
9.The Beginning1973
10.Boogie Brothers31.05.1974Decca
11.Wire Fire8/1975 London
12.Skin'n'Bone5/1976 London
13.The Best Of Savoy Brown1977 Decca
14.Savage Return1978 London
15.Blues Roots1978 Decca
16.Rock'n'Roll Warrior7/1981 Town House
17.Just Live1981
18.Greatest Hits Live1981 Town House
20.Live In Concert1982
21.Highway Blues (68-74)5/1985 See For Miles
22.A Hard Way To Go10/1985 Platinum
23.Make Me Sweat1/1988 Sonet
24.The Kings Of The Boogie4/1989 GNPS
25.Live And Kickin'1990
26.Let It Ride1992
27.Live In Central Park6/1993 Relix
28.Slow Train6/1993 Relix
29.Bring It Home6/1995 Coast To Coast
30.Bottom Line Encore Collection23.03.1999
31.Blues Keep Me Holding On25.05.1999
32.20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection07.05.2002Universal
33.Strange Dreams04.02.2003Blind Pig
34.You Should Have Been There12.04.2005Panache
35.Shake Down / Getting to the Point06.12.2005Beat Goes On
36.Blues, Balls and Boogie11.04.2006Aim
37.Hellbound Boogie10.10.2006Music Avenue
38.Steel06.03.2007Blue Wave
39.Too Much of a Good Thing: The Savoy Brown Collection15.09.2009
40.Voodoo Moon08.11.2011Ruf
41.Train to Nowhere12.03.2013Blues Boulevard
42.Songs from the Road22.04.2013
43.Goin' To The Delta13.02.2014Ruf
44.The Best of Savoy Brown18.02.2014GNP
45.The Devil to Pay
& Kim Simmonds

Bob Hall:

1. Jammin' The Boogie
2. Blues And Boogie Explosion
3. Left Hand Roller
4. Come And Get It
5. Survivors
6. Down The Road Apiece
7. It's Boogie Time
8. At The Window
9. Don't Play Boogie

Chris Youlden:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Nowhere Road1973
2.City Child1974
4.Second Sight1991

Kim Simmonds:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Blues Like Midnight03.04.2001Blue Wave
2.Out of the Blue09.09.2008Blue Wave
3.The Devil to Pay
& Savoy Brown

Dave Walker:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Mostly Sunny: A Tribute to Sonny Boy Williamson
& The Ambulators

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Walking By Myself / Vicksburg Blues6/1968 Decca
2.Train To Nowhere / Tolling Bells12/1968 Decca
3.She's Got A Ring In Her Nose And A Ring On Her Hand / Grits Ain't Groceries
(v USA)
12/1968 Parrot
4.Make Up My Mind / Train To Nowhere
(v USA)
8/1969 Parrot
5.I'm Tired / Stay With Me Baby11/1969 Decca 74
6.A Hard Way To Go / Waiting In The Bamboo Groove
(v GB)
5/1970 Decca
7.A Hard Way To Go / The Incredible Gnome Meets Jaxman
(v USA)
6/1970 Parrot
8.Poor Girl / Master Hare06.11.1970Decca
9.Sittin' An' Thinkin'
(v USA)
2/1971 Parrot
10.Let It Rock / Tell Mama10/1971 Decca
11.Tell Mama / Rock And Roll On The Radio10/1971 Parrot 83
12.Lost And Lonely Child / If I Could See An End
(v USA)
5/1972 Parrot
13.So Tired / The Saddest Feeling1/1973 Decca
14.Coming Down Your Way / I Can't Find You24.08.1973Decca
15.Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone7/1981 Town House 107
16.Run To Me9/1981 Town House 68

Dave Walker:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
2.Sunshine At Night20.05.2009SAME Progressive


1965-68 Savoy Brown Blues Band
reunited 1980
disbanded 1982
reunited 1987

Kim Simmonds:

appeared on the LP:

Tgamesher: Burning At The Speed Of Light (1985, MFN)

Andy Powell:

appeared on the LP:

Alan Parsons: Try Anything Once (10/93, Arista)

Bob Hall:

appeared on the SP:

Tony McPhee: Someone To Love Me (8/66, Purdah)

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