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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.You're Only Old Once / Owsley Acid
& Dave The Drummer
03.11.2008Wah Wah
2.Braingravy 01 EP
(Powerful Substance / Disco Shit / Dual Core)
& DJ Triplex & Zellkern & Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss
3.No More Fucking Rock N' Roll EP
(No More Fucking Rock N Roll / Acid Underground / Thats Got To Change)
& Tik Tok & 303 Pirates
4.Damage EP
(Blame Society / Bipolar Disorder / Analog Sickness)
& Noradrenalin & Rene Reiter
04.10.2012Nordic Trax
5.One Bassline / Future Message / Acid In Your Soul
& DJ Gizelle & The Geezer & Darc Marc & Syndrome & Dynamo City
24.10.2012Stay Up Forever
6.Ride The Snake / With A Parsnip / Burn Out
& Mobile Dogwash & Jack Wax & Sterling Moss
7.Just Say Fucking No / Can You Feel The Acid
& Sterling Moss
17.07.2013Project 303
8.Who Killed Acid Techno? EP
(Who Killed Acid Techno / 1, 2, 3, 4 (Tekno Got Me The Floor) / Bulldog Bash)
& Chris Liberator & The Geezer & Squat Dom
9.Acid Freaks Fuck On This / Rhythm Machine
& Sterling Moss
28.01.2014Project 303
10.Disco Daze / X Faction
& Trooper & Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss
11.Welcome To Essex / Twisting My Mind
& Trooper & Sterling Moss
08.10.2014Project 303
12.Sufclassics 01 & 02
& Chris Liberator & The Geezer
29.10.2014Stay Up Forever
13.Acid Anarchy / Skank On! / Wolf In Dog's Clothing
& DDR & Mobile Dogwash & Ron Atomiser & Acid Steve
14.This Is The Way We Do It EP
(This Is The Way We Do It / Blow The Speakers)
& Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss
18.08.2015Stay Up Forever
15.Cluster 94 EP
(Rock That Shit / Psycho Hazard / Lick It / Free Party Track)
& AP & Cyber Steve & Dynamic Intervention & Ceri Suss
16.Pro Techno 001 EP
(Wax Is All (Sterling Moss remix) / E Type 2015 / Knuckle Duster / Shattered Dreams)
& Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss & Rene Reiter & Jack Wax